Russian’s Lifestyle

People in Russia are quite weird. They can do stupid things like beating someone up without any reason. Maybe this is what make them to be so advance in space science? Anyway, I believe only a certain Russian is like that. I see there are actually people who try to stop the fight.

Quote from English Russia
The guys on video first were just standing and looking around to find somebody to fight with. Then they spotted two guys sitting on the other side of the wagon, they approach to them and start the fight without any reason, just to make a cool video.

What? Not enough? Wanna learn more about Russian’s lifestyle? Alright, here’s another video – Russian way of swimming.

Link: English Russia


8 thoughts on “Russian’s Lifestyle

  1. i am russian
    and your stupid
    do you think that al russians are like that does this kind of violenc doesnt hapen in europa or amerika

  2. this violence is nothing compared to american armed drug addicted pycho shooters who shoot on people every month somewhere in the US

    fuck off

  3. I like read such blogs just for fun. It’s really funny, when the men who has never been in Russia( at least in south parts like Moskow’s or Smolensk’s region) can write such delirium (бред). 🙂

  4. Stupid american about Okroshka:

    Russians refresh themselves with this cold soup made of ice-cold kvass (weird national drink most closely compared to non-alcoholic beer), sausage, cucumbers, onions, boiled eggs and sour cream – just imagine this horrendous concoction!!… And guess what they call this «soup»… They call it «Ohkroshka»… pretty difficult to articulate, huh? And now get ready for a translation. «Ohkroshka» means «Oh baby»! 🙂

  5. This is such bull shit!!!
    I am russian and I grew up there and I take the sub everyday and none of that happens there and if it does the people are drunks after a night out…
    people in america are WAYYYYY worse so shut the fuck up…who ever posted this is a dumb ass

  6. Who the fuck do you think you are?!?!?!? Do you think that video was even taken there?!?!?! America and other countries have not gotten any better…….geewiz seriously if you think you are so smart why don’t you go ahead and go there and see it all for yourself

  7. this post is absolout bullshit :/ the people in those videos are just like people in every country, they were just messing about! why are you stereotyping a whole nation because of a couple of pathetic youtube videos made by a bunch of dick heads? hate to break it to you, but there is quite a lot of idiots in america (im guessing from the other posts that thats where your from). Go and see russia for yourself, and stop making bias assumptions.

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