Gillian Chung’s Nude Photo Taken in Malaysia

Gillian Chung Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi is a successful duo band in Hong Kong, known as Twins. Recently, they came to Malaysia for a concert, and it was held at [tag]Genting Highlands[/tag] on 18 and 19 August 2006. Gillian Chung, also known as Ah Kiu, was caught by a hidden camera when she’s changing her custome in the backstage dressing room. Those pictures were published in Hong Kong’s Easy Finder magazine later on.

None of the [tag]pictures[/tag] showing her naked, however, with a bra or something covered. Anyway, there is one of the pictures that’s taken from the side showing her half [tag]nude[/tag]. Here’s some of the images. Please stop reading this if you’re uncomfortable with it.

Gillian Chung’s Nude Photos

Gillian Chung Half Nude at Malaysia 01Gillian Chung Half Nude at Malaysia 02Gillian Chung Half Nude at Malaysia 03Gillian Chung Half Nude at Malaysia 04
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I’m actually wondering how is the pictures taken. What kind of security is given, that the pictures are taken without any notice. Gillian Chung is really having a bad day. Charlene Choi was really lucky to be covered by Gillian Chung, or her pictures will be taken as well.

Gillian Chung’s response over the issue.

Giliian's response cry 1
Gillian crying 2
Gillian crying over photo taken by hidden camera

Hope it will be alright soon enough. All the best Twins!

43 thoughts on “Gillian Chung’s Nude Photo Taken in Malaysia

  1. Agree that it should be insider’s help, the most possible way to take those pics easily. Not sure for Genting if they’ll be sued, but I’m sure the magazine will have a big time now, well, maybe.

  2. This is getting more worst with all these technologies being used for the wrong reasons…I wonder if these gadgets should be allowed inside a concert next time,camera phones are the same as well.

  3. Its ok Gillian,u should just take it as though u were filming a movie..I curse the photografer to rot in hell,u r still a star no matter wat..

  4. the picture are too worst,for who had taken that pic, another time,please take her boobs or maybe her pussy ,that’s really better


    Did anyone can provide website which is more spetacular than this one!! Boring la this one, nothing to see

  6. Every woman does wear bra, so does photographer’s mother and sister or the Easy Finder boss’s daugther & wife. What’s the problem of wearing bra ??

  7. Good publicity. If it is my sister I say ” Stay free” just a flashy a bit of your undergarment-bra… it is ok… very sleazy.
    And for the papapazzi>>you did a bad job.

  8. I love Gillian Chung and this is just plain disrespectful of them taking those pictures. She should sue Genting for not securing the area of hidden cameras/cameran. They should be taught a lesson so it does not repeat in the near future to anyone else.

    How’d you like if your pictures were taken doing embarassing or ‘private’ activities and being shown to or looked at by everyone at work or the whole freaking world that could damage your reputation (probably get fired and won’t be accepted anywhere else) especially when you’re apublic figure.

    Remember Kate Moss? Drug Abuse and being refused to by all major magazines.

  9. I feel so bad for Gillian.
    Screw you pple who dont respect her. Its not the point if she gets seen with a bra on or without a bra on..bottom line she was being stalked.
    If you dont even respect that then fuck off cuz you pple suck
    no offence really…

  10. that mother fucker photographer is going to hell, better put him in jail so he get raped by a whole bunch of homos /gg

  11. i don’t agree with photographer doing!!! don’t thing about it,my idol!! i always beside your!! i love u so much!!

  12. Have to be invetigated. Either someone done as a paparazy or someone who want pump up her popularity. Seeing the picture, nothing to be worried.

  13. shit, there is nothing, just bra, no big deal. no need to cry. the quality of the pics is worst, cant even see her face. Any by the way, she not that pretty compare to a lot of Japanese porn star lol. Don’t cry like a baby just because u r a celebrity. U got no tit,ass or watever, i bet she isnot even a virgin so don’t make such a fuss .sign

  14. omg….. wat some of u people aren’t seeing is it didn’t matter whether it really showed her completly nude. What matters is that SOMEONE had the NERVE to even set foot in their PRIVATE changing room and to set up a hidden camera to take PICTURES that they had no right to take…..

  15. semakin tinggi pohon tumbuh semakin besar pula anggin yang akan menerpa nya,masalah yang cece gillian hadapi hanyalah sebagian kecil dari masalah yang akan terus datang menerpa pohon yang terus tumbuh dengan tinggi nya,dimanapun kita beada,siapa pun dia dan berasal dari keluarga apapun dia hukum karma akan tetap berlaku,ketika dia berani melakukan nya maka di sudah siap menerima balasannya,cece gillian sabar ya….

  16. with all the hidden camera issue especially while people changes their cloth, toilet business or peeing and not to forget the ever increasing rape case, incest, mistress poltical murder, child molestation,etc, no wonder why we have been label as gila seks coutry!

  17. Please, come on. Is that all? That is considered as NUDE pictures? One can barely see anything… when I walk along the street in summer in my town people are more nude than that.

    Thats pathetic!

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