When Plastic Surgery Turns Bad

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Remember I posted about celebrities that have their plastic surgery turns bad last September? I featured some known ones such as Jocelyn Wildenstein, Pete Burns, Farrah Fawcett and not forgetting our dearest, Michael Jackson. Guess what, while I’m browsing opportunities on Smorty, I found a site that have a section dedicated for celebrity plastic surgery, which cover topics like awful plastic surgery. Some pictures I found:

Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn Wildenstein

Steve Erhardt
Steve Erhardt

Body Philosophy doesn’t just have pictures like those above, it includes good write up about the story of the featured celebrity and also links to websites with even better explanation. There are also other topics in that section like The 13 Best & Worst Celebrity Smiles. Smorty says maximum one link, but I just feel like sharing.

Hillary’s Teeth

9 thoughts on “When Plastic Surgery Turns Bad

  1. Holy Shit !!! Hillary Duff can nibble a stalk of corn through a picket fence with those Horse Caps !!! I think she is drop dead gorgeous, but her teeth were perfect before she stuck those piano keys in her mouth.

  2. hillary's teeth look fine… she got veneers like the rest of goddamn holly wood. she hasnt had bad plastic surgery… and btw, veneers are dental… not considered plastic surgery at all…. and lots of people get them, she looks great.. so whoever put this shit up, stfu… i'd love to see your wonderful face posted on these blogs…

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