Algadon Medieval / Fantasy Online Game

Algadon logoAlgadon is a web based RPG game, setting in the medieval land of Algadon. Though just being a text based game, its feature list is not any less than other full fledged MMORPG game. There are 15 races to choose from when you get started–namely dragon, orc, elf, dwarf, mage, mystic warrior, elemental forest princess, archer, sorcerer, sorceress, assassin, barbarian, realm defender, knight, and merchant.

For premium members, there are some additional character classes, i.e. mage, mystic warrior and warrior angel. After registering an account and selecting your character class, you can start exploring the game by exploring the land, perform quests, battle monsters and other ferocious beasts, fight other players, place a bounty on another player, and attempt elite missions.

As you gain enough gold in the game, you can upgrade your gears by purchasing weapons, armors, food and potions (food recovers health points while potion recovers energy).

To improve game play and expedite training, players can opt to join a clan. As you goes higher level in the game, more quests, weapons, armors and other items will be made available to you.

Algadon is also available on both iPhone and Android. Just download the app and you will be able to carry on your journey wherever you physically are.

A totally different version of Algadon is available on MySpace (here), with entirely different goals and challenges.

3 thoughts on “Algadon Medieval / Fantasy Online Game

  1. With these games, it is important to realize that you are role playing in an imaginary world that is not real life. Do not mix real life and fantasy life. These games are addictive and some people are completely immersed for hours.

    1. yes, that is because the games are good. only idiots will confuse fantasy worlds with real world. your concern is unnecessary.

  2. These web-browser based games are nice and entertaining but are addictive. I played a few games like this but eventually I abandoned all of them because they required to much time and I prefer to spend my time with more important things

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