PMR Examination

There is only 10 days left before I sit for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah(PMR) examination on 2nd of October. PMR is a public examination for all form 3 students in Malaysia, most of them are 15 years old students. I’m not really ready to face it, but however, I must.

Subjects that I will be taking:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Bahasa Malaysia / Malay Language
  • Kemahiran Hidup / Living Skills
  • Geography
  • History
  • English

The subject that I worry the most is Mathematics. Since few years ago, I’ve been getting an ‘A’ for Mathematics in my exams. The worst marks I ever score is 75, which is also an ‘A’ because the grade for that exam has been lowered. Also, I’m the one who score the highest marks for Mathematics last year, so it’s going to be a disaster to me if I don’t score an ‘A’ this time.

For Malay, I really doubt if I can score an ‘A’. This is one of my worst subjects. I’ve not been scoring ‘A’ for this subject for quite some time. Normally it will be a ‘B’, or even ‘C’ sometimes. The section that I’ve been worrying all the time is the literature. You know, Malay literature is really confusing and complicated. There is too much stuff to stuck in my brain in order to answer it well. If the question require me to compare novels that I’ve studied last year, I might left it blank. I don’t even remember the names of characters in those novels.

I am alright with English, unless I’m so unlucky that they ask something to don’t make sense. Again, the part that I’m worrying about is the literature. Others should be fine to me. Geography is one of my worst subjects too. This is one of the most crazy subject ever. It is crazy to remember all the names of the place and their details in the world.

Same goes as Science. I hardly remember stuff like name of parts and functions of the parts. Hope I’m granted some special power on the exam week so that I can do well on it.

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  1. Form 3 too right? It’s all about the PMR, quite alike, the most i worry is maths because i even scored C or D on it. I take 8 subjects, because it include chinese. For malay, english, science and geography i scored A in my trial exam…So i don’t think i have big problem. Malay and english, if you want to score A, make sure you put AT LEAST 2 or 3 idioms in your essay then it should be fine. Malay literature, as well as you read the original story of the novels, it should be ok. Hey, i read the novels for over hundred times to remember all those. So far i always score over 9/10 in my malay literature. Same to english. Ha! Anyway, wish you goooooooooooooooooooood luck and do well in your exam. 7 subject right? Wish you can get 7A’s. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. May god bless you. =)

    1. telling u the truth.maths is easy.just do lots of exercises.i think formulaes will be provided.for your information.’KEMASUKAN PENDATANG ASING WILL PROBALLY COME OUT”.BEST OF LUCK.GOD LOVES U

  2. Hi dude, thanks alot. Maths is ok to me, just that Malay, the main problem. I’ve lost my Form 2 and 1’s novel. So if it ask me to compare them, I hardly answer it well. How good if I can help you with Maths, and you help me with Malay. In the trial exam, no one score an ‘A’ for Malay, lol. Thanks again, and good luck to you too. :wink_ee:

  3. the first day of PMR have past, no big deal, i mean , the test is ok rite? if i am lucky enough to get a good examiner, i sure that i can get a A. Wish you guys who sit for the PMR all the best……and i did take Chinese, i am not suprise to get a C or B for that subject, any one have tips for Chinese? plz…

  4. Quite ok for paper 1, but paper 2 is not that easy. Maybe I can’t concentrate, as I don’t have enough time to think of a “peribahasa”. Hope I’ll get an ‘A’ for it. Wondering how’s tomorrow’s Science and English. Worrying about Science to much, for English I’m just worrying about the literature part.

  5. They say that Unicellular/Multicellular and Solubility might come out in paper 2, Part B, i don’t know is that real or not, but just read thru, perhaps it will help, ( i NOT saying that it MUST BE COMING OUT,)

    1. i had search lot of website to find about pmr test question . I need it to train my mind on answered all question in pmr . Sorry if my spelling is no good because Im weak in mathetic.

  6. =( I had search a lot of website to find about pmr test question . I need it to train my mind on answered all question in pmr . Sorry if my spelling is no good because Im weak in english.

  7. er.. halo do u hv any PMR examination paper? i mean can u send to me .. i m form 3 student this year too ~

  8. I was the last year 2006 PMR candidate..
    I managed to score Straight A’s for my PMR..

    I m share everything i know about the exam..
    I hope my tips can help u guys out there to obtain flying colour results in this examintion..
    If you can follow my steps,i bet you dont even need to go tuition..

    Let’s see..
    Novel-you have to master the 3 novels you had studied from form 1 til form 3..
    This is very important…novel is the bonus mark…
    Normally in exam they come out latar,nilai…
    So my only tip for novel this..
    Nilai = bekerjasama -> contoh
    Pengajaran = Kita mestilah bekerjasama ‘add some stuff’ dalam masyarakat..or komuniti -> contoh
    Latar masyarakat = masyarakat yang bekerjasama -> contoh..

    Don’t you think they are the same??
    Try memorise those nilai that you can twist around into other part of the novel…
    Like latar or pengajaran..
    Perwatakan oso can..
    Watak you just describe he is who’s husband…live old…those stuff..
    2.Epifora…at the back1
    3.Responsi…middle 1
    4.Repitasi…repeatition..(Saya suka kamu kerana kamu suka saya)
    Saya and Kamu repeat..
    5.Unsur Bunyi..Aliterasi and Asonansi
    7.Bentuk ->terikat or bebas..
    for pantun and syair terikat..
    8.Diksi..bahasa klasik,istana…arab..

    Like that lor..

    ->you really have to buy lots of exercise books to do..
    then if you have any qualms,do not hesitate to consult your teachers about it..
    I’m sure they will correct them for u and tell you the rules..
    eg.berbincang tentang/membincangkan..
    Kata transitif../kata tak transitif..aktif and pasif..
    Abu sangat cintakan wanita itu..wrong
    Abu sangant cinta akan wanita itu..correct
    see wat i mean??

    You have to buy good karangan books such as Xpress Sasbadi..
    remember the Pendahuluan and it’s crucial to give the examiners good impression on your essays..
    Exp..Masalah Pencemaran..
    Masalah pencemeran bukanlah isu yang baharu diperkatakan,malahan perkara ini sudah berlanjutan sejak Malaysia memasuki era perindustrian..Masalah ini kian merimaskan pelbagai pihak../Masalah ini bertambah kronik setiap hari..
    1)Mengapakah fenomena ini berlaku?Bagaimanakah kita hendak menangani
    masalah ini?
    2)Persoalannya,bagaimanakah kita hendak membendung perkara ini daripada menular??

    1.Try to use kempen..(cintailah alam sekitar)
    then…masyarakat haruslah menyahut seruan kempen tersebut..

    2.Peranan Media massa sama ada media bercetak atau media elektronik..
    Memaparkan implikasi masalah pencemaran terhadap kehidupan seharian kita..

    3.try use peribahasa..melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya..
    -generasi muda haruslah diberi pendedahan tentang kesan masalah pencemaran…guru di sekolah haruslah menekankan bahawa semua individu mempunyai peranan masing-masing dalam manangani isu ini…
    bak kata pepatah ‘melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya’

    Then kesimpulannya/Tuntasnya/konklusinya/sebagai intiha..
    sikap proaktif semua pihak amat diperlukan…bagi mengatasi masalah ini..
    bak kata pepatah”Sediakan payung sebelum hujan” memang mempunyai kebenarannya..

    Understand??If i have any mistakes..correct for me..Cos i m not a teacher..haha
    Just a student sharing my information..
    I guess wat i just said very helpful to u all..
    Any1 who read this must be very lucky…
    Haha..Keep IT to Yourself!! haha…dont steal my intellectual
    Nolar…”jangan kedekut ilmu” thats wat i m doing..

    You have to identify the points..
    wat the petikan wants..
    try twist..
    and..change the topic..
    like.langkah-langkah mengatasi @@@
    i give u guys all the tips i know..


    1)rangkai really have to have kosa kata yang tinggi..
    i can’t help much wif this
    2)salin from the petikan
    3)read from karangan books..
    normally they are the same..
    kempen,sikap proaktif masyarakat../individu yang seimbang dari segi rohani,jasmani,emosi dan intelek..
    or masyarakat/keluarga/kerajaan mempunyai peranan..
    alat=wadah..walaupun=waima..a lot more lah..kerana=dek..
    like that lor..

    then i lazy talk bout B.M d..
    Lets talk about English..

    You have to read newspaper a lot..
    try read news a lot..use those words they use..
    try apply it on your essays..
    Reading Essay books is also an effective measure you can take in order to improve your vocab and grammar..
    that’s all i can say about English..
    IF you master well..
    they come out any question also you can answer..i mean the objective part..

    memorise only..
    try take a blank book..
    write all the places you know and their fungsi..
    everyday read through and u will be very good in geography..
    know their factor…fungsi of this and that…

    Kemahiran Hidup..
    Read the textbook only..
    they wont come out out from the syllabus..
    Reference book dont help much..
    try focus on form 1 and 2…do past year question books..
    or latih tubi..
    normally kemahiran hidup questions are almost alike..
    That’s why they dont let u take the question back after u answered them in PMR exam..

    Listen to wat teacher taught u..
    Easy only..

    Read the SUCCESS pelangi book..
    try understand every part..
    very useful…
    Go buy lots of exercise books..
    Do the objective..
    Subjective i not enof time to do..
    So i copy answers into the blank lines..
    At the same time i also remember…
    good way also..

    I cant say much..You have TO MEmorise..
    Form2 focus on perjanjian..
    form3 focus on the Haji limbong terengganu..tok janggut kelantan..
    those lar..
    Do peta minda…
    and say their peranan..form 1 focus on bab9 i guess..forgotten d..

    thats all..see??
    If i said anything wrong pls correct them for me..
    I just wana help u guys..
    If you have any problems…my email address is
    I always on9 msn..add me..too
    friendster also got
    hahaha..add me o ^_^

  9. first of all i score pmr badly coz i use sms short sentences in my exam ANDthis is a good example for you all

  10. anyone need help in PMR exam…Add me at msn lar..
    I love to help anyone..
    Cos to me,PMR is very easy..I doNt wanT tUiTion teaChers out there keep On earnIng huge Sum of money…Cos..PMR is just a piece of cake..
    If u guys have any quaries..ask me…or email
    I m not praising myself..but i scored number 2 in my state before..
    Bye..just wana help u guys!!!

  11. Hi, i also got st8 A’s last year, to all the candidates this year., All the best! Don’t worry, it will be much easier that you thought. Prepare everything a month be4 the real exam , and do a lotz of past year or model paper, it WILL helps you more than you think. For subject like Sejarah and Geo, i advise you to read from the test book directly, revision book sucks and expensive…. During the exam, you have to relax, and that is the most important thing, if you got nervous, and your mind got block, you will not do well

  12. Dont think that PMR is that stupid easy, i know PMr is very hard cause i am a teacher. Is not that easy, buy a lot of revision books dont read text book if u can. Read a lot of magazines but not newspaper, cause it wouldnt improve u.
    Lastly bad luck for all candidates sitting pmr this year coz it is going to be hard and suck

  13. I truly disagree with that BOGUS Cikgu Zuraimi…
    He is TruLY wRONg!!

    First of all..
    Don’t you think teachers should mind their own language??
    Using “stupid” is not pleasant.

    You know PMR very hard cos you are a teacher??
    Tell u wat..
    I know PMR very easy bcos i m PMR’s ex-candidate!!!
    Don’t freak people out..
    Don’t think ur a teacher then u know everything…
    That’s not completely true..
    Use common sense before writing something..

    Buy a lot of revision books????
    What about underprivileged students???
    They DIE??!!
    Don’t read textBOOK????wat THE hELL!!
    Sejarah questions all base on textbook and u say dont read textbook??
    I must say you are a bit IGNORANT!!! Hahaha..poor u

    Read a lot of magazines but not newspaper??
    I SCORE STRAIGHT A’s But i Never Buy a SINGle MagazinE since I was Born!!!
    IT Proves Ur completely WronG!!..
    But i do read NEwspaper..
    You are contradicting everything and confusing students!!!
    The world of academy doesnt need such unqualified teacher like u..
    This is wat people say…”menjatuhkan prestasi murid-murid yang bakal menerajui negara kita”..swT..
    What a nice BM sentence..
    NEwspaper is very important..IT improves u a lot..
    It lets u keep abreast of the latest developments in our country..
    HOt issues related to our country..
    We really rely on newspaper or internet resources very much..
    You sucks if u dont read newspaper..

    It’s not about luck..
    Students who follow wat i said…dont have to worry about luck..
    They will always be prepared to face any exams..
    Bad Luck??
    Who saYs??
    No1 Cares about LuCK!!!
    “A person with substance..are not afraid of anything..”
    GooD quOte huh??
    SuiT for IGnorant people Like Cikgu Zuraimi..
    It’s going to be harD???

    LAugh ur ass Teacher Zuraimi!!!
    U urself think it is tough??
    Wat kind of teacher are u??
    Teacher should teach their students to be prepared and make answering questions easy..
    But u??
    HARd and Suck??
    mayBe u have A harDball time With Ur Wife..

    That’s all i can say…
    Believe it or not??
    I m talking about the truth and it is important for me to enlighten u bunch of guys out there..who are ignorant..

    1. oh please… i seriously doubt that he is a teacher… one look at his language explains it all… if he really is…i fear that the quality of our education is goin straight down…

    2. ohh..its dat true???..once i had attended a seminar dat is organised by my school,n in my senses im fully agree wif wat u are saying..that teacher makes me confuse about everythng dat i hav learn almost for three years..not to be arrogant but before the seminar i can fully score my karangan wif a good mark..but since i heard the explaination from dat STUPID EXAMINER,i fell lack of confident bcoz from the explaination,everything dat i done from this while are completely wrong.. i answer the karangan wif my own way at the seminar bcoz dat is wat i hav using for this while..n for my suprise,i only got 15\20 for my ringkasan..but since im was form one,i can get more than dat n sometimes my teacher will gave me unexpected mark(20\20).. im very shocked n also make me lost of my confidence much.. my pmr is nearer n i know i cant get along with this new things..when i wan to make my exercise,i often give up bcoz i don know,which way should i use..she looks like she hav destroys everythng,everytng for my malay language..plez help me..u can email at

    3. okay look…
      i know this is kinda late for me to comment…
      but i’m 100% agree with GjareN or so that person’s name is.
      i’m currently facing PMR exam now… kinda scared though, for the next few papers… especially BC and Living Skills(i’m kinda bad at it, the highest i’ve scored was only 88!)
      and yeah some facts in the textbook are not exactly correct but when it comes to SEJARAH YOU REALLY HAVE TO READ TEXTBOOK!!!!! oh you have to do exercises too!!! just remember, if you wanna get high marks, you really have to sacrifice your time, money, everything you could…
      as for GEOGRAPHY , anyone just got to do loads and loads AND LOADS of exercises! that’s what i did. if you wanna read you can but when you come into ‘burning the midnight oil’ situation, my advice is, drop down the textbook AND rush to the bookstore to buy exercise book. it helps you a lot! after finish marking, if you find yourself did any mistakes, memorize the CORRECT answer and i’m sure you’ll never gonna get it wrong again!!!!

  14. Cikgu Zuraimi, i think you better not be a teacher anymore, PMR is hard?!COME ON, GET REAL, student who can’t score good results because they didn’t try hard enough, DO NOT BLAME it on the test. WTF, don’t read TEXTBOOK, sejarah, geo and kh all come out from text book. Everyone, don’t listen to this idiot….., i am totally agree with you.

  15. I need someone to help me with mandarin and sej subjects, i week in those two subjects…and i dun know what to do with these 2 subjects~~someone can help me how to study mandarin or sej subjects??e-mail me

  16. ๐Ÿ™‚ hi…first of all…
    i would like to congrats
    im going to face pmr this year but don’t know why….how much i prepared im still nervous…haiz…maybe this is bcz everyone in my class really work hard n smart in PMR,i agree wif wat u say to cikgu zuraimi.
    n i tink wat u teaches us in here helps us a lot…thanks a lot…
    i will follow ur tips…

    thx again

  17. hey guys and gals…
    i’m Michelle from k.l….
    15 and getting PMR this year…
    PMR is getting nearer…
    i’m afraid of tat…
    i’m bad in sej,geo,bm,science…
    wat can i do on it???
    any comment…
    can u add me in msn???
    thx for ur help…
    add me and teach me how to get about it…
    wait for u alll…

  18. First of all…I really want 2 say…DIE Cikgu Zuraimi!!!DIE!!! :grr: I dont think that ‘cikgu zuraimi’ is a real cikgu..I mean…come on…this ‘cikgu’ is most probably a bored and spoiled teenage who are trying to make other people commit suicide.Believe me,I know this type of person,they are all around me.

    Anyway,talking about suicide..PMR is around the corner!!!!I think I will burn my school tonight so that I dont have to take PMR exam..muahahaha..sorry,I always talk about crap n stuff lately because I often bang my head to the wall (as a hobby).Undoubtfully,my PMR result will be a disaster because I DID NOT study yet and the worst is,my mom will be nagging about my previous exam result everytime she see me.My brother is a ‘anak emas’and he got everything he want,I mean…EVERYTHING like..5A’s for UPSR,8A’s for PMR,and straight A’s for his SPM.By torturing me,he do not make my life easier!!He is a devil!I am also wondering if he use black magic to get superb result in his UPSR-SPM.

    For the first time in my life,I did badly in my Bahasa Melayu PMR trial exam…I didnt finish the essay because I spent most of the time by dreaming about Michael Jackson…it is PMR TRIAL EXAM for God sake!how can I be soooo stupid??I sux in English,Math n Science n Sejarah n Geography…the conclusion is…I sux in everything except BAHASA MELAYU..Bahasa Melayu is my only hope and now I am not sure if I am capable to get at least 1 A in PMR because each day,I am getting dumb and dumber.

    Well,I just want to say that…I am stupid and nobody can help me!!PMR is the pain in the *ss..ok..after this..I will continue my boring life or jump of my school building…nobody cares… -The End-

  19. Hi…..
    I’m going to take PMR this year.
    I’m very afraid because i’m very weak in Maths and Mandarin.
    Somebody can give me tips how to score better marks in these two subjects?
    And can somebody send me PMR last years paper?(any subjects)

    Email me at :

  20. :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:
    PMR is coming soon….. If this time i don do it baik baik……..
    My mum will kill me…. Buttt!! … helpp me!!!
    :grr: just say sayurnana to PMR

  21. Do more exercise for all the subjects, and do pass year question. Do the questions carefully when exam. Don’t panic when you get the paper. Then it is ok to get As for your PMR. Good luck!
    All the best!

  22. Hi,guys! Thanks 2 senior, Matt ………. U gus r really great teachers. About me, i emigrant 2 Australia when i was 2years o, then i back again after 7 years n i study in primary 3. I needed 2 learn a new language, Malay.It’s really a hard time 4 me, cos i never learn it b4 . Now, same as u, i’m taking MR . So, i need some tips and nots for every subjs, especially Mal. Besides, i also need past year questions of all subjs. Ha… Ha…M i 2 greedy?
    Anyway, pls email me at
    Thankyou Very Much !!!

  23. Are you still online?Louiston. i just saw the message you leave because i am also searching something for the exam.Can you understand what i m writing about, because i m bad in this,n you much good than me because you have live in Australia for 7 years. i like people like you. By reading your message above, i know that you are a polite person. I hope that we can be friends.

  24. Louiston,can i just call you Louis? i think we can chat and also talk about the exam in window messenger if you want to.Can you please tell me that which state do you live. I wont give you my email adress until you reply . Your name is so nice.Bye!

  25. pmr is coming soon…
    if got any pmr tips…can send to me??
    :ouch: ๐Ÿ˜€ Sorry coz my spelling is no good because Im weak in english.

  26. oh oh.. PMR coming within a month. Getting scared huh? anyway.. Good Luck for those having trial for the week =D im the only school that rejected the papers from jabatan and our trial passed ( i guess ) no mercy from our teacher >

  27. Hi.. i’m 15 this year and gonna face pmr.. i’m weak in maths , n sc.. i’m not really scared of bm n bi coz i can do well in those 2 papers.. but i’m worried sick about my sc n math… i’m not confident in getting a’s for both my sc n math paper.. especially sc paper 2..! i’m not good in the chemical substances for eg, hydroxide solution, n lots more.. wat am i gonna do?? left 3 weeks only..! i’m really nervous about the whole pmr things.. is pmr really easy?? plez tell me the real truth!! i can really concentrate in my sj n geo as i read a lot of revision books n my geo teacher is the best in our state as she set for our geo trial exam n of coz the living skills.. but the sc n math freak me out!! i get b’s for my sc n maths paper in the upsr.. it traumatized me badly.. till now i got no confident in getting a’s anymore for my sc n maths n sometimes it sounds impossible for me to obtain a’s in my sc n maths..

  28. me too!
    taking PMR this year..
    so anxious..
    i dunno why..
    but there always seems to be a leak..
    dunno how..
    but the QUESTIONS always leak!
    im gonna try to find out more abt this..
    anyone got any info email me at..
    bottom line is always just study hard..
    and memorize like crazeh..
    ciao and all the best all of you!

  29. i oso wan to knw about the tips of PMR….
    my KH SJ GE are weak….
    so if any body got any tips plz tell me wor…

    u oso can add me at msn

  30. As all about say, I don’t scare on the maths paper.
    I score 100 a few time in this year…
    But i’m now starting worry o my Malay~ :grr:
    It is the only weakness that i have~
    Anyone have some suggention?

  31. I didn’t like to speak english although i’m very good in that subject.My main reason, we’re malaysians should have our own identity although we are in different religion, state and nation.So,……………….
    kpd semuo kwn2 , kita harus buat yang terbaik untuk pmr.Ia merupakan satu batu loncatan untuk kita berjaya pada masa akan datang.Semuanya bertitik tolak dari kita.Usaha adalah tangga kejayaan.
    Meskipun begitu, rezeki seseorang berbeda-beda. Ada yang dapat 8A, dan ada yang tidak.
    Tetapi jika kita gagal, tidak bermaksud masa hadapan kita akan musnah.Kegagalan merupakan permulaan kejayaan.
    Kepada semua yang beragama islam, berdoalah kepada Yang Maha Esa kerana dia adalah segala-galanya.Kita datang daripadanya, dan kepadanya jualah kita akan kembali.
    Wahai para pelajar Melayu, jangan biarkan diri anda hanyut dengan urusan duniawi kerana urusan ukhrawi kita belum selesai.
    Jangan biarkan kita terus lelah, sesak dengan arus kemaksiatan yang kian bermaharajelela.Contoh kes terbaru, aktor kacak Ashraf Sinclair.Harap lulusan sahaja dari Oxford, tetapi hukum agama ‘down’.Siapa yang harus dipersalahkan?cubalah renungkan.Kita sedang kembali ke zaman jahiliah semula.Di india, peningkatan pembunuhan janin bayi adalah satu perubahan drastik.Di negara Bosnia, satu ketika dahulu evolusi perubahan tatasusila dan adab berlaku.Dan akhirnya mereka dijajah negara soviet union.Seperti kata pepatah, gajah dengan gajah berlawan , pelanduk jadi mangsa.
    Di sini kita lihat betapa pegangan ,pendirian seseorang itu memainkan peranan penting.
    Ambiklah contoh Cat steven.Jadikan dia sebagai idola.Tambahan, kita sendiri patut sedar betapa bilangan remaja dan belia yang rosak.Dengan perempuan perut buncit dan lelakinya merempit.Mana budi sopan santun orang Melayu yang dibanggakan satu ketika dahulu.
    Kita juga tidak seharusnya cepat melatah dan terpengaruh dengan budaya negatif yang dibawa angin kebaratan.
    Kita orang Asia, orang Timur mempunyai identiti sendiri.
    Kepada yang bukan beragama Islam, Islamphobia hanyalah satu perkataan yang wujud di tengah kemelut arus modenisasi.Seharusnya kita bersatu.
    Akhir kata, tangtan manusia itu yang membawa kehancuran kepada alam, dan dengan tangan manusia itu jugalah penawarnya.Sekian.

  32. two more weekkkkks only!!!!!!!….very very stressful lor… O.O
    haiz…scare bmbm paper !!this year the novel part must read 3 novel leh..also duno will come out which 2 novel.. =( ..btw wish you all all d best la…jia you lo!!

  33. gjaren, good job ^ ^
    i must thx you when i get good result haha..

    everyone !gambateh!
    -dare to dream
    -think positive
    -action is better than plan…

    heh..good luck to all, bye.

  34. me, geo rite you must focus on form 1
    form 1 is very important compare to form2 & 3
    cause a lot of question is from form 1…
    than, you must do plenty of question

    for your question…
    if you read yr text bk, it is already enuf to score A
    so dont worry n good luck to you all ^^
    ………10 more days from PMR, but relax is also important n keep healthy.

  35. :grr: :ouch:
    halo…..i’m new here …..pleaseeeee help me…..
    i’m really bad in math especially and science…
    pleaseeeee anyone can help me…..
    i don’t think i can do in pmr…..
    anyone plzzz help me……..

  36. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    my mom and dad say if i cant pass PMR they sai i no need to study again they ask me go out and work,

  37. theres a week before the exam.damn im so lazy.the tips ure all bringing down does light a chance. though i can see..umm..ermm..NONE. hahaa.. anyway,im pretty sure i can score straight

  38. This suck man too lazy 2 study Going 2 DIE man :yell: :yell: game over Jush hope for the best GOOD LUCK PEOPLE and DONT GET F MAN

  39. areleiou,
    lol, maybe ba.
    4 days left….
    the ppl who getting nervous relax ba
    it is only a small test in our life…
    i think work is x100 harder than the text in our future.
    so, just work harder la. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. ๐Ÿ˜€ well.. that s what my girl told me too..
    ‘ work harder,and stop playing around. ‘
    shes right and im wrong. o.o

    hey TCY.. most people i met told me that this year pmr gonna be easy.
    esp math. so just let ya hair down xcept for Science..
    damn i hate that subject :ouch:

  41. PMR 4 days left . I trying to find leaked paper in internet too =.=ll, but dunt hv any paper internet ๐Ÿ™ all is Soalan Ramalan . my real name is Thoo Chun Yen if got any tips of PMR just reply me in this web page. my good friends say can the most acuurate tips can find in Kasturi web page but need RM 160 for each paper tips.Here got a IMPORTANT tips MAKE SURE DUNT FIND THE TIPS BY ANDREW CHOO THE STUPID TIPS AT ALL.

  42. My BM teachers said this year PMR Bm subject got soalan bocor of NOVEL
    PLOT and Pengajaran
    1) Meniti Kaca
    2)Phalawan Pasir Salak
    3)Panas Salju

    This my teachers said one ! dunt know FAKE or TURE

  43. hell frozen man,cant find any answers on the web man. If anybody got the freaking answers of any subj. Hurry and freaking post it man GOING2DIE,GOING2DIE .itBETTER be f :grr: :grr: king easy if not am diedman any answer is fine. BEST OF LUCK PEOPLE :yell: :yell: :yell: :yell: :yell: :yell: (crap am died man)

  44. dont believ those frecking teacher man .theyre bad voodoo.And y is there so many SPM answers when dont even have a little sh :grr: :grr: t of our PMR 1 dis is so not cool .NEED ANSWER QUICK AND RIGHT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE

  45. TCY,
    what make u say the tips from andrew choo is stupid?
    i ask this cause my fren call me to see the tips from there…
    if it is fake 1 than i better dont depends on it.

    as for the novel BM teaher also said it
    so maybe it is true.(plot & pengajaran)

  46. hey..any1 know the andrew choo tips paper useful for PMR.?i mean will it come out in PMR.??coz i m buying the tips paper cost it worth 2 buy.?any1 tell me pls..thx alotss.=]

  47. I heard that there are question leaking in web…
    Such as the site :
    Of course I not sure it was true or not or maybe the person want to earn money from we,the poor student.
    Many people who live in Penang now discuss about this site and started to believe in the question and tips which available in that site.

    It also come out a special version of tip which cost RM 150+(I not sure)
    You may take a visit there to see what is on there.. …

  48. this andrew choo site should be right. I heard that its UPSR answers were all right and imean ALL but u have to be a member so if anyone knows their tip . Plese post it .It will surely help WISH ALL BEST OF LUCK

  49. hola….i am one of the students who taking tiz pmr….i take 8 subject include the chinese….you know what…my chinese is so worst…i never got A,B or even C and i dont like tiz subject laa…but…hpe tat miracle comes to me…..Im lil bit worry bout’ my maths 2….its hard to memorize all the formula….and i hate the circle chapter….my Bm n english good enough…literature is easy guys….juz remember the most important thing in literature….such as the moral value…the themes…the characteristic n da most important thing is the sipnosis…….hurmmm…i like sejarah or history sub….it easy to me and hope i can score A tiz sub…..geo…ok la…but i worry bout’ the map……kh 2….n science….huhuhuhu…dnt noe what to said……but i hope i can score A in every sub…at least 2A…hehehe….for all the form 3 students in malaysia…….be ready….dont nervous…..n GOOD LUCK to all of u!!!! Peace from me……..

  50. hi,i’m also a PMR candidate,i’m very nervous cause PMR is very near weak subject is Geo,Sej,Chinese and KH ..i hope some one could help me,thx^ ^

  51. i say Andrew Choo Tips STUPID because
    1)My sister was menduduki PMR at 2006 .she also heard the tips form Andrew choo so she follow the tips given form AC.BUT at last , the given tips form AC all FAKE.THE TIPS ALSO MAKE MY SISTER GET 4 E 3 C in the PMR exam.U say AC tips can trust or not?????????????????????????????

    we must trust ourself , study hard for this year, PMR EXAM.dunt let your parents disappoint.

  52. 3 Days left only study hard bah. dunt waste any times on finding tips. Unknown
    u was right the tips form the web page only want to earn money form the poor student. we waste RM 200+ on the tips, if the tips not same with PMR exam then how?????? we throw the RM 200 to the stupid web page , the tips make us failed in PMR exam who will suffer? if we failed in the exam the web page will responsible ?????? and say sorry to u??????

  53. lol, i bought it by sharing with frens
    haha i only pay for RM19 :p
    that book got lots of exercise for KH la
    others subject mainly notes.

  54. HyEโ€ฆ.guy.can any1 gv me some tips for PMR.i hope u all will share u knowledge.
    I wan tell u allโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆIF u all wan sucsess in your exam.i wan gv some tips


    i beliv u all will get the best resultโ€ฆ..if u following the tips.
    NOWโ€ฆโ€ฆwe hv 2day more for real pmr exmโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.i scareeeeeeeeee mad
    I pray for u all……hope get the best result.AMIN………chaiyokkkk

  55. Nie Tips lpas jwb paper………kalo dh siap jwb paper ape2 pn,jgn semak balek or discuss… it make we rase scare n mybe disturb u mind for anwser the next,juz forget…..the paper past.and tumpu kpd paper strusnye. ๐Ÿ˜‰ .kalo kite discuss anwser paper yg dh jwb…… canot change whatever.yg dh lpas… intention for the next paper come.

  56. The Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination has just been completed on Tuesday this week, and apparently, many are of the opinion that the examinations this year has been of a lower standard, particularly for Science and English Language papers. This is reported in the Star today.

    A Mathematics and Science teacher from Seremban said her students were โ€œdisappointedโ€ with the Science paper as the questions were โ€œtoo easy.โ€

    โ€œOne of my students commented that had he known the questions were to be that easy, he would not have studied so hard! They were disappointed that the paper was not a challengeโ€.
    Apparently, even the average and weaker students found the paper easy and not challenging. One of the teachers interviewed was even harsher with her comments, claiming that โ€œScience was easy and English was closer to the UPSR examโ€.

    Is it just a one-off? Or is it representing another decline in standards in the Malaysian examinations? The immediate speculation that comes to mind is the fact that this was the first year whereby Mathematics and Science examinations are conducted in English (though not yet 100%, as Malay translations are still available) – is the lowering of standards meant to coincide with this so that students will fare “better”? This was similarly speculated by one of the teachers interviewed.

    โ€œI do not know if it has anything to do with the fact that this yearโ€™s candidates were the first to study Maths and Science in English. But the standard of most of the papers was much lower than Form Three level.
    What lends credence to this speculation is the fact that just one month ago, the Ministry of Education released the results of the July trial PMR examinations conducted for Mathematics and Science in English which was apparently very poor. The New Straits Times reported on the 16th September that “Form Three teachers who have been teaching Science and Mathematics in English since January are a worried lot.”

    In a subsequent NST report, the Ministry of Education Director General, Datuk Ahamad Sipon said “the questions were designed to test students on their understanding of questions posed in English and Bahasa Malaysia, and Maths and Science terminology and their grasp of concepts, ideas and information presented in both languages.”

    Teachers were to have used the results of the “diagnostic assessment” test given to Form Three students in July to remedy weaknesses in the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. He said the test was not meant to be a trial examination for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah and could not be used to assess studentsโ€™ performance in the exam…

    The Malaysian Examination Syndicate director Dr Salleh Hassan, who has been under a little bit of pressure in the recent PMR examinations due to issues blogged here and here, naturally “begged to differ”. The best way for our civil servants to answer some of the tough questions posed, is by apparently “answering without answering”.

    He said the level of difficulty was about the same for every examination โ€“ including this year’s โ€“ so the syndicate could chart and compare studentsโ€™ performance over the years.

    “Every examination has a combination of six levels of difficulty โ€“ understanding, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Some questions will be difficult and some questions will be easier, depending on the level of testing.”
    Errr… how does that convince the public that the PMR examination standards were not lower, I have absolutely no idea.

  57. dont freak out people ,i heard that this one whould be ok not to hard ive heard dont really need tip Jush have 2 study SCandMATH and dont f**king fail the other subj 2 more day dont F damn it GOOD LUCK MAN :lame: :lame:

  58. Hello, to all PMR students, good luck! Hope you all can score straight A’s!
    Well, I’m a Form 1 student, which going to have my exam’s after the PMR week… Anyway, All the best!

  59. The best way for our civil servants to answer some of the tough questions posed, is by apparently โ€œanswering without answeringโ€.

    OKey GoOd LuccK!!!…………2day more ๐Ÿ™

  60. Arrrrrghhh omg omg omg 2 DAYS to PMR , ive been studying alot but idk i feel like im not ready especially since i only get 1A on trial :yell:

  61. PMR is coming but my result not so good! i fail 3 subjects in PMR percubaan ke-2! all the student in my class result very good n all of them study very hard in this month including the naughty student n the lazy student tat didn’t study. tis year the Form 3 student in my school, many of them result is good! the principal very happy bcoz last year Form 3 student result not so good n tis year form 3 student is more better than last year! i very scare tat i’ll jatuh ke class K or P coz my school is bahagi the student with their result. class P is the paling teruk class. i in class I tat is for the student result tat is in middle or ok! there is 6 class. it is A,B,C,I,K,P. i wish any 1 tat hav any tips of any subject plz email it to me. my email address is

    1. hello,i think that i am quite arrogant because of my name โ€ฆ
      โ€˜geniusโ€™. Is it i am a genius? No, i am not.Actually, i am also a student who is going to take the PmR this year. In the trial exam, i managed to get 4 Aโ€™s which is science,math,kh and bahasa cina.

      what i am worrying is bm!!
      Although i got B for it in trial exam, indeed the result was not satisfied me. I always talk to myself that i can get it at least A.For me , i worry the โ€˜karanganโ€™ part and this also is the worst part that iโ€™ve ever score it for 30 marks above in my paper 2 . Just now , i have read the comment in this webpage. They told me to add 2 or 3 idioms into my essay in order to get A. In my opinion, i will suggest u to watch carefully about your โ€˜tatabahasaโ€™ because the examiner is the one who will seriously look at this part.They will reduce your marks if u have made mistakes on your gammarโ€™s part . what u have to do now is improve your โ€˜tatabahasaโ€™ !! Besides you also have to read some โ€˜peribahasaโ€™ which can help u to attract the examiner to read your essay.
      For the literature of bm, u can read the reference book to know more about the issue of the story which will will help u to right your own answer fluently.

      For english i can get A if i manage to cut down the errors that i have made in the paper . That means errors will pull down your marks from A to B. If u can manage to reduce your errors in your essay you will get A. How to reduce it? In my way to reduce it is use simple sentence so the examiner will have no excuse or reason to cut down your marks. Most important thing you have to remember is your grammar. Try to check your essay repeat and repeat to make sure that your essay is the best of the best !! For literature, donโ€™t try to memorise the sample answer, use your own word to show your feeling about the story. Indeed, u can use the important key word in the sample answer to make your essay attractive and impressive.

      Hahaha, donโ€™t give pressure to yourself. Think about that a lot of people canโ€™t get a good result so that u have no competitor which will not make u to have any pressure. Sing is one of the ways to relieve your pressure!! P P

      hello , for sejarah u should read it from a chapter to another chapter. By doing so , u will remember all the things that contain in the chapter.

      For geo, u can see the map which is always be asked in the paper.Try to memorise the location of the important place like sungai โ€ฆโ€ฆ.and banjaranโ€ฆโ€ฆ !!

      For science, it is not a big deal for me. My tips is try to understand the concept of the science, it is better than u memorise it . Indeed , u must remember the key words which help u to answer the questions in subjective paper.

      hope my experienced tips can help u to obtain a good result.

      donโ€™t give pressure to yourself . drink D

  62. just wanna wish u guys good luck!hope u guys can chat here after PMR ,we can chat about some stuffs ๐Ÿ˜› ,well,anyway,goodluck again everyone! Berusaha!!

  63. every fast leh!
    now we only can do our best… ๐Ÿ™‚
    really very fast…soon we will be free
    6 more days to MERDEKA :p

  64. hey guyz out there …gud luck n hope all of us get good results…im damn nervous rite now !!! anyone with any last minute tips …???

  65. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    i am here blessing all the students who are going to sit for d pmr pass exam with flying colour.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    all the best to all candidates..and hope all your dream may come true..

  66. Aiyo.,…all alien-like questions came out la..kenot answer…boo-hoo!!But d karangan was damn eezie….xcept 4 dat c2pit pesta flora thing!!!!I crappd d whole thng!!

  67. Yeah, i am admit your word. Those subject is hard for remember it, sometimes you remember it until “explode”.. :grr: . But you had no any prefer, cause you must be facing it. Try to grab some useful information book from library.Lolz..

    All the Best ^^
    Hope All PMR student get the high marks during this PMR examination!!!

  68. bm 2 damn hard sial!!!!i tink this year lots of pple cant get A dy..i dun even understd the pesta flora 1…this type of question will came out..dam stupid!!!

  69. I think paper 1 quite confusing ><
    2moro Maths n Sej lo..
    kinda worry bout sej..
    my brain cant memorise all those stuff T.T
    Anyway, gud luck ^^

  70. everyone chiong!!!! i also dunno how to do the classifying part ๐Ÿ˜› ,and i’d have to say that BM 2 is VERY VERY HARD!!!

  71. OMG! T’day’s paper was so hard. Im not confident with sejarah paper! The nilai and sifat thingy! And bm was dmn hard! Wat’s a pesta flora actuallyy?? Hope the best 4 u guyz and also me!! Math was not that easy, i got confused with the question…. ๐Ÿ™ Well, nvm! I tried my best! ….

  72. well, i think that this pmr examination r quite okkkkkkk gua!
    dun noe eh…
    scared for my bc2…..
    dun noe hw to write a good essay in mandarin
    anyway, gd luck to all the pmr candidates oh!!!!
    2 days more
    then MERDEKA lol!!!
    hahahahahaha!!! n_n

  73. woooo..
    2 days more
    it is really very fast leh!

    er, did the project we did can help in marks?
    (geo n sej)

  74. ya, i think so
    because i still remember that my seniors told me before
    my teacher also said so
    if the objective have 60 questions
    40 marks may be the projects
    then, i’m not too worried…..n_n

  75. IT FINALLY F**KING OVER :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cyber 20 4 7 play until f**king drop. it was just 2 easy esp math what a hoot they cant come up with some harder. it like UPSR allover again

  76. Who ever can play DotA come fight me !!!!! i fell really frekking good can play until nexts year .I challege dude who thick they f**king pro (u hear me GAk_of dawn)you shiiting noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  77. oh and that f**king andrew choos answer suck next year form 3 .dont use his tip IT REALLY USELESS THE DUDE JUST HANTAM

  78. easy or in japan ; kantan! so easy maa,,
    anyway. it ‘s all over . time for footbaall.. holarh holarhh..

    hey evryone chiong!! if you do read this. do tell me your reault yah.
    im so eager

  79. hey fellas…i’ll b sittin 4 my PMR exam in 2008…hope i can do it…and i noe i can…i must and i will…which website i can get prepared 4 m pmr next year…practice questions….

  80. hi….. I will sitting 4 my PMR exam in 2008.I take 9 subjects.I wish u all da best.Don’t forget to wish me either.. 4 who sitting PMR exam 4 this year, congratulation to those who success but those who fail never mind u all still have SPM exam to succeed.bye….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ :yawn: :lame:

    1. wah, u can’t scold a teacher whatever he or she is bad.
      we must respect the elder.

      But sometime i also hate my teacher .

      haha, don’t be so rude ….oooo..

  81. i’m soo worried in my bm,sej,geo and math i fail all this subject last year.
    i’m so affraid this year i will do very badly..i desperately need tips…
    from form 1 to now i pass math once only..T.T really need tips..

  82. hello… my name is adeleine aelissa… tis year i m sittin for PMR…. i m toooo worried about it… i m weak in maths… i have never scored ‘a’ 4 math in my exam… my mom n dad are looking forward dat i’ll get 7a’s…. i’m soooo scared… any one help me… plzzz.. e-mail me…

  83. Hey guys,I’m new here…
    I’m 15 this year and will be sitting for PMR in October……
    I got nervous since school reopen from the very first day…..
    I tried my best to concentrate on my studies but it seemed quite a great burden to me,haiz…
    Can anyone please tell me some steps to prepare for my PMR? Coz some of my seniors said that PMR was very easy and they got prepared a month earlier,and they still scored straight As….. And erm,can anyone help me with my KH? I never scored an A for my KH since Form 1……

  84. hi i’m sitting PMR for this year…..can someone give me some tips about what questions will come out!!! I’m so scared that i will fail for the PMR examinations…If anyone have any tips, please e-mail me…my e-mail address is…thank you very much!!!

  85. Im 15 years old n wil be sitting for PMR this year . Im so worried since the first day school starts . So please help me if there is any ramalan soalan for PMR subjects .

  86. God, I’m form 2 , but i still needed some information about PMR. Is it hard or easy?Most of my cousins get 6,7 or 8A somethings.Is it really easy?As my result in trial test, i cant get BM, and BI at A,others maybe better for me.
    Can anyone help me ? So i could make a prepared for PMR next year.

    Help me please, because my BM is suck in UPSR !!

  87. Hi, i am sitting for PMR this year.
    I am a student from Sabah and i don really think my School academic is very excellent……………
    16 form 3 students for last year were manage to get straight A’s
    Can anybody tell me how many students got straight A’s in ur school?
    Apart from tat, can i know how many marks are required to score A?
    Tell me plz……………
    I am very glad to be friend with those who are here ===kit_pkz93@hotmail,com=== add me

    Ok, assume that 3 months has passed, and now left approximately 7 months. PMR is getting closer, still I really dunno how to improve language subjects, such as Chinese, Malay and English. Soโ€ฆ any suggestion from all of u?

  88. can u give me some tips how to score in b.m paper 1 and b.i paper 1. i’m so worried as pmr is getting closer. I always study till late night.(is this the right way?)

  89. i’m 15 years old will be sitting pmr this year . i’m so worried since started school.. .so please help me when there is any ramalan soalan for pmr subject .

  90. Hmm, I hope everyone can stop adding me at msn liao..
    I am now form 5 =-=
    I have to prepare for my SPM kinda busy..
    My friendster i already cancel the account because too many friends d..
    By the way,I feel contented with all of you out there who appreciated my tips on PMR..
    This exam is really important for you guys out there..
    It is the first step for you guys to obtain a recognition of your academic performance in school..
    Actually,Pmr is not as hard as it seems..

    Well, for the boys..
    I m a dota player too ^^
    U guys can play dota for 2 games a day..
    I know it’s addicting but try limit urself..
    If got “knn leaver” nvm la…tomoro continue..
    At least try study few hours a day..
    Aiyah..PMR most of it objective..
    You won’t have a hardtime tembak the answers..
    Should relax and enjoy first =)
    U enter form 4 or 5…you’ll be mad..
    You have to be fully committed on your studies..
    Study daily?
    The Sejarah subjective =-=
    THe whole book you must hafal the points..
    So enjoy now…can get high marks then try to do your best in PMR!!

    For the girls?
    Hmm, now boys want clever girls as girlfriend..
    Not just appearance lenglui only la..
    Now so many lenglui..sure la want intelligent de also..
    So, stop smsing or sleeping..wakaka
    Try study at times also..
    But i have to admit girls are very discipline and pass up their homeworks all the time..
    I always tio teacher scold in class de because no finish homework..
    Sejarah teacher call do nota..i do first page nia…
    Then others blank Pages ^^ (don’t learn a!!)
    Try do teacher homework constantly then you will score in PMR..
    THe tips you read the one i wrote before can liao la..
    You follow gao tim you get A..
    Sejarah if you cannot masuk otak..
    You can try a few methods..
    1)do quiz with your friends in school..
    (it’s a healthy competition) fight with friends..see who knows more the names of tokoh..wakaka..
    like Kapal H.M.S Cadmus..or Mat Salleh or who is Rentap..

    2)try read through easy questions do..

    3)Read it when you are free..
    Especially when i play dota or games..
    I keep on repeat those pelik-pelik names…of tokoh..
    Eventually you will remember..and be familiar with it..

    English you try to read more…
    You buy those exercises improve your grammer is all a waste..
    Waste time nia…better no need do..boring also..
    When you read a lot of materials and books in english…
    You will automatic know the rules..
    When you read the sentence you can feel pelik if wrong grammar..
    Any questions you guys can..
    Add me at msn
    If you admire and wana be my friend..I don’t mind..
    My friendster is gjaren@GMAIL.COM

    My blog is (
    I seldom blog de ..ahahah

    1. hello, i think that u should improve your english level. Base on your comment above you have made many mistakes in grammar which is ‘ leng lui ‘ ,’ liao’ and so on .

      If you are a good adviser, u should improve your english. Don’t just the wrong tips to the other persons.
      Sorry, i think what u have said is not a tips whereas it is the unneeded comment from some one who is not a responsible person and spread the wrong information to the innocent student. Do u think that your comment is good for them ? Or it is some kind of poison which will lead the student to the ‘hell’ ?

      1. sorry, i also have made mistakes of grammar like ‘ dont just give the wrong tips….’ and ‘ is not a tips’ is wrong. I have to correct it as ‘ is not a tip ‘!!

        this is the correction which will prove u that grammar is the main thing whatever you know how to speak english. It’s all is ‘ broken english ‘

      2. Can u don’t act clever??
        Ur name even put Genius ady..
        I feel ur english so dull and stupid..
        U think ur clever??
        I m a chinese..
        Lenglui in mandarin means pretty girls and liao is a slang in malaysia..
        U dont know and stupid pls dont show ur ignorance here…
        Damn Sia Sui la…==
        First time see people stupid come out show his stupidness…
        This is not a formal writing…I dont care bout grammars..
        U wana write letter..go ahead..go now…don’t come blog..
        Btw…U jz made a very unnecessary comment on others…criticising others instead of looking at ur stupidity..
        C’mon…few thousand people read my post…
        All thank me…
        U read?Say my grammar bad??
        wth..I m studying A level with great english proficiency..
        Ur jz a kid who knows shit…
        U even reply say u make mistakes??
        I lead student to hell?
        Ur paranoid..i bet u got no frens…poor u…
        btw..having such idiotic person in our society and closed minded person…that’s wat makes our world full of stupid people doing stupid things..

  91. ๐Ÿ™ =( Sooooooooo nervous. Pls help me. By the way do u hav past year paper? expecially Sejarah, Sci n Maths. Pls n thnks……………..

  92. heyz…errrrmm im goina sit 4 PMR in just a few more months…the subject tat im worried is my bm n sejarah..i awaays score c hope i get an A in pmr

  93. hello, out there! i’m gonna sit for PMR examination next year. I feel the same…same just like other people do. I’m very weak at almost every subject that i’m gonna take for PMR exam. The actual problem i’m having right now is i cant get too much stuff into my head…i cant remember many things for example…kh, sc, sj, geo, bi[literature], bm[literature] and blah… blah…blah… :grr: ok, gjaren, i know you are damn busy for your SPM exam…so, i really really hope you wiil reply me before i’m gonna sit for my PMR examination……..if can,…mail me 2 this e-mail: shuma_candypenny@yahoo/…..bye and BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!

  94. [ONCE
    Perak will hav Trial Examination…

    I dunno how 2 prepare myself 4 d exam…I`m very scared …
    Wat should i do now ???
    If i didnt hav a good results…my mom will kill me !!!
    I dun wan die 4 d exam !!!!
    I only can get good results in MATHS ,
    and other ….
    I think i cant get good results or pass in d trial exam or PMR….
    Haizzzz…So bad ….

    How can i get good marks in sejarah,geografi,science,and…………
    Anybody who knoe…
    Plz teach me how 2 get good results….

    1. hello , for sejarah u should read it from a chapter to another chapter. By doing so , u will remember all the things that contain in the chapter.

      For geo, u can see the map which is always be asked in the paper.Try to memorise the location of the important place like sungai …….and banjaran…… !!

      For science, it is not a big deal for me. My tips is try to understand the concept of the science, it is better that u memorise it . Indeed , u must remember the key words which help u to answer the questions in subjective paper.

      hope my experienced tips can help u to obtain a good result.

      don’t give pressure to yourself . :drink: ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. lmao…u say i write broken english??
          Your english like tadika kid..
          plss…improve ur english…
          don show ur lousy and stupidity here…
          It’s so embarassing =(

  95. [ONCE]

    Perak will hav Trial Examination…

    I dunno how 2 prepare myself 4 d exam…I`m very scared …
    Wat should i do now ???
    If i didnt hav a good results…my mom will kill me !!!
    I dun wan die 4 d exam !!!!
    I only can get good results in MATHS ,
    and other ….
    I think i cant get good results or pass in d trial exam or PMR….
    Haizzzz…So bad ….

    How can i get good marks in sejarah,geografi,science,and…………
    Anybody who knoe…
    Plz teach me how 2 get good results….

  96. sye tak tahu bagaimana nak melakukan ringkasan…
    sye lemah dengan yang ini……
    boleh tak beri aku contoh ringkasan di depan computeraku ini..
    ๐Ÿ™ PLEZZE OK.

    I dont know how to make a Ringkasan….
    could you please show me a ringkasan example please….
    :(ok …bye

  97. hmm… actually i hav no promblem for but when i saw my friends keep study …
    all my stress coming out…
    tis make me more uneasiness…
    althought i can’t get A in BM and the noob KH… x.x
    well… dun noe y other ppl especially malay ppl….
    tis make me so upsad …even i study hard in the stupid KH…
    i never get A before…

  98. Irene…im also startin to feel the tensioness…do u have email or hp number?we can talk about PMR>….n btw,i liek dat gjaren dude…he gave me spirits to achieve 8as in pmr

  99. 1st day of TRIAL… just TRIAL.. but i need 2 score B… pls help me.. subject is Chinese… i duno Y… i just SUCK and im stuck here.. all alone… i dun wish 2 get C… pls help me.. B is important !!!!

  100. Hi one and all!

    I just knew about this site today! I’ll be sitting for PMR this year too…
    Just want to let you know andrew choo tips are not that good, but his books are worth trying for practice.

    If any one of you have some KH Perdagangan papers please email to me at

    gjaren, your advice is very good and hope you keep motivating us with your experience. All the best in your SPM and to all those who are sitting for the PMR and SPM too.

    Good luck,

  101. Well, i’m sitting for PMR this year, haha, i’m basically scared about Sejarah,Maths,Geo, And KH!. An tips on what to do?, Fortunately my trials hasn’t started yet, it starts on the 27th

  102. this year i will take pmr examination…..i always study hard because i want to score A……i just want some tips….. ๐Ÿ˜›

  103. Hello all, I’m 15 and will take PMR this year..

    I’m so frustrated right now.. There is only 1 trial exam in my school this year.. I was like WTF… why why why? why only 1?.. Damnit.. My trial I got only 5B and 3C ( Sej,Science & Math ).. But I’m kinda confident that I can score at least 6A’s
    – Sej , Math ( both favourite ), BI, BM ( Kinda sucks in Paper 1 but I’m still doing revision ) , Geo ( Still in the process ) and PAI .. ;).. I’m just pretty scare that I can’t score A’s in SCIENCE and Kemahiran Hidup.. My kerja kursus I got 39/40 ( KH ).. but In the objective question.. I was like.. what is that freak TANGGAM, whatever it is.. LOl.. SCIENCE?.. The highest I scored in my WHOLE life is only 65.. LOL.. b

    20 days left, I’m going to work really hard… 3 hours study … no raya.. huhu.. ๐Ÿ™

  104. I’m NERVOUS! by the way, good luck to all 2008 PMR candidates and.. hmm.. Sorry for my bad grammar xD…

    ( actually Im bad in literature too bi and bm ).. but not a big deal for me.. I always answer Robinson and Timulak novel lol.. and score at least 5/10.. O.O ..

    A big improvement in BM in my trial..
    Paper 1 only 29/40 but paper 2 I manage to score 72 .. = 72%.. hoho.. I just need to improve my paper 1 and be consistent in paper 2.. same also in BI.. a little dis-improvement lol.. I always got high score in paper 1 for bi and low a bit for paper 2… but my grammar i’m not really suck at it.. but.. hmm.. the words that i use so SIMPLE lah.. example I often use “INCREASE” rather than “ENHANCE” .. so the point is.. try to use more CLASSIC word in the karangan.. hope I help..


    and sorry for my bad grammar loh..

    1. My god, u just score literature of bi for at least 5 marks!!
      Do u think that it is not a big deal for u ?
      i don’t think so because i always score it 7 above ,but u just score 5 marks only.

      According to your bm result, i am quite sure that u are a cleaver man that in bm. In my trial exam, i just managed to score 26\40 for paper 1 and 73.5 in paper 2 . How to put CLASSIC word in “karangan’ ? Reply me !!

      For my Bi, i just score 34 \ 40 for paper 1 and 31 in paper 2 . After deliberation , i realise that i have made a lot of mistakes and errors which were unacceptable for the examiner.Consequently, i just get 17 marks for the guided writing.This is also the part which i have to put a lot of effort into it.

      how to u think my reply for u ? Am i a good writer?

      i hope that u will not put this comment in your heart !!

      your faithfully,


      1. Classic word is something like Modenisasi / Dewasa ini etc etc..

        ” Dewasa ini, para pelajar ~~~ ”

        For BI
        In paper 1, you must score 37~40/40 if you’re weak in “karangan”..

        In guided writing, try to use simple grammar only, after you already finish doing it.. then read it again and again.. at least 4 times so you can detect “error” .. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Hope I help..

        And I’m sure you’re clever than me.. I’m not confident I can target straight A’s.. but I believe I can.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. yeah same as me ppl,need to study a lil bit hard bcoz PMR is just 17 days left!!!!!!!!owh nooo…and and i’m worried bout my math..i must get 8A’s 4 my pmr this year..and this year raya is nothin 4 me you know..huk3 so sadd lar…but don’t worry..right after PMR..we’ll raya like helll yeah!!!!

  106. :p haha yeah.. I just need to do extra work for science and kh.. then the others.. I can enjoy a little.. urgh! make me feel so nervous lah.. this PMR..

  107. I’m also the one who taking PMR this year. Anyone can share with me some study tips?

    p/s Sorry, my english is broken AND I havent do my revision although it is nearer and NEARER


    1. hello, don’t afraid of pmr. I say so because pmr is very easy for us to score. what u have to do now is be confident and read books to enlarge your knowledge, but don’t read until late.

      This is my sincerely advise!!

      wish u all the best !!

  108. ^.^ hey! Hmm.. PMR yea. It should be fine right? Everyone says it’s easier than d mok exams. So it should be just fine. I’m sitting for it this year. Haha. Btw, who’s good at khb can just please help me?

  109. It wont be fine if you didn’t study.. Huhu..

    I’m doing a lot of Science paper.. from other states..

    Which help me so much…

    Now, I just need to work my GEO ;).. =]..

    Good luck everyone!

    I hope KH subject will be so so so so easy…!!

  110. Of course it’s not fine if you don’t study..
    Just like praying for 7a’s but don’t work hard for it..
    Obviously there won’t be any A’s :p :p ๐Ÿ˜› O.O

  111. Oh ya, don’t be sooOoO stress out about it. Just do our best and apply what we’ve learn so far.. If still stress, listen to music lor… Like me!! Haha.. BTW, stress is good. It helps you to be prepared and not to be so over confident. -chow- :bulb: my last comment.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  112. <3 i’m gonna take pmr this year..
    but i’m so scare bcoz my English is so bad..
    i always get c or b..
    i’m so scare..
    my college got last place among all mara college.
    pmr is getting near..
    n my english is still need to improved..
    but how???? :yell:

  113. hello,i think that i am quite arrogant because of my name …
    ‘genius’. Is it i am a genius? No, i am not.Actually, i am also a student who is going to take the PmR this year. In the trial exam, i managed to get 4 A’s which is science,math,kh and bahasa cina.

    what i am worrying is bm!!
    Although i got B for it in trial exam, indeed the result was not satisfied me. I always talk to myself that i can get it at least A.For me , i worry the ‘karangan’ part and this also is the worst part that i’ve ever score it for 30 marks above in my paper 2 . Just now , i have read the comment in this webpage. They told me to add 2 or 3 idioms into my essay in order to get A. In my opinion, i will suggest u to watch carefully about your ‘tatabahasa’ because the examiner is the one who will seriously look at this part.They will reduce your marks if u have made mistakes on your gammar’s part . what u have to do now is improve your ‘tatabahasa’ !! Besides you also have to read some ‘peribahasa’ which can help u to attract the examiner to read your essay.
    For the literature of bm, u can read the reference book to know more about the issue of the story which will will help u to right your own answer fluently.

    For english i can get A if i manage to cut down the errors that i have made in the paper . That means errors will pull down your marks from A to B. If u can manage to reduce your errors in your essay you will get A. How to reduce it? In my way to reduce it is use simple sentence so the examiner will have no excuse or reason to cut down your marks. Most important thing you have to remember is your grammar. Try to check your essay repeat and repeat to make sure that your essay is the best of the best !! For literature, don’t try to memorise the sample answer, use your own word to show your feeling about the story. Indeed, u can use the important key word in the sample answer to make your essay attractive and impressive.

    Hahaha, don’t give pressure to yourself. Think about that a lot of people can’t get a good result so that u have no competitor which will not make u to have any pressure. Sing is one of the ways to relieve your pressure!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. lol xD.. haha.. yeah .. i so agree with u..

      you know… i only manage to get 5b3c .. C – sejarah, math and science.. but.. after doing lot of revision and work in those 3 subject.. I know i can get A on that.. ( I hope )..

      Hmm, I’m so scare with my KH eventhough I got 39/40 on K.K.. hmm.. I hope I can get 8a’s..

      I’m so worry with these subject -> BM, KH

      OHH!!!!! good luck guys! =]..

    2. Not really. We ain’t stupid. Achieving 8 A’s isn’t that difficult, we try our best to conciliate and give advices as well as the best ways to help in the improvement of academics for those who need helps. Seriously, the ways that i have suggested are not either stupid or nonsense, in fact, i still have a lot to share with u guys, just scare that my comments will be too long.

      I have to confess that our school’s trials are far more difficult than the other states’. Believe or not? Our English paper’s questions are taken from Singapore and i can guarantee that u will leave it blank when come to literature part. Besides, our MATH paper’s questions are all out from syllabus. So what? It compel us to be more diligent, dedicated and optimistic towards exams.

      Thus, I predict the PMR’s standard will not be that high and the peoples who mark it will not be that strict. But, i will still expect PMR as the most challenging in all the exams that i have gone through currently.

      LET ME CORRECT THAT “GEnius” english..
      OR IDIOT? haha…ok first…let me show his stupidity an idiotic,embecile piggy dumb brain…

      1)Indeed the result was not satisfied me?
      Doesnt make sense…
      Such a lame noob english..
      The result does not satisfy me!
      pure rubbish english..

      2) this will reduce your mark if you have made..
      I already made…i don need i have made…
      Pui…such a lame english..

      3)which will help you to write your answer Fluently..

      4)try to check your essay repeat and repeat…
      Once again u prove yourself having such a low grade of vocab usage..
      CHECK Your essay a few times
      Check your essay again and again…SWT ==

      haiz..u comment that my english is broken…
      damn…very sia sui leh..
      students out there…plsss You Decide.. ^^
      I damn bo song ppl act clever but stupid in front of me..
      If that person is genius..ok..u win..
      But stupid act clever…like clown leh.. ==

  114. My earlier target ( at least )
    – BM
    – BI
    – Geo
    – Math
    – Sej
    – P.Islam

    – Science
    – KH

    After yesterday
    – BI
    – GEO
    – SEJ
    – MATh
    – Science
    – P.Islam

    – BM
    – KH..



    1. 4 BM u must know about kesalahan tatabahasa and read news paper to get new information.

      GEO.u must read teks book or succes book…and do a lot of exercise

  115. huh..pmr around da corner….buttttttttt…i’m not ready yet..what must i do… parents hopes me get 8A’S IN PMR THIS YEAR…insyaAllah..who have spot ques plzzzz tell me!i appreciate this!

  116. Andrew Choo……… Wat the hell he think,,,,,,, He said BM and BI paper 2 will be difficult. .And He made me scared……….

    1. Today, my class has arranged the tables for PMR.On the next morning , we do not have to go to school .

      Yeah !!! Are u the same ?

        1. what isi ?

          Do u mean the tips ?

          the tips is novel bm will come out with plot or teknik plot

          but read one more …. persoalan

          then, karangan will come out with the question like internet or dadah …


          all the best ,,..,,..,,..i still play game !!

  117. i’m ex form 3 student . Actually pmr is very fun . just enjoy the five days of the examination day .It’s not as hard as you all think to get distinction in pmr..ALL the best to form 3 students…

  118. eng novel is interesting incident or event…..(forecast)
    bm novel is plot, or persoalan…(forecast)

    tatz all if i got mote ill tell ……GOod luck 4 PMR

    study hard until the last day of examination…..
    the day b4 the x-amination…….
    WATCH TV>>>>>>>really…no means u wil 4get wat u hv been stady’g 4 all this time….
    lastly….wake up 4.00-5.00 study important notes n 5.00-6.00 sleep on the pmr x-am day k

  119. I see. Very apologize that there is no shortcut for these kind of factual subjects, but there are many ways that can improve your results in these subjects.

    I used to score 60+ in Sejarah, Geografi and KH. Recently, i have found that no matter how hard you strive for these subjects, there must be a limit marks for u, perhaps in doing any model tests, the mark are restricted between 60 – 70 marks, the marks that u got for these subjects won’t improve much tremendous. In fact, you won’t be able to memorize 100% of all facts in even a single subject. Despite so, the things that u memorized will be faded in few days and u have to study and memorize it again.

    So, i discovered some technics on dealing with these subjects. Now, take out a blank paper and write the facts that u often forget that u have studied a short moment ago. It doesn’t mean that u are required to write notes and for future revising… Perhaps all the facts cannot be fitted into your brain, so u just pour it out on a blank paper. Afterward, the paper can be thrown into the dustbin as u like. This will definitely help, now i write repeatedly whatever that i often forget using this method.

    The second way.
    Buy more model tests in bookstore. The more questions you did, the more experience u gained. This is very efficient as you are able to predict what kind of questions will be in PMR. Generally, PMR’s questions won’t get too far from the syllabus since i did questions from 2004 – 2007, They are almost similar. Thus, you can test your understanding by doing model tests. If u get 50 corrects out of 60 questions, you are considered as excellent already, how about 40+ out of 60? Credit. As long as u your performances are stable, 43 – 45 above can be considered as A already in PMR. Listen up, model tests are for improving your understanding while past year examinations are for testing how well you can do in PMR.

    So, what are u still waiting for? Don’t hesitate, the steps are very simple. Wish u can get excellent results in PMR all the best.

    Here’s my email address : Add me if u encountered any problems, i will try my best to solve ur problems.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I do the same like you.. I mean.. the second way =].. I used to dislike SEJARAH and GEOGRAFI before.. but now, I don’t anymore ;).. Haha.. I can score above 44 in every paper =].. but as for KH?.. It’s kinda frustrating.. but.. I know that I can score 40/60 =].. and surely A if I got 40/60 because my KH K.K is 39/40

      1. To leslie…

        what u mean is just a prediction !!
        No matter what, u won’t get pmr 8 a’s .
        You know why …
        all of your comment is stupid and no use just like what have i wrote in my comment…

        we all stupid!!

        right ?

        1. Diao…talk like that oso got…damn stupid la..
          say ppl wont get 8As..i bet u didnt get straight As == for PMR..
          Wana bet??
          I bet 1million bucks.. _l_

  120. hi all…..just wanna ask how to improve on Sejarah ??
    My maths,geo,eng,cina,and science is Okay !
    My KH (may be can get 20-30 question correct only)
    BM P1 ( just can score below 16 question)
    BM p2 (i can score 50 to 70)
    SEJ !!!!!! (the worst subject, almost everytime FAIL !)
    anyone can help me !?

    1. Hey, keep being optimist, Sejarah is the easiest subject I must say… but I think it’s too late now if you want to master SEJARAH.. >.<.. sorry…

      I used to like sejarah this year when I read form 3 textbook .. ;).. and now It works for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  121. hey guys watzup…… a pmr candidate for this year(2008).my advice 4for this year candidate is JGN HARAP SOALAN AKAN BOCOR.STUDY WELL AND DO IT ON YOUR OWN.GUD LUCK^_^ :down: ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› :p

    1. lawlx, read a lot of english and if you cant understand some words, search the dictionary, well thats what dictonary for is anyway xD
      essay and novel, novel just read nia, but essay, just make it interesting? xD
      not really sure orhx cuz when exam, i just write anything that go through my mind and usually got A larhs. by the way, gambatte =)

    2. lol…..english is the easiest subject……just have to read the novel only……anyway, i have no tips on english, sorry ๐Ÿ˜€

  122. seriously
    my target is about 5 A…6A is incredible to me xD
    for kh my project have gt a 39 marks so i onli nid correct for 36 question then i gt A =D…
    for sej its incredible easy lol…
    the things i scare is BM and BI….my language skill is incredible worst so i dint take BC xP
    can any1 give me sometips on bm?

  123. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    help!!!tmr start PMR exam jor…
    i scare my BM…i dunno how to do neh…
    if u all got tips..pls tell me…pls~~~


  124. todays paper was quite hard especiall BM paper1!!arghhh…and bout the latar masyarakat..i just give only 1 example..owh nooooo..BM paper 2 was ok la..but but i don’t really know if i ca get A for my scared la. x.x

    1. :yell: I know what you mean…form 3 student as well.
      Malay was tough.Science also hard…. My geography I only got 72 lah…
      Do you think still can get A?What’s the A grade for PMR?

  125. the bm paper 1 and 2 are quite hard for me, and i think i had tried my best. Tomorrow would be BI and Science, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ +u+u!

      1. it’s base on graph.. Jenny, can you please give me the geo answer? :)..

        you only have 70% chance to get A I think.. :).. but be happy.. just hoping the graph will be low ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Hey Nazrin….
          thanks for the info, but 70% is not a good figure…
          I just got most of my answers from my friends and it’s not 100% completed yet. So it’s undone and inaccurate. If I can manange to get a complete answer sheet, wouldn’t mind sending it to you.

  126. hello…alll ,
    i want the answer of Bm 1.Can anybody help me to find it or if u already have give it to me in internet . U can write it in ur blog nd give the website address to me …


    1. Genius, visits my blog.. I dont have BM Paper 1 answers yet.. I ‘m scared to check it myself.. LOL.. It’s hard.. but BM Essay, is easier :P.. hahaha.. especially the “ringkasan”.. fucking easy..!!

      The novel part for BM.. I was overjoy when the question ask for “Latar Tempat”.. I don’t even read Ekspedisi novel but I know I did very well on it.. :P.. hahaha..

      In my blog, .. I already posted the answers for Geo and Math.. :).. and I’m confident on those 2 subjects.. I score A’s.. :P.. hehehe..

      If anyone has the answers for any subject .. please post it on my email.. :)..


      1. i have read ur post, but i think there is some uncorrect answer for geo like question 42and 44.Check it again .
        for me , Bm paper 1 is hard la !!! Indeed i really want to get it A. Math paper i obtain 35/40 because i made a lot of careless mistake. Wish u all the best ….

        1. answers number 44 is correct.. it’s B..

          Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi ( already checked it on my revision book )..

          about MSC ( Koridor Raya Multimedia ) I’ll check it..

        2. yup, number 42 is correct to..

          MSC is about Sekolah Bestari :).. so it’s not about jalan raya.. so the answer is B also ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. guys i have a problem.i didnt do 1 of my kh projects and the pendokumentasi this year.will they let me do them next year in form 3?pls scared they wont let than my chances of getting a in kh very slim

  128. hi, im taking pmr this year
    is that really so hard?????

    any way i saw my friend play computer games even
    the day before pmr and he got all 7A’s

    i wonder how, but i ll not be playing games 2 months before pmr tho……..

    and i also have some tips here for KH
    the reason (i’ve heard from others) KH
    questions paper can’t be taken out from
    the exam hall is because they have very
    limited of KH questions so if you wan to score
    high in this subject you will need to do alot
    of KH questions u might get 10 – 20 questions
    you’ve done before in practices during PMR
    well i’m not saying its exactly the same but its
    more or less asking the same thing(maybe the sentence structure might be different)

    so, hope you guys and girls all score an A in this
    subject GOOD LUCK !!!

    1. KH is totally easy, but I hate the freaking subject lol..

      I only study the subject like once a month LOL.. and I still can score :P.. hahahaha…

      Just do really really well in “Project” , try to score 35~40/40 ..

      I got 7A’s and 1B in PMR ๐Ÿ˜›

  129. hi i’m newbie for this pmr exam ..i’m from seri saujana in KL.Although it is still febuary now but i think should start preparing for it …can anyone gives me some tips about their style of asking question?

    1. hey there, Hong..
      i’m d’lyn here..
      i sat 4 pmr last year n
      i obtained 5A’s n 2B’s..

      there is no need
      2 be fear or nervous..
      u only have 2 fear
      if u did’nt prepare 4 ur
      start 2 cover up
      all of your fm 1 n 2
      syllabus’s from
      now on..

      for bm..
      u need 2 master
      ur novel..
      either one lar..
      practice writing
      karangan n ringkasan..
      also, do lots of past year
      soalan pamahaman..

      4 english, u need
      2 master ur novel as
      well.. just practice writing
      informal n informal
      letters, speech n all lar..

      4 sejarah,
      if u want 2 score,
      READ UR FM 1 N 2
      cover up all da topics..
      do lots of past
      year sample question..
      it wud help alot..
      trust me.. =)

      next, geografi..
      it is all about
      remembering all those
      maps and stuff regarding
      the ‘loji minyak’..
      u need 2 do lots
      of reading n do lots
      of exercises.. yeah..

      4 maths,
      all u need 2 do is,
      do lots of topical books..
      concentrate more on
      master all those question
      which gives 5-6 marks..

      4 science,
      it is the same like
      study and master all the
      do lots of past year
      read all the experiments..
      thats all 4 science lor…

      next KH..
      kh nothing much..
      mine was ert..
      so, no comments lar..

      1.dun ever spot questions..
      2. prepare 2 months earlier..
      3. follow all the guidence given
      by ur teachers..
      4. do lots of exercises and try
      out past years questions..
      5. complete all ur kerja kursus..
      6. dont ever give up hope
      no matter wat happens..
      7. take enough rest and
      maintain ur health..
      8. PRAY!!!
      9. confidence.. =)
      10. do ur level best..
      da rest, live it 2 god..

      dun stress up 2 much..
      its better 4 u start
      now rather then
      just stressing up..

      practice makes perfect..
      ok, Hong??
      gud luck..
      any doubts
      feel free 2 ask, yeah..
      my e-mail add is
      add me at friendster also..
      ok ok??

      2 all pmr canidates,
      do add me if
      you need my help..
      always here 2 help you ppl out!!

      chowz… =)

  130. Oh ya..little genius…
    I hope u can improve your command of english too..
    I find it abysmal..
    Oh..for ur information..I got 12A1 and 1A2…13As in SPM..
    Ur teaching me how to improve my grammar??
    Btw..i use ‘lenglui’ or ‘liao’
    thats how Malaysian chinese talk…
    don’t show ur stupidity to everyone..
    Very embarassing leh ==
    In BM ppl say..BODOH SOMBONG ==
    C’mon…I dont have to sia sui u rite??
    But u offended me..say i make student go heLL?
    If u find my comments not useful..then u don hav to criticise so much and act like ur very clever..
    If ur REALLY A GENIUS, I listen to u..
    But the way u convey ur message and ur
    Should i Listen to u??
    Like Albert Einstein listen to an idiot with IQ 50??
    plss…use ur senses…Thanks..

    1. hey , i’m completely agree with you . hm , i’ll be sitting for my PMR examination in this few days .

      ohh , btw , congratulations on your SPM result . gempak kot . haha . that so called genius (fart) haha .

  131. Guys…read some of my above reply to that so-called “genius”…

    Read is english…stupid like hell..
    He keeps on acting like he is very clever..
    But the fact…
    Dowan say lah..later ppl Sia Sui..

    Oh ya..i jz wrote a sentence of broken english..
    Sia Sui u dono right???
    ok i translate to u into means humiliating…
    Dono wat it means?
    Go find dictionary…little “idiot”..
    Hope u enjoy ur life living in idiotness…
    no1 cares o0o

  132. I am terrible in my geografi and maths. I will be sitting 4 my PMR examination this year, so could you give me tips on how 2 improve myself in both this subject. I would like 2 take this oppurtunity 2 wish good luck to those who will be sitting 4 their PMR examination 2.

  133. PMR is coming in 3 months – nervous.
    I am okay with English and Science.
    History and Geography is the killer. All the places and names to memorize.
    BM is the bahan rangsangan, I never seem to get any ideas to write out.
    Formula for Maths are too much, I can stick so much in my brain. -.-
    Don’t even mention KH. I hate it.

  134. alow!i’m one of the milion candidates of pmr..pmr is getting nearer…there’s anyone who could gimme some tips?plz….

  135. Heyy all. I’m not sit pmr dis year, but next year. But, now I feel the nervous of the pmr candidate. My God. Anybody can help me? Sry ma Eng Lang broken.

  136. hey there , i’m not sitting pmr this year but next year . I’m really nervous . And i totally confused to start the revision from which part . OMG pls help me????

  137. OMG…is coming lols…
    is pmr really tht easy???i asked my fren b4…..they say easy as ABC=.=…
    all my sucject are…OK…
    for me…i am actually prepared…i do alot of exercise..math,bm,sej,geo n sciece…..
    for me…..math n science i am not confident on it….
    i am so scared with tis 2..sub…
    i scared PAPER 2 science…..
    waat can i do..???day by day…i getting..more…anxious..
    PPl?/??any tips for me to study or scored A.

  138. seens….june but i am still scared of MATH N SCIENCE…i always score A for math n science lor…..BUT I STILL SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dunno y……………wat should I DO???any1 can teach or help me in tis 2 subject…i hate science paper 2….i kinda weak in it……Wat should i do now to maintain…n keep the A in my pocket…

  139. i done my revision seens….june but i am still scared of MATH N SCIENCE…i always score A for math n science lor…..BUT I STILL SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dunno y……………wat should I DO???any1 can teach or help me in tis 2 subject…i hate science paper 2….i kinda weak in it……Wat should i do now to maintain…n keep the A in my pocket…

  140. haizzz.. i have a bit nervous that pmr is coming..
    it just leave about 50 days only..
    Oh my God!! How can i improve my study?
    Actually my results is okay..
    but dunno why i am not confident all the time..
    i am very scare .. is tat will easier than trial exam?
    trial was just finsh last week..
    hope my results can come out with flying colous..
    God bless me..!!


  141. hey. me again. i’m still afraid about pmr. eventough not this year i sit it. i’m still weak at all of the pmr subjects. BM, BI, MATHS, SC, SEJ, KHB, PAI, BAK, GEO. help me please how to improve in this all subjects. gtg. ^_^

  142. i really need help in sejarah…..especially form 2..i admit, i played the fool last year..Btw, i’m atiqah…in form 3 also..any of you guys have any short notes for sej?…please send it to my msn…which is…Please!!!!

  143. Yerr.. one month left till PMR lorh… lolz.. anyone have any tips for mandrin n bahasa? Coz I suck in these subjects. And erm, is that Andrew Choo thingy really lousy? Coz I bought it..
    Those PMR candicates jiayous =)

  144. haha pmr is nearing,
    I fooled around when I was f1 and f2
    Not worrying now.
    Results have been improving ever since I put in more effort

    Put effort into your work and you would score.
    Example ; clarifying EVERYTHING you don’t know and you have to be CRYSTAL clear with everything you don’t know.

    Also you can’t afford to waste any more time as the PMR exam is nearing, just approximately 1 month for it to begin.

    Good luck, luck might help but it all depends on you.

    Anyways ” God does not require us to succeed, he only requires that we try ” and life is meaningless without challenges right?

  145. who can tell me how to do the science paper 2 i feel too hard lah. Because iI don’t know how to write aim, variable, hypothesis, conclusion, and other things. Who can tell me the format to write

    1. aim
      the aim of this exp is to investigate……………
      constant:fixed,same all the time
      manipuletd:not same all the time
      responding:respond of manipulated
      eg. the higher the volume of salt the more the time taken for salt to dissolve
      the….(rv)…depends on….(mv)….
      my email…

  146. hey..u sounded sooo in deep stress! cmon..relax..the paper wont eat u! here’s how.. I’ve been working on some tips that i have experimented 2wards myself..n guess what? it works..
    1)make ur own time-table(not the 1 which only has the subjects 4 u 2 study but also include ur rest, eating time, watchingTV. Make sure u follow them! )

    2)Eventho u dun hav quest papers, doesn’t mean u cant study well. make ur own prediction of the chapters 4 u 2 stress on.. :

    Tatabahasa(is a must!)

    brave character
    character that u like
    moral values

    understand the quest
    graph function

    stress on economy
    know the maps (Malaysia’s and Atlas)
    know the places(the location on maps)
    the function of the places mentioned

    memorize the agreements
    for form 3, make sure u understand the chronology

    hmm..r u taking perdagangan? coz u didnt mention so i cant really giv any advise. but if u do take perdagangan, then focus on accounts. MAke sure u know which account will be in which account at the end

    try 2 rmmber the parts by relating it 2 urself..

    good luck!

  147. ahahhhhhhhh…..pmr is juz around da corner…i don’t know how to improve my suck broken english anymore….i have read a lot of english essay…but still…..i can’t get high score in english….my mark in english is always B!!!idiot girl!!muahahah….i’m become crazier day by day…..especially in essay part….there’s always grammar mistake everywhere….~~muahahahahha……

    p/s:sorry for my bad english…coz i’m really not good in english…

  148. Actually, you all don’t have to worry so much because PMR is very easy!!!! trust me !!!!

    BUT !!!!! Science and Math for 2009 is going to be difficult… my teacher told me …

    Karangan and English Essay is not going to be difficult if you put yourself in that situation and think!!!! its going to be very easy~~~

    Geografi do more latihan then its okay!!!

    Sejarah have to do latihan (form by form) then everything is solve!!!


    Wish me luck too because i’m going to sit for PMR this year(2009)!!! ^^^^^

  149. yup…pmr is juz around da corner…but im still weak in math ppr 1….its so hard n i have no idea to improve my math ppr 1….but i like 2 du math ppr 2….bcoz it easy den math ppr 1….could any1 help me??

  150. hello,everyone!i’m going to sit for pmr (2009) and it’s around the corner….i still encounter problems in bm as well as khb…i’m quite scared to face pmr,i’m the type of person who is hard to actually maintain composure..and i also need tips for the upcoming pmr exam….anyone would be happy to help me out?

    1. hello..i just wanna share my tips quite ok for this subject.. im gonna sit for my pmr for this year too..i just wan to use malay as this is about bm..

      1st,untuk ringkasan,kita kena betul-faham ape yang dia mintak.. sebagai contoh,kalau dia mintak faktor-faktor,so cari yang berkaitan dengan faktor-faktor..

      bahagian ringkasan,
      faktor-faktor peningkatan masalah sosial dalam kalangan remaja

      dasawarsa ini,sering kita lihat di dada-dada akhbar, keruntuhan akhlak dan kemerosotan nilai moral dalam kalangan remaja menjadi perhatian pelbagai pihak.masalah ini bukan hanya dikecam hebat oleh individu tertentu seperti ibu bapa,malah pihak kerajaan juga tidak penat-penat memerah otak dan keringat empat kerat semata-mata bagi memulihkan peneraju generasi negara ini.

      pengaruh rakan sebaya yang negatif merupakan penyumbang paling besar dalam masalah ini.anak-anak yang kekurangan perhatian dan luangan masa daripada ibu bapa lebih gemar bertindak berdasarkan perkara di sekeliling mereka berbanding pemikiran secara rasional.

      selain itu,tidak dapat kita nafikan,pengaruh budaya kuning dari barat yang menunjukkan seolah-olah aktiviti bercium,berpelukan dan di ranjang merupakan perkara biasa menyebabkan golongan remaja berfikiran singkat dan beranggapan bahawa perkara itu semudah seprti yang ditonton di televisyen.dalam pada itu,perlu kita ingat didikan agama merupakan tiang peneguh utama dalam jati diri anak-anak…….

      ok,untuk JAWAPAN dia..
      masalah sosial dalam kalangan remaja merupakan isu yang sememangya perlu dibendung segera.faktor masalah ini seringnya melibatkan pengaruh rakan sebaya yang negatif.sementelahan,pengabaian perhatian dan luangan masa ibu bapa terhadap anak-anak menyebabkan gejala ini terus-terusan berleluasa.dalam pada itu,pengaruh budaya kuning dari barat turut merosakkan pemikiran anak remaja.kendatipun, penerapan didikan agama dalam diri remaja dapat menangkis segala masalah ini.

      ok.itu untuk rinkasan.ringkasan kena letak sekurang-kurangnya TIGA penanda wacana.n untuk jumlah perkataan jagan sesekali tipu pemeriksa.emosi pemeriksa n tanggapan dia terhadap kita mungkin akan jatuh so markah pun faham-fham je la…elakkan letak contoh.tulis sesuatu isi denagan cara yang beul-betul mantap.

      ok ada sapa-sape nak letak markah untuk ringkasan saya?daripda 20 berapa yang saya dapat?hehehe..just joking..opps!!gurau je..

      untuk bahagian b,karangn memang kena betul-betul berdasrkan bahan rangsangan yang dah diletakkan.satu peranggan lebih kurang TIGA AYAT.kesemuanya ada lima perenggan so cukup untuk 120 perkataan. letak peribahasa sekurangan-kurangnya dua.

      n untuk bahagian c,
      pendahuluan dia kalu boleh tulis seolah-olah kita master untuk tajuk yang kita pilih.ini bukan untuk nak tunjuk baguss,tapi untuk impak yang baik daripada pemeriksa. kita kena pengaruhi mood pemeriksa so that dia suka untuk teruskan semakn karangan kite.yang ni klau boleh letak peribahasa tiga gak..perenggan sekurang-kurangnya enam.tapi kalu nak dapat markah 38\40 try buat tujuh perenggan.

      bahagian d pulak,
      actually,selalunya dalm exam saya selau tipu fakta dalam bahagian ni.tapi kalu nk tipu fakta sekalipun cuba cari fakta yang betul-betul logik dan berkaitan dengan apa yang diminta.contoh novel kapten hassan wira bangsa..(actually,saya tak habis baca novel ni), tapi kita kena cuba putarkan sessuatu peristiwa yang berlaku untuk kena dengan jawapan yang diminta.(sory ayat ni agak belit-belit)

      kalu dia minta nilai kegigihan,saya sempat baca yang depan-depan je so saya cum ingat events yang bahagian depan..ok,kapten hasan gigih menuntut ilmu kebatinan semata-mata mahu menuntutbela atas kematian isteri dan keluarga mertuanya.beliau gigih dalam mempertahankan kedaulatan tanh air dalam menentang komunis.

      actually,saya tak ingat dia tentang komunis cam mana tapi berdasarkan pemahaman,kapten hassan terlibat dalam pengembalian tanh air,jadi kita cuba putarkan peristiwa daam mandaptkan jawapan yang berkaitan.tapii jangan tukar event pulak..

      kalu kapten hasan tentang komunis,kita jangan letak kapten hasan tentang malyan union coz fakta dah memng-memg salh sebab terkeluar tajuk novel..

      kalu nak tanya pasal bm,maybe i could kepada say di

  151. i was f 3 too… so hard to believe next 10 days will be our pmr… im really poor in sejarah … can anyone help me?????
    ican give out idea to score in geog
    you must know all the part of the world
    prepare a map and label it urself
    itcan help u..
    for bm
    study on fakta n pendapat
    it can help u
    email me at

    1. Sejarah have to do latihan but remember u need to read the question that u do wrong and read twice the correct answer and read some important point in buku rujukan sej

  152. Hi! I’m quite frustrated wif my bm bhg C..coz i always get 30-33 marks only…anyone can give any suggestions to improve it to 35 and above?thkz..

  153. Ok…i might be new here but i have a confession to make..i need a miracle so i can get 7A’s for my! It’s a real pain! I’m very weak in my sejarah and maths..(especially in circles and lines & angles) So, i really need some1 who is very kind enough to help me score in pmr or else, life after the result will be a living hell!!! Pls!!
    If anyone can help me, pls add me at msn
    trust me, u won;t regret it for the rest of ur life…just tips is enough 4 me..>_0

        1. If u couldn’t understand the only way is buy some work book and write the answer at the back to the question and read twice time

  154. acctually o scored my math 96 for my trial…it was quite easy but i scored sejarah soo badly nyone can help me plz…i need ur kindness plzz

  155. hello pmr/spm/stpm stucents usaha kamu boleh dapat 8/10 a dalam peperiksaan sebenar dan saya yakin kepada kamu semu . kamu boleh. kamu mesti yakin diri pada diri dand jangan tidak mahu tak yakin

  156. hey frens,tips 4 science paper 2: pls study chapter:

    1)element,compound ,mixture
    2)absorption or releasing of heat
    3)food chain,food web,pyramid number
    4)simple machine
    5)transport in plant
    6)growth in human
    7)support and movement
    8)nutralisation acid&alkali

  157. Erm.. I m advising everyone not to buy Andrew Choo’s tips..
    It is completely a waste of money and it helps a bit but not much..
    You have to find resources by yourself..
    From malaysia student website…or look through other websites..
    Download pass papers or buy some exercises instead of buying Andrew Choo’s tips..
    They are complete RIP OFF..=_=

  158. Erm.. I m advising everyone not to buy Andrew Choo’s tips..
    It is completely a waste of money and it helps a bit but not much..
    You have to find resources by yourself..
    From malaysia student website…or look through other websites..
    Download pass papers or buy some exercises instead of buying Andrew Choo’s tips..
    They are RIP OFF..=_=

  159. one day more 4 pmr.. those who having stress,or feeling butterfly flying in your stomach.. try 2 relax and have fun… if youre still sterss try 2 find out a solution by calling ur closest frenz

  160. what i gonna to say is..don’t fail in this exam..even u get 7A,if the 1 subject u get fail.. it means all fail… if can score all A will be more good ofcourse ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. Today is 6th of October and n the time now is 8:26. 1 more day to reach PMR lol! I hope i wont fail any of them(subject)!=) U all too~ God bleess u!

  162. Hey, do you have any tips for me?Today i sat for BM paper.
    And it suckz!!!
    What i read,all didn’t come out al all…
    Pls help me…
    And btw,thx for ur sejarah tips posted on 12 April 08
    I’ll try to do it

  163. haha..its really funny..many of my friends trust the andrew choo spot lucky coz i don care about his useless spot…thanks to to all my friends,just ignore all the spots and try to score by your own..lalala….

  164. Hey there..
    I know I’m kinda late…
    But still, for all those who are gonna sit for PMR in 2010 (me too)
    I wanna stress something on Sejarah, which is also the main problem of many of my friends..
    Well,I have to admit that I love the subject..
    And I have never scored less than an A for it since Form 1..
    The main thing you gotta do to do well in this subject is to love the subject…
    I know most people wouldn’t agree with this but it’s true..
    If you keep on saying that ‘Oh my gosh,I HATE this subject, I HATE this subject’, you’re never gonna do well because it’s registered in your brains that this subject sucks and you wouldn’t really give your 100% in this particular subject although you think that you are…
    Just calm down and say ‘Ok.. Let’s see what happened in the past’.. Sejarah is actually a very entertaining subject.. Try increasing your passion for this subject by talking or asking your parents or grandparents or maybe your great-grandparents about the history of your family.. Then,I assure you, you would be really interested to know what has happened before where,how,when… Also known as Sejarah..
    p/s: I know I don’t qualify to speak about this here as I have not yet sit for PMR, but this is based on my experience in Form 1 and Form 2.. And I think I’m capable of doing well in Sejarah in the PMR level as well..
    I hope you guys found this helpful…
    Thank you!

  165. my son is pretty sad…he just got his PMR result this morning. He got only A for English and C for KH the rest is B but as long as he can go for science stream, I’m happy already.

    1. hmm, i'm guessing u dont have any passion for sejarah right ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      remember, before you learn sejarah, you gotta love sejarah.
      then you'll be able to study cos you'll easily remember what you like okay ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. it's funny how, i search for example of letter writing for pmr level. and it came out this. =.='
    anyone ? please give me the example of letter writing , article , report and speach/talk essay.

  167. i really2 need help…i will taking part in pmr exmination dis total sbjct is 9..(include
    i dnt knw how to score in b.arb and i really dnt hav any spirit to answer it..
    plezz help me..giv me all tip how to score in b.arb..





  169. Hey can anyone help me?! im sittin for pmr dis year n i tink im ok but im doubtful. especially kh!!!! de highest i got is 95 n wen i do exercises in skul i score quite high but wen i do exercises at home i get very low marks! n i dun tink the work my teacher gives us in skul is enuf!!!! can anyone recommend sum gud books 4 me???????????

    1. whoa least u got A for it . congratulations .. me …i never get A , the highest was only B . ๐Ÿ™ . can u give me some tips about how u study for kh . i'm going to take pmr also this year .

      1. well i think i can give my advise on how to answer ur kh…
        before dis..i always get b for my kh but after i change my way of reading kh books..i got an A
        my advise is try to read part that u realy REALLY! don understand…
        focus more to that part and im sure u can get an a ( well not an A+ but still an A )

  170. Looking at all of the post here i found that most of you struggling for examination, however, there is still a chance, there is still a way to get a good marks, for those which live near to Seri Kembangan, you can contact me for tips to score A…
    This is my email address:

  171. whoa, many of u are very struggle in order to get A in Pmr……
    But please i wanna know how to get A in Pmr

    very hard la!!

    and any advise about Kh?
    i'm perdagangan la!

  172. hi, guys m from smk padang serai school…… i not should tell this…….my school is one of the worst school in malaysia………i’m aiming four 8A to join Royal Miltray colege……………u guys pls he;p me 2 acevie my aim thank……..

    my hp num………..012-5820095

  173. who can help me 2 do better in math dis time?i always get a nice result in other subject,but not math..
    the highest marks i get in math is only 64..
    i never pass my math….
    i wish i can score better in math…

    1. advice is , ..first try to love maths subject ..:) do a lot of revision n the pastyear question . that will help you more ..learn to undestand all the topics ., n if u can't ,. just try to memorize it (especially 4 the formula) thing , avoid stress , the numbers n it'll love u back …

    2. try not to get too tension about maths… maths is only something that u have to use your brain a lot….
      try to love maths and you'll do your best….


  174. you are lucky than me, i'm worse in almost all of the subject! i'll be taking the trial exam nxt week, but my brain is like…..empty!!! u know how stupid i am?? OMG!!!! how i'm gonna do if i fail???

    1. hye . .there are some tips for you here . although i'm not really good in bi , but i think this can help u ..what u need to do is a lot of exercise ..and make sure the dictionary always there beside bacause it'll help u :),..n try to read some english novels …that will help u especially in writing story or composition ..btw , i'm going to take pmr also this year ..:))i hope this will help you ..

  175. Nowadays young people are so childish, no offence just after reading those comments just to spend my time i think you all have a long way to go yet. My degree students and private teach of PMR for my friends children i would like to give some some advices to those who going to atted PMR soon. …..think positively dont ever EVER think of Suicide! PMR just tiny easy exam papers. now PMR so easy easier then my time . you have SPM, STPM, A-level and also Degree to go yet…. more examination. so whats the big deal?

    Boy dont so proud of yourself now you passed PMR not necessary you will score A in your University or other on coming test. Remember Dont offence TEACHER. teacher can be any level…like my level altough i am not cheap secondary school teacher but i back from england and in USM so not easy to go to local university these days. i can fail any my students as i like but we dont do that …so.. show respect to any teacher . those teaching you guys mostly degree students and there are professor who take teaching as hobby . Get Phd and earn the “Dr” name then u can have freedom of speech.

    PMR students dont worry, just read your notes and revision books. ask teacher and good luck! learn nice words please dont spoil Malaysia’s student impression for outsiders. everyone around the world will read and see it. ….go overseas get a name back be respected by others for your academic achievements..Good Luck..

      1. Anonymous… were u really in England? I find that rather hard to believe! Not only do u have a problem with grammar, u have a problem constructing proper sentences. I studied in UM and to tell the truth, I haven't gone abroad.. but my english is far better than yours. Please learn to speak and write properly if u r going to be posting about others bcoz it'll come back at u! No hard feelings ok.

  176. please sent me some of the questions i think it will really help me in my PMR examination because i’m weak in every subjects

  177. With consistent practice, I believed you scored 'A' for your Math. Geography was a little challenging for me back then when I was taking my O Level many years back; we not only have to write well, but we also have to memorize certain things and the knowledge.

    1. easy, to get an A in geography, you really need to read the maps. you dont need to hafal most of them okay, just the popular ones.. and remember to always do the past year exam questions cos PMR is another word for 'REPEAT'. I've finished more than four geography books and most of the questions are the same. Same goes to PMR, just repeating again and again.. Some people who recognises the questions would get bored when they take exams cos they've done the questions hundreds and hundreds of time…. hope i help u.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. for me , geography you must not memories but try to make equation as my teacher taught me… like dimanakah pokok kelapa di tanam? so you make equation like this … my grandfather like to drink air kelapa when he faint. Grandfather here refer to atok(bagan DATOH. AND Faint is refer to Pitam(Sipitang) hope this tips can help you…=) just want to tell you that all of this great idea is from by great teacher… good luck for your pmr…

  178. Gah! What is it with you guys?! So worried about PMR… It’s nothing la… Juz the tests that kinda make your future crumble if you get bad results… SPM is waaaayyy more important.

    Still, this PMR is important too and you kinda have to pass and get straight A’s unless you want your parents hot on your tail after you get the result.

    Me? Aiseh… I’m worried too la…but not sampai tahap wanna pee in my pants.

    I kinda study online… using this website “”. It got all the past years PMR papers with the exception of Agama and KHB… but you gotta pay and have this card kinda thing… 50% waste money 50% gained knowledge… your pick..

    Wish you all a very debaran PMR. Good luck.

  179. Im so not ready for PMR. My results for trial exam sucks. And My teacher said English literature part will ask about settings!?!?! And everyone said PMR would be hard this year!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, Im freaking out right now

  180. lw krng bt soaln pmr twn2 lps pn ble pas2 sda. bkn mw ckp snang mw skor tp at least da cnfdnce la skit tym krts tu dpn krng nti. ganbatte 2 all the pmr cndidates! ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. I'm not ready for the pmr and i dont even study at all from form 1,2,3 any1 can help me out wif this problem before i ready to sit for this Pmr examination 2010 .i need to start my revision as well as i could understand. I'm so regret tat i could'nt pay much attention during the teacher teaching and explaning about! I need some1 who can assist me on this subject such as Sejarah,Geografi,KH and science!!!!!!! could some1 solve this problem tat i ever faced about in my life. help me!! My add me as fast as possible im urgently need ur helps!

  182. left 2 days only~
    math, geo, and kh…i'm sure i can get A!!!haha~~
    math is too easy~ i ever get 85 marks below since i learn it~
    why so many ppl say math is difficult??

  183. Well, It seems that the PMR exams this week is quite easy….maybe we still have chance to score straight A's this week.

  184. weh,,,math aku boleh bt…tp aku susah sngat nk dapat a….abeh kuat pon 76…arh
    so spe2 tere…ataw ada soalan spot….msg aku…0124045103

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