Astro Customer Service: Siva

Astro logoAnother customer service recording being leaked. This time is Astro’s Siva VS a customer who assumes she have an excellent English command. Be warned that things are being repeated over and over in this 20 minutes conversation. Make sure you have enough free time.

The customer is obviously a problematic one for threatening to call the police just because the customer service operator is not up to her expectation. I would be happily telling the customer to go ahead and make a police report if I’m Siva.

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Download: sivaastro.mp3

34 thoughts on “Astro Customer Service: Siva

  1. d0nt waste my tym n my BILL laaaaaa…..
    u bloody.. bloody.. bloody……..sounding me ah…sounding me ah..sounding me ah….bloody FucK! Press? police?lawyer..(threatening summore) poor guy………eh eh eh ehhhhe ehhhhhhe ehhhh….Dont Let me sPeak in TaMIL ah??LOL…wonder how wud that be??
    dis is soooo damn funny man!!!….i jus dont get her…wHats he fucking probLem…She’s L0nely man!

    WHERES THE PART 2????!! im waiting!

    Siva a.k.a jeeVa @CS porr feLL0w……VAzGha!!


  3. ” What is my problem??” ,” What is my problem??” ,” What is my problem??” ,” What is my problem??” ,” What is my problem??” ,Ha, This is your problem lah, Keep asking what is my problem!! People apologized liao, you still want to asking ” What is my problem??” ! Where is the PR just now?? PR, since you are PR, you should tell her WHAT IS HER PROBLEM! Shit!

  4. My God…. The customers are just plain racist, ignorant and uneducated. Siva has been very calm throughout the call. The uneducated customers was screaming since the start of the call. Rude, crude and basically bastards that should be drag into the streets and stoned to death.

    If these damn customers gave me a call like that, I’d welcome them to my office, bring the press, flush their uneducated mug on the newspaper and show them to the world. Education is definitely lacking in this scenario…

  5. These customers are just so freaking screwed. Especially the young customer that gave the poor Siva a verbal beating. This is just a practical scenario of people (customers) using their emotions rather than using their fuckin’ brains. They should realize that agents are just human beings, and if provoked might just say something un-proper like that. This just a matter of incompetent customers which has not so excellent grip of the English language giving a reasonably ok Customer Service agent hell.

    I hope the customers that was apart of the conversation goes through this blog, and realizes that they were just soooooo f*%kin’ stuupid, thinking their tempraments and ego will solve their problems.


  6. that woman and her mother (so call wanna act cool and smart) might be having problem didn’t get the laid for past few days.

    Especially that psycho woman kannakambing?? kandangkambing what ever her name is man…she desparately need to fuck someone …else she wont be throwing tantrum like this.

    she is humilation to indians in malaysia….cant speak propper english konon….sediri screaming like pariah from estate.

    just hang yourself on the tauge tree/plant..sorry i dont speak good english…please give me a call at 012-223!@#@! and teach me some english! ahak! bodoh punya perempuanS..hehheeh…check that out…

    siva u cool and rock man! love u!

  7. Geez… the customer really thinks her english is good. OMG.. repition and such foul language from that 20 over year old account holder.. urgh.. And the mother?? WOW.. she said she’s in PR.. REALLY? and is trying to teach him?? PR? do you know what PR means in some level??? It is CUSTOMER SERVICE.. hahahhahaa.. Geez…. Siva/Jeeva.. hang in there.. I feel you.. You didn’t do a great job on handling an imbecile.. but you did a good enough job by just staying there and being quite.. I salute..

  8. Hi Guys,

    I dont think you guys know the regulations on Customer service,if a call like that was made,siva has EVERY right to hang up and use the recording to make a police report.Since siva has got no knowledge on his rights,he got abused by some lady.Astro should train their staff on all this…Again,its astro’s fault

  9. Ayoo….HER PROBLEM start when she did not ask in the polite way in the first place but she expect someone to respect her….bengong…she should take PR class from her mother who think she have very good PR…Do not know how to teach her own daugther a good manner ada hati nak ajar org lain….both like a crab….nak ajar org jalan lurus tp diri sendri yg senget…what a world!!! Siva hang in there!!! go Siva…

  10. the 2 bitches (mother and daughter) should get a grip of them self 1st…they need to get themself a fuck…maybe they should try 69 with them self…it just might work…English konon-this is malaysia bitch, not britian…she herself spoke like a paraiya from an estate…hahahaha

    The guy siva was very patient but was not necessary at that time….if i was siva, i would just drop the call…anyhow i salute

  11. Hi Boby,

    Actually astro did train their staff to hang up a call if customer did using a *@*&@ word. We do have a right. But at the first place, we guys been instruct to give a customer 3rd times of warning before do so.

  12. i dont know how this old lady can face this world if she listen to this audio…
    only because of small thing,u shouting like u r losing a 100 million dollar…
    what the heck…
    siva? good job my friend….

  13. hmm… the is one crazy lady!

    Anyway, Astro at blame as well – obviously the staff is under-trained, he had no clue how to handle the situation at all! First mistake – no reason for him to say "its your problem" – was he trying to be a smart ass? Second – All the sudden its confirm technical problem? He didn't even try to diagnose the problem! Third – Keep the call without a word? Seriously – don't Astro has escalation method? All it takes is someone to calm the situation and shut her up!

    I wonder if any telekom/streamxy call has ever leaked before – I bet thats gonna be even colorful! 😉

  14. This is a nightmare. But yes, the customer support staff was not trained otherwise he would have been able to solve this easily. He lets the customer dictate the conversation.

  15. Poor Siva. Who started the bloody tone anyway? Whose english is worst? What a shame! What is her problem? Someone should make this viral and hopefully AK will take note.

  16. bloody stupid bitch. started shouting 1st and then blame other ppl. wtf.. man…. and her english is shit too….the papers couldnt be bothered with such a stupid complaint.

  17. poor siva. he could have handled it better but the lady already made up her mind to be an ass before she called in. she didnt even give siva a chance to explain what the problem is and just started shouting. and later she had the gall to claim siva didnt explain to her the problem and interrupted her when she was talking.

    they should keep siva precisely because of this episode. better to keep a staff who learned from his mistake than to hire a new one and make the same mistake again

    and I thought siva's english was pretty decent. you can speak perfect english and still be an asshole. would you rather have a decent english speaker being polite to you or an "excellent" english speaker speaking to you like you're 5 years old?

  18. I'm impressed at how many people saying Poor Siva. I mean, just 'cos the client was impatient and annoyingly loud, it's ok to be incompetent on your job? Oh please… I'm sure we've all had our fair share of idiotic Customer service ppl who, not only can't solve your problems but are literally holding the phone and talking about things from the scripts given to them without understanding it at all.

    Sure, she was over the line… but have you tried talking to some of the Astro and Maxis customer service officers and trying to explain your problem in simple English and they keep giving you the solution for some other problem? See how you don't get angry with them… Be fair… Siva isn't poor thing, he should have just passed the line to his supervisor… OR, get the supervisor to call her back from the moment he realized he can't handle her…

    That's called escalating. yes She's horrible. HE, shouldn't be a customer service officer.

    1. i thought he wanted to get the supervisor to call the client but she refuses to give the number and start screaming her head off.

    2. You must be one of this stupid customer who call astro and start yelling for some stupid simple thing that can be solved with the simple script but you hardly get it

  19. OMG!! what a bitch!!! Without astro for a day can die ahhhh!!! Siva being patient & he's already apologize, what do u want some more, just wrongly use conversation on "it's ur problem", maybe he means if u willing to come to astro , that's all. The mother more polite then her but think she is very smart to teach some one.
    PLS LAH…!!! Better teach ur daughter a better manner, come out all bloody, bloody hell, bastard…….
    Is she hv degree's which universiti or college, so i wont send my children there. SO ASHAMMME…….D…..

  20. kepale buto lh keling!! ko dgn same2 keling pn nk mcm ni ke? ckp bahasa ingeris pn besepah!!!! Belagak nk mampos,mcm ko sorang je pki astro kt rmh ko! G balik estet lh… Msk sekolah balik lh belajo adab tau!! ko tau adap x?

  21. The stupid Kanagambikai is a ceylonese bitch who thinks she is freaking superior than the rest of the Indians. Hello bitch, let's trace back your origin-aren't your ancestors from India too? Bitch.

    Just don't adopt this annoying superior air when you talk to Indians. Look here Ceylonese bitches (*snapping my fingers) just give the Indians another 15-20 years, they would definitely escalate the social ladder way higher than you bitches.

  22. He was right when he said "your problem" to her because obviously she has an acute mental problem. Firstly, no person in their sane mind will begin a phone call with a stranger with a coarse and rude tone. Next, she clearly is convinced that she is better than everyone else and that she is very educated. Her English also lacks basic grammar, ("Speak a proper English"!? What is that supposed to mean?). She is very abusive and her vulgar vocabulary is vomit-inducing. Disgusting!

  23. why do i feel like stoning her to death? i dont know if she's menopause(with a huge temper issue) or mentally psyched but she definitely has issues. wei kanakambing, i hope u see this. i hope u burn in hell bitch. people like u shouldnt be alive. burn in hell lifeless bitch. siva, rock on. i would have dropped the call but i guess u just didnt wanna get in trouble. but still, siva ftw!

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