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Pluzit logoPluzit, which was founded in 2009, is relatively new in the “Bookmark and Share” arena. It provides free bookmark buttons to webmasters and bloggers for their visitors to easily share their web content on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, bookmarking sites like Delicious and also sharing it via other direct means like the good old email.

The good about it is it provides a choice of about 260 different destination for your visitors to engage with your content, ranging from widely used ones to those almost unheard of. This way you can be pretty sure that your visitor’s favorite bookmarking and sharing sites are all covered.

The look and feel of the buttons are painfully similar to those of its rival, AddThis, which came several years earlier. It doesn’t have to be though. Pluzit allows you to customize your button extensively, making it possible to match its look and feel to that of your website or blog.

Whenever someone uses the button, Pluzit will take note of it and reflect it in the statistics provided for free for registered users. This way you can easily have an idea how well your content are being circulated around the web, and most importantly, knows what your readers love.

Adding a Pluzit button on your website or blog is a no-brainer. The only annoying thing is you must register yourself an account before you can have the code. After you’ve got the code, the next thing to do is as easy as copy and paste.

Check out the videotour:

To those who do not have a blog or a website, but is active on bookmarking and sharing website, you can consider using Pluzit’s browser plugin, which is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. After installing, you can use the Pluzit button which will sit on your browser on any website, whether or not the webmaster installed Pluzit’s code on the website.

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