Google Empire Overview

An overview of the entire Google empire. Just how much Google products are powering your life, your work, your entertainment, your business, your communication, your internet, your everything.

Here’s the list of Google products that I actively use:

What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Google Empire Overview

  1. Additionally, you can clear your cookies… and a cookie that doesn’t expire until 2038 is really just for convenience… what are the odds you’ll be using the same browser or the same computer until 2038??

    The logging of searches by IPs is also dubious. For example, 1) I don’t have a static IP at home, so there’s no way to prove 100% that any search linked to an IP was/is my search; 2) IPs can be shared/proxied so they are not 100% conclusive to link to a single person (or even entity, necessarily).

    Although I agree, the idea of the government being able to subpoena Google’s records to determine what you’ve been searching for is frightening.

    It leaves me with a neophyte (read: law student) question though… given that an IP != person, wouldn’t it be really difficult to meet the requirements for authentication to enter this kind of evidence? (Supposing the evidence resided on Google’s servers, not on your own personal computer.)

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