Skateboard Shopping Carts

Fast Lane – The Shopping Carts is a Volkswagen commercial for the new Polo GT. Besides the fun and fast factor, using these trolleys will probably reduce the time spent on checking out and purchasing stuff you don’t need. Just love the faces of the surprised shoppers. via

20GB in 1980 VS 32GB in 2010

A 20GB (eight 2.5GB) storage in year 1980 is 648000% to 758400% more expensive and 440000000% more heavy than a 32GB storage in year 2010. Fast forward 30 years and I suppose the comparison would instead be 20TB in 2010 vs 32TB in 2040?

Google Empire Overview

An overview of the entire Google empire. Just how much Google products are powering your life, your work, your entertainment, your business, your communication, your internet, your everything. Here’s the list of Google products that I actively use: Google Search Gmail (Google Apps) Google AdSense Google Analytics Google FeedBurner Google Webmaster Tools Google Reader Google…

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