The Best Magician on Earth

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Do you know who is the greatest magician in the world? David Copperfield? No. David Blaine? No too. The current greatest magician in the world is, Daniel Chesterfield. He can do all sorts of crazy magics, like flying, raising extremely heavy stuff, making something move without touching it and so on. Check him out in the following video, I’m sure you will be stunned.


[via CypherHackz.Net]
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15 thoughts on “The Best Magician on Earth

  1. that asshole is jst a shit….Felix is right…waste of time…comparison with david copperfield???david blain???
    fuck you……

  2. Your ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I’ve never even heard of this retarded “magician”!!!!!!!!. And besides, everyone knows that Criss Angel is the best magician in the world!!!!!!!!

  3. The best magician in the world is not criss angel. He does the trick and the audience are paid to act as though he was really flying in the air or walking on water. The best Magician is undoutebly VAL VALENTINO who come’s in Fox Reality’s famous series Breking the magician’s code:Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed who shows us how the magician’s like Criss Angel and David Baline do it.

    1. relax pal. i think criss is the best in the world. wait till u can do more than what he does before u can condemn him. have u ever been able to even push an atom without touching itbefore? give my man a break. criss all the way.

  4. dude daanish….yup criss angel do tricks n so do david blaine n thats why they are called illusionist…..n are u serious that he pays audience, man every time there r new people n if he starts paying them he would come on streets with no money left with him…how they do this is magic….n david blaine n criss angel n val valentino r d bst…..

  5. Copperfield hovered over the grand canyon, vanished the statue of liberty, and survived a tornado of fire that measured over 2000 degrees fahrenheit.

  6. Haha, its so funny seeing people vote for chriss angel.. the only thing that carries that guy is his style, its not his magic.. and theirfor he is not the best, and sad thing is he tends to play around girls whos 20 years younger than himself why does he do that ? because people on his own age knows its completely bullshit and just a game… Derren Brown on the other hand, performs very well he his a style that all can accept, and he dont claim to have incredible powers. If you had just the least knowledge of what you where talking about, you would start laughing at Chriss Angel…

    1. Listen, sometimes you just have to believe, Most men always try to go and impress younger women. It's just the way it is and give the guy a break he is entertaining and puts on a pretty cool show. Maybe your just jealous………. and Chris Angel is always learning new illusions that still baffle us and keep us guessing on how the hell he does them. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you don't like what he does to entertain us then just go scratch. And my son who really loves him say to F-OFF!!!

  7. Blaine is a smooth criminal with a deck of cards but his street levitation is a kindergarten magic trick anyone can learn in five seconds called the Balducci Levitation, and Criss Angel is just shit all around like stepping on plexiglass platforms in a pool and claiming to walk on water give me a break.

  8. Guys y r u fighting each other.According to my opinion magic is an art like singing and dancing.dont think deeply.just enjoy it.

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