Derailment of Malaysia LRT

Last Friday, there was a case in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that a train(LRT) nearly fall off from its track, just like what we usually see on TV. However, no one was hurt or injured as the train was empty by the time. Maybe Spiderman or whatever man would come to Malaysia to film their movie in future – for saving the cost to make the train falling effect in their movie.


The station was closed for more than 20 minutes after this empty train derailed at the stabling area just after 7am.

The train had stopped at the end station when it overshot the stabling area and crashed into the buffer stop and parapet wall.

The crash caused half of one coach to derail and dangle off the track, about 5m above ground level.

The road below was immediately cordoned off and traffic was re-routed until the train was pulled back to safety using two heavy-duty cranes.

Sources: NST |

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