My PMR Results

Just got my results an hour ago, 6 A’s 1 B.

  • Malay Language: A
  • English Language: A
  • Mathematics: A
  • Science: A
  • History: A
  • Kemahiran Hidup(Living skills): A
  • Geography: B

It was a shock to have 6 A’s, I thought I will be getting something around 3 or 4 A’s only. I work harder on Geography and not at all on History, but I get a B for Geography instead of History. Well, since it’s much better than what I expect, I’m quite happy with the results. To those who have great results, congratulations – and for those who don’t, don’t worry, there’s still SPM in 2 years time.

376 thoughts on “My PMR Results

  1. Here my list of % of getting A before the results.

    Malay Language: A (Moderate 60%)
    English Language: A (Moderate 70%)
    Mathematics: A (100%)
    Science: A (85%)
    History: A (99%)
    Kemahiran Hidup(Living skills): A (90%)
    Geography: A (85%)

    I wonder why so many ppl die in Geography… Makes me special in my school lol..

      1. LOL… it’s just my percentage of confidence. The marks are confidential and thus, no one knows the actual marks. BTW I had done my SPM, pls stop posting PMR result.

  2. It must be that the tests are really easy, or you guys are really smart. Anyway, those are great results! Is PMR like, a year 10 test? In Sydney, there’s the School Certificate in year 10 and the High School Certificate in year 12. The HSC is really hard. But somehow, most years, there’s one person who gets 100%. (Crazy nutter.) Something above 97% (not sure) would get you into medical… etc. It’s tough. πŸ™ Good luck in the future for “SPM”!

  3. Vincent, now i only know that you are only 15. My sis got 8As in her PMR.

    PMR is actually quite easy. SPM is easy too. If can, try A level after SPM. Never go on to take STPM.

  4. grats on the result vincent!

    hihi siong. why is a levels more preferable to a lvls? i have 1 friend who’s taking form 6, another in a levels and another in matriculation lol. im taking neither of them.

  5. hey Agilan a pmr student tis year..can u guys help me out..i have a bit prob wif bm, geo, sej, n kh..plz..if u guys can give me some tips o langkah2 2 jawab the question… plz e-mail it plz will b helpful 2 me on pmr..cuz pmr is around the corner oni..that y???..ok Bb..don 4get..think me as ur own bro..plz plz…

  6. guess what…I got one B for chinese.(PMR)
    And I am having SPM this year…my OH my, I am so damn worried..
    My pulse rate and breathing was abnormal
    Can someone do CPR on me when i lost a few heartbeats? πŸ˜‰

  7. OH..And.. 😎 Vincent Chow i like your blog design <3
    haha…can we be friends? o.o
    Muakz…I just love that grey-haired kid O.O

  8. Here my list of % of getting A before the results.

    Malay Language: A (Moderate 0%)
    English Language: A (Moderate 0%)
    Mathematics: A (0%)
    Science: A (0%)
    History: A (0%)
    Kemahiran Hidup(Living skills): A (0%)
    Geography: A (0%)

    I wonder why so many ppl die in Geography… Makes me special in my school lol..

  9. why so late…i want my result for PMR 2007… x.x
    curious..but when i think the result bad..its better if i don know it.. hikhik πŸ˜›

  10. 14 tis year. yes..14. Im born in the year 1993. And i only know BM when i was in form 1. so basically i start learning BM in form 1. Tis my PMR year. the BM subjects are KH, GEO, BM, SEJ. but im doing pretty well. See?? its not THAT hard. so…u guys out there..dont worry..

  11. Hi got 8A(full As) in PMR and 10 A in SPM during my year. now i am doing medic. wAT I want to say is PMR IS really no big deal

  12. Why this old post still has so many ppl to post? BTW jikmu,don’t imitate my msg. BTW PMR is really no big deal,Malaysia’s standard is too low, even A students for English don’t really know how to talk in English,what a shame. :ouch:

  13. wei..the PMR result when only come out …
    i so cemas wan to know my result …
    scare will not pass ….scare scare….
    iait realy at 28 dec can know the result???

  14. :p hihi..
    i took my PMR examination this year le..
    Wondering how is my result is..
    PMR may be easy for them who have took the examination,
    But for me..
    Don’t know how to say.. :grr:
    I still hope for the best lo..
    I study so hard of course I want my wish come true..

  15. SWT, PMR is too easy. I just took 2 months to study everthing – from form 1-3. I prepare for PMR by staying at home and studying 3 hours a day. Its really easy. Just do the question papers and after that read the textbook. swt, schools r useless all it does is a meeting point for friends. Geography is actually the easiest subject, the first few chapters only require maths and logic. actually geography only requires a good sense of logic thats all. And sejarah’s easy too. in Form 1 all u need is to know the definision of History, the ages, and how Malaysia is Formed. In Form 2 all u need to know is the stupidity of our leaders and how and why the British exploit it. In Form 3 all about our leaders getting smarter and the world war. Its really that easy. All u need is a good overall picture of wats happening and memorise a few answers and names. Usually everthing is connected to one another. and also everything can be done by guess work so theres no need to memorise so much. swt 3 years of studying can actually be done in 2 months haha. I got straight As. Most important trust in God.

      1. Cool..I’m sitting for my PMR next year and I hope to do as good as you…Thanks for the tips and also your simplified version of our Form 1 to Form 3 History..LOL..
        Thanks anyways..

  16. Next year is my PMR year and now I am scared! Could anybody give me some advice what should I do? This year my friend jasmine is going to get her result. Hope she could get straight A’s. But still I am nervous for next year I only target 2 to 4 A’s only. But if I get more then that I will be surprise! o.o

  17. Normally, BM will be a killer paper. Most students aren’t able to obtain an A in BM. Other subs are damn easy to score coz the gradings are lowered I suppose. You’ll be surprised when you see your results! Good luck!

  18. i wonder how much A will i got,,but what i wish is i hope i got 9A…it is for my parent and my future…pray for me guys…………i wish we all luck… πŸ˜›

  19. PMR 2007,result is cuming out tomolo…all candicates can go to school and take it at 10.00am…confirm…read it in Chinese newspaper..phew…so scared and worried…HopeFuLly can get 7As..

  20. wow so much comman about pmr result …. lol well im worried all right but the same time relax ….. what to do ….. all i can do is wait ….. thousands are getting their PMR result this thursday 27 th … well for my school …!!! wish me luck cause i dont really do well in normal exam but come to real examination wow im totally different … i dont believe in my marks … well its up to god …!!! well good luck in taking the pmr result and WISH ME LUCK i really need it ..!!!! ok see ya….

  21. Tomorrow i will get my pmr results.. i’m so nervous about it and wonder how many A’s will i get.. Then hope you all can pray for me and wish me good luck, thanks..

  22. Sigh, I’m getting my PMR RESULTS tomorrow. I’ve studied hard and worked hard. I hope can archieve good results and as many A’s as possible, hopefully 3 and above. Hope all my subjects pass. BM, KHB, SEJ & GEO are quite hard this year.

  23. Tommorow is the PMR announcement date. I am very nervous about my results. I hope I can get 8A’s in PMR. This all for my future and my family.
    Now what can we do is just pray. I think I cant fall asleep tonight.

    PS…. Good Lucks for all candidates!!!!!!!!!!!!
    N…..A Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. tomoro i will get my PMR result ….i am thinking can i accept the fact??wat result will it be?good?bad?or even terrible??….i cant really know wat my result look like…..wat should i do??i am worrying n scare…..pls help me !!!i think tonight i cant fall asleep ……..the mind continue thinking the result……today ,i was totally mood down ….

    :*: i wish all PMR candidates will get GOOD result
    :*:n i hope i also can get GOOD result 2 ^.^
    :*:all the best !!

  25. hey everybody…its over midnight here and im stil awake.. i can’t sleep.. worrying about my pmr… ahhH!!! Really scared… i hope i can get good results o…… oh wel..hope for da best…! =) good luck to everybody!!!! =D

  26. Congratulations Vince for the great results !
    My daughter, Ellie scores 7As and 1B.. and she is sobbing now due to no A for her Sejarah …. how to consult her leh .. any idea ?

  27. Hey…..i got straight A’s juz now……PMR no big deal if u study…….even those who cant speak english get an A…….too low standard…….

  28. woo..i really salut in your’s like u’re only 15..erm same age with me..and you got your own web..really cool..keep it up!
    but the comments..are really funny…lol..very cute la you guys

  29. hello…nice yo meet u all…
    hahaha….i got 7A’s……thanks god…
    im very very very hapy…..
    coz it ‘s really better than what im expected..i only target 5A’s….
    thanks my god,thanks my parents…thank you…..i love u all….;)

  30. congratulations guys!
    I got 8A’s in my PMR.. Thanks to GOD…
    I feel relieved after I have received my result.. soo excited πŸ˜€

    still have SPM to struggle on.. never mind! XD

  31. I got my results yesterday. I really cant believed it! I made it!!!!!!!I got 8A’s in PMR. Before I get my results , I dont even expected that I can get such good resulta in PMR.Thanks to God for hearing my pray and also thanks a lot to my lovely families’ support. They were so happy about my results. I will study more……… harder to face the SPM. Hope u all can pray for me. I am really relieved and so excited when I got my results. N good luck for u all in Form four.

    Happy New Year and hope we are all the best!!!!!!!

  32. OMG!!
    I get 8A’s!! I can’t believe it when I get my result, and I still can’t accept the fact until now! I spent most of my time online, and I don’t study AT ALL, until a few days before the examinations! I expected myself to get 3 or 4 (If I’m lucky enough) A’s, but it turned out to be 8!! I suspect the teacher doesn’t fell well when he/she marks my paper… Well… hope the same goes to my SPM!

  33. Congratulations for those who achve excellent result last year! my exam is this year and i have a lil bit prob with my math. can smebdy help me in solving this prob?plz..if uthink ur a kind hearted person, email me at dan bimbingan anda amat diperlukan!! <.<

  34. :p :p :p :p
    i really2 did’nt expected 8A’s…………….
    this relly feels good
    ooo yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Congratulations to you all!! ζ­ε–œζ­ε–œ^^
    I’m taking PMR this year…although I’ve been studying everyday…I feel kinda nervous…with all the tuitions, camping, homework, extra-after school activities….wish me luck ;-p 嘿,加油!!

  36. hey guys…im a new guy here…im a pmr candidate 2008…i just discover this website randomly… my mind tellin me dat “owhh god,its so idiotic dat u nvr find dis website earlier….TRIAL IS next week…11/8/2008…please help me….especially….dat “” guy…he really gave me spirits to achieve 8A’s in PMR…help me gjaren…n other people….

    1. finally…finish PMR! MERDEKA!
      9.30am. 17 OKTOBER 2008. Tarikh yang bersejarah dicatat dalam buku teks bagi semua penduduk Tingkatan 3. Bendera Penjajahan PMR akan diturunkan bermakna kamu telah berjaya memperoleh kebebasan. Darurat ‘duduk rumah study, tak boleh keluar’ akan dibubarkan. Perjuangan bermati-matian Dato Seri ‘guna nama sendiri’ akan sentiasa dihargai. :-p

  37. PMR doesnt mean anything………..too easy….the standard is too low……..a-15-year-old student should not be tested with this…..PMR….everybody should aim higher…..dun be too happy with the results……

  38. heh!!! lol!!! i still remember in january’s exam………. da result is 0A 3B 4D……. heheh , im so ‘malas’ at dat tyme………… but sumting change me…………. its my friend jessel motivate me….. parents, teachers ………. owh i love u all!! n u all know wat? my percubaan totally.. LOL!!! i got 5A 2B………….. hhehhehehhe tough it shocking………….. my dad still mad…….. he says atleast 7A……………… he always want 2 pump up my spirit…………………. anyway good luck 2 all of u guys/girls…………!

  39. hey!
    lol..i am so worried about my results..
    u see, i normally get good marks for subjects except sej and bm (79 above)..
    so worried cuz i screwed up my bm 1 pemahaman paper during pmr.. TOT i am expecting maybe 25/40 for it..wish my penulisan save it!!! i got 26/40 for trials before but i still got 82% later on for bm.. BM!! my biggest worry now..not to mention sej too.. wish the A stays on my side.

  40. some 1 help me……
    my paper 1…..wrong 5 questions….
    and my paper 2……around 20marks(maybe more than 20marks….maybe 22) are gone
    so…….can i score A?…
    the marks are around 70…..OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE IT………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you notice, I posted this entry in 2006. That was 2 years ago, and I’m already sitting for SPM now (3 more papers to go at the time of posting this). Sorry for the confusion caused.

  41. i just sat for my PMR this year.
    waiting for my results.
    why does everyone here get so good results?
    is it really that easy to get A’s?
    why everyone get 7/8 A’s? lol. (yes, i do find it hard to believe sometimes.)
    my chinese is probably gonna murder me. C or D perhaps? (yes. my chinese is that weak. =.=)

  42. when is the result for PMR 2008 gonna be announced?
    i might have to go back to Germany around Dec.
    good luck to all of us! see ya mate.

    1. and this is the proven:-
      PUTRAJAYA 18 Dis. – Keputusan peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2007 akan diumumkan pada 27 Disember ini.

      Menurut kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran, semua calon boleh memperoleh keputusan mereka pada hari yang sama di sekolah masing-masing bermula pukul 10 pagi.

      β€˜β€˜Bagi calon persendirian pula, keputusan mereka akan dihantar melalui pos oleh Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN) masing-masing,” menurut kenyataan itu di sini hari ini.

      Seramai 469,133 calon menduduki peperiksaan itu tahun ini dan daripada jumlah itu, 437,888 calon atau 93.3 peratus adalah dari sekolah kelolaan Kementerian Pelajaran.

      Kira-kira 17,771 calon atau 3.8 peratus merupakan calon sekolah kerajaan negeri, 13,095 (2.8 peratus) calon sekolah swasta dan 379 (0.1peratus) calon persendirian.

      Sebanyak 3,376 pusat peperiksaan telah disediakan di seluruh negara.

      by Kroll

  43. i,m trembling like mad right now.i thought that i would become more calmer after PMR but guess i was wrong.i still have to sembhyg hajat until the keputusan is out..wish me good luck. 8A’s chaiyok!!!!!

  44. hi guys im sitting for pmr next year and im scared for kh.i didnt do my elektrik project and the paper work at the end of the it possible to get A for kh now?

  45. When will the PMR result announced?I’m so scared to know my result.What about you all?God,pls let me get 7A’S in my PMR.I am praying hard 4 that

  46. owh..PMR diz yr bleh than r….d questi0n x la difficult cgt….to cpe2 yg nk amik PMR 2 jgn r tnsi0n2 cgt…k0wng *di je insya-Allah leh wat…alL da bez to cpe2 yg nk amik PMR taun dpn…i da lpas…k0wng plak kne berperang….so…chAy0k2!!!!!

  47. When will the PMR result announced?I’m so scared to know my result.What about you all?God,pls let me get 8A’S in my PMR.

  48. I heard from my friends that the PMR result will be announced on 28 of December.But i didnt know that is true or not.If anyone know the date plz infrom me .Thx

  49. hi guys im sitting for pmr next year and im scared for kh.i didnt do my elektrik project and the paper work at the end of the it possible to get A for kh now? please reply back scared πŸ™

        1. hmm…dun worry larhh,k…..
          apparum next year pmr ah tambi… tension, no bp larhh,k vaa……..hehehe..
          nway if u study means sure boleh score wan larhh,k……
          cheri ah !!! TC…..

          -PEacE oUt-

  50. hai.. im scared for my bi and science result..
    silap format bi dulu…wargghhh!!
    i hope i can get the beshh…besh..and smart result..
    i cant wait it anymore…
    please help me…

  51. i heard ppl saying that the result is coming out on the 24th.. but many ppl say it is coming out on 27th..
    which is the correct date?

  52. hmm….i dengar khabar pmr result may come out on 27th or 29 th kot……!!! i dunno yet larhh……..
    nway when is da actual date larhh, if any1 noe peeessssss tell larhh,k…….hehehe….!!!
    -PEacE oUt-

        1. hmm…i dunno larhh, maybe if u ask n c boleh kot tambhi……dun worry daa….., k vaa!!! hehehe………..
          nthing juz hit me,k……kikiki…!!!
          -PEacE OuT-

    1. err are you sure? B/c this is from the sin chew newspaper.

      Check this out!

      If you don’t understand chinese, then here’s a translated version which is not that understandable.

      Can you tell me what does that mean because I can only read the translated version and its not that good.

        1. project is not allowed. all this bcoz of the time factor, they want you to finish form3 project and dokumentasi first.. just then you could do for form2.

  53. Im really confused right now. When exactly is the result coming out (PMR 2008)!?

    The tabloids really have to stop playing games on us. We’re dying. Im hoping the results gets released before the 30th.

  54. if i didnt do my kh dokumentasi and 1 of my kh projects in from 2.will i be able to do them next year?pls reply.because if they dont,i practically got no chance for a in kh then πŸ™

        1. some of my friends missed their ‘dokumentasi’, and my teacher still let they finished it. i’m from a school in Kedah. don’t worry lah

  55. i m worried too…. so u guys noe the exactly date of PMR result be out???

    zzz… i m worried i cant get a good result….
    plz reply…

  56. I think i did myself justice on BM(82%estimated), BI (Paper 1, i got 40/40. Paper 2(?) more than 90%estimated), MT( Paper 1, i got 37/40. Paper 2 60/60 97%estimated), SNS( Paper 1 i got 40/40. Paper 2 more than 80%estimated), SEJ (95%estimated), GEO (94%estimated), and KH-plhn 1(more than 75%estimated)

    P.S: for all PMR 2008 candidates. Science marks graph has been decreased until 65%=A!

  57. If i didn’t get A’s in science and maths I’M DOOMED. My school is a premier school and don’t let us continue Form 4(Science-stream) if we don’t get more than 5A’s and two of them must be in science and maths. Pity us! Isk…Isk…

  58. how can u guys be so sure that i will be out on 30th dec?? wat about in between them like 26,27,28,29????

    how do ur teacher noe about the date of the result released??? Your teacher is a genius???

    1. i accidentally tied my extra answer sheets outside the answer book…. what do you think of the consequence that would happen?? i didn’t read the instruction properly

        1. Me too!!!!!!! OMG! But I think they wouldn’t penalise us for thatlah! I mean……Oh, come on. It doesn’t make any difference! All they want is the essay! They ask us to tie inside so that it would be convenient for the paper inspectors to mark!!!

  59. some of my friends missed their ‘dokumentasi’, and my teacher still let them finished it. i’m from a school in Kedah. don’t worry lah

  60. wat if i did like half of my form 2 dokumentasi and 3/4 of my form 2 elektrik project.will they let me finish them??????im scared la

  61. at last ….v all noe ady tat pmr result is comin out on da 30th…..choo good luck everyone n tc…!!!
    god bless us all…hehehe……

    -PEacE ouT-

  62. wat if i did like half of my form 2 dokumentasi and 3/4 of my form 2 elektrik project.will they let me finish them??????im scared la.pls reply and give me facts anout this

    1. Taiko let me give you some nerve-calming tips:
      1.) It’s not the end of the world. You can still shine in SPM
      2.) Always pray to GOD until the result day.
      3.) Be CONFIDENT in yourself. Tell to yourself, “I MUST GET 7/8 A’s AND I WILL!”
      4.)Let’s say you’re like me:
      I think I did very well in PMR this year but Science Paper 2 and KH made me down. I was scared that I might get 5A 2B. Then, I try to calm myself down by saying, “Terry, you’re not the only one thinks science is hard, the whole school did. In fact, the whole Malaysia did. The examiners can’t give evryone in Malaysia B for science. They would have to lower the graphs to let us get A. For KH, I think I got 8 or 10 wrongs but maximum wrong I must get is 15 to get 75 which is A. I think i didn’t do that badly until I get 75. And furthermore, if the whole Malaysia did badly, they would lower the graphs, so there is a fat chance to get A.” But don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched! Always have faith in God and surrender to him. Let him take care now. We’ve done our part.
      5.) On result day, DON’T PANIC! Relaxed! Let just one or two cold butterflies in your stomach and thaw up the rest. If you get what I mean. If you get straight A’s NEVER FORGET TO THANK GOD! He’s the one who did it! So be thankful! Don’t be like “bagai melepaskan anjing yang tersepit.”
      So, that’s all! Good Luck!

  63. GOOD LUCK TO ALL PMR 2008 CANDIDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOPE YOU ALL GET 7/8 A’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO ROOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Holy shits. 2 more days to go. I feel like pissing in my pants. Oh crap. IM SO DAMN SCARED I FEEL LIKE CRYING!!!

    Im scared for Science, Kh and Sejarah.

  65. i’m still choo cool even though da result is comin out soon, no pheelingz oso wan ………….even i oso dunno y…………….but i hope ma result will b wokay, i guess……hehehe……i am an indian student studyin in a chinese skul………realli hope 2 get a good result !!! hihihi……………

    nway god will alwayz b wit us…………
    good luck all !!!

    -pEaCe ouT-

  66. wooi…. kamu suma jan panik bha………… dapat jgak last2 2 gud result………
    don’t b foolish 2 estimate ur self as a jerk……
    hope 2 GOD dat uall got gud result…..

  67. TOMORROW’S DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. wat if i did like half of my form 2 dokumentasi and 3/4 of my form 2 elektrik project.will they let me finish them next year??????im scared la

      1. any1 else have their opinion to calm me down,cause if they dont let then i got very low chance to get a in kh for pmr πŸ™ good luck for all pmr candidates in 08.wish me luck.pls reply any1 with more info bout my problem

  69. hye sume….

    yg nk amik result sok….

    ak x sbr nk tgu esok…..

    msti bez giler kan….


    korang sume tkut x??

    mesti sume bdebar kan??

    ak pun same gak r….


  70. Damn.. its tomorrow…
    All 75+ is A?
    I only know my sejarah and geo approximate result according to my school teacher’s marking. got 97 for sejarah and 90 for geo. I’m scared of my Chinese and BM. Geez…….

  71. We’re dead meat.Pudge’s getting fresh meat,in a few more hours time,less than 10.So,better pray,good luck and god bless you all.

  72. OMG!!! now is going 5.30…
    Canot sleep… Wish i get gud result for my pmr..!
    SOB SOB~ if nt i going dissapointed my parents.

  73. Many of my friends get gud results-8A’s….So envious+regret…even that i get 7A’s,i don feel happy…And, so sorry for my parents…

  74. i got 12 A….8+4..4=chinese
    =add math(i want this subject for PMR)
    =biology(same as add math)

    can’t believe??my mom either…
    hehehhe..i’m not kidding…

  75. I got 7a and 1B .. I’m a little dissapointed but hey, I live outside the town and I manage to get such good results.. My family are proud of me.. I’m happy with it ^^…

  76. HI !

    I will be sitting for PMR this year 2009…

    can i know….

    chinese paper…easy or hard?

    my worse subject…

    hope i will get A;s in…

  77. well..we just have to confidence to answer the question based on what we learn and in my school there 9 subject that include arabic communication. its much harder from your think….

  78. Hey πŸ™‚ I was googling PMR stuff and I came across your blog. Can you tell me anything useful about PMR that the teachers havent? Especially for Geo and Sejarah. Geo sucks because I cant remember where anything is. And Sejarah lagi teruk πŸ˜› form 1 and form 2 tidur in class everyday.

    1. Hi, u should read a lots of sejarah notes and try to revise it more than twice . About GEO , u must do a lots of exercise .It sounds bored , when u hear the word revise.But that’s the way u can improve .Good Luck .God bless u.

  79. Next year i will be taking pmr . It’s hard 4 me . Well , can i know how to score 7a in my PMR exams ? Help me . I want to success in my life .

  80. hey guys..
    i’m waiting for my pmr result rite now..
    omg! really scared enough! (-.-‘)
    i wish i could get straight a in my pmr..

  81. heyy ! im the one of pmr victim for this year (2009) BM paper 1 was too hard for me . i cant even answer the question number 1 . wasnt tht terrible ? haha . wondering
    how much As i will get soon ? the papers for this year were quite hard . haihh ! everyday i cant stop thinking of my result .. =((

  82. i’m very happy to get straight a’s in my pmr .first of all i want to thank all my teachers,friends,parents and my siblings

  83. they said tht the result for this year is on 24th dec.. i think..
    my god tht scares~
    i apply for mrsm so for a girl i really2 hope on getting 8 A’s!!


  84. rsult wil b 2moro……………damnnnn eraid fff my rsult…niwer hope willl get a excelllent rsult 2 mi………….8a ssss ye….

  85. Woohoo!!!My result isn’t bad..~~greater than wad i expected~~i got my 7As and 1 stupid B(BC)…Huray!!!…Btw,congrats to all who achieved to their goals!!!

  86. Hey, i'll be taking the PMR examination this year. I was wondering, like REALLY wondering, how did you exactly studied for it and your marks are beyond excellent. Truly, extraordinary. I'd be thrilled to have marks like yours, i'd so kill for it. Any recommendations, on studying for it? πŸ™‚

    Please and thank you.

  87. HELLO , im alya πŸ™‚
    i always got fail , not at all but like 2 e, but my trial i got 5 e, i dont know i think i like too giveup,
    can you give me advice how to make me dont give up ? and give me SEMANGAT for PMR , i hope i cant get A on pmr, i stress with my life, too many problem , i just want my parents happy if i got A , i hope you help me for this ? i realize tht i so MALAS , so i hope i cant change , and pmr 1 weeks, i dnt get ready for it, can you help me ? please πŸ™ i begging you πŸ™

  88. I'm a 2010 PMR candidate.
    Just checked some of my answers online. I got 2 confirmed As now! Sejarah and geography(both above 85) ^^
    Scared for kh and chinese now. Maths should not be a problem, i hope. lol

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