Da Nang 01

Da Nang 01

This is my third time to Vietnam, but a first to Da Nang. The first two visits were to HCMC and Hanoi. The people may not be very friendly, but there’s something about the country that pulls me in. Perhaps it’s the weather, or perhaps it’s the way of life. It gives me a very laid back vibe.

I’m writing this part of the post in a corner cafe called Xich Lo. Today is the second day of the trip before flying back home tomorrow. So it’s a rather short trip. Compared to the other two cities, Da Nang is pretty hard to navigate on foot, as the attractions are all pretty far apart. Fortunately Grab is available here. It’s also relatively easy to get a cab, although the fares are slightly higher than a Grabcar.

The attractions are pretty diverse. There’s a beach near the city. There’s a lively riverfront scene. There are mountains and nature to be explored. But I didn’t get to do much with such a short stay, plus it’s drizzling almost the whole time I’m here.

One of the uniqueness of HCMC is the number of motorbikes on the road and the insane amount of honking. Da Nang has its fair share of this madness, but it’s far more toned down. Perhaps it’s because the roads and infrastructures are better here.

Photos of food before they get mopped up:

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