Drug Lord

I’m addicted. It’s so fun and I just can’t resist to have more. No, I’m not a drug addict, but I’m addicted in trading them as it’s challenging and can make me rich. Do you wanna join me? If yes, you got to have a look at this mini game, it’s called Drug Lord.

Drug Lord 2 Screenshot

Screenshot of Drug Lord

Drug Lord is a game that you will play as a drug dealer, observe the market and trade in and out to earn money. Although it is not a fancy game with heavy graphic and sound effect, it can make you addicted playing as soon as you understand how to play the game. Generally, you can buy and sell drugs to earn money, travel to other places that have different market prices to earn more, borrow money from loan sharks, buy weapons to fight with police and gangsters, etc. You don’t get to see how the fight is going, but just read the situation via text and click on what you gonna do.

There will be rumors on what’s going to happen next like “Cocaine’s price will be raising tomorrow” to help you to decide which drug to invest on – but sometimes the rumors might be false and you might lost a great sum of money trusting it. With those funny sounds, you can actually feel the fun playing. Drug Lord isn’t an online game, so you can still manage to play it even if you don’t have internet connection. That’s how Cypherhackz started this game when he’s too bored without internet connection.

Game features

  • Six available ranks. You start off as a wannabe and with luck and skill can work your way up to Drug Lord.
  • Many cities, each with their own market.
  • Loan sharks to lend you money.
  • A wide array of weaponry to fight off those who come after you.
  • Graphical history of drug prices for each city.
  • Drug vaults for when you don’t want to take them with you.
  • Drug price viewer that shows the price of a drug in every city.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Fun cheesy sounds!

The highest rank I’ve been so far (I just started playing yesterday night, less than 24 hours from now) is the one above dealer, it’s called something like big dealer – I’ve forgotten. You may give the game a try, but as being warned by game author, this is just a game and don’t ever get yourself involve in real life drug trading – it isn’t fun at all.

Update: I’ve just gone up to the top rank, Drug Lord – with 22 millions, but died before ending the game as there’s around 78 police killing me. It’s my luck I guess.

Download Drug Lord in .exe | .zip

54 thoughts on “Drug Lord

  1. Yeah, it’s really fun and I got addicted to it too. I have recently became a billionaire in this unlawful things… LOL! Bit the main pages of the website tell that, the high scores around the world is around 30-50 Billion. So sad. =( Not that good actaully if I compare to others. Good luck and nice try!

  2. can anyone shed any light on how to get around 30 billion am i missing something as i get around 5 billion and the average score is 30 what am i missing??/ help

  3. hi what a mint game my high score is 5,726,77 at the mo.people who get 30 billion are cheats but i don`t know how they cheat but u can some how.but i dont see the point.

    1. there not cheating you just suck really bad i just got 7,578,463,756$ and i diednt cheat i just keept buying heroin and selling it at the maximum dollar it was around the 100000 mark for a few days

  4. this game is the most addicting game ive played and i play it every summer. for sum reason, not in the winter. my highest score is 4 296 239 769 wich is over 4 billion, all of my friends play it and try to get 2 or 3 billion

    awsome game

  5. 1. The big money is in selling and Heroin. Keep a track of where prices
    are around 80k, buy as much you can and go to down and sell it.

    2. When you make some money buy all of the protection you can get.
    Start of with an shotgun, when you get the money buy a Area disrupter.
    Always remember to carry around Can of non sense when you carry
    drugs by plane.

    3. When you have got the money try to send as much as you can buy
    Shipping. This way you wont get in trouble at the airport.

  6. woooooooooo i just played it i made 17 billion i had over 50,000 and it got scars at bejing for 178,000 and i made a deal of a life time it was

    sickest game it woud be sicker if you can attack the companies that ose ur shipments or attack back the mafia

  7. the cheat is for some old computers wen u get police or gangs or wateva who attack u, u press alt f4 and get rid of the screen leaving u undamaged making it easy to travel places without dieing

  8. to rockanroll,
    the song being played at the beginning when drug lord starts up is called Iron Man. By Black Sabbath.

    Great song.

  9. 858,792,302 is my high score, 493,703,137 And 322,742,464 And 248,583,379 are the top4. It sucks because alot of the time i would have huge amounts of money but i would buy a shit-load of cheap crack and get busted. and the game dosnt give you credit for the drugs you have just the money you earned. witch sucks but it is a wicked awsome game. Thanks for making it.

  10. this game is pretty much about luck .. my high scores are 120 billion after u get a bunch of money the game get really easy.

  11. 1,701,639,168 is my record, played a couple rounds just now( played a lot some years back also.. ) You usually become a drug lord after getting around 30 millions or so.
    This game rocks!

  12. hi there..

    my highest score is 23 billion, and that’s it! i cant even play the same score again!! hehehe.. but to score aroun 12 billion – 18 billion is normal. it’s just the matter of buying large amount of heroin, cocaine and cracks, then send them to beijing or moscow or st. petersburgh for again and again and again.

    try it!

  13. HI <.< Great game Thanks man.
    but I cant add a local high score ! Please Help !
    only things is it is not asking for my name or anything to go onto the highscores on the pc, dunno about if its got to do with the highscores on the net being down… on the second time I played Rank – Drug Lord with it I scored 61.5mil cash in the bank plus 20k on my island paradise – on my second play! (first play died broke)
    :grr: :grr:
    wodulookingat I owen this street!
    Now hand over your particle disruptor and temporal displacement field and beat it(beech) lol =( version 2.3 could add a Tank weapon(for say 2mil) to simply mow down every fool that gets in yo way.

  14. I have played this game a few times and find it better than dope farmer & dope city, though could do with some graphics I usually get to aroung 4.5 billion before end of game I think more time would be better, I enjoy blasting cops etc. with rocket launcher hand grenades work well too this game is cool & I will continue playing till I get a huge amount of cash.

  15. Just downloaded 2.3.1 ready to see what thats like.. I usually get around 10 billion 60 I dont even think thats possible. Great game though..

    1. u are lying…upload a screen shot to prove it! I just dont believe you got 934 "BILLION" dollars…I gotta see a screen shot……My Highest score is 2.209,150,496….Thats right…2 Billion…If you really got that much money on druglord, then you should be a drug lord in real life lmao!

  16. Yes, it is one addicting game. Very very very nice work!
    I got like a score of $35B once. The closest I got to that is like, 20B.
    There’s a little bit of luck that you’ll need in the game. Still, it’s worth trying!
    And the sounds are hilarious, too!

    “Where’s the money!?”
    “I want my money!”
    “This is your last chance!”
    “…Can we have your liver?”

  17. My high score is 117,298,209. just one question though, when is the best time to start sending drugs via transport? I haven’t tried that yet, or made it past my 26th day. 😀

  18. I love the game, is very much about look once you get clued in with how to do things etc, i completely agree with what people have said about shipping drugs when you can afford it, and getting an area disrupter. My high score is just under three billion. I seem to always miss out on the highest prices of the drugs and get there a day late, does anyone have any ideas on how to predict which citys and at which point they’ll become scarse (apart from any ‘hints’ or obviously just looking at the quantity that city’s have)???? Also how annoying is it when you get somewhere and the drug that you’ve arrived with isn’t on the market that day!!!!

  19. 3,479,165,225
    thats the highest ive ever gotten.
    i only got that because i put half of everything i made into the bank.
    i lost 2 billion in cash to street gangs when i had 3 million in the bank.
    that woulda been a nice score.

  20. My highest score is excactly $8,738,149,468. I thought this was a pretty sweet score but then found out some drug nerds had to go and get 30 odd billion, killing my dealing aspirations.
    I really have no idea how you could get that high – it would take a lot of calculating and strategy that i cant be bothered with

  21. i made it 1 billion only how can i go far away from this please help me .

    what is the best way to surpass this result

    i will be so grateful for your help

  22. This game is sooo easy…on my first try I made 356,232,453 in 47 days…I were killed…
    But my high score is 408,553,699 in 55 days…

  23. I played the earlier version of this game when I was like 8 or 9. And I won over my sisters and brothers and damn what I was addicted to it. Haha just think how the teachers reacted when they asked me, what game I liked to play and I answered this xD

    1. how to cheat is vry easy u just download cheatengine from cheatengine.org then install then open drug lord and cheatengine start a new game then on cheatengine click on the flashig comperter icon click on drug lord the clik first scan click on the first thing on the left then go to bottom double click on the value and change it wut u want then on drug lord click stay here then ur money shud be around the amount u typed if not try again

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