Edison Chen Sex Scandal Photos Download Unstoppable

Just as I check my inbox after returning from my hometown for Chinese New Year, again there are email updates on the news of Edison Chen’s sex scandal. For now, there are already at least 210 nude photographs that are available for download on the internet, which include 3 Hong Kong actress, Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung and Bobo Chan.

Despite the effort of the Hong Kong police to stop the photos spreading, there are more photos being added, and one of them even promised to release a video soon. It’s too late to do anything.

While Edison Chen left Hong Kong for Boston with only an apology video, Gillian has not left her residency for at least 240 hours. As for Bobo Chan, there are rumors that her wedding has been canceled by her boyfriend.

After all the denying, it is now proven that all those photos are real and not being photoshopped. Personally, I think Edison should be blamed for all these, and not the one who release the photos. Besides, all the female victims should be responsible too for allowing Edison to snap their nude photos.

Proof of Edison Chen Scandal Photos are real

While the females can still be forgiven, Edison’s reputation is totally ruined, and this serves him right as a lesson for his carelessness. Sorry if you are wanting to have a look at those pictures, but they will not be posted here. Anyway, as those pictures are already posted all over the internet, you can easily search for them.

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P/s: If Gillian Chung is already crying for the Genting incident, she should be crying even harder now.

64 thoughts on “Edison Chen Sex Scandal Photos Download Unstoppable

  1. Happy Chinese New Year, Mr Chow, and look at the specially made video, he didn’t really mean to make an apology, what he is doing is trying to get rid of the trouble for the future when the starlets are going to sue him for money as he is careless about keeping the photo as showing off to his friends. here’s a hot debate over his video:


    And now the most horrible thing is the photo of his current gf Vincy Yeung is leaked. We all believe Edison is in a big trouble.

  2. If this happened in USA, the celebrities involved would be happy because they have the attention of media. It’s interesting to see how the cultures and mentalities are different.

    I believe everyone is responsible for themselves. They choose to do what they did, nobody pushed them into it. On the other hand, I wonder why they didn’t ask him to destroy those pictures after they had fun…

  3. I think Edison will be starring in Cloverfield 2 : Porno version featuring his handycam with another celebrities. His reputation is increasing with less respects. No more role in Stephen Chow’s movie, no advertisement… he’s dead… now Kira is punishing him by uploading the photos, where’s L?

  4. Mr Chow, have you watched the latest news ? Everyone is talking about Gillian Chung after she claimed herself was too silly and naive. Some people think she is so brave but also some people think she is very fake.

    1. I would like to share hong kong sex scandal before chinese new year this year i am obalige to respond from your publication or mail that you have send to me thank you

  5. well, everyone have their rights to do what they wanna do…
    no one is to blame other than blame ourself…cause we are the one to be responsible of our life not others

  6. i feel bad to all the people involved, but what’s done is done… there’s nothing Edison or anyone can stop this madness.

  7. how is this the fault of anyone but the people who leaked the photos? He took his computer in for repairs and they had a responsibility to fix only his computer and not anything else? They abused their power.

    Perhaps the uploaders should be executed to prove a point in the future?

  8. This is madness… =-=
    There’s accually SEX TOYS lying on the ground…
    It seriously isn’t Edison’s fault that these pictures leaked out.
    I think we can’t say that Edison’s ‘hobby’ is a good thing, but we shouldn’t blame him for anything…

  9. i will distribute this photo… i hate this guy, i hate edison chen, i hope his career is finish! by the way, i need gillian video. anyone have done download yet?

  10. Yeah! Serves him right! It’s about time these self-righteous, cocky and arrogant people get a piece of what they deserve.

    Unfortunately, the files have been removed because of complaints. Bummer!

    But fear not, I’m sure if we all google hard enough it will be available somewhere else. They can stop a trickle but they can never stop the sea! That’s the power of the Internet, modern and mass communications!

    GRIN! 😀

  11. Not Edisons fault but the technicians fault. People need to see that. If his laptop ain’t broke, then no pictures will be seen. Edison should keep in mind to store photos of dark secrets in a secure place. What a piece of ++++.

    Thanks Edison! For a great addition to the world of scandals.

  12. wow i support Edison Chen was god of man
    i don;t think that Edison Chen was wrong
    all of photos been taken without force, their face look so happy when been capture.
    i more like to hear about is that Twins Ah Q, pretend so lady and clear.
    previously at Malaysia, she cry like a hell and pretend so pity
    how about she now? what she have to say?
    that cheung 5 star photo queen already coming out alot of stupid and funny reason.
    when Twins ah Q reason will be anouce?
    i think she should be ok if she going to capture that “photo and movie”
    maybe the future will more brigthness then now

  13. It’s a lively showing of the agly chinese ,I do believe that it happens more in the maniland entertainmant,

  14. all show business are the same. There is not different in China (mainland) entertainment. They did not get caught in China/Mainland, but it does not mean it did not happen.

  15. can’t blame edison what he does .and the girl know what they do and can see they are very like it.so don’t pity them .edison u don’t worry u career.after that u will very famous all the world.don’t give up!!!blessing u lucky forever.

  16. Yeah I agree with Jennie, these girls are grown ups. they did it on their own free will. Now can a 27 y/o be silly an naive??? that’s ridiculous. So fake, i hope all their careers tank and go back to pushing dim sum carts. Well for Edison, he’s more famous in the rest of the world. Maybe he should focus on international films.

  17. those girls are bitches and edison shouldn’t be apologetic to them, they should know the consequences b4 allowing edison to take the photos of them

  18. I feel sorry for the girls…. their reputation and careers are destroyed due to their stupidity… as for that dickhead edison, that arrogant prick deserves what he gets…. hope the triads nail the loser…

  19. Edisen is a victim, the girls are victims. If Edisen has to leave the entertainment business, so are the girls. Why are stupid people pointing fingers at Edisen? If a girl got rape, do we ask the victim to apologize to the rapist because she is beautiful and have a nice body? If your car got stolen and the theif killed someone, do we ask you to apologize for allowing your car being stolen? This is what we are asking Edisen to do! Mature up people.

  20. Oh pleaz, he said he was quitting the LOCAL entertainment scene, not entertainment as a whole. Do you really think he cares about his Hong Kong career now that he has a potential Hollywood one?

    Bobo, Cecelia and Gillian are also to be blamed as much as Edison. No one forced them to pose for the pictures. C’mon haven’t they heard about what happened to Paris Hilton and the others in LaLa Land?

    You pose for nude/sex pictures, you run the risk of finding them posted on the internet one day or another, esp if you’re a celebrity! They’re just trying to act innocent now. Suing Edison for mishandling the pictures and the laptop. HUH, why did you pose for those pictures in the first place?!

    I say they all deserve what they’re getting! Whoever leaked the pictures should be given a pat on the back to exposing all so called “innocent” celebs!

    1. I agree. Kenwu young is another fucked up retard who thinks that being rich is everything. He is pathetic for trying to act so innocent to people that he thinks others might fall into his trap.

  21. edison did nothing wrong, it wasnt his fault the pics were published. i think hes a fucking legend for nailing all those hot asian pussies, those ladies new what could be the consequences after they agreed to be taken by a camera or video. they were dumb enough to say yes in the first place, all they have to do is say no and they still continue fucking him, fucking bitches

  22. it is human nature to have sex. what they
    do is not unusual but because they are famous celebrities.
    would you be interested in Joe Blow’s intimate sex tapes? or would you be interested in Jessica Alba’s sex tapes?
    let it go and lets wait for the next scandal.
    when everyone sees all the photos the hype will die.

  23. I really think that is not technician faults but the truth is, EDISON CHEN IS REALLY PSYCHO MANIAC SEX who didn appreciate woman. Because, only maniac sex can take a picture or making own video sex like EDISON do. SO, HE DESERVE GOT THE PUNISHMENT. dont be so coward, You (Edison) already do that then you must responsibility for what you doing. You chicken! Sex Maniac!


    Damn you, sex maniac!
    Watch and download the file at torrent, i will seed them for you all!

  25. Enix, your first sentence is a fragment.lol

    the downloads are already posted on the page, you don’t have to seed for us anymore.!

  26. Celebrity Gossip is awesome. I remember when Britany shaved her head and I searched all over the internet just to show my friends what she looked like. Do you have a Brittany section on this site.

  27. OH crud! i just typed a nice comment and as soon as i submitted it it come up blank! Please tell me it worked properly? I do not want to sumit it again if i do not have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am just stuipd :), the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

  28. I think he was very bad in behavour, but no one want to make this mistake, those should realize what their careless about their famous name in society… Should not have joined with him..

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