Jessica, A 222kg 7 Years Old Girl


According to Fun-On, Jessica eats around 10,000 calories a day and was the world’s fattest kid at 222kg! What shocked me is that Jessica’s mother allows her to eat all she wants! Don’t she know what’s really happening?

She eats 10,000 calories each day in Coca-Colas, 15 hamburgers with fries and several kilograms of chocolate. What she eats in one day some children eat in half a year. Her breakfast consists of white bread, potato chips and two litres of coke. And she wants more.

When she last visited the doctor four years ago she had 110 kilograms. Unfortunately, she can no longer run and instead of walking she drags herself on the floor. Under such bodily weight her bones have already become distorted.

Mother Carolyn gives her daughter whatever the child wants. In the first week after she was born, when the baby cried because of stomach pains, the mother calmed her by feeding her with a bottle because she thought the child was hungry. “I gave her the bottle and she wanted more and more. It was not enough for her and she was constantly hungry”, Jessica’s mother says.

The doctors warn that the child’s health is already dangerously at risk and could die if not treated.

Unfortulately, Jessica’s mother does not understand medicine, her child is prescious to her and continues to feed her sweets.

Fortunately, Jessica successfully lost 300 pounds after being hospitalize. She now has more freedom in doing things other kids are able to do. However, her legs are not functioning as well as other kids as she gave them too much pressure during her overweight period.

Source: Fun-On | Image via OhMyWeird

55 thoughts on “Jessica, A 222kg 7 Years Old Girl

  1. OMG! Another true story of NORBIT! :confused: Although most people will blame her’s mother but I think her’s mother is too good and pamper her too much, until this big problem arise! 🙁 But from this video, her’s mother still feeding her on fast food! Looking like her mum is kiling her with food, you’re right, Chee Kui… >.> Mum, you’re too good but do you know what you doing can made her suffer for the whole life?

      1. oh and people who are named spencer will be shot into the sun if you killed all the poeple on earth who weighed more than 180 220 then that would be like 1/4 of the worlds population not counting fat kids like 100 pounds age 11

  2. =( OMG, so angery with her mum. this woman must be dumb to distinguish the simple things. too spoil her kid that kill her kid. go to the jail!!!poor Jessica, pray for you! drink water and eat more vegie~

  3. Hey,
    Well…To be honest, eatting isn’t a crime.
    People should lay off Jessica!
    Imagine how much she gets bullied…
    All the time!
    So, I think that people shouldn’t be giving her nicknames such as ‘Fatty’ Or ‘Piggy’
    Because once you call somebody fat it doesn’t make you any skinner.

  4. omg her mum is killing her by feeding that poor child all that food! If i were her mum i would tell jessica to pull herself together and she can make it through her pain.

    1. I have seen this story before, Jessica hasn't died yet, she did grow up to a teenager, and got much needed surgery for her weight issues. She has much excess skin, which I think can be cured by plastic surgery then a nice stronger work out. (Lifting weights, running, and curl-ups).

  5. nirvanarocks is probably fat n stupid cuz the prob is not that ppl make fun of her duh shes friggen fat and was gonna die prolly b4 9 if she didnt lose that weight being fat is not ok you can die cuz of it

  6. I hope that Jesscia lost some weight.
    I hate the people who makes fun of her or other big people. The other people are not social enough to feel for other people.

  7. Great news… she lost much of the weight!

    ^that is her after losing the weight

    Its sad because her mother’s lack of judgment allowed her child to be changed for life. She now has excess skin hanging from her arms, and her bones are deformed (preventing her from walking normally).

  8. What a fat girl! 😀 how did that even happen? Jesus christ you slobby pig, eat better already and as for your mother, go have a dog if you want something to give treats to.

  9. This is insain! How can adult be that stupid an let their child eat that much! There should be laws that make it easy for the goverment to take over the childcare!

    Only in the USA!

  10. What are you talking about? Her mother is too good????? Are you crazy? This woman is a criminal. She isn’t normal for sure. How could she do something like that to her own daughter? Please, if you think that this isn’t Jessicas parents fault, don’t even write anything. I just can’t understand it!! This is way TOO MUCH for me.

  11. its not the parents fault the fucking child is spoilt silly she fucking tells her mum she doesnt love her ..she’s ruining her own life her mother isnt force feeding her simply giving her wat the fat fuck wants i mean ur in control of ur own actions arent u…and this fat fucking shit wants to blame her mum FUCK YOU the only thing the mother done wrong was keeping this child fucking spoilt pig and for all u ppl hu say its the mothers fault u must all be american cuz ur stupid race is so ignorant that u are not willing to blame urself for anything that is y most of the world hates you

  12. This is nothing but a mother’s ingorance and stupidity. This is a negligence and mother should be reported to the social service. She will probably require psychiatric evaluation. Anyone who is in sound of mind would understand “this is not O.K.” It is a matter of time til she gains all of her weight back unless the mother is treated psychologically. She is a one sick lady.

  13. Poor girl……….the mother is like ill-treating her with food ….darm that mother. the wiki-ans thing says tht jessica weight almost as heavy as 5 polar bear glue up together, wish u could become thin…god bless u

  14. Ok seriously grow up and stop making fun of her! its not her fault she got so big… its her stupid moms fault… no ones perfect

      1. fuck YOU cunt face how is it NOT the mum's fault? She's not 17 and old enough to know better, she's 7 meaning she's been fed since forever so shut the fuck up

    1. Of course it matters! As human beings we must care about the welfare of others. This child was more than fat; she was beyond morbidly obese! Had she and her mother been allowed to continue with this lifestyle she would have likely died before reaching her teen years. Jessica owes her life to those who stepped in and helped her lose the weight. Even so, she now has excess skin and distorted bones as a result.

      Honestly, they've sent parents to prison for killing their children. Had Jessica died, that's where her mother should have ended up. They should both be thanking God every day that somebody cared enough to step in!

    2. are you daft! She could die from being fat. You're just as a filthy disgrace of a person as her mother for encouraging her. That mother should be tried in court for child abuse. Its sick, your sick, everyone who thinks this is "okay" is sick.

    3. It matters because it's extreme child abuse. I wonder about you if you can say that after watching a 222kg 7 yr old child who looks like Java the Hut. This poor child does not deserve to be handicapped, but her mother made her so.

  15. Everyone, first you shouldn't be laughing at what this girl went through and looked like. I agree that it is indeed her mother/fathers fault or who ever was watching her, she is still a child and doesn't understand what different foods can do to your body. I am hoping she is extremely grateful for everyone who helped her, it isn't a fair life to be over weight at the slightst, and our world is so fetched on labels I think I am over weight but when ever i have pysicals or take weight test it always says I am in range, but i still say I am bigger then what I should be, and I get labeled for that all the time, this is supposed to be a land that we can come and live on freely, so all don't laugh, or point, be grateful that you are not Jessica.

  16. This is child abuse. And it is up to the state to take action, to take Jessica into CPS.
    What i don't understand is that the doctor didn't inform the state of child abuse. And that CPS is still not doing anything.
    For the mother it is possible that she suffers from some kind of mental disorder where she keeps over feeding her child. And the child could have developed obesity.
    On the other hand Jessica could have been born with a disorder that isn't jet been diagnosed. And being treated by a professional dietitian or a non medical trained nutritionist who isn't able to diagnose a different disorder than obesity.
    So maybe it's time for a psychiatrist or/and a geneticists to rule out any other possibilities.

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