Speed Test – Streamyx VS P1 Wimax

Found an interesting speed comparison between P1 Wimax’s 1.2MB package and Streamyx’s 1MB package by Cglow.

P1 Wimax is obviously the winner in this comparison, in terms of both speed and consistency. It goes above 1.5MBps consistently connecting to servers of 5 different parts on Earth. At times it will even shoot up to 1.8MBps, on a 1.2MBps package, meaning you are getting more than what you’re paying for.

On the other hand, Streamyx’s connection is very inconsistent and at times you will be thinking you’re subscribing for a dial-up connection instead. Depending on the area the connection is made to, speed can get as high as 0.8MBps and as low as 51kbps, lower than a dial-up connection.

Cglow also did three more speed comparisons. Downloading iTunes from Apple’s website using P1 Wimax is 4 times faster than using Streamyx, while downloading torrent is almost 10 times faster.

Streaming a 5 minutes YouTube video is 1 minute faster using P1 Wimax than Streamyx.

Comparing P1 Wimax and Streamyx do really put Streamyx, the nation’s largest ISP to shame. For the time being, P1 Wimax wins every category tested above, way better than Streamyx but with a similar price tag.

That is something worth celebrating, even you are not considering leaving Streamyx at all. At least P1 can pose a threat to Streamyx now and Streamyx cannot just sit back and bully its users (with their “you have no choice but to subscribe me” mindset).

Too bad P1 have not launched their USB modem package yet, which is the real gem of Wimax. Just pray hard enough the financial crisis would not slow down the widening of the Wimax coverage, which is still very limited now.

The free modem promotion is extended to the end of the year, but remain useless to me as my area is still not included in the coverage map.

For more dissappointment, the access is not really that portable after all, unless you pay an extra RM10 per month.

188 thoughts on “Speed Test – Streamyx VS P1 Wimax

  1. WooW. the london server on the streamyx line really make me laugh… >< so… thinkin’ of switchin’ to WiMax… hehe.

    1. gosh, you'd be an idiot if you switched to wimax. wimax is the worst service, even worse than screamyx. in fact, i am going to switch back to screamyx after 1 year of HORRENDOUS internet line and service. my internet line is so bad i have had 5 case monitorings, technicians, etc come and no one can ever fix the problem.

      you will be better off with dial up, fabian.

  2. For me, it’s doesn’t show the actual speed when this services really use soon.

    My questions is:
    Who provide wimax connection to international link? What is the speed?
    How many user they have now? What is the link ratio per user. Anyone have the number?

  3. P1 in subang jaya is bad now. Sometimes even four days have no connection. Today I got 381kb download speed only. They want to slow down all the P2P download speed.

    1. P1 is absolutely a failure and I have been paying the RM99/mth worth close to nothing. Even though the indicator show good signal but the speed was slow as snail and many times cut-off….. Unrealiable and dissapointed with the management. I have called many times but why waste money on this….Anyway, I am also residing in USJ. …sometimes to run the speed test pun tak boleh…what are these ‘biased’ reviews??? Absolutely pure ‘selling’….if possible, I would want my refund…lock in for a year and I can’t wait to try others like Digi or streamyx….what P1 states….Unless they change fast, if not…..do not know how long this gimmick or this surface kung fu can work….My siblings and relative are also telling me that P1 is bogged down with problems and slow like snail……….asked me to scrap P1……


  4. Whoa didnt knew was this fast anywayz currently im using p1 and streamyx so lete me a story

    The year i bought streamyx is 2003 until now but when every year increases i feel the connections are getting slower.

    The year i bought P1 was 2009 but launched 2008 the first day i bought the modem i placed it beside my comp that has a window right opposite facing Subang Jaya SS 15 i saw the connection was keep blinking and so i asked my dad he told he put the date for actvation is 16th but the day we bought was 15th so my dad told me to wait till 2 am in the morning i waited……… adn than i turned on the modem i saw the damn light was still blinking i turned it off pissed really pissed went to school
    came back i turned on the modem but downstairs in my hall facing Sunway pyramid the light activated and was at orange=good so i asked my dad use it after 1 hr i came back saw my father was pissed keep saying the connection was disconnecting and reconnecting everytime.Than so my dad told lets return it but forgot to and so after 1 week my streamyx was so slow it took at least 5 minutes to load a forum in the net so what i did was took the chances and turned on my P1 connection and while i was waiting SUDDENLY IT APPEARED right opposite my comp same place i tryed to connect when i newly bought it .The connect stability was GREEN=Excellent i was shocked so i tryed to access the forum and u wouldnt believe it but it showed up in 2 seconds (i had a timer ) and so n
    ow im writing this story for all users.

    So the lesson i learned yet is dont trust either connections but wait for the results and now im still testing the connection and weee i can watch HEROES faster online buffering yay.

    Well guys good luck just go ahead and try out the P1 connection if u dont get improved connection return it in 2 or 1 week.

    Okay heres my billing information

    Streamyx-100 per month not sure of the speed might be 1mbps

    P1 W1MAX-99 per month subscribed for 2 years 1.2kbps

    okay thats all for now Bye

    From:Hirustaa Heartnet

  5. P1 is very very slow in my area…yet, they let me to register it.Is this what we call business ? (anyway i’m in Pj, Selangor)

  6. P1 was fast initially. But now, I hardly get 1.2 Mbps. Most of the time, I only get 500 kbps.

    Customer service is worse than Streamyx. When I called after office hour, their receptionist only will take down name and contact number because no technical support after office hour. Promised to call back during office hour but never return call.

  7. Do u know how many people using streamyx in Malaysia?I myself personally dont know. I only know that the number of streamyx users is far much much greater than p1 wimax.So, if in 1 year time the number of p1 wimax number increases dramatically, can u imagine what will be the speed of p1 wimax. I am sure by that time u would switch back to streamyx.

  8. I got really good speed right after my install. It was at 1.4Mbps. That was yesterday. But then today, it was at only 0.3Mbps. Even the upload was better at 0.4Mbps. Is there a conspiracy to make new customers happy with higher download speed on the first day… πŸ™

  9. I agree with all who has negative comments about P1. I subcribed on 15th May for the 1.2Mbps package and the connection has been extremely slow. MUCH slower than Streamyx.Thankfully I have not terminated my streamyx. I did a simultaneous download on both two days ago and Streamyx is much faster than P1. Transfer rate for P1 was 18.8KB/Sec.

    YES! They customer service SUCKS! I have made so many complaints (by phone & email) and so far no one from technical dept has return call. The Customer service agents will ask you stupid questions and make you do stupid stuff…

    They probably know that they are oversubscribed and there is nothing they can do about it at the moment. That’s probalby the main reason why no one is returning our calls!

  10. Streamyx starting to cheatting our money now, we pay the price never can get the speed! same like me pay RM88 get slow than 56k Modem Speed and cannot Discount. This new service start from “2008 December”


    Me 4 Month No Pay The Bill Already, Streamyx Send Red Bill Come I Just Pay 1 Month Money, If Streamyx Block My Line, I Will Call 1300-88-9515 To F@CK Them! If They Say You Have 4 Month Bill No Pay So They Block My Line! I Will Say You Line So Slow! I Pay You Money So Fast For What?!


    Now I’m Keeping To Hold 3 Month Bill No Pay But I’m Still Can Using It!

    RECOMMAND : Hold Streamyx 2 Month Bill No Pay (2 Month No Pay They Cannot Block Our Line)
    Don’t Let Them Play Us! Power In Your MONEY!
    Come Everyone Do Like This! Only Me One People They Can’t Feel It.

    Nissan – Shift_the future
    Honda – Power of dream
    Toyota – Moving forword
    STREAMYX – Ready To Be WaterFISH

  11. We cannot compare this two type of infra, P1 run on wireless mobile network whereby streamyx on wired. Why not switch to another wireless mobile network operator such as celcom, maxis or DG. No system can claim that they can provide the best at any time…thats the fact.

  12. Wimax is SUCKS!!! Although is good at the first day of usage… but then is slow all the way… the download speed is slow, upload speed is slow… what the hack! all this so call fast broadband is a liar… we aren’t get what we pay!

  13. Is P1 that sux?
    im just planning to buy the 1.2Mbps package..
    im already have streamyx, and hell yeah…the speed really make me silly..so slow!
    so…maybe i need to think twice of buying the P1 and terminate the streamyx,,

  14. Every eary broadband operator promises the greatest speed, and its true their speed will be good… Remember that P1 has a 2 years contract (something which was never done 5 years ago) by other broadband providers, because the service will degrade once there are a lot of customers… the equation is Customers International Surfing = Backhaul capabilities… no one can provide that better then Telekom Malaysia… Yes currently with Copper, the speed is unjust… But they are laying out Fibre everywhere… and the speed is far better then P1 in those new areas… Go check the speed of TM vs P1 at Kemuning Utama (West Pricinct).. Its 1.4Mbps for download and 840Mb for upload… I know… cos I live there… and I am using Streamyx.

  15. Hi everyone… Each provider claim their service is the best… i think la… all of us must test first for comparing dont just said that one provider is the best. by the way the internet service will become slow down if there are so many user in one time. that why intenet conection is slow down as the dialup beside the others factors affected. actually comparing wireless and wire broadband is better wire in condition of our country. why? our wireless broadband not stable as the abroad as US. I already used streamyx almost four years i come out it better than wireless broadband. when u notice that streamyx is slow u must make a complain for that and just do what Ah Ming say…

  16. P1 Wimax is not stable, 3 days no connection, called their technical team and no one answered after 2 hours!!! streamyx is not perfect but i get what i pay …. anyways tm is soon launching HSBB boradband which gives you minimum 10mbps speed …. im waiting for that πŸ™‚

  17. When you experience a slow internet connection while using P1wimax, check out your account through P1 website and check your data usage. Because of fair usage policy, after you used over the limit, you will experience a slower surfing, downloading and uploading.

  18. pi wimax is slow.

    my contract with streamyx is already over, so i sign up for p1 wimax promotion valid until 19/9/2009 and there is a 7 days trial period, which you can get yr money back within that 7 days. im definately asking for refund.

    p1 wimax is okay if u just want to log in friendster, check emails and browse around the web. since im doing business online, uploading files and pictures in my webbies, uploading a product in my website that ganerally take seconds for streamxy, 25 minutes still havent upload yet with p1 wimax. cant get a single work done with p1 wimax. now utopia also still cannot login.

    quite disappointed, but im glad i havent cut my streamyx yet

    so streamyx still better la wei

  19. Now year 2009,streamyx is better now, i test my internet speed that my package is 1 mbps to London Server still fast…It is 1.32mbps for download but 0.17 for upload with ping 751ms…i dont care it’s upload is slow..i think Streamyx still the best in Malaysia..

    1. For me UPLOAD speed is importand
      bcoz I wanna play 0n9 game.
      and I dont wanna my server lag

      Iam used 1mb streamyx
      wanna try P1

  20. Damn you P1 Wimax ! what a bad connection !
    Attracting ppl in 1st 7 day trial…
    What to see is after the 7 days…
    Shit ! Loading page need 4-5 minutes, Sign in MSN need about 5-6 times even more ! The most funny things is I GOT INFOMATION FROM MY FRIEND REGARDING THE ”DISCONTINUE CONTRACT” HAVE TO PAY HIGH VALUE COMPENSATION RM 999.00 AND NOT FROM THE P1 AGENT !!!!
    Damn you dirty trick…”Fast boardband”…=.=…Bullshit!!
    No idea why to pay RM99 per month !!!! Being cheated =.=

  21. I really think about to switch to P1…. but after saw too many complaints , i have to think twice…Why in malaysia cannot find a real fast broadband?? we are paying RM88 + RM29 (telephone line) for streamyx is so expensive… but it really very very slow….maybe we have to do what Ah Ming say:::
    RECOMMAND : Hold Streamyx 2 Month Bill No Pay (2 Month No Pay They Cannot Block Our Line)
    Don’t Let Them Play Us! Power In Your MONEY!
    Come Everyone Do Like This! Only Me One People They Can’t Feel It.

  22. I have been using p1 for 4 months, the speed is getting worsen each day, last night i could not even use PI to surf internet while the signal showed “green”, i called up their technical support and was told to check this and that but at the end problem remains, they gave me a case number and promised to feedback to their management as what they usually did while they couldn’t solve your problem. I am paying RM99 each month and this is the service i got…….conclusion is : P1 sucks!!

  23. I am on my second week of supposedly “wireless, cheaper, faster”. The first one is true but the last two are utterly bullshit. download speed is 190kbps and upload speed is 60 kbps. RM99 is not cheaper than RM88 because i need my phoneline for something else than streamyx. 190 kbps is not faster than 1600 kbps … in fact very very slow. P1 can only match streamyx speed at wee hours of the morning … people are sleeping at that time.

  24. LoLz……….
    Why u all subscribe P1-WiMax for rm99,should take the cheapest 1st ma(rm49)….
    Lucky for me,now i know P1-WiMax not so good,mayb will subscribe for rm49 for testing,better than rm99….mati lo

    Btw,Streamyx not so good like those who said it was!
    Shame on TM!!!

  25. Hehe… So many complaint aa..

    I got this p1 modem from my brother and he asked me to sambung bayar becoz there are no connection in his area..

    so then i test the coverage in my house. Whoaa.. I got the green one.. congrats..

    On the first week.. the line was still ok.. but when it comes on second week after.. it became slower.. sometime the browser tulis connection interrupted.. WTF.. and (satu kali lagi ) sometime the led kept blinking..

    and (lagi satu kali) today.. while writing this comment.. It took me nearly one hour to upload 760kb png image into blogspot server…

    (lagi satu kali) WTF….

  26. hello everyone…

    if want u all to take time to think what’s better between wireless and direct line(wired)……for me direct line is more better than wireless..but wired need to be maintain to perform well..ruang udara kita ni ada mcm2 frequency yg ade..so bnyak gangguan yg mengganggu…that why i prefer direct line than wireless..

    geng..mcm ni lar senang bg u all paham situasi broadband…i make it very simple to u all understand..
    cuba u all tgk jalan raya kat kl..dulu tahun 80’an kerete tak banyak..so tak de pn jam,tp bila kereta makin bnyak atas jalan raya hari2 jam….its same for brodband,when many subscriber surf at 1 time the road for the transfering data will be a liltle bit jam and that why your connection will be slow…sama je sama ade u all guna celcom.digi,maxis or the latest 1 w1max..baru2 memang laju sebab x ramai org guna,tp tunggu lama sikit bila ramai org guna..confirm bnyak problem…

    soon telekom malaysia will provide fiber to the home..they will change all wire to fiber..the system they call high speed broadband(HSBB) mean all data transfer to your home with no losses..and the speed they will provide to all of u is more than 10 mbps..and when the time come im sure u all will not subscribe astro anymore..

    broadband 10mbps

    bijak memilih ya kawan2…

  27. hehe..if anyone want to surf more faster and less paying,i got something for ya..make ur own company that provide broadband that just provide to u alone…that will make u surf faster until death..hehe

  28. POTONG P1!!! I just subscribe for 4 days and yet from the 1st day, it took me 1 hour just to open the simple page as Google.com.. open up email..? none! WTF!!!

  29. dont said to serve other web, u try to load the p1 web page than u know how slow olasdy.(using p1 wimax) i
    dont wait olady, POTONG lah, dont use P1 anymore.
    P! itu penipu besar!!!!!!!


  31. subscribe P1WIMAX



    90% SATISFIED.


  32. Well P1 MAX have low coverage all around malaysia.
    It sucks.I’ll stick with streamyx till they provide a better coverage all around malaysia

  33. duno wat to say about p1wimax…

    well,thr(p1wimax) promote their network that thr can make a faster network then streamyx…staring it has a fast download speed bt a slow upload speed…and it will dc about 3-4 times in day…ok i still can acpt dis connection cause it was new….

    after 3 month i used p1wimax….i found out that dis connection is not stable….it will dc or server down…

    and now…i used p1wimax for more then half year….sometimes i’m playing wit my onilne games…it dc…and i was angry….mayb some1 say tat u are using the rm49 package…nope i’m using the rm99 package and dis nt what i aspect….if u ask me wat would i choose streamyx or p1wimax…..

    my answer is streamyx…

    streammyx p1wimax
    fee(per month) rm88 rm99
    stablity well weak
    dl speed 1gb 1.3gb

    wat do u think??

  34. Hey i need some suggestions here:

    -I have stopped my streamyx connection and have been using P1 Wimax for 8 months plus with “Plus” package.

    -Pros about P1:
    1)Easy connection
    2)Quite stable

    -Cons about P1:
    1)’Plus’ usage 20G not enough
    2)When usage is finished speed is reallllllly slooooowww.

    -Currently, i heard about Streamyx Wireless and have some inquiries.

    1)Do Streamyx Wireless need a ‘phone line/fixed line’ connected to the modem?

    2)Will Streamyx Wireless be unstable in Subang Jaya, USJ?

    ***3)I’m planning to change to Streamyx Wireless 4mbps package for RM160 any suggestions? Or should i upgrade to P1 Wimax ‘Pro’ 2.4mbps for RM199?

    Some suggestions pleassse.

    1. I am using Pro 2.4 mbps now and paying RM199 every month! You will have the very good connection at starting ! You can call to change the IP address! It was super fast and got more than 3 mbps! But it won't last long, not even 1 month mah! It's automatically changed to red light, i have to restart the modem always! You get a bit faster for direct connection by using line! But you get super slow in wireless if you got more than 1 computer! I got less than 100kbps yesterday and i got only 600kbps for today 14/1/10! I called P1 and they are almost saying the same thing as the comments above! I have to pay penalty if i potong P1! they said. so think again! Well i got very good website for you to read……> http://www.nccc.org.my/v2/index.php/aduan-penggun… <……. May god bless us!

  35. p1 wimax still new. Their customer only a little compare to streamyx. But,they have got a big problem. If their customer no. increase dramatically. What will be??? Lu fikirlah sendiri!!!!!!!

  36. I’m actually suspecting P1 and Streamyx actually works together.

    How can P1 actually asking people to potong and streamyx didn’t even go and sue then but instead of that streamyx made another advertisement in radio saying that don’t potong. They like playing some tricks there making us to subscribe more and earn more. Anyway, they earn both way.


  38. wimax are just simply kinda system that australians broadbands players rejected 5 years ago due to the coverage sensitivities to the weather.

    its simillars to the satellite tv services where affected in rainy days.
    the bulky & low quality modem & bad configurations always declining uploads speed at exagerated promising services. tooks almost 10 minutes just to surf simply 1malaysia website. 20 minutes sending yahoo email with attachment.
    wimax lies, cheating, exagerate & the support system services very bad when call wimax hotline.
    wimax never entertain any calls for trouble shooting.

  39. wimax agents cheatings felda settlers free services, free modem 1 year.
    wonder that is wimax kindness being flamboyan internet charity provider.
    is wimax subsidiaries or company set by jabatan kebajikan masyarakat ?
    Bullshittt !!!!!

    felda 2nd generation

  40. this is what i get from P1 Wimax when i first subscribed in August 2009, it was blazing fast but only to realize it was all a false promise land after the trial period ended up, the speed was mediocre and from what i notice only the 1st day of every month will the speed be good,other then that it sucks so hard on every other days that it makes Streamyx look like an unmerited winner.

    that’s not all, P1 give u the 20gb threshold is not for download only but dl and ul.that means once u reach 20gb for download and upload,your speed will slow down to 300-500kbps not like what they say 700kbps. this is utter bullshit, you’ll only see 700kbps restored nearly at the end of the month. so basically to sum it up,you only enjoy P1 real speed only on the first week, so why are we paying RM 99 only to get “proper connection” on the first week only.

    Streamyx sucked for sure, but P1 sucks harder because of their false promises and what not. I’m thinking of going back to my old flame but if i dont commit myself to P1 two year contract, what’s the worse can happen? like not paying the fine of rm999?!?

    p/s : i can always say they did not keep their part at the end of the bargain, so i can therefore forfeit my part.

    What u guys think

  41. P1 tak boleh pakai, hari-hari menipu org, hari-hari panggil org “Potong”. Jangan ditipu. Email tak boleh “send & received”, internet banking tak boleh pakai, youtube tak boleh pakai, semua internet tak boleh pakai…..waste money waste time…Janji bagi 1.2mbps tetapi bagi org 0.2mbps…Penipu!!!Penipu!!! Email & SMS to ur all friend dont use P1. “Not Reccommened for Internet user” from JB area

  42. Months ago, P1 are great!.

    Now, worst than ever.

    Can’t attach emails, can’t upload photos, can’t do gaming, and so so much more!!! – wherever u need uploads.

    At least, P1 user can chat – sadly, scolded by chatting partner for becoming like biskut – missing for few hours while trying to connect.

  43. ahahahha…
    tipu semua tu… x cayer?
    saya pengguna streamyx 1Mbps..
    try speed test streamyx… dpt 800Kbs jerk..
    try speed test P1 wimax … dpt 30Mbps…
    hahahha… cayer x? x guna sy bohong… nk bukti? boleh jer bg..
    kesimpulan… P1 wimax mmg patut potong…potong..potong
    streamyx… jgn potong ,jgn ptong.. jgn potong..tp speed streamyx nih laju time pagi n tgh mlm jerk.. bosan gak

  44. Don’t worry guys. Next year HSBB will be available to customers (although it will be on certain areas only). Currently, TM are conducting trials for the services. From what I heard, it is very encouraging, 10 Mbps speed will ensure seamless connectivity. This service will be using fiber to replace the current copper wire which is not reliable anymore due to it age. Hope you guys be patience a little more and not succumb to the ad you have been hearing recently. For sure you will be disappointed.

  45. Latest news. P1 Wimax head office is using TM Business streamyx as well as TM centrex phonelines for the daily operations. as told by one of the P1 wimax secretary.
    P1 also is using the dominan email services provided by TM Streamyx for international mails services as their own
    server cant reach the requirement needed for better speed.

  46. how say P1 is batter then streamyx is bull shit…
    g blajor dulu ….korea yg maju still use fixed line/ new 1 is FTTH…. korea or china technology is no 1 in world lead internet technology…so that ..why korea/china didnt use wireless for internet . P1 rent Trunk/infra from TM..
    just wait …n see what happen P1 after This….hahaaha…
    now sape yg potong Tm mmg rugi beso la….sbb lepas ni kene byar dua2 skli sbb nak pkai internet…so pk …tnya..n blajar dulu apa itu internet…

    1. btl2 tu aku sokong…xde line yg stabil dr line tetap
      dah la customer srvis xtahu buat kerja
      so sape2 yang br nk reg p1max tu tanya la dulu kawan2 yg pernah pakai
      kalau tak?
      menyesal mcm aku

  47. P1?
    its a shit u know…
    i take it 1 week trial and amazingly i can watch and streaming anime so smooth…
    but after i subscribe it it become slower and slower n now i never again can watch anime by streaming…
    if rain it become more slower…
    liar like shit..

  48. I’m a P1 user, so far been using for 6 months lucky it’s ok in my area (Kota Kemunning) at least never experience in stuck while click on to watching youtube video.

    well, maybe it’s depends on receiver you sharing to.

  49. Who said P1 not good? who said?

    I was a super happy P1 1.2mbps user from last Jan. Stable connection, DL 1.5mbps, UL 0.4mbps and abv,,, unless during heavy downpour slow a bit,,,walao eh,,, really syiok man… no complaint at all.

    10 months of honeymoon period cut short by POTONG advertisement, speed got jump down now, DL 0.3mbps, UL 0.05mbps,,, OMG, really headache oh…

    1 friend got work inside P1 ofis, told me,,, aiya, you know lah, after POTONG ads, new customers many mah. Got no choice but to throttle old customer’s speed. New customers must make them happy mah, give nice speed to new customer loh.

    OMG,,, i want to pengsan lah… I guess new users will face same problem after their cooling period lah.

      1. haha same experience here, during the trial of 1st month, everything work well….now …….no comment at all and dun want to say or complain …..once contract end….say bye bye…….i really headache with limit……! after i excedd the limit I get below 100kbps,…..wow dial up ler…..

  50. Unacceptable, throttling of old customer’s speeds…

    If I may story you.

    I used streamyx for about a year, signed up for the Merdeka promotion for RM77 p/m @ 1Mbps. Complaining was a standard procedure I had gotten so used to. I was quite fed-up and finally did what Ah Meng suggested – slow speed – slow payment, it finally slowed to a stop – so payment also stopped.

    Tried P1 about 3 months ago b4 the stupid potong promotion, my apartment is along the gridline of the coverage @ Sri Damansara. Just like most of you I paid the RM100.00 and dashed home only to be dissapointed with the blinking ember lights that never turned green. Ember lights was as good as it gets, but I must say, when it turned green for the first time I tried at a mamak stall nearby, Volia! It was faster than the free wifi (streamyx) they had there.

    Obviously, I returned the damn box as my apartment was in between the grid, you must check to see if your area is covered, it’s pretty accurate. Don’t waste your time if you’re in between. Buy lottery instead.

    The thing that pisses me off… The bill comes 2 weeks after I returned the box on the 7th day. You do know that on the 8th day P1 will charge you the full year’s contract right? Good thing I have the retaining form when I returned the box, cause when I called to ask about the bill they conveniently asked me to drop by their counter to inform them. WTF, I have already returned the equipment within the 7 day cooling off period and I’m telling you on the phone now that the counter service personnel has informed me that I will get a refund 1 week later! BS! I’m not driving down because of their mistake! They have yet to receive my refund of RM100.00 they promised I should get back after 1-2 weeks, it’s been 3 months now. Blatant inconsistencies!

    I’m contemplating legal proceedings… Those who are really pissed off can make donations so I can proceed to get back the stupid RM100 which I’m more than willing to split with you 50-50 LMAO!

    I think local companies are taking Malaysian consumers for granted. Did you know that hypermarkets play on the same marketing hype? Everyone shouts the same thing “Cheapest price!” And the consumers start on their buying frenzy… it’s the same ploy with these buggers. Infrastructure must come first, before the marketing hype! If service providers can’t deliver what they promise, then they must be punished. The govt must ensure that tools be provided for consumers to exercise this, not just set macro goals and expect the companies to come up with everything micro and put consumers rights (minimum standards) above returns.

    At this rate, we as Malaysians consumers are the ones loosing out…

    Screwd… so to speak.

  51. I am consumer p1max
    already 2 month use p1max
    so frustrating decision
    invariably I online I forced position modem by the window
    one day my modem I put at the window have stolen
    p1max not want to restrict my line temporarily
    so i ask the costumer service “so who have stolen my modem can online with my line la?
    and than the costumer service say “yes can online la”
    this is the answer?
    i`m very2 disappointed
    if possible in that day also I want cut
    but I already are tied with contract

      1. celcom nak login YM pun tak lepas… bagus la sangat, cuba kau download 2 ke 3 movie, dia sms kau kata limit dah sampai, kau tengok dial up lg laju dari celcom…

  52. Haiyooo.. wireless technology is su*ks.. even use Wifi access point with streamyx also it is still su*ks.. the technolgy of high speed wireless is still not there yet.. i prefer wired network.. eventhough streamyx is also su*cks, at least P1 more su*ker.. hahahahah

  53. i prefer my combo rm60 rather than p1wimax at rm99. yeah streamyx is slow and suck but p1 is slower and more suck…don’t ever think p1 my friend… the connection wasn’t stable. disconnecting…disconnecting and disconnecting…even attaching email (1mb)you won’t be succeed…p1 is another fail product

  54. TM Streamyx is the best..coz P1Wimax totally all the place offer cannot support the coverage..marketing very nice but line very bad…for TM Streamyx is the best because the company have more experience n technical support..

  55. i want 2 share my exp with both ISP. I’ve used streamyx for more than 2 years….though reaaallyy slow…i have 2 just bare with it coz not much choice in Malaysia…..then I upgrade my streamyx pckg from 512 to 1mb speed on 17/11/2009.but i got very lousy…much worse speed then b4…only 200 to 300 kbps…very frustated…called the cust service like a gezillion times…still nothing…they say have to restart something at their station….until today not solved….deciced to try P1 today….got green light…wahhh happy…try to open FB wahhh so fast….try to dload from youtube…wahhhh damn slow….so I’m really confused now……please somebody advise me

    1. Im a P1 wimax user as well, i think the light indicator is not accurate. I dont see much difference in the connection whether or not its green or red. It is still slow regardless of the colour..

  56. i thought today may register with p1wimax byt after see all those complains here, i may not potong the streamyx.luckly i see all those commant, really thanks to u guys.


  58. I use both P1 wimax and Streamyx, at my home and uni, respectively. Honestly I find P1 wimax connection is suckier than Streamyx. It’s so bad that it takes hours to buffer a 10min video from youtube. The most annoying part is when we called to complain, they told us that our area is not within the coverage. Then why in the first place, the promo ppl did not clarify that. And now that we are bound under the contract, there’s nothing can be done. Technically, paying P1 for a service they cannot deliver and it irks me so much to listen to their adverts. On the other hand, Streamyx connection is highly dependent of your luck, sometimes it is fast, sometimes as slow as a snail. I find that these companies are just robbing us blindly with that contract we are forced to signed. Consumers should have the rights to get refund, like how the Americans do.

  59. well, it may not be useless if your location is outside the coverage area, as i am outside the coverage area, and still get excellent signal strength. yes, it is getting congested, but for my case, there was 1 particular day that i cant access the web , i called them. they told me there was a traffic jam (server congested) in my area base station, they gave me an alternate IP address and DNS server, i was back on the net. the next day they sent a message to my phone, telling me there will be a 10-minute shutdown sometime on that day due to server upgrades, and after the upgrade, i got a speed that was far faster than before, which is a 1.3 MBPS-2.1MBPS speed. search for Taman D’ Utama, Johor Bahru, it is not in coverage area. streamyx, if u cant connect to the web and call them, there is a video on youtube describing it: search for WHY WE LOVE STREAMYX.

  60. the same problem with me using p1 too….on today its my 3rd month using p1… on the 1st week i use this is ” wow.. great speed ” after a week… it be come slower and slower… until last month i started can’t accept the speed at all… and can’t connect to server sometimes…and never ever getting green light anymore…. red light all the time…

    so i call to p1 customer service .. and complain.. with it… it say my base station around my area are conjusted.. call for 5 time oready.. and now they wave me 1 month free … but i wish the line will be back soon…

    if not… i’m not going to pay it for the 2 years contract…

    p1 sux…… liar….

  61. actually streamyx is better than any ISP.. why? because of simple answer
    bandwith sharing technology..

    streamyx provide direct and mostly dedicated connection using cable.. but for wimax,maxis,celcom,digi, Vsat, they are using frequency to modulated the bandwith..

  62. haaaaa………………..so pening la bace komen.
    total dilemma. i nk move to kapar klang. after this i kene pindah2. streamyx kene pki fix line. but seems p1 is still newbies.
    i need a serious suggestion.

  63. P1 ni laju memang laju, tapi selalu problem bila nak connect..kekadang tu berjam-jam lepas tu baru boleh nak online…Bila time hujan pulak selalu ada masalah keBENGONGAN..P1= Problem no 1

  64. Hey! Why are all of you saying ? Why are all of you calculating your speed using kilobit and megabit ? The whole world calculates using megabyte or kilobyte. Does Malaysia calculate their speed using kilobyte or kilobit? If they calculate using kilobit , we are superbly cheated!!! 1 kilobyte = 8 kilobit

  65. I’ve been using P1 WIMAX since April 2009, surfing, downloading, and streaming is perfect at Bandar Utama. Downloads constantly at 180KBs, and streaming requires no ‘pause-buffering’. Thought pings are a little higher than StreamyX for gaming. But there’s no packet loss for me so there’s no spike in gaming – something I faced alot using StreamyX.

  66. P1 is the greatest con job of the decade. Service sucks big time. Cakap tak serupa bikin …. P 1 = Penipu no. 1 . Semua orang kena tipu…

  67. p1 ni mcm indah kabar dari rupa, semua talian dimalaysia ni cakap mcm bagus tapi cap ayam. kalau dah ramai slow juga nanti p1 ni. streamyx juga yg bagus stabil sb guna cable. apa pun P1 ( pi lah / penipu 1 ) kkiikikikik kesian sapa kena POTONG hahahahahah….

  68. the p1 wimax really worst,they will give u non stable connection and always disconnect at raining time,that not enuf they also will disable your down load speed if your over the fucking stupid fair usage 8kbs=below 100 kpps omfg,i am 1.2 mb p1 wimax user guy,wanna sign in msn or check my stock also cant!p1 wimax you must take care cause if you keep like this,not over two years u will fall ~

  69. Nasib baik!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I use streamyx until sept09..
    then potong coz got 2 celcom broadband n streamyx expensive with phone line..

    today went to P1 wimax..ask everything..
    want to replace celcom broadband
    Go home n thinking which plan to go for..Wiggy or Wimax Home..go online look 4 answers which is better.
    Did a little research..
    supposed tmrow go n get wimax..



  70. My P1 is getting slower and slower, have complaint few times, sometimes okay, sometimes it is damn slow…

    I think too many get P1 on my area and I thought P1 is not able to catch out the bandwith, they really need to upgrade their bandwith, it is really SUCK meh…

  71. streamyx has the worst customer service i applied for one of their combo packages on the 6th of January and im still waiting for them to install it. does it ususally take this long? thinking of canceling their contract.

  72. bukan P1 wimax tapi P1pukimek… service suck, check kat speed test laju, tapi bila surf sangkut2… bila call mesti dia suruh alih modem… bapak dia lah hari2 kena tukar kedudukan modem sampai kena letak dalam toilet pun ada… lg satu dia punya kedekut sama dgn celcom, digi & maxis lepas korang download lebih 5gig dia punya speed macam sial, laju lg dial up… last last aku buat keputusan pergi balik ke streamyx, seteruk teruk streamyx tak la pernah aku gagal hantar email dan login YM… aku rasa last last company ne terlingkup dan tm lah yg akan dipaksa beli company ini….

  73. in malaysia all current internet providers not gives good service to their customer…they only want make money from malaysians….compares to other nation,we were cheated all times…pay high prices to get just 1MBps…in other country we can get 10-20Mbps for that same prices we pay here…so all internet provider take advantage on us bcauz we just take wat eve they put in prices…including broadcast provider(ASTRO)…i went to india last month,their broadcast provider offering 3000 channels from around the world for RPS 3200 in RM 250 PER YEAR..PER YEAR!!!!!!!!!!…just pay onetime for a year…HBO,star movies,espn…i mean all..ALL in HD(MPEG4)…and ASTRO just now gives us some channel in HD…..ASTRO,MAXIS monopoly kat malaysia..halang another better provider from coming to market…..fuck ASTRO,MAXIS, and all other company that robs our money…goverment do not support us but these cheaters…

  74. P1 wimax ada je kat chukai, kemaman ni , saya trus terminate celcom b/band dan trus bli P1 wimax dan trus dapat surf sungguh cepat setaka ni, tak ada sangkut2 dan tak guna megabait dlm PC juga laptop, jimat sebab hanya satu modem saya boleh surf anak branak 4 laptop dan pc, jimat pada saya guna celcom dulu. celcom dulu kejap ank nak pakai kejap cabut dan pasang . p1 wimax dengan rm99 5 orang boleh pakai dari celcom rm90 bergilir2

  75. I want to say that P1 Wimax Is A Shit Who Does Not Care About It's Customers!
    I am very pissed off with P1.

    In August I signed up for P1 Wimax. I test runned it and within the week I found that it is not suitable for my purpose. I signed the cancellation document and told them to write the cheque to my wife or company because I do not have a bank account to deposit the refund cheque.

    Despite the cancellation procedure, I still get billed. I wrote back after a few billings to tell them off them up regarding their inefficiency.

    When no refund was forthcoming after the 45days was up and long after 90 days, I called customer service. Apparently there is no record of my cancellation. They probably lost my documents. They asked that I go to their office to settle this matter! (So I am being penalized for their crappy work)

    I told them I want their phone number to talk to the accounts department. The call centre refused to give me the number! They want me to go there! Not satisfied, I called my Vendor in Subang Jaya and apparently I was right in that they misplaced the document.

    Just few days ago, I got my cheque. Even then, they did not follow instructions despite me given WRITTEN instructions to that effect. It had my name on it and I already told them to put to my company's or wife's name.

    Of course that got me pretty mad. I would have been neutral but because they keep fucking up and delayed my refund, I got REALLY MAD.

    To me this is one FUCKED UP COMPANY who DO NOT CARE about CUSTOMER'S RELATIONS. The blocked us from reaching administration and customer service so that the directors can sit on their cushy chairs and let the customers be. I am totally pissed off!

  76. Well, to be honest, new player like P1, they’re launching base stations per area, collect more subscription then upgrade as per needed in order to launch further coverage areas. For my first month, it’s rather not consistent, fast… slow… fast… slow…
    So I called them up, reflect the situation… I was being told “Yeah sir, now your area are experiencing high usage” So I go like “So now P1 is telling me I pay RM199 and being told when to use and when not to use my internet connection?” We go blah blah blah (I was very unforgiving, but do kept in mind they’re just customer service personnel, I even ended the call with “Just tell me where’s your nearest service center so I can terminate my account”).
    The next day I call them up again (yeah, still slow, I can tell you how slow, TMnet during the dial-up era slow!) This time, another technical representative talked to me, informing me of the base station upgrading in progress. Well, truely, after the fast and slow connection and a few calls of complains (I’m now a proud P1 customer, totally satisfied) Psst… I can even play WoW on it!
    Streamyx can go fly KITE!

  77. p1 for me is NOT STABLE becoz, when i surf the web always DISCONNECTED -.-…………………. Dun use p1 u will regret. Use CELCOM im usin its FAST LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  78. I'm very confident that Streamyx is the best ISP in Malaysia. Other ISP(P1 WiMax Celcom BB Maxis BB Digi BB) have worse internet connection compared to Streamyx. Fixed line connection provides better media for signal transmission. Wireless signal is effected by environmental factor such as rain, buildings, forest etc Since Malaysia is having rain through out year it does effect other ISP which uses wireless signal.

  79. p1 wimax la hebat!
    xpayah dengar la cerita mengarut yg sebelum ni.
    aku guna ok jer
    xder apa masalah.
    tempat korang tu yang bermasalah sebenarnya.
    nak salahakan p1wimax plak
    biasalah benda baru kan…mesti banyak kekurangannya lagi..
    sejarah streamyx dulu2 pun mcm tu jugak.
    ape daa….

  80. Jgn la make judgement by single speed test aje… ade beza antara speed ngan stability.. P1 ni bnyk org complain pasal stability dia.. bukan speed dia.. connection slalu putus2.. klu browsing ngan download je mmg xde problem.. sbb browser ade tolerate reconnection.. tp biler gune certain application mcm VPN, or paling simple, online game, mende nih mmg troublesome.. klu tgk figure P1 mmg ok.. sume 1mb++ hebat.. Tp in term of connection stability camne? Aku gune dua2 service.. P1 ngan streamyx.. P1 dah 8 bulan, streamyx da 2 taun lebey.. Sepanjang aku pakai Streamyx aku x penah de poblem VPN ke office aku.. no poblem nak connect ke server dari umah.. tapi bile aku pakai P1, hampeh.. xstabil langsung walaupon claim 1mb+ constant connection.. Coverage issue? tech person P1 dah dtg umah test.. 100% perfect connection.. yup aku admit, time2 best mmg laju giler.. tp masalahnye connection dia putus2.. x caya try ping mane2 server luar.. ping reply mmg laju tapi baper % loss?? almost 30%.. tggi giler compared to streamyx below 5%.. ni sebab streamix pakai wired connection.. so in term of connection stability, streamyx mmg stabil lah.. walaupon agak2 lembab sampai nak torrent pon segan.. bagi aku P1 ni is still in promotional stage.. sbb baru cover beberape negeri je.. so xde la nk packetkan p2p ke, streaming ke.. nk judge P1 btol2, kte tgk nnti biler dah cover almost 1 Malaysia mcm streamyx.. tgk camne dia handle bandwidth distribution dia..

  81. Both same. Malaysia internet too must problem and slow P1 and Streamyx waste times to fight each other better improve internet … Dont complain everyone.. We need GB internet not MB

  82. I am using amax wimax for 3 months now, its worse then streamyx,have decide for an early termination asking me to pay rm 200,why in earth did i subscribe for wimax service…load of shit..all service provider in malaysia load of shit…just know how to cheat us….

  83. Beb..korg tak leh nk maki ISP kt malaysia neh..Benda neh depend ngan kawasan..ada stegah kawasan bagus guna streamyx,ada yg bagus guna celcom, ada yg bagus guna maxis, ada yg bagus guna p1, ada yg bagus guna amax, ada yg bagus guna izzi, ada yg bagus guna digi, ada yg bagus guna time. ada yg bagus guna jaring,..so jadi lar penguna yg bijak..korg neh bkn nk jadi penguna yg bijak tapi jadi penyalak yg bangang..so fikir2 kan lar..

    1. abih kawasan mana boleh kita tinggal?? Atas gunung so takda masaalah dengan gangguan seperti langit, hujan, ribut,petir,banjir, bangunan dan mcm mcm lagi..Saya nak tanya kenapa negara maju lain takda masaalah dengan internet seperti Jepun, UK, Eropah dan bila Malaysia ajer, ada jer yang tak boleh comment! sigghhhh bila la nak membangun???

  84. @Annon>
    Your comment suck. Streamyx is having lots of problems at late but is afraid of revealing it on their site. Don’t be saying some ‘shiny’ words that you don’t even understand at all to cover all the bullshit Streamyx have been giving.

    On the other hand, P1 isn’t doing any better either ! P1 is still as shitty as Streamyx if not any worse. And might I add? All the other ISPs in this god-forsaken country.

  85. dont make ur judgement too early..
    p1 wimax is still considered new..
    even streamyx had problems in the early stages.
    juz wait for few months until p1 wimax reaches its peak.
    as far as im concern, streamyx wont sit around and watch their advancement.
    if p1 wimax becomes better, streamyx will be 10 times better. =p

    1. wimax cant go any further.
      even their sub-contractor complaints that they didnt get any pay from p1 for 3months.
      that's show how difficult p1 had in their business.

  86. i dont really understand your compliment over wimax is based on what..if you talking bout bigger picture, I think people will be ridiculously stupid if they choose wimax as their option. I stay in puchong, and I used wimax, as what they told me things is good in every inch..

    Im working on my own, and internet is my major source of working….and i put my life on stake while take this shitbloodymax, because its always dc and the connection super fuckin slow…

    I purposely, not paying their bill, when Ive been away for europe for couple months..

    Once im back, i was thought they are geting better..and gues what, they fucking conenction still fucking slow..

    I think its really pointless to subscribe to them for decent price monthly….

    Again, i wana remind you, and people out there, stay out from this shit, because you will know how THE PAIN IN THE ASS FOR PAYING THINGS THAT YOU NOT GET…


  87. bos……….p1 said term contract 2 years……..we cannot terminate p1….untill 2 years…itu kata p1….but under contract they should provide us 24/7 dgn speed 1.2 mbps….so p1 langgar contract….i ajar u all utk terminate free dgn p1…i dah buat bgi tau this fact….ugut diorang utk report kat KPDNHEP…..senang je….

  88. streamyx at kuching also so slow,i wan to terminate streamyx.but also hv ppl say p1 line not stable!!!don try to use p1 also,its too bad.p1 always disconnet,but streamyx will always server down!!!so please telekom malaysia repair ur system.

  89. first2 aq gne p1 bapak laju dowh..nk upload video kat youtube jam bullet train pon ade laju dye..tp skang hampeh..klu internet aq dc aq mmg bengang gile..pnye la bengang smpai aq ketuk modem tu..tp nk wat camne..xleh cancel sbb da wat contract 2 tahun..padan muka aq..huhuu..

  90. Cb P1 max slow macam unta kambing harimau gajah khinzir all binatang yang busuk .
    zzzzz makes my download around 10kb
    wtf wei,where is my 120kb speed cb unta

  91. camni la pendekkan cerita
    aku tak backup mana2 line tm or p1
    cuma skrg ni, intrnt sume lmbab, sbb ramai dah guna
    korang kena tau satu server wimax or tm tu korang share ramai2. korang takde server korang sndiri .
    umpama korang naik satu basikal ber ramai ramai, mmg lmbt bergerak.
    aku pn pki wimax dan tm skrg tp aku tak nafikan la mmg lmbab mcm babun
    tp time mlm 2 3 pagi tu laju lg jgak, sbb time tu orgg tgh mmbuta tido
    so, jgn pki tenet pape senang. nak dating? jgn gne facebook, gi la cari sndiri kat luar sana, terima je la kalau muka tak hensem tu mmg tak hensem, tak payah ltak gmbr muka hero korea kat fb nak attract awek. nak download movie? gi beli dvd original. korang torrent2 pn virus jgak yg korang bwk. online game? beli je la ps3, korang lgsg tak peduli lg men online ke tak sbb syok hbs men dgn mmbr.

    1. ha'ah taw xper.. aku pye area kt jin duk bertendang.. seme kawasan tuh xtaw menatang aper t-net2 nih.. so aku sowg jer lgn mende2 nih.. download and u-tube lju glerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………. so saper2 nk pakej yg murah, sediakan rumah kt xde owg gune tnet… kahkahkah

  92. both operators are lousy operators. I had bad experiences using both of them. It's pain in the ass and got me pulling my hair off sometimes the whole day.

    in terms of stability, nobody is the champion. same for the both of them. as for wimax, i think i was among the first to subscribe to them during the launch. my area was not covered but they promised 2-3 month the longest time that i need to wait. FYI, until now 2 years my area is still not in coverage. the only reason why I didn't subscribe streamyx is due to mobility features that wimax has. And I don't have to install any phone at home some more.

    i subscribed streamyx for my office. i have another branch in Kemaman with the same subscription. recently we installed VOIP phone system in order to have free calls between the branches. And it was hell! I do ping test and the reply time was awfully slow. and at sometimes I even got intermittent.

    The only thing now, the ministry should look at this thing seriously. Who the hell will have the say upon these two operators. Only the ministry can warn them. If this kind of continuous complaints is just like the pinch of salt to them, then we are living in the nation of bluff and empty promises. People in the higher stairs is gobbling up our money and we suffer. We give up our money and do not get anything in return.

    1. I agree with you all the way. I subscribe to latest 4G Wimax and guess what I have to run around my condo to set the WIFI strength!! Cud you beat that! I ask the support staff, HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THIS EVERY TIME THE STRENGTH OF MY WIFI DROPS?? Are we subscribed to nonsense here or what? Testing for place and area is not CUSTOMERS PROBLEM MAN! Its those people who promise us – they should deliver! The Government should vet all these complaints from subscribers and not make us Guinea Pigs for their pockets! 4G is currently the MAX thingy and yet I feel like a jerk having to wave my Modem all over the house! Where is the base station??/ Anyone knows how many they have installed or is it just 1 to serve the millions??

      As for TM – Nothing to say but SCREW YOU! Whats this – UNIFI and all that coming is another roller coaster for us?? They should not charge the customers for the first 12 months than we will see how well they do, otherwise forget it! This country's BROADBAND problem is never ending!

      When Im in overseas especially in STOCKHOLM – you can watch movies on the internet without any buffering!! Thats how SUPERIOR these 3rd world countries are even with internet! So what have we MALAYSIA?? TM NET WIMAX UNIFI UFO – ALL I CAN SAY IS CUSTOMERS ARE ALL BEIN GUINEA PIGS TO THESE COUNTRY's SO CALL LARGEST STREAMYX PROVIDER!

  93. dah name pun berukband, memang la slow….mane ade berukband yg x der prob….dah malaysia ni pun namenyer negare membangun….x der bende yg perfect lagi….nak internet yg best & perfect gi duk amerika ler….

    1. sebab engkau ini bodoh,biarlah m'sia membanguun orangnya pun membangun
      intenet bodoh
      orang kat streamyx ini p[emalas la,malas nak upgrade

    1. coz u take the limit package 5G or 20G.. after that limit download sure u line is very slow 1.1kps-22.2kps
      ..take the package unlimited download sure u wont get stuck line 400kps-600kps

  94. So What is the these comments all about?? Dissatisfaction from Internet users on the country's largest internet service provider! And why are we always complaining of them?? There seem to be endless problems – with P1 WIMAX (3G & 4G) no diff and Streamyx!! Both sucks hosestly and not worth paying so much. The fee should be RM10.00 per house hold x 26 million = Thats enuf for any TOM DICK HARRY company to start an ISP business with loads of shitty promises.

    P1 4G WImax is a joke – cant even download a You Tube or any videos – SLOW LIKE 1G!! Hello P1 WIMAX if you are reading this – KNOW THIS ITS NOT 4G!!

    Streamyx – You guys have issues with your land line, full of break downs and hopeless customer support staffs! Please train your people at TM to call customer back with their complaints!!!

    I waited few bloody months after moving in to get a line and a broadband service. Sucks man!!

    So there you go – So who else wants to open another WIFI company can join the band wagon – Promise but dont deliver!! I can' t believe with all the comments going around – PEOPLE STILL GET CON FROM THESE ISP companies!!! Malaysia Boleh!!

  95. P1 wimax suck!!!streamy no good but much better if compare to wi

    Wimax … Connection speed less than 100 bps for most of the time..

  96. bodo korg nk kutuk2 p1 asal??korg dah gune abes limit yg p1 bg kt korg nk bising…aku pki y xde limit nyer download dah dkt 2 thn…da abes contract pon…ok jer laju jer…ape kes??aku nyer speed still maintain 1.2mbps..xde pape masalah…nk hina2 maki2…tgk la dulu..ntah korg pki yg limit leh download 5GB jer sblm..mmg la lembab..NOOB!!!!!!!!
    aku maen cod4 kt garena ok jer…P1 terbaek seyh..

    1. i agree about package..if anyone take p1max & very like to download any file, video, music. ddl, …pls take the package unlimited download..

  97. p1 ni mengarut jer,bkak u tube satu jam baru dapat tgk,utk pengetahuan semua aku duk kat ampang,so spatutnya ok la kan,,so nasihat aku,jgn pakai p1,pakai streamx ok jer,bayar 70 sbulan wat sakit ati jer,korang boleh main ym je x sangkut,len hampeh,,,nk tgk emailpon sampai tertidur,xke sakit ati,,,p1aku xhalal sume duit aku bayar kat korangggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Bagi aku la… kat Msia ni streamyx ja ok… korang nak kutuk streamyx ka apa ka.. lantak la.. satu ja yg aku sokong streamyx pasal no limit.. dnlod la bnyk mana pun ..tadak prblm…bg aku yg gila dnlod ni.. satu hari aku hadkan cuma 8G saj file ..sebulan dah brapa? 2++GByte dah.. Banyak tu.. kalo guna P1 ka & lain2 ISP yg limitation tu merangkak juga la nk dapat 50GByte sbulan.. 2nd.. pasal streamyx ni dynamic IP address.. nk dnld dr rshare, mguplod, dll tu senang.. Fyi.. aku guna JDownloader untuk dnlod dr filehosting (rshare, fileserver, dll) disconnect & reconnection tu JDownloader bleh handle.. so kja aku cuma cari link bnyak2 ja la.. pastu bleh tinggal pc.. nk buat menda lain pun no hal la…
    hari cuti lg laju.. ** aku rembat la acc opis mana yg offday tu..

  99. aku pon pakai w1max ngn streamyx ….xdinafikn..w1max ade kdg2 slow…streamyx stable kalu nk dwnload..streamyx la ok ckit klu bab2 tu..

  100. bagi aku P1 very suck and streamyx still suck too… dua-dua serupa jer….. tapi streamyx stable line nak banding dengan P1… so terpaksa la aku pakai streamyx…. kita di Malaysia jer yang merasa line streamyx slow… silap very very very slow…. luar dari malaysia diorang punya line paling slow 15M…. what the **** streamyx tak kasi line macam tu… 15M that for free and who want to get access more than 20M have to pay about 25 dollar per month… try to think all malaysians. Inilah jajahan TM yang mana dia belum ada pesaing yang boleh bersaing dengan dia… kalau ada mau mampus dia nak bangga dengan line 4M tu….

  101. dua dua po teruk lembab macam kura-kura, kalau nak tahu cuba guna torrent utk downlod kepala butuh punya streamyx..ada ke guna torrent kelajuan download dia 1.3kb kalau mb takpe bodoh punya streamyx..settinglah macam nak rak sekalipon download tetap slow..p1 herm sama je cam cibai..kenapalah orang-orang yang jual menatang pukimak ni tak baca kat sini

  102. haha yg penting adalah PING bukan UPLOAD atau pun DOWNLOAD klau PING tak kuat download la ape pon lembab gak p1max PING area KL mak ai punyala lama 100ms perghhh cam sial klau streamyx aku respect 59ms je

    meh sini kimak p1max aku nk ajar korang pasal PING

    PING : Kelajuan Untuk Capai Sesuatu Macam Download

    Download : Untuk Video/Music

    Upload : Melihat Ape Sahaja Secara Online Tanpa Batasan

    Yang Pening skang adalah PING bulan UPLOAD Atau POn Download hahaha Silap2x nk bukak website pon x boleh hahaha download p1max cam cipan je kate laju potong2 ape?? mau kene potong ke kepala ko hahha

  103. Im staying is puchong (bulit puchong area) P1 is realy suck they cheat the customer, i have two line streamyx 384 and p1 1.2 mb, until today i cant use p1 everyday call customer service the reason they give is to many user i have this problem since march 2010 , i used in january the p1 line only can use for 1 month in second month the line is very slow event take 5 min open the google page, streamyx or maxis 3g, digi more faster then p1 .


  104. P1 is worst than i thought,1st i was attract to coz of convenient of taking out anywhere i like(the agent say so),2nd is cheaper than streamyx…as everyone is looking for,for sure la…hehe…i was using a year but it end out only use it 6 months,believe it or not???the P1 staff owes wave my fees as everytime i complain(each time)…its really boost me up like hell…so…finally i changed back to streamyx,is much more better n better dis day……..P1 is useless…….

    1. dun complain if you just take p1 package limited download 5G-20g..unless u try unlimited package, i use more that 2 year unlimited p1max i dun have any big problem.. if you want to know, my speed download in 2 year use the very slow is still above 100kps per second, the faster is per second 563kps.

  105. dun use tm or p1, use lah F1 , sure speed nak mampus
    hahahaha ! msian internet service provider are back dated n expensive…..
    international standard 15mb to 20mb…..even in india….

  106. ahhh…p1 sucks, 4G speed just a joke( the 1st day donwload speed good) but now damn it, i already use it for 3 month and now it speed become slower and more slower and sometimes good sometimes bad now. when use it sometimes cannot open video coz it buffering all the timen and when i check it when i download music at my fav sites and when i check the download speed( damn it that i download a song only 4mb and it took me for 1-2 more hours to finish it) when check the download speed again it shows 1532bytes/sec….but not kb/sec and it decreases again n again….real sucks



  107. every single time i see advert on P1 or Streamyx or Other mutherfukin BB, i get so annoyed as it is just bunch of promises. None is good. It took me 3 months to get streamyx. Useless.

  108. xpyh bsing2…tweak&hack je ISP tu…b'syukur la ape yg ade…klu nk lju sgt pg download lgu atau video kat PJK…speed download kat PJK 500-600kbps…klu gne idm la…tak pon korang semue bt srver sndiri dgn parabola sendiri…main la korang semue smpai mletup komputer korang…

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