Vincent Chow dot Net, Version *only-god-knows*

Finally, I have got the blog a new look after 1.5 years of using the old, by far the longest serving theme. I have totally no idea how many times I have changed the blog theme since 2006, that explains why only god knows what version it is now.

You’d probably want to read the previous post when I announce the iTheme. N.Design Studio did a really great job in designing the iTheme, but for some reason I’ll have the urge of renovating the blog once in a while no matter how good it is already.

If you notice, the background is somewhat similar to the old theme, blue color with some random pattern. Posting large images will never be as problematic as before, as this new theme is wider.

And no, I’d not change back to the old theme anytime soon. At least not by today itself, after spending hours tweaking the theme to recall all features (although it’s all about copying and pasting codes).

Let me know what you think 🙂

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