True Singapore Ghost Stories

Few days back, my internet connection was extremely unstable, and I can’t do anything online. I then found a book in my sister’s room, titled “True Singapore Ghost Stories:Book 12”. There’s quite many stories in it, and I would like to share on with you guys. Hope Russel Lee, the author/editor won’t mind.

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There’s something weird in this story. How do the guy know when the station master found him sleeping and decided not to wake him up? I thought he was asleep that time? Just to share this story, it’s up to you to believe it or not. If it’s true, I’m just helping Lily to spread the story, and if it’s not true, just take it as an entertainment. I did not blockquote the story, as it would be all in grey and make it hard to read.

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  2. i think this is a made-up story……it sucks…fuck off to those who write this stupid story………this story is full of bullshit…BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Horrible story! So sorry about what’ve happened to that beautiful young girl! But where is the police going? Danny Deng,,86-13697246248

  4. The books are so cool i even has a collection of them!!! just waiting 4 the next book to be republished !!! True singapore ghost stories rock!!! 😀 😛

  5. seriously i been thinking, u will nv know the true, bt i really face once b4… that 12am sharp once the lift door open, i had a blackout like stunt, don even know what happen… some ppl told me just a mind brain and say ppl say is ghost pass though you… so what u think about it?b

  6. um……… i think this story will make the young lady or girlz or whatever must learn to b alert and also must b home by 12 minight

  7. i do think its a fake story,but its still is quite interesting,just take it as an entertainment,singapore true story is one of the best ghost story i ever read b4. 😎

  8. i do think its a fake story,but its still is quite interesting,just take it as an entertainment,singapore true story is one of the best ghost story i ever read b4.

    i belive in ghost bcoz i have seen ghost in my hometown. India..

  9. For those who is not believe…just dont simply say all this is bullshit….for those who is believe in this story i mean ‘ghost’ they should know it hows the feeling …. in this world what thing also can happen….

  10. /gg what the hell la. if you got nth better to do then dont come here … go to geylang.. a good place in singapore..i promise hotel 81 to be specific.. or wood bridge will do as well, free everything. so if you think sg sucks, means you think the stories here suck, which means youre the stupid sucker that read it.
    to the ‘dude’ person

  11. hello fellowz…
    i like singapore ghost stories..
    well anyone know the wbsite to check about the singapore ghosts..
    got any web email me guys..
    and also about the adam cemetry coz i just made there half way and things din work out well and i returned..

  12. out of curiosity, how can you copyright something that is told to you by someone else? you can claim editing rights, but surely the intellectual property is that of the person who has told the story?

    oh, no, wait. I know. The copyright belongs to the ghosts as they are the main star of the events.


  13. hey !!!!!!! i like to read the ‘True Singapore Ghost Stories’ !!!!!!! very ineresting le !!!!!!!! but very scary…. but fun !!! <3 😀

  14. if u say its fake think abt it will ani 1 take their time to just publish a ghost story n ask ppl to send maybe some ppl fake it but he had to published it..
    if russell is doing it for fame he would have not cover his face so ppl think b4 u talk think if it makes sence waiting for more books 2 come out..
    tc ppl

  15. about ghost story in vol 18 and 19 what you guy think the website is the story that say about hell girl i wonder if it real can give me the website of the hell girl and the court of final appeal?????????????????

  16. Hi 2 all..i’m juz curious abt ghost?? As 4 me Ghost does not 4 my understanding jinnie or some call as spirit do really exist..due to, they can change their figure into BEAUTY nor when we met the BEAUTY we not really scared How abt UGLY??..Hmmmm i tink 99% will guaranteed run…one day i will share abt my xperiance will u all..c ya: )

  17. check out another true ghost story at blk 342 tampines st.33.#02-292.i live next door &my malay told me what had happened after she sold her flat.they r 5 ghost in the house…..they ask the priest for help but was told to get out of the house instead..then the new tenant that move in had the same problem…this is true…

  18. I don' believe in ghosts but third eye. You can see ghosts in your imaginaries too. I had imaginaries too. One night while I was drinking milk, I saw a ghost in my room and outside. I shook my head. I did not see it anymore. I don' believe in your stories too! But when my mother was young, she told me that her ghost story are true. Ah… … , I might write to you her stories.

  19. hey, i think the ghost is really exist…………. Because, i have a nightmare just because a stupid ghost… but at my age like this i think the ghost just our playing in our head.. if the ghost really true why must everyone must trust that ghost it is doesn't make sence.

  20. hi russell…i love ur stories so much!TSGS is the only story book dat i read…..i have just started reading ur books…i was reading ur 11th edition…and i was very very shock wen i read the unholy gathering…can i know what happen to the girl?did she give birth?i know its silly to ask about the old stories but i hope u will reply me……..

  21. hi russell…..i love your stories so much!!!

    TSGH is the only story book that i read……i have just started reading your books…..

    i was reading the stories of the 11th book….and i was very very shock when i read about the unholy gathering…..can i know what happen to the girl???

    did she give birth??i know its silly to ask about the old stories but i hope that u will reply me………

  22. I remember when I was 4 years old. I lived with my family in a terrace house. For some reason my brother would always get really high fever and miss school and bad stuff would happen. And during the night when i slept with my mother she said she could see white mists and she felt smething was very wrong.Then we called a priest like person to check on the house. He didn't tell us much but he said ' YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE. THERE ARE REALLY BAD THINGS HERE' Scrarriest time ever o__o we immediately moved out after a few weeks. NOT LYING. D:

  23. I can feel the thing is following me ….ooh my god i can smell of jasmine ..fuck. that night i saw it with my 2 eyes at my old grandpa house..

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