Make Your Own Flat Screen TV

Here is a not-so-easy but quite cheap way to have a big screen slim and whatsoever Television in your living room. Simply affordable 🙂

Flat Screen TV - Front

Flat Screen TV - Back

Brilliant huh? Just a piece of advice, never let your guest or friends to enter the room, where your big TV backside is located.

– Images via Paul Ooi

9 thoughts on “Make Your Own Flat Screen TV

    1. Of course it is the same TV, dude! I have a very similar TV myself (just bigger), and I have no doubt that it is the same device. However, mine is not occupying two rooms at same time… Hehehe… 😛

      Nevertheless, it was a good idea indeed. Looks very neat and save space in the living room (no dust on the back, no visible cables… VERY NICE)!

      The only note can add is that if it was in my house I would add some extra work and make a "TV BOX with doors" on the other room (back of the TV), and, of course, I would have avoided to make it so close to the doorway. That was DUMB! 😉

  1. What kind of ignorant comments are those? It's a very clever idea and a great use for an old TV without having to buy a new one.

    They do need to clean up that "back" room however 🙂

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