Chicken Simulated Rat

After discovering the homemade Pepsi, here is another one. Rat is used by some idiots to simulate chicken, and you won’t even know what the heck is in your mouth. These smart people actually cut the rat into pieces, and make them looks like chicken meat, and serve it to you as chicken, and their profit will increase as well. Have a look at the pictures below to learn more.

Rats are gathered


One of the poor rat

Cleaning process of rats

cleaning rats

Cut into chicken-liked pieces

Chicken-liked rats are ready to be cooked

chicken rat

Rats are being cooked

ready to be coked

Ready to be served

ready to be served

Zoom in!

closer look

Chicken? Rat? Confused!

rat/chicken drumsticks

Although it is disgusting, but it looks tasty though. Isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Chicken Simulated Rat

  1. I think the end product looks great ! I would eat a whole plate of them with some good dipping sauce and a coke.
    Does any one know of any eating place in the Nashville, Tn. area that would serve these fine RATS.

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