20GB in 1980 VS 32GB in 2010

A 20GB (eight 2.5GB) storage in year 1980 is 648000% to 758400% more expensive and 440000000% more heavy than a 32GB storage in year 2010. Fast forward 30 years and I suppose the comparison would instead be 20TB in 2010 vs 32TB in 2040?

20GB in 1980 vs 32GB in 2010

14 thoughts on “20GB in 1980 VS 32GB in 2010

  1. If I am not wrong this does nothing but proves More theory according to which every 18 months microprocessors are getting twice smaller, so in 2040 a 100 Tb probably will cost 1 USD and will weight 1 gram.

  2. Pretty sure I read some where that eventually they will not be able to miniturise processors once they reach a certain point, since the electrons/neutrons will end up being too close to each other they collide etc. Probly have already reached that point if you ask me, since they just making quad core, 6 core, and soon 8 core processors and not really increasing the speeds, would indicate to me only way they can add more power is to add more processors, soon we will see processors growing in size I guess as they add more cores each 6 month cycle. guess same applies to solid state drives such as micro sd cards. So they will have to get biggesr eventually, maybe even scrap the whole micro sd idea and go to semi micro etc lol.

  3. Actually, silicone technology is going to reach its limit in a couple of years. Unless we find a better semiconductor, this shrinking process will cease.

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