Kurdish Girl Stoned to Death

Kurdish Girl

A 17-year-old Kurdish girl was stoned and kicked to death for having a relationship with a Sunni Muslim boy. It was told as a “honor killing.” The girl was dragged to the square in the town and that’s where the horrible act took place.

What’s shocking is that there’s actually a local Iraqi security force who witnessed the killing, but did nothing to stop it.

Watch the sick video below. Read news on FOXnews.

Warning: Graphic violence, low quality and blurry

503 thoughts on “Kurdish Girl Stoned to Death

  1. This is truly sick and vicious. How can a father let his child be annihilated like this only to uphold his “honor”? Religion of peace and atonement huh. I say religion of brutality and monsters.

    1. actuality her Religion calls Yazidi they don’t worship God , this young girl married the Muslim guy her family told her they will forgive her she needs to come home in her way to go home she got killed by her father and brother and cousins and all the guys in that city , I’m a kurdish woman also but my families are educated , what you see in lots of kurdish families because of their cultures and nation anything their girl does they are saying a shame or call you bad names , this is very wrong , Kurdish girls treat bad , sorry for them.

      1. ITS A MUSLIM GIRL THATS GETTING KILLED YOU STUPID B*tch! Maybe you should be abolished you sure are uneducated enough to think that Islam is a bad religion, thats the problem with pathetic people like you you generalise ISLAM by what the BAD people who call themselves Muslims do, thats like me judging you by what people of your background, and race do. This video shows that Muslims do become victims too!

        1. Ayz, perhaps you should actually read the Qur’an. It COMMANDS stoning, undoing the good work that Jesus Christ did (whether you believe he was/is an ordinary man, a prophet, or a God.

          The Qur’an doesn’t say “only stone non-Muslims”, so even people who are Muslims (or supposedly Muslims, since many people are born to Muslim parents and told they are Muslims despite the fact they may not want to be) can be victims of the violence that DOES exist in the Qur’an.

          There are peaceful passages too, but there are many violent passages and if you think I’m taking things out of context, READ the Qur’an or an English translation of it. Islam does not have a single overriding rule like Christianity does (Love God and love thy neighbour – the two most important commandents according to Jesus, according to the Christian Bible) and like Wicca does (Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil: If ye harm none, do what ye will – from the Wiccan Rede, making it clear that Wiccans must harm none), so the violent parts are not overriden by any one rule.

    1. Actually this has nothing to do with Islam. If you did some research, it was her family that are not muslims who stoned her because she wanted to marry this guy who was a muslim. Research before you spread lies.

      1. Dont jodge Islam before you knew it, and learn it. it is peacefull perfect religoin..
        Go and see what your people and religoin do to muslims, in your countries. if you forget. look around you, you will found a muslim blood in your hand.
        pelistine, serbia, afaganestan, bakistan, Eraq, …. etc

        1. Screw you.. Muslims are crazy, sick fuckes.. im from Holland, and we known with the problem..

          Fuck you and every page in your holy book..
          if i look at this video it makes me wanna kill all the muslims that support such way of living life..

          than again.. fuck u very much!

          1. i advise you all not to say even a single word against each other’s religions. try and come with a positive solution to such shocking problems. abusing and currsing will widen the gap further. plz think and be positive

  2. Every one of the men in that crowd should be shot. These people are pigs. They’re lower than pigs. They’re scum and need to be destroyed. People like them, crazy religious nuts, primitive and soulless creatures like this should be annihilated. Then have their graves pissed and shat upon.

    1. No they should not be shot. they should be stoned the same way they did to this little girl . I could not sleep for hours after i saw it . Do they consider them self men any more ?

  3. 1 kick person is enough the kill that girl. =( Is it the guys is the judge, so that they can punish or even sentence that girl to death? What a hilarious movie. Although that girl is wrong but it’s not the guys to kill her! We don’t even kill a dog by kicking it because of sex problem. Is it the girls is guilty? WORSE THAN A DOG! /gg

  4. Shocking. These things are happening long time in middle east.
    There is problem in Islam religion. That is root cause.
    Those 1000 people mob needs to removed from earth.

    1. You pathetic freak dont u ever talk about something that u dont have knowledge about.. do u even know what islam talks about such thing? Islam says “if You kill a single human being it is as if you have killed the whole of humanity”.. these are the versus in quran. u can imagine how strictly islam condems these things.. how can u say that islam promotes these thing u senseless piece of crap.. these people are of no religion, they are not even humans.. Islam talks about loving and giving rights to Women not to stone them.. Islam talks about the equal rights of women and there right of freedom and not to disgrace them..

      1. If Islam is all about love….. why do u get so angry.. ?
        there is nothing wrong with the religion.. religion should be like a guide… not a constitution… humanity should be the constitution….

    2. I agree…im tired of seeing this shit. Its time that muslims begin to realize there is a major problemin their society. I actually find most muslims of middle eastern descent to be very ignorrant and disrespectful to women in their family.They seem to think that women should obey them or face the consequences. What really pisses me of is , do they really think GOD would want them to behave this way? If so what kind of “GOD” and “religion” do they believe in. I dont think all muslims are evil, jus mainly middle eastern ones.

        1. To sandy and surfingu, and all like you,
          I saw the clip and make me sick. bout to say that I saw any thing say they are muslims?? I don’t knew how you stick this clip to muslims. it is bunch of Eraqi people how kill a girl. why? when? where? you dont knew. you have Iraqi how are muslim, or christrian, or no religeon or yazidi or….. so how you pablish things you are now sure from it???!!!!
          I am from middle East, the place you hate, I say Go there, live there and see the freedom there. don’t believe 100% of what you hear, and believe 50% of what you saw.

  5. :glasses: it gets me so mad and angry seeing such matter happen, only because of a simple thing twisted to a big issue,, i mean she doesnt deseve to be killed, maybe never speak to her but not thiss killing her,, god they need to grow up and think meture not like olden days ,,,,,,, sooo patheticc,, im so sad to see this happen its shame full and religious shouldnt hav to com into this,, anyways god bless the girl shes in heaven now …

  6. this is crazy. she did not deserve to die at all, you can’t help who you love. this puts out a bad reputation for the kurds…. I am a kurd and I have never heard in my 23 years of life of a situation like this. Most of the time the family just abandons the girl or they end up talking to each other at the end. All of the stupid men that kicked this little 17 year old girl needs to be put to death, so no idiot in this world would ever do that again. I will never forget this video, and I am sure that this inoccent girl is now in heaven. She is the Martyror+ who died of innocence……. 🙁

    1. Put them to jail, not killing them, if we do, we are has worse has them. And killing does not bring her back.

      If we kill, we do make a limit to what to punish by death. For them they had a reason to kill that poor girl. We should not have a reason to kill, never. so we will not have that limit. The guy who wil choose the limit that we can kill, can be worse then the guy who commited the crime. Who will choose.

      And putting someone in prison for life is far worse then libirated them from life…..

      1. if they take her life, what will equal that??!! Put them in Jail?!!!! eat, drink, and waste tax money that could save lives if yous in different way.
        I saw death is the only punishment they diserve… the punishment should equal the action

  7. @AhBoon: I took this from Kukujiao if you see properly, credits below AdSense unit. By the way, the video you provided look even worse than the one above. I can see the stone now. Downloading it and will update this post with it later.

    @kurdish girl So this is considered as a rare case?

  8. OMG that is very sick!!!!!! I think there was another reason why they kill he is b/c that she was going to become muslam thats is really fucked up big time.
    Also that those men that kill her they were friends of saddam Hussein.

  9. id like to see these guys take on a real man toe to toe.. they would cower in a corner and cry like the little sissys they are but as ive been readin seems to me alot of these sissys are already bitin dust hell yea get er dun

  10. Looking at this video (17 years old kurdish girl getting stone by a mob of animals) made me sick for quite some time. Not the fact that she was getting killed only but the way she was killed. I mean you would have thought that those so called iraqi ploice not one , or two , but quite few of them there standing and do nothing is a complet violation of all laws by any standard.
    To make it clear this mob were not muslims and also Islam do not have law to stone a SINGLE MAN / WOMAN for an act of sex infact there is only bublic lashes of 80-100, thats all. Killing her was murder, all those people who took action or standing were murders, however ISLAM have LAW for MURDERS which is bublic hanging. Now look the instant reaction of people, this people were NOT MUSLIMS and ISLAM didnt say to kill her at all. Infact she was muslim who was killed by non muslim, (Kurdish Yazedi religiouse sect) but becouse of IRAQ war and the fact she was killed in Iraq, you will see automatically people blame and the muslims, and ISLAM for that. Can you see how much ignorant there is, not only in the third world countries but in so called democratic and smart countries. I can say a lot, but in conclusion i feel sick , feel angry at those animal, and above all violation of justice anf humen rights, in front of so called American democratic country that they have in IRAQ. So i am never gonna belive and trust the IRAQI government until they dont bring those murders, and criminals to justice or take justice to them.

  11. Here is what I have two say, I thing this is crazys, & sick what they did two this 17 year old girl.I am from douhk, iam amaze and angry for what they did. This madness is UNEDUCATED, she did not deserve this. But what can we do when they dont have no heart.all we can do is pray, when i see this it hurts my stomach cuz its SICK, I know that shes in heaven now. Shes Gods child now. Not the crowds daughter. May God watch over us. And punish everyone human that has no heart.This is the NEW WORLD 🙂 . One other thing after what happen two this girl kurds reputation looks BAD. FORGET & FORGIVE PEACE ON EARTH.

  12. Lets just make it clear that the people who did this are Yazidi, an old tribal religion. This blog entry is incorrect, it has been widely reported by many news sources that it was because the boy she went out with is Muslim. This treatment of women has been going on for thousands of years. The awful, detestable treatment of women is evident in ALL cultures, West and East are both guilty. I hope this clip fosters change for all women and this poor girl did not die in vain.

  13. this is an evil act, 17 year old girl was stoned to death on the streets, (even the
    law of the country could not stop that)?, she dont deserve that, who done that
    are not sinless. i think human rights have to wake up. the girl is gone. but her blood should not be wasted regarding to humanity.

  14. This is probably the sickest, certainly most viscous, thing I have ever seen. I guess I don’t understand the concept of honor killing. As far as I am concerned no man with honor would ever stand by and allow that to happen. If her father’s honor was so damaged, why didn’t he just kill himself? It takes a special kind of coward to hurt a 17 year old girl.

  15. And I always thought Religion was NOT violent.
    They are nothing but a pack of ANIMALS !
    And her parents are no better.I cant believe the amount of people filming it on their mobile phone .SHE WAS A CHILD ! Sick bastards

  16. Yup i know what this was about. That law is only in place because there men are a bunch of insecure haters. there laws are designed so the men can be lazy pigs and still get women. then when a hot woman wants another man they get mad becasue there chances are shot. they need to wake up the world is and always will be larger than that little relgious fantasy world they live in.

  17. this is soooo sad. I first heard about this on CNN and then i found the video on the internet. My stomach was turning as i saw it. How can this people think this is okay. What kind of religion is this, this is barbaric. The men that committed this horrible act must be brought to justice. I have no respect for these people and their ” religion “. One day they will meet their maker and they will be punished. That’s all I have to say. I hope that This poor 17 year old girl has found peace and she is my prayers.

  18. This is so beyond horrible! This girl was killed because she was a girl that loved a boy from a diffrent religion. Treatment of girls in this part of the world over religion is sinfull. One fact, that in the eyes of many around the world this sick murders brought shame to themselfs by killing a 17 year old girl. If there is a god after death, they will not have to wait in line for the doors of hell, they will have a first class passage there. This video just made me mad! I feel so sad for her. Her family members should be ashame of themselfs.

  19. The only way that things on this planet are going to improve is by every human being to wake up and realize just how special, important, precious, unique, and miraculous every human is and what a miracle it is to be alive.

    The men on this video have forgotten who they really are.

    It’s because of oppressive dogmas and religions that teach that the afterlife is the ultimate goal and that if you believe this or that you will reach eternal life. Well look and see what happens when you have a belief system that teaches separation from others and not to live in the here and now.

    Religion, dogmas, traditions, and politics will never bring peace on this planet. The only thing we can do is remember just how amazing and wonderful we really are. Please try to remember who you really are!

    God will bless that little girl for being who she really is…love

  20. typical muslims…kurdish…..get to do what they want ,human rigths any one identified in this video shud be shot!!17 so ung1!true love shows no clolour!this people these laws and its folowers shud be all made eat molten gold slow painful deaths,this must have being truely humiliated at the time of her death how this can happen in 2007 is beyond me!

  21. I have never responded to a blog before, but here it goes. The fact that so many people are so upset by this video is encouraging, but why are they upset? Are they upset that a girl was murdered? Or, are they upset that a girl was killed in the name of “religion?” If it is because it was just a girl killed by a bunch of low-life men in the middle of the street, then that happens every day. If it is because it was over religion, then one must be careful to condemn. On what do you base your convictions? What is your basis for right and wrong, especially if you believe either all religions are the same; there are no absolutes; or better yet, there is no God?

    I personally think what happened was abhorant. I would personally like to take a brick to each one of those animals’ heads. However, before I would condemn all “religion,” I would pause to remember a very similar situation that was recorded in the Bible. A bunch of guys sought to stone a women caught in adultery (where was the guy, if she was “caught”?), but Jesus asked, after writing something in the sand, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” When no one complied, Jesus told the woman, “Go and sin no more.”

    The real story here is that “Allah” does not expect mercy or grace or forgiveness. Did you hear all those men at the end of the tape crying “Allah”? Jesus had every right under the law of the day to go ahead with the stoning, but instead He did something else – He forgave. Of course, for many that is a whole seperate issue, because only God can forgive sin.

    Lastly, I think it is ironic that so many people say this girl went to heaven because of what these men did. On what do they base THAT?

  22. This kind of action is what we are fighting for in the war with Iraq? This makes me sick. How a father could allow that to happen to his child. Damn glad I don’t believe in this type of “religion”. Allah is great? Yet Allah permits this. Help me understand what this world is coming to.

  23. i’d personally beat to death each and ever male who participated in this ugly vile act. I’d would love to break their teeth with my fist and stomp their faces into the dirt, like the scum that they are,

  24. There was a time that I respected the Kurds but that has now ended after these scum killed an innocent girl. I pray to God everyday that this scourge be stricken from the Earth and the Kurds are NO MORE!

  25. But you have to know that the girl is a Kurdish too. Not all Kurdish love this, definitely not the girl. Respect others, but not those inhuman ones.

  26. I think this is the most hot topic ever posted on this web. This topic touches every each and single readers/visitors here. This is the topic where’s the whole world will look into. I think I’m glad you guys view this seriuosly and not like the animal and bitch in the video. God bless all of you!

  27. This is insane!
    I keep hearing about how there are extremests in all groups?
    How about all the hundreds of people standing around watching this.
    So when you hear thres only a few, wrong!

    Rot in Hell! for doing that to that little girl.
    Can you imagin the paind and thoughts.

    Also, thats not a bunch of middle easterns wearing cloth robs and turbins, it’s people dreased in suits with current technology using cell phones to get this.

    Man that make me sad.

  28. Even the western countries have the death sentence, so I cant judge ’em. Haven’t the humanity of wrong-calculated toxic-coctails been in topics lately too? And the “western God”, he allows it, right?

    Once we get rid of our inhumanities, I participate to this conversation. Until then, it’s all the same.

  29. It is obvious that this girl was not from a Muslim family, it states that in the article that she fall in love with a Muslim boy, and she wanted to convert to Islam. But her family/parents disagreed with her decision and they were convinced to kill her in a barbaric manner. However, one thing that’s not very clear is that why western confuse them with Muslims. Some people misunderstood her family with Muslim they were non Muslim family and what they did was wrong however, what’s even more wrong is that when people crisis Muslim for such act.

  30. Hey all. – funny that ppl. tend to connect such acts to islam, without a blinc of an eye. Why is that ? Is the Bush / israeli war against islam blinded u.!
    The girl is a yezidi follower. Its a sect that has nothing to do with islam, the intollerens of her family was the brutal end of her when she converted to islam.
    Fanatisme is every where, especially among the right wing christain americans.

  31. I Don’t Understand Why they Consider these people animals.Animals do what they do to survive,Those Kurds are evil Subhumans not fit to live In civil Society.Thats Why They were Being wipeout by the Turks In the North and Saddaem In the South.Those LOW LIFE recorded to the world what kind of people they are with ONLY U.S. Support

  32. this absolutely rediculous & barbarious…how could so many men and women were stoning a 17 yr old girl to death????????how???? this is horrible!!!! SHe was converting to a Muslim, May ALLAh Grant HER PRADISE, for those kurds, MAy Allah Grant Them ALL fuel OF HELLfire!!!
    To u westerners and other non-muslims, dont get this act confused with Islam! Islam does not SAY or SuPPORT ANY of such Barbaric Justice!!!
    THAts just disgusting act of cruelty from those nonmuslims and of course parents who let their daughter be stoned to death!!!!!!hard to belive!!!! Its jsut so surprising, not a single one from the crowd jumped in to stop it or save her, or even felt it was wrong?
    thhh…extremely sad and dissappointing!!!
    I have NOTHIGN ELSE to SAY!!!

  33. I have just seen this video and im completely in shock.What the hell has this world come to. What could have possibly given so much hate to thoses sick people to do this to a girl they dont even know. As far as religion goes, yes it has to do with the reason why she is now DEAD, but in the end, what religion had to do with it and all doesnt matter, people shouldnt care, they shoudl look at the fact that she is a 17 year old GIRL that got BEATEN to DEATH by other HUMAINS. thats horrible. I hope this sparks something for everyone no matter how old they are, that saw this video to try and do soemthing, because the same old exuses of ”One person cant change the world ”and ” i cant make a difference” is getting friken old and only leading to acts like this. common, lets stop being lazy and try to do soemthing, whateer we can , do soemthing!!!

  34. Or I’ve seen very wrong or I find remarkable the fact that the girl uses a tanga and short skirt in the same place where people kill for religion matters.

  35. I have just noticed one big mistake in the article that was written above the vedio, they were not a group of men who were buylling the girl and causes death to her, in fact they ARE just animals!

  36. :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: Yo dat is well and truly fucked man. Any muva fockin kurd wanna comr to me and tell me how that was an honor killing then i’d fuck them myself. About killing a 17 year old girl who didn’t even have a proper chance at life is mental. They probably didn’t stick to there own religion. Fuckin JBC up in disss bitch wat

  37. wat idiots nuthin to wid islam nd she shud have her freedom all u kurds are animals u all stink u all put us to shame u cudnt fight a man one to one u hav to atak a girl in dat way call ureself man astakfurallah wait till da day of judgement wen everysingle wimp of u apears infront of almight allah!!!

  38. wtfff mannnn dats soooooo stupidddd doin dah:@ i fink ppl lyk dah need 2 realise death ent da nly solution…killin a 17yr old gyal is silly…soo wah da guy was a muslim…me myself bein a sunni believes wah dem kurdz dne was totally out of order!!!! attackin a gyal infrnt of ppl lyk dah is jus showin dah u ent humann…cum on 4 fuk sake nt even animals doo dah!!!! den if animals dnt doo dah wah doo we call use???….god punishes every1…wah goes rnd cums rnd n inshallah dey will pay 4 der deeds x

  39. @indian: if musilms should be erased from the world then why do all indians work in islamic countries like KSA and UAE. but what would i expect from a retarded indian that things cows are holly or fire is god.
    learn about the islamic religion before you speak, atleast people will respect your comments if you knew what are talking about. this is not islam, islam is built of peace and forgiveness. i repeat incase it was hard for you to comprehend THIS IS NOT ISLAM.

  40. jesus christ ,,,this makes me fuckin want to peuk im going to be sick the whole fuckin day,,,thoese sick fucks need to burn in helll .. and be tourturd themselves ,, that makes me want to join the military and go over there and fucking shoot every single god damnd one of thoes fuckers… how can they sit there and watch that and do that then record the shit on there fuckin phones sick mother fuckers…. bush is a fucking cock sucker he probly sucks those arab dicks for his oil.. bush you dumb mother fucker i wish i could meet him so i could spit in his face.. he wants to go fuck around with other shit when theres things like this happening . all he cares about is rebuilding a shitty country that will never go anywhere thats just going to get blown up again when we leave it…. go fuck yourself bush … i hope to god we get some crazy mother fuker in office in 08 that blows up those god damned fucked up religous countrys ,, take the women and children the fuck out of there and blow that pieace of shit up… all thoes fucked up stupid ass retarted religons should be abbolished, jesus she was 17 years old, and she was probly a very pretty girl .young and in love.. and thoes sick fuckss did that to her,,,,, come over here u cock sucken mother fuckers,,,,try doing that to our women .. i will fuckin stone you after i beat the fucking shit out of you u sick mother fucks…….Im a palestinain american, and my mom left my biological dad when i was 2 thank god cuz i wouldnt want to be raised a fucked up muslim religon, … i fukin hate those arabic bastards ….. there is no allah or what ever the fuck your profet is …if theres a GOD he doesnt want people being stoned and killed you dumb mother fuckerrrssssssss…..

  41. Im origially from Iraq, North of Iraq, where my stolen homeland belongs to savages(Kurds) now! Im Assyrian and live in Canada and this video that i have just witnessed made me ashamed to call Iraq my homeland because this even took place in the very city where my peeps still live. I call it my homeland because my nation will oneday get their land back from all of those who think that such a beautiful place can be run by “idiots”. Mr.Bush, why dont you get involved in this issue instead of greasing your ass with all of oil u just stole. What Religion gives u the right to take anothers life? Do u see a problem?! I believe in God but not taking a life for honour. But thats my opinion. Im “sorry” to say this but i think Saddam was right when he had these people under his rule. Like i said im sorry to say it! And to those people who think that such actions go unpunished then this next line is for your ASS! Only God can judge me, indeed. x.x

  42. yo asshole dis has nuthin to do wid arabs dese are kurdz but hold on u white (american,british) soldierz are torturin little kidz over oil and tom i hope to see u mate join the army mate more like join the nursery kidz son u have no gutz son u racist scum go lick the pink outa ye dadz backside
    birmingham soldierz

  43. @tom wow now it makes sense why the hell your so retarded you half palestinain. you wish you can be a musilm! lol lsn before you type nxt time do youself a favour and make sense you retarded palestinain american (wannabe) you dont even know what islam is, and whtever you wrote didnt make sense! wht the hell is wrong with you cant you read? or you just simply retarded? then there is no fixing you! read the commentsis clearly says this is not islam, its some other religon! god some freaks are impossible ! for the last time this is not islam, it has nothing to do with islam in iraq there is more than 3 religons, yes islam is one of them. but what you see this is not islam!

  44. This is not what Islam teaches. Islam doesnt teach to kill because of love.

    Read a book!

    What about what the American Soilders are doing to all the innocent civilians. Its 10 times worse! What about Garfur??? Lets talk about that!! What are we doing to save those people? Who should get shot then?

  45. As this Is being written the Turks are invading Northern Iraq.I assume these kurds are being “adjusted” for their Behavior Problem, the kind you don’t need as Neighbors.Saddam, the turks, and most of europe knew what they truly were “sub-humans”, but this president who saw them as victims and gave them FREEDOM $ POWER over LAW $ ORDER to do whatever they want.Turkey be Merciful to Them They no not what they do.

  46. Sadam was right when he killed these kurds f u ck in g animals, but nooo sadam was wrong this and that these things never happen when sadam was alive becuanse he knows how to manage these kind of people, you need people like sadam over there to straighting things right

  47. Just to clarify,
    The girl fell in love with a sunni muslim. She decided to convert to Islam and marry him. They ran away to his area and a mosque priest gave her shelter to protect her. Her family tricked her into thinking that they had forgiven her and she can now return home. On her return home she was grabbed by those men awaiting her in her local area, and did what they did (may God send them all to the bottom of hell’s fires).
    They were shouting “kill her kill her” and “she has converted to Islam” and “she has ashamed us”. They also spoke in yezidi accent. A more close minded religion than any other.
    I am an Iraqi girl and married to an Englishman. My brother is married to a french woman. My sister is married to a guy she met at university, happens to be Iraqi. Please do not draw your conclusions too early and condemn middle eastern people, Iraqis and arabs. After all, this girl was an arab.
    May we all have love in our hearts to see the truth. This is the only way we purify this world from this evil.

  48. its time to wake up and see how man is abusing quran and islam…islam is about loving god and reality not hate ….I think its very hard to find the real face of islam this days….god will punish this animals …and her soul is relax and happy now….

  49. SO terrible I cant believe that humans are capable of doing such a crime. This poor girl had to suffer such a painful and terrible death, God will give her the love she deserves, and will punish those men a million times worse.

    May she rest in peace, and those bastards deserve to suffer for hurting such a young innocent child. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM IT’S HARD TO EVEN IMAGINE THAT PEOPLE CAN BE SO HEARTLESS & SICK. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  50. I don’t have any words to say how I feel… what I can say is that I’m ashamed to be associate myself with this human race… u look everywhere and something disgusting/sad thing like this is happening… something drastic will happen that’ll wipe this human race out of this world.. and believe me, that’ll be the best thing.

  51. Well that just tells you how ruthless Iraqis are! This is all they know. You have 99.9% from Morroco all the way before you reach Japan who basically are subhumans until this day. They are not what we call homo sapiens yet! They think they’re honorable men. I tell you what? They can go and fuck themselves! Primitive people! primitive countries! …And fake religion! I tell u what tuff guys! “LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!!!” For those who praise Islam, should go and brush on thier theology studies and stop fooling themselve! This is part of Islam! However, it is mostly practiced on the weaks (Those who can’t defend themselves such as women) Who are oppressed within the so called religion of truth! This is part of that truth and there are more that they don’t want to expose to the world yet. I think it is time to make our nucks worth what we paid for them!

  52. i don’t understand why no one intervenes?? there must be some one who’s normal there who thought it were wrong!! i don’t think it’s very male to kill a girl with stones and kicking. I mean how can you be able to get a big stone and throw it down on a girl?? you must be fucked up in the brain then!! poor girl.. she must have felt very lonely and sad when hundreds of men are killing her.

  53. :p :yell: :yawn: 😡 :song: :grr: 🙁 ^.^ 🙂 😀 x.x /gg :grr: :song: .> :bulb: 😡 o.o :drink: 😉 :drink: :p 😛 :yell: :yawn: 😉 :drink: O.O o.o :ouch: 😡 :bulb: >.>

  54. May Allahu subhanuthala give heaven for the innocent girl and get maximum punishment for the killers in life before death.Beacuse we should never curse anyone or never wish someone to be in hell,beacuse I believe hell is going to be far far and far more than human imagination.No humans should suffer hellfire.Aameen.

  55. Nothing less should be expected from a barbaric culture, the west needs to see these to understand that these people are not ready nor deserve democracy. Its ridiculous that there even is talk of Kurdish independence in the region. I feel for the indigenous Christians, Assyrian/Chaldean/Syraics, in the region who to these uncivilized lot represent the west and are systematically targeted.
    May her soul rest in peace

  56. The comments are mainly wrong
    the religion of those animals who killed the innocent girl is not Islam
    nusty people’s religion is called (ABAZEY DEEN ) .Moreover thier god is the evil
    in another words they worship the evil and consider it as a mighty god
    the reason which lies behind the killing that the angelic victim was in love with a Muslim man ,so she was killed for that
    Islam condemns such behaviors that deserve God’s Damnation
    Although you do not know anything about the religion of mercy,the Islam, you attack it violently
    so please you must be objective

  57. To Air Force,
    It’s people like you who should be banished from the face of earth. Listen to yourself you evil wicked person. Full of hate to a whole nation. Can’t wait to talk filth about Iraq you filthy murdering soldier. You have gutts to come here and talk about barbaric acts??? How many people you murdered today??

  58. omg so many people to voice against it here … but no one while it was committed…. shame shame shame …to be a human …… rip poor girl …

  59. If this is religion then i hate religion. To see this set of bullys killing and destroying a child was almost more than i could bare. Not animals because animals are mostly gentle only humans can do such things.

    Sad sad sad. I wanted to help her but was helpless. Those stupid ignorant bullys. That no one showed humanity of any kind. Just made photo’s instead of trying to stop this terrible act.

    Iraq is really a hell full of demons. Only hatred and madness seems to rule there.

    Cry for the innocent child snuffed out: pity the men who did this vile act.

  60. They use religion to cover their faults when the religion never told, ask or even preached them to do so. Don’t judge the religion for the stupidity of man. Other religions face the same problem and even far worst. If you study religion, some are even worst than this but they never tell you. It’s only until you see it and find out you feel disgusted.

    Don’t judge other religions if you yourself never prayed to god ‘cos it’ll only show how hypocritical you really are. God of any religion hates that and there’s always space for those types of people in hell.

    I feel deeply sorry for that girl but she will go to heaven no matter what. While the kurds kick and beat her to death, you people kick and spit at your own creator/god/lord. I can’t really tell the difference there. Things like these happened even before islam came to the arab land and you blame a religion and a god for that – how clever is that?

    Did you know that time before islam they did not want daughters in the family (ancient Pharoah history ). If one was born to a family, they’d bury them alive. They only want men in the family. Have you watched the movie “300” ? That is actual roman history and that actually happened. They threw babies that are “unhealthy” or not “strong” as they put it by throwing them in gorges etc.

    They hands and legs do the beating and the religion and god gets blamed. It’s funny how she’d die for her lover and embraced the religion that you people hate and criticize so much.

    I don’t think you people really care about this girl ‘cos you just mocked the religion she embraced and believed ’till her last breath. I believed she did the right thing. She is more honourable than any soldier killing enemies – ‘cos she died for what she believed in – people/religion/god. All religions are holy, it’s the followers that are not.

    Nuff said.

  61. im a muslim and this is not islamic they may think its good but when they die there going rit 2 hell atleast bangladesh is not line this and bangladesh is a muslim contry

  62. The facts in this horrific case are thus far: that this was indeed a Kurdish group of men stoning a 17 year old girl because she had run away to convert to Islam, the religion of the man she loved. There is no evidence that has been produced to say that she slept with that man (something often associated with the “justification” [something a just world could never condone] for the “honor killing”. So, Vincent is right, but what Vincent is not saying is that the Human Rights board of the UN estimated that the violent religion of Islam carried out MORE THAN 5,000 of these very same barbaric and unforgivable stonings and public killings worldwide LAST YEAR ALONE. Islam has abused women for thousands of years in ways that are unthinkable, if the community of Islam had not paved the way for others in the Middle East, these tragic acts would rarely occur.

    Second point, for ANYONE who is blaming this on religion, do your research. That same human rights board found that ALL OTHER RELIGIONS combined in the world only killed 134 people in the name of religion, total..period…worldwide. In contrast, an estimated 1139 people worldwide were known to be struck by lightning. So, yes, every group is going to have SOME wackos who defile what their group stands for, but non Middle Eastern religions seem to have somehow kept the wackos from becoming the group while most of we see is wackos ruling the religions of the M.E.

    kiwamura ~~~~Most of the Muslim world, an estimated 60-70% are told what to believe of their religion by wholly corrupt Imams who preach hate and authorize killing, though Jihad. Anyone even remotely familiar with the actual Islamic texts knows full well that Jihad WAS ONLY FOR DEFENSE, never to attack and it strictly forbids harm to women and non-combatants. Nevertheless, most Neanderthal Islamic believers will believe whatever lies the Imams pass along and they should be held fully accountable for their immense ignorance.

    It’s no wonder they can get confused with such a hate-filled book like the Koran, take a look:

    Humiliate the non-Muslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute. 9:29

    O Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey’s end. – 9:73

    Allah has purchased of their faithful lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them the Garden. They will fight for His cause, kill and be killed. – 9:111

    Fight unbelievers who are near to you. 9:123Allah has cursed the unbelievers and proposed for them a blazing hell. – 33:60

    Unbelievers are enemies of Allah and they will roast in hell. – 41:14
    When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads, and when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly.

    Those who are slain in the way of Allah – he will never let their deeds be lost. Soon will he guide them and improve their condition, and admit them to the Garden, which he has announced for them. – 47:5

    And the list goes on and on…

    This would all makes sense though since the religions founder, Mohammed a man the mild Luther called “a devil and first-born child of Satan”. From 623-630 A.D. he gained followers and ruthlessly killed every Arabian, Jewish and Christian tribe he could reach leaving no one alive. In doing so, he lead and personally committed acts that perhaps few men that have lived since have been despicable enough to commit. One notable account that stood out from my history lessons in reading Bokhari, a writer of Mohammed’s tales, is
    Mohammed’s victory over a particularly troublesome Jewish tribe. In that tribe’s leader’s tent, Mohammed personally is said to have raped the man’s wife and three daughters, starting with his daughters. After each rape, he would slit the throat of the daughter. The youngest daughter was only eight. After killing the man’s wife too having raped her, he tied the man down and kept him alive until the creatures of the earth had ate enough of him that the man died nearly a week later.

    In all, historians firmly agree that Mohammed killed more 300,000 thousand people, men, women and children. And speaking of children, Mohammed liked to have sex them. This sick bastard feel in love with a five year old and took her as another of his many wives. He waited to rape Aisha until she was nine.

    The tales of how truly horrible and moral less Mohammed are amazingly numerous and all who follow a book made up by this scumbag are worthless and ought to be kicked out of the civilized world. How could anyone follow this completely messed up and horrible religion, started by the one of the biggest pieces of refuse to ever walk the earth?

    May the West come to its senses and nuke the sands of the Middle East into a huge glass mirror. Then, and probably only then will then even be the slightest chance of peace.

  63. Wow Researching on Mohammed He was a delusional,Rapist,Invader,hardent Converter,murderer who took his orders from his god.All the time muslims kept saying islam is a good religion.I Guess a thousand years from we’ll say Bush was our greatest Hero.How ever This has Nothing to Do With Islam,This Is a Kurdish Religion.I Guess Im Converting Budda.

  64. these people are gonna all get killed why u think they blew up those bombs after in there city now they know the power of God because of this one girl he jilled well over a million i am a muslim kurd and by the look of this video i would kill each and everyone of those people in the crowd how by making each of them watch one another get killed so they know and beg till they die honest wat a horrible thing this girl never deserved it she became muslim thats why they killed her cuz there nothing not even better then shit its self inshallah Allah will kill them all i wish i could mother fuckin peices of shit cant show there face why u think they cant fight like men cuz there nothing but shit . and who ever said they did there reaserch on prophat Mohammed (pbuh) fuckin peices of shit none of that is true he was a peacful man who only defended him self and in the quran it say not to come harm to any human or any living thing u can kill if someone tries to kill u to defend ur self other wise they dont have the right because Allah gave us life and only has the right so dont sit there and say u did reaserch when u pulled shit out of ur mouth anyone can do that.. so piss off u pigs u aint no diff then those people and yea there is alot of us and one day ull see why u mother fucker..

  65. DUG, I guessed you researched the wrong Mohammed. ISLAM although has one religion but has (4 specific holy imams to be followed) but now have been contaminated by various cults and misintepretation(ors). Muslim follows different following dignitries (Imams) or as Catholics would have their Pope while others have their Priests. Depending on which direction (4 of these holy imams) one is generally followed – Imam Shafiee is recognised to be complete.

    Not all ARABS are muslims as they are christians and other believes that not even religions. In Iraq their so-called Islam is divided into 2; Shites (no pun intended) and the Sunnis.

    Shites (or Shiah) does not recognised Mohammed as prophet but his son-in-law Ali. Sunnis do hence the hatred and misunderstanding between these two tribes and their believes. In some part of the world some even take in “Muhamadiyah” nothing to do with Mohammed but they call it Islam (or their islam). There are a lot of websites and books published that are not recommended as they are very inaccurate and are meant to as they say “throw dirt” into one’s character/religion for that matter. What difference is it from Christian having Protestant and Catholics and don;t know what else.

    First, as Vincent has indicated and clarified:
    “Allow me to clarify, the religion IS NOT ISLAM. It’s a Kurdish religion called Yezidi. Please take note.”

    Second, Bush is no hero. He made one small problem and made it into a world-wide disaster. Economist call this politics as Iraq is the worlds second largest Oil producer while Arab Saudi is #1. If you can control Iraq you basically control the world’s economy. Basically he attacked the wrong country (UN justified that but was on its ass doing diddly squat) – Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden was in Afghanistan and he admitted of his actions on Sept/11. Sadam had nothing to do with it and Bush even admitted it. Then why the hell did he attacked Iraq for when there weren’t even any undeclared nuclear weapons. Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were in jail for 1st degree murder when someone else committed the murder?

    It was his plot just to get into Iraq and maybe control it. Bush’s Army released all of the criminals (actual convicts and not mere victims of Sadam – he had a reason to imprison or punish them) and most of them running around in iraq killing civilians, american, british, japanese soldiers etc.

    Third, If Muhammed as you said terrorized during his period of rule did you ever ask or wonder why? Did you know during his reign most of the people he “attacked” were no angels even by today’s definition he and/or his follower were brutally attacked first. Never attack unless you were attacked first.

    I am not taking sides but I do study religion and some if not most of religious history. Almost all religion has its origins in the Arab lands – be it africa or spain etc. I even have a relative who was a priest that converted to Islam.

    Plus before when I studied these history none of these so called facts about Muhammad, Islam, Jesus, Christian, etc. ever existed in books or historical facts but when issues regarding Iraq, Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and terrorism (ironically were from middle-east) everything suddenly was published by unknown author/publishers who aren’t even authors by right. I can get all the information on the internet but when it comes to religion you cannot simply trust the internet – most of the “facts” are fiction. Either you read the Bible, Koran or what have you – with added faith in what you believe in.

    When God gave Abraham the 10 commandments on the mountain/hill while his followers were waiting for his return (they were easily mislead by a non-believer amongst them) they started worshipping a cow (dead if not mistaken) decorated in jewellery of sorts.

    There will always be disbelievers, diverters and sinners trying to stray people by creating misleading facts and only the lord knows how to punish them. Therefore let HIM punish them and not us. Similarly with the kurds – let the lord punish them.

    Fyi, Buddhism is not a religion but a is a way of life as buddha lived. If you are converting then hope you become a good one.

    I hope this post ends/closes soon as it does not reflect any positive improvements nor repent from our actions but rather racial hatred and/or misconceptions. If you want to learn anything about a religion just read their holy books (make sure its authentic) then ask questions to why they did it and not condemning what you read.

    To clear “The Truth”s misconception The koran was brought down to educate and or punish those disbelievers who have tortured Mohammed’s followers in the first place. One historical war His enemy even going as far as cutting open their already dead (muslim) victim, tearing out their guts and parading around with it for victory. Surprised why your version of Bokhari never revealed that and adding to that Bokhari was not the only writer of the time and the tribe weren’t very nice people (to our standards we wouldn’t even call them people) either hence you stated “troublesome” – the rape thing was probably to spice the story when it actually never happened. Like I said it’s easy to read one book but when you take two of the same story you’ll see how it will differ.

    Another thing, Islam did not torture muslim women. Arab men does that and it does not take a muslim to do that. Most of the reports were of men in middle-east and all. Have anyone ever studied/read/gathered torture reports/news towards women in other religions – I wonder why not?

    The Koran, Bible or any other holy works is like a history book to refer to and learn and maybe followed to some extent. It was to those misbelievers during Muhammad’s reign was he to be harsh upon. Not for us to take by heart to everything as we are more civilised to think about it or not. Specifically arabs back then were not that civilised and VERY CRUEL.. hello!. Hence in a holy book says that “god sent them (sinners), prophets from amongst them” to repent them of their evil ways.

    If you were a prophet, how do you educate a non-believer or a sinner to see the light while the sinner/non-believer is trying to kill you and not take any crap from you no matter what your say or do? While at the same time they have already ravaged and destroyed any decency of a civilised population? By reason? or by Force? inevitably killing them in the process – killed or be killed.

    – that was back and you cannot do that now as we have laws that govern our lives.

    It’s funny how Islam is to be blamed for everything when it has nothing to do with it. I’ve learnt that to be a muslim one must also believe in prophets/messengers like Noah (you know the ark -boat thingy) and Jesus. Funny how a real muslim must respect other religions and their prophets while others don’t even recognise or even try to find out Islams’ prophet or even find out why. Before all this terrorism shit happened no one even knew the name mohammed now all of a sudden eveyone’s a F@$*ing historian eh.

    Educate thyself and don’t be prejudice.
    They were prejudice to her.
    Why should we be prejudice to each other
    when we are of the same dust or maker.

    DUG, The Truth or who ever – don’t just read any book that you got from just anyone. They may not even be authentic. I have muslim friends in South East Asia who are not that extreme as you or any other “Press/Publisher” says. Why is there nothing of sorts in South East Asia (they do but organised by Al-Qaeda again need I mentioned more) and why mostly occur in Middle-East?

    Apologies to all, DUG, The Truth if i have spoken in a bad way to you. Just need to clear up what is real to me and what is not. There were no problems before but why are there a lot now? The truth can be jaded sometimes but it’s up to one self to find out.

    To end my post a few last words. It takes 2 people to fix a hanging light bulb; one holding the ladder and the other “screws it up”. Put that into real life and you’ll find out. Cheers

  66. Ihave see this crime but i m shor she is not kurdish girl .in fact she is syrian girl from sweeda city and all the people around her are speaking arabic not kurdish and all the syrian people know about this crime .

  67. Oh dont be stupid Saleh, it was yezidi’s who did this, a kurdish spokesman even came on the news to talk about this fucking crime. Seriously do you think you can jusy say a lir enough times so that it becomes truth????

  68. People like “the truth” think that if they keep spreading their lies , then sooner or later they will become truth. The scary thing is they sound sensible and quote historians and books and whatnot- However if you spent a minute doing real research you’d know just how vile racists they actually are, find the truth out for yourself and dont let racist hindu’s/ Christians/ pro war americans make your mind up for you.

    This thread is about yezidi’s commiting a crime, so can we stick to the topic instead of starting another islam trolling thread.

  69. Isn’t interesting how the truly biased, like Mack, rely on vehement emotion instead of fact in conveying their points of view. I spend my four years of college learning about the facts that surround Islam, the various cultures of the Middle East and I am able to produce EASILY researchable topics through Google or any online historical and yet the best that nescient defenders of Islam, like Mack, can do is simply write them off as “lies” or they cowardly hurl inflammatory names like “racist.”
    Notice that those who who defend Islam and the often barbaric customs of the Middle East, like this stoning, NEVER rely on unbiased historical facts, websites or third party references. The reason? The facts, the truth, and the whole of reality can never support their claims.

  70. As “the truth” quite rightly puts in an earlier posting of his, Du’a Khalil Aswad was given this barbaric punishment for attempting to run off with a muslim man, this punishment wasnt given by muslim people or those who believe in Islam, it was given because of the hatred the Yezidi people in Iraq CAN have towards muslims and in this particular case the dishonour bought to them by having a member of the Yezidi tribe fall in love with a muslim.
    Whether we believe the punishment to be justified or not, and i have pretty much no doubt that it is almost universally condoned, this case bears no relflection on an Islamic lifestyle, therefore the the need to bring Islamaphobia to the discussion is non-existant. Im certainly not a defender of Islam, niether am i of any other faith, but what Mack has stated about this topic being about a crime commited by the Yezidi people is true, so the debate you are trying to have is for elsewhere.
    Yourself and many other people on this thread seem to have a problem disassociating Islam from any problems, threats or crimes in areas that have an Islamic population. As i have stated before in this post, this crime was commited, in part, because of the hatred of muslim, the same hatred you apparently share.

  71. I think thats the nastiest shit in the world. fuck muslims they have no right to be changing other peoples religions and making other people convert. and that little slut that ran away is a dumbass for going back to her house. and her dad should die.. how could you kill your own daughter?? he must’ve been fucked up on crack. I dont think ive ever felt as bad as i do now for some girl. all she did is run away for love. peaceout

    someone else. bitches.
    first of all…i understand why those peoeple were upset bcuz that girl wanted to convert, but i dont understand why they r judging someone when it is not their place. shes dumb too for sacraficing her own religion for DICK in her life. fuck u

  72. I was at one time pro kurdish and totally against radical islam. After viewing this video, I have decided that I am now completely in favor of the turkish army going into northern iraq and leveling it. There is no difference between these sick immoral bastards and the jihaddists.

    Start at the north and go south!

    I also favor the large glass mirror philosophy of solving the radical Islam problem and would push the button myself!

  73. what those bastards did to her was really sick. they had no right to do that to her. and why are some of you guys making bad comments about the relgion of islam. our relgion does not say kill peolpe. it’s not like the boy made her to follow islam. like some one said” you can’t help who you fall in love with”. and lastly pro turkish american why are you saying turks have the right to go in to iraq????? they need to mind there own bussiness. it wasn’t muslim peolpe killing the girl. it was yezidi peolpe. turks will never have iraq so they need to leave it alone. think about how would you feel if some other country was trying to take your home town away. think before u speak.

  74. How sick can peolpe be To first of all call yourself a man to kick a child. And then throw rocks at her I have a Q. who was filming this? Where r the parents right now.May God bless the family give them a mind to trust him That was no kind of mercy even if it was wrong r not.some how people forget that they were young once. In my closing I say Let God be God and we be people not animals.

    1. and people want to say that the USA is not justified in killing all them arab terrorists? if this is what them sons of beeches tech then i say leave nothing over 3 feet standing

  75. well all you people out there i hope u have seen the video very clearly and i hope you have seen our police force doing thier job, wich is very unfair. i hope u have seen the animals who are called yezidi wich means (fire worshipers) and they are not muslim at all they are against islam. i hope i dont see this kinde of people on this earth becoz they are just wast of space. and shame on the iraqi gorverment becoz they are not fair and there will never be a fair gorverment in iraq. thank you all for reading. 😡

  76. To the asshole who made this. You’re talking about the SAME GOD that Christians and Jews have. The Muslims believe in the SAME GOD, you’re a moron who should actually research what he posts. As for what happened to the girl, things like that happen ALL OVER THE WORLD, what, girls aren’t killed, or beaten or raped here in the U.S. Not to mention that happened in a village not a big city or town so a officer who let it happen would have been no different then the other men there in his view of what was going on. You need to get over yourself and actually learn something about an entire people before you judge 30 million Kurds and over 1 billion Muslims.

  77. They are not civilized like we in the western world. They are like our football hooligans but worse. They are not humans. They are animals.

  78. Those sick people needs to come out of their narrow minded circles, They mush be thinking as they have achived success!. I believe it’s their actions that they are still suffering in the world and they will continue to suffer as they continue to make such horrible actions agains humanity. If I had the power I will put all those people to a trial with maximum punishment.

  79. To all of you that think this is the fault of releigion and “religion should be abolished” you should know that these people are monsters. Monsters are people who have no since of right and wrong and will do whatever they please regardless of what God wants. God would never tell someone to do this horrid act. This is the fault of corrupt man, not God. Regardless of religion or no religion, as long as man is around, so will be hate and murder. God is there to help thoes who accept him, and encourage thoes who dont.

  80. These people are fucking sick I am Kurdish and I have never seen or heard of such thing, I pray to god that those men will one day feel the pain this beautiful young women felt they those animals ganged up on her, I can’t stop crying I can’t believe people can be so cruel and brutal. I pray that god will give Du’a the justice she deserved 🙁

    I wish I was there when this was happing I would’ve tried to stop this massacre with every thing I have even if that meant death for me

  81. God will have put her to peace forever in his abode
    For the rest of those wankers that caused her pain and agony, well god has a place for you to go to too.

    And you said she sinned but the world saw who sinned.
    Sick twisted fuckers who felt it was a playtime game will have to pay for their share. Men stoning a girl hardly even a woman and not given a chance to live a full life. They are not god the sick fucking bastards they have no right to take someone’s life.

    I think women in IRAQ and Iran should stop having kids so there are less of these evil bastards that think stoning or honour killing is the correct rule or law in Islam. Sick, sick to the core. Alah is never satisfied with this sort of stuff. He is the one who has taken her soul to peace far away from those sick people who did this to her. They will pay dearly.

    When your a child you don’t realise when you do something wrong and get told off by your parents, these fucking demented bastards were fully adult enough to realise what they were doing is wrong, and now the greater parent will see to their punishment. (GOD).

    Time will see those involved suffer far more than she did. They are not worthy to be called humans and I feel sorry for the world to have to live with such animals on this earth amongst the good.

    Makes me sick how every woman wants a boy more than girls in that country. Too many males with nothing better to fucking do with their time.
    I am so angry i wish for the non existence of such country on this earth where they believe it is a religious right to stone and torture.

    You know people believe there is a devil – I believe the devil is in those people who do such things.

    After seeing this video whatever respect and sorrow I had for Iraq is totally gone from now on, and I no longer feel Iran is any good either.

    Hell to those evil doers, and forever.


  82. I can’t believe such barbarianism is tolerated by the Bush regime.

    I wish this would have happened during my tour of duty and I had my M-16 in my hands. I don’t think any of these so-called human beings know what God is all about. Unfortunately we have such animals that justify their actions behind Christianity here in Amerika too. Ask the blacks and Native Americans who suffered under Manifest destiny. Then you have the KKK and John Birch Society alive and well.

  83. first of all i would like to say whoever publish this video is clearly he/she has some problem called Islam phobia, because everyone knows this girl was not stoned to death by muslims, in fact she was in love with a muslim guy since she was not a muslim according to her religion which is close to Christianity, called yazidi she has to be stoned to death..and this is the true story of this girl and the muslims in fact got her revenge from her family after tis incident, this is the true story of this girl..for those who hate islam slays truth stand out..

  84. I’m sorry…this is not religion, this is culture o tradion ….Islam don’t teach to kill or to hate…this is ignorance of the people who belong these things religious and also the people who think this is religion. Allah(God) will handle these people in this world and in the end…. Peace to all …And I am proud to be Muslim.

  85. i hope she rests in peace…..it was so not right, and such an evil way to be killed!!!! i guess we as humans are really a disgusting race!!!!

  86. Hey Vince:
    Re: Your quote: “Maybe Bush should send someone to control this rather than wasting his time on those stupid wars.”, is indicative of someone who is just ripe for Dhimmi servitude.
    Why do you think we’re killing these Islamofascist bastards? The little film you provided showcases the brutallity that is part and parcel to Islam. If we weren’t fighting them on their turf, you would be one of those “infidels” in the next video.


  87. yes people this is murder but u all should know this is not been done by muslim, why american media dont show it much because this action done by a group called yazidi in north of iraq which arent muslim, they killed this girl only because she loved a muslim boy..thank god after that muslim people killed 600 people from that town as the revenge for murdering this inocent little girl…also they killed that man who throw the block on her head..




  89. I am a Kurdish girl and I am Muslim . I believe that Allah gave us a life and He is the one who can only can take back out life. In this life there is 2 world only. One of them is leaving your life and one is to pay back in Hell or go to heaven and many of you don’t know what is the meaning for hell will read this Hell if the place of punishment after death
    and I hope that I see all this people who stoned this girl burn in hell because this is what you Deserve. Not only hurting humans you can even hurt animals. Even if you like it or not we are all brothers and sister . I hope her mother and father pay back in this life and in hell. You love hell don’t you. Will I think you do because no one is killing their child for themselves. You little witch did your life become better. Are you waiting for hell.

  90. I am a Kurdish girl and I am Muslim . I believe that Allah gave us a life and He is the one who can only can take back out life. In this life there is 2 world only. One of them is leaving your life and one is to pay back in Hell or go to heaven and many of you don’t know what is the meaning for hell will read this Hell if the place of punishment after death
    and I hope that I see all this people who stoned this girl burn in hell because this is what you Deserve. Not only hurting humans you can even hurt animals. Even if you like it or not we are all brothers and sister . I hope her mother and father pay back in this life and in hell. You love hell don’t you. Will I think you do because no one is killing their child for themselves. You little witch did your life become better. Are you waiting for hell. O.O :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:

  91. i only want to say fuck hers parents
    what a pity no1 couldn,t help her ):
    fuck those people, if they think that way muslims, gonna be progressive

  92. I am truly saddened by what happened to this poor girl, these animals who are cowards’ will never be caught and brought to justice but, I believe in Allah and I hope that on the Day of Judgment those people who committed these evil acts will burn on hell fire for ever more.
    This has shocked me, so much……I can’t explain what am feeling am angered by this, I hope that people don’t confuse them self and say that they are Muslims, coz they are not…………….other wise if this was accepted in Islam then I would never believe in it, Islam is a religion of peace and to find out the best example is to read on the beloved prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.
    I feel sad by this but I hope and pray in my heart that Allah will bring those people to justice, and that the girl will be in heaven.

  93. this is horrible ….iam sure these were not a muslims.
    this person should me killed badly…ohh allah ur watching everything please punish all the people who have done theses things. oh allah please .oh allah these were not created by you.this country should me destroyed badly ..why the country is not doin any thing .were was the police of this country why they are hiding ..wat the hell is this .animals are must more better than thses humans..no 1 have right to punish anybody…allah is the one who got full rigthies to punishment..oh allah look whats happening.i believe on my god.he will not allow all this people to live anymore..insallah all this people die worst than they have done to this small poor girl.

  94. everyone in there five times prayer .pray that all those people be killed so badly .
    oh allah give justices to this poor girl . allah please bless her .

  95. kurdish is all shit why they kill that girl man fuck them and they all mother fucker fucker fucker and arab to ?

  96. Some people are so fucked up…how could this happen and noone there to stop it.. Shame on everyone in that video. Thanks to Al Qaeda for bringing this beautiful young girl Doa justice.

  97. bullshit!!! they think who they are? how can they judge that women like that!! fight with me as a man!! what a shame!!! how dare u riot only one weak gurl??!! fuck off to people involve in this tragedy!!

  98. U know 4 what they do this??;pp they do this because that girl was fucking with those guys and then they was sick AIDS u know what i mean?
    i think that girl was really bitch!;/

  99. i don’t think that there is a word in any language to describe this crime. the most shocking thing about this i think is how all that happend, i mean she was alone against all those insane people, noone helped here, she was being attacked from all around, everyone there was against her… and for what?? for nothing!! those crazy religious fanatics don’t deserve to be called humans…

  100. Thats most disturbing video i saw, all those who particapated sould be burned alive. Doing that to a poor girl is beyond anything, the have no heart no brain no soul they are just a lump of meat whit a stupid relegion. They dont deserve to live.

  101. You kurdish people once we will f**k you twice how simple is that this is for u darliiiiiiiiiing(DaNoNkY). and if u dont know who that girl was why would u name her? u little devil :D. u r the one who is sick and has AIDS u know what iiiiiiiiiiiiii Mean? haaaaaaaa? & u r the real BITCH? ( this is for u DaNoNkY)

    u know what Joey, we as Muslims never try to change some body elses beliefs and relegions, this is a reality. by saying slut u never have met her ok? dont call others slut.

    lets see what will be ur responce MISS INDIAN. we all know that its shocking. u dont have to say it. secondly, this is not happening in Islam religion u little bloodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bitchchchchchchchch.this is probably happening in ur desert (ur land) , so people should get ride off all Hinduuuuus.( How about That!)

    Adel Abdull u only know Kurds by name nathing else so why dont u go and shut up.


  102. Did you ever ask your self who are you, where are you come from, how, why, when. In the world we have only one beautiful Allah watching us every moment, and Muslim religion is the most,poplare religion to Allah. I just wanted to say that please do not represent other cultures or religions in a bad way on the net, If I am a bad girl that does not mean that all my culture is bad, and if my culture is good that does not mean that I am good too. <3 <3 my heart is brocken because of the words on the net. /gg and please if you are not interest in human communication please join the animal community. but please think first and decide which jungle or zoo you wanted to join in. :bulb: I am a Muslim kurdish 15 year old girl onkydonky. lol and I feel very sorry for this girl

    1. You’re right. Muslims didn’t do this to Dua Khalil Aswad. It was the yezidi. I have found concrete evidence that proves she did nothing wrong to begin with. The accusation of her fornicating with her Sunni Muslim boyfriend or being a prostitute is a patent lie. An autopsy performed on her shattered body after the yesididemons

    2. You’re right. Muslims didn’t do this to Dua Khalil Aswad. It was the yezidi. That’s the truth. Muslims tried to protect her, and Muslims fought for her after the atrocity. The Muslims are the good guys here.

  103. Again, to remind everyone, this is a graphic picture to what Muslims have been doing since their religion was founded!

    The Human Rights board of the UN estimated that the violent religion of Islam carried out MORE THAN 5,000 of these very same barbaric and unforgivable stonings and public killings worldwide LAST YEAR ALONE.

    Islam has abused women for thousands of years in ways that are unthinkable, if the community of Islam had not paved the way for others in the Middle East, these tragic acts would rarely occur.

    Second point, for ANYONE who is blaming this on religion, do your research. That same human rights board found that ALL OTHER RELIGIONS combined in the world only killed 134 people in the name of religion, total..period…worldwide. In contrast, an estimated 1139 people worldwide were known to be struck by lightning.

    So, yes, every group is going to have SOME wackos who defile what their group stands for, but non Middle Eastern religions seem to have somehow kept the wackos from becoming the group while most of we see is wackos ruling the religions of the Middle East.

    Islam is violent and hateful and it must be stopped. If you are out there and stupid enough to believe otherwise, YOU are the reason they will win and take over the world. Do your research, see my above posts, it is the most violent religion in world history founded by one of the worst people to ever walk the earth-Mohammed! Wake up and fight this horrible, hate-filled religion!

  104. I hope that the next president goes after these crazy people. I don’t think it is the religion, but how people act on the text. Islam is not to blame, I am a Christian and I do not blame the religion, but the violent people behind the killings. If anyone should make a move, it’s probably going to be the US, and it will not be pretty. The religion needs to set limits. That’s why I enjoy my faith at Calvery Chapel, out of California. It explains the meanings rather than let you think of the interpretation on your own. The individual part is where things start going wrong. Good luck to all, and the a******* who did this can burn in hell, where they belong!

  105. yazidi is not Islam(some says that the yazidi is devil worshiper).there is now way that the yazidi is the same as like Islam.Please people,please do not confuse between the Islam and yazidi.The video show the yazidi folk that punish or killed the girl,not the Muslim.You guys cannot blame Islam just because the footage show the killer(or the pig in human form) is speaking in arab,just to make u guys clear this thing,Arab is not Islam,arab is a race.some arab is christian,and some is Islam or some is yazidi or zoroaster follower.Islam is religions,just like christian,jewish,hindu are religions that not belong into one particular races only.

  106. just to make this this clear,yazidi is not Islam,there is no way yazidi is the same like Islam( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yazidi ).u guys cannot just blame
    Islam just the footage is showing the killer (the pig in human form) is speak in arab.Arab is RACE not Religions.some arab is Christian,some is Islam.Religions is not for 1 particular races only.

  107. Let me clarify, this religion is NOT ISLAM, its YEZIDI a kurdish religion. To the person who send comment using the nickname THE TRUTH, next time find the real story behind before you make a nonsense comment regarding other religion. To all these men behind the killing, they should be sentence to death. There were not suppose to be human or even animals cause more worst that any primate in the world. Honour killing my ass to all behind the death of this poor girl.

  108. I feel sorry for that girl..
    She didn’t deserv to die like this..
    Some men are stupid.
    For sex they will do everything, but they don’t think about HIV or something like that..

  109. Perhaps the most unsettling part of this was seeing all those men crowding around like a pack of dogs, while pointing their cellphones at her. The scene itself is like something from some barbaric part of ancient history, but then you see them holding those phones and you realize this is happening NOW.

    They couldn’t be bothered to THINK about what they were doing, that they were MURDERING a girl because of ‘honor.’ I’m sorry, but a pack of beasts surrounding a helpless girl and kicking and stoning her to death is as dishonorable as you can get. All they could think about was spilling her blood and getting it recorded on their phones so they could have something to keep to remember the moment.

    I actually felt sick when watching this video. I never knew just how vicious stoning could get. I never imagined they would use enormous bricks. I don’t care what your belief or faith is – what those people did was pure evil, and no deity that stands for good and righteousness would ever approve of such a vicious, depraved act.

    1. I was told by a yezidi that they recorded that horrific scene to show to the other yezidi women what would happen to them if they ever 'step out of line'. Every yezidi I've cooresponded with states very arrogantly that Du'a got what she deserved. Is it any wonder why the yezidi have been picked on through the centuries?

  110. Oh Kaze, you have a lot to learn about Islam then. While these particular “stoners” weren’t Muslims, believers in the Muslim faith do this exact thing 5,000 plus times every year. In 1981, the UN believes that in Iran alone, they carried out more than 7,000 of the vicious attacks alone. Islam was founded by one of the world’s worst people, a depraved psychopath named Muhammad who killed more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION people who would not convert to his made up faith. Islam is the only known religion on the world that features a leader who relied on violence (especially against women) to spread it.
    Muslim’s have a 1,000 year plan to dominate the earth and at the close of that time they are ready and have been taught that they must kill all of who will not turn to Allah, only when the last unbeliever in Islam is dead will Allah return you see. Anyone who stupidly believes that Islam is a religion of peace knows absolutely nothing. According to IRS, Muslims are the least likely of all known religions to give money to non-Muslim charity. They are here to take over, not to integrate, not to make their surroundings better or to help. They demand hat you accommodate their ways, language and customs and they have in every country foolish enough to let them in.

    Watch the video again and realize the followers of Islam are ready to do this to YOU when the time comes…

    1. The Truth, how wrong you are. Islam is one of the most peaceful religions on earth. In fact I have several quotes from the Qur’an to show that Muslims are loving people who appreciate all religions. Islam grew from Judaism and Christianity, you know. Many different races of people practice Islam, but each one practices it in coordination with their culture. Maltreatment of women and extremism is not a Muslim belief, but a cultural one. If you so blindly profess all the wrong things that Islam has done, remember that no religion is without its faults. Recall that the Christians slaughtered millions in the witch hunts, the white conquest of Europe, Crusades and the Holocaust. Have you not spared a thought for the atrocities commited by Christianity? They came in everywhere and forced most of the world to conform to their beliefs, torturing to produce false confessions and killing all who refused. Learn the facts before you go proselytising.

      As for your statement on charity, one of the main Pillars of Islam is ‘zakat’, meaning that every Muslim who earns above a certain amount must donate 2.5% of their wealth to charity or spend it for the benefit of charity each year.

    2. You have a presumptuous and arrogant username, and much of what you say regarding the Prophet (pbuh) and Islam is slander and downright paranoia. Your comments and logic have the coherence and sensibility of a drunken rooster with ADHD.

      He (pbuh) forgave the people in his hometown of Mecca who abused him in Islam’s early days after returning there, if you must know, and even his enemies had something nice to say about him.

      As for Hazrat Aisha… she may have been young… but she lived in a DESERT. The environment required people to reproduce earlier. I thought Darwin told you people that. Guess not.

      Now stop sucking cock big-time and GTFO.

  111. Avnas-
    It is so ironic that you speak of ignorance since you so miserably fail to produce any evidence to counter what I posted. You do not deny the accuracy of the verses I quoted and explicitly reference (because you cannot, since they are taken directly from the Qur’an). You claim Islam is peaceful; yet provide NO facts to substantiate that claim. Therefore, it remains as empty rhetoric, unsupported and untrue.

    You say that you have verses that “show that Muslims are loving people who appreciate all religions” yet again, fail to show any. Would these magical verses somehow offset the unique vitriolic hate demonstrated in my earlier quotes? No. My quotes from the Qur’an stand.

    You say, “Islam grew from Judaism and Christianity, you know.” Really? So some loony named Mohammed running off to a cave, claiming he had vision and then ramming his made-up religion down other people’s throats and then killing them if they did not convert stems from Christianity and Judaism? The evil of Islam stems from that good? Islam, a religion without miracles, without any other verification via prophet comes from the two religions bursting with miraculous signs and myriad prophecies? You truly are delusional. Feel free to provide your proof…

    You say “Many different races of people practice Islam, but each one practices it in coordination with their culture.” While your preface of multiple races practicing this hateful religion is correct, the theme of Islam is still one of an overriding pressure to convert to the culture of Islam. The 5,000 plus barbaric stonings (that I quoted and cited in my earlier post) that happened because of Islam happened in more than 20 different countries, many in complete defiance of local law.

    Maltreatment of women and extremism has always been a Muslim belief and it continues to be; your main prophet raped a little girl. In 7 countries, Islam has declared the improper dress of women punishable BY DEATH. According to Human Rights Watch, Islamic women are least educated people-group in the known world and they could not vote in a single Islamic nation until we freed the Iraqi’s. NOT one.

    My point goes beyond the countless faults of Islam, it hinges that there are NO redeeming values in it at all. Islam is all take and no give. Sure, Christians hundreds of years ago were overzealous in attempting to rid the world of Islam, but what have any other religions done LATELY? Again, look at the facts, in it’s 2006 report, the F.B.I. reported that Islamic followers accounted for 98.7% of all terrorist attacks since 1990. Wipe out Islam and the world is a radically safer place and New York has two more buildings. Remind when Christians blew up a skyscraper in Dubai or two for that matter.
    Moreover, what in the world did Christians have to do with the Holocaust? If you know anything, you know that the leaders of Iran and Syria have praised the Holocaust even while they deny that it happened at all. Feel free to cite a single example of a Christian atrocity where more than ten people were killed in the past 15 years. Since 1990, there have been more than 1,100 separate attacks where Muslims have killed more than 10 people at one time. 17 people alone where killed and more 450 injured worldwide over the simple picture of Mohammed being printed, Islam is synonymous with violence and hate. You ask me to learn the facts when I appear to be the only one who knows them; you ignorantly fail to produce even a single fact in your worthless post.

    As for your utterly weak point of ‘zakat’, compare that trivial drop of piss to the MINIMUM of 10% or more that EACH AND EVERY Christian is asked to give back to the church and community, regardless of religion. Not just the rich and not a measly 2.5%. Again, look the facts, Islam selfishly teaches that it is NOT permissible to give ‘zakat’ to non-Muslims, the very antithesis of Christian giving.

    I’m glad that you encouraged me to look at the facts. I did and found that I feel even more deeply that the greatest threat to peace on the planet is Islam. The facts mountingly suggest that a Muslim-free world would be safer, more unified and that it would smell better. 😛

  112. What a religion can let peoples kill other ? Is that religion ? I think nobody can make decision to let live people or kill it. The most is shit that POLYCE DONT DO ANYTHING. F***king freaks. ANIMALS nothing more !!! Not event go look what happen. That is so sick ! Now i agree with USA to have a war with those freaks !!! I wish USA let Nuclear BOMB on them and clean all that F**King religion from the erth !!!

    1. The ONLY religion that allows (and encourages) this type of action
      is Islam. According to the annual report from the U.N., they reported
      that Muslims performed nearly 6,100 “honor killings” worldwide. That
      is more than the death toll from ALL RELIGIONS IN THE WORLD COMBINED for the previous SEVEN years total.

      The US rightfully took the battle to them and the animals of Islam
      now have to fight trained soldiers armed with the best weapons
      in the world instead of defenseless little girls. Muslims hate it
      when their victims fight back! O.O

  113. —————/´ ¯/)
    –(‘(———- ¯~/’–‘)
    ———-\———–\ HEY MohamMAD :p :p

    1. Mohammad is a very common name on this planet.

      MY NAME is Mohammad.

      So please specify which of the many Mohammads in this world you are directing that at.

      —————/´ ¯/)
      –(’(———- ¯~/’–’)
      ———-\———–\ To you too.

      1. If you are out there and named after the Original douche-bag
        named Mohammad, then it goes for you too.

        MohamMAD was one of the worst people to ever walk the
        earth, crazy to the point he CHOSE to drink his own urine.
        If you are okay with being named after a child-raping,
        woman-beating, piss-drinking murderer, then surely you
        deserve, at the very least, a huge middle finger pointed
        at you at all times!

  114. i think it is terrible!!!ooh god what they can do… o.o o.o o.o they are stupid peoples… :down: :grr:

  115. what sort of animal{insult to supposedly stupid creatures} cunts do these stinking outrages against their own people because of their idiotic tribal delusions. stupid cunts give birth then murder their own, what foul murdering scum. there i got that of my chest !!!

  116. Please do not listen to “the truth”. he is simply a sad reject who smells very bad and slanders people for no reason.

    He is also arrogant paranoid and retarded.

    1. This is text-book Muslim mentality. If you look back up at the
      verses that I quoted from the Qu’ran, it is EXACTLY according
      to their “holy book.” Insult and attempt to intimidate those who
      confront you.

      They seek to counteract Truth with pithy insults and small-
      minded words. They do this because they lack both the
      intellect and factual truth to counter all the correct negative
      impressions of the indefensible “religion.”

      Thank you for so proving my point HOORJ!, that Muslims
      are among some of the least intelligent people on earth. You
      proved it loudly!

  117. While I do agree with “The Truth” (or so he calls himself out of his neurotic messiah complex) that there are certain muslims the world would be better off without- they are actually bad at following their religion and should not be used as a justification for genocide of all Muslims and of Islam. I believe it was Karl Marx who said “The worst advertisement for[…] Christianity are it’s adherents”

    Secondly he uses the word “freeing” Iraq- this reveals that he is one of those evangelical people who supported George W. Bush and the Iraq war- both of which are massive indicators of extreme failure. Iraq was never freed- it was only bombed and destroyed with no justification, the entire Iraq war was a waste of USA’s taxpayers’ money and a waste of millions of lives- I mean, you didn’t even get any oil from the whole thing! what a waste.

    Thirdly- he is spreading lies and slander about the Prophet (PBUH). Let me tell you that if he did kill people- it was the Meccans. And they openly attacked first to crush the Muslims as Islam was a threat to their way of life. They also openly abused the Prophet and his followers prior to the migration to Medina.

    He always tried to live in peace with the tribes of Jews in Medina too, even though they betrayed him to the Meccans on more than one occasion, and he only expel them from Medina when enough was enough

    And when the Prophet returned to Mecca- he forgave them all. No killing. He had instructed his followers not to do so.

    But I maintain what I said that The Truth is an arrogant, paranoid, retarded, and if anything, people like him whould all be packed and cramped in a small smelly box and booted into outer space- preferably into a black hole- we don’t want them to somehow survive and mutate in outer space and return to earth.

    1. The Muslims that the world could do without are all of the ones who
      practice Islam! And my name stems not from a complex of Messianic
      proportions but rather with the factual depiction of reality, the one
      where Muslims hate, yell and kill everyday. Again, typical weak-
      minded Muslim response, rather than quote facts (as I have clearly
      done with sources) or quote the Qu’ran (again which I have done
      with clear reference), he hopes that if he repeats the bald lie that
      Islam is peaceful, people who who have not researched Islam will
      buy it. I have researched Islam for nearly 22 years and know its
      nuances and history better than most Muslims. That is why I can
      fall for the lie that Islam is peaceful, it was birthed in bloody
      violence and it has been killing the innocent ever since. As for
      you weakly quoting Karl Marx, you really have to be one of the
      least intelligent people on this site for you to quote someone
      who avowed that he “would destroy Christianity.” You maybe get
      the idea that he was kind of biased there genius?

      So, here are some fun quotes for you:
      “Unlike Christianity, which preached a peace that it never stopped trying to achieve, Islam unashamedly came with a sword.”

      Steven Runciman

      Qur’an:9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find
      them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them
      using every stratagem of war.”

      Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until none are alive who will
      not submit to Allah.”

      Ishaq:324 “He said, ‘Fight them to the death so that there is
      more rebellion, and religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Allah must
      have no rivals.'”

      Ishaq:587 “Our vicious onslaught will not be a weak faltering
      affair. We shall fight as long as we live. We will fight until you all
      turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom
      we meet. We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We have raped and mutilated every opponent. We
      have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and
      Islam. We will fight until our religion is established. And we will
      plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace.”

      Qur’an:8:65 “O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are
      twenty among you with determination they will vanquish and kill
      two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a
      thousand unbelievers, for all those who fail to believe in Islam
      are a people devoid of understanding and worthy of death.”

      Qur’an:9:123 “Fight and brutalize all those who do not choose
      Islam around you, and let them find harshness in you.”

      Qur’an:4:104 “And do not relent in pursuing the last unbeliever
      until the last person who fails to praise Allah has been put to death.”

      You want more you ignorant Fuck? I have about 70 more verses
      in that exact tone. Islam is a violent, worthless and hate-filled
      religion and it has been preaching hate, death and intolerance from
      the day Mohammad (Piss Be Upon Him) made it up!

    2. We will not the outcome of Iraq for at least another ten years,
      perhaps longer and yes the correct term was “freeing” as the
      people their are no longer put to death for leaving the religion
      of Islam. According to World Christian Missionary Resources, more
      than 100 Muslims leave Islam for Christianity EVERY day in Iraq and
      more than 16,000 Muslims leave their violent faith for the peace
      of Christianity EVERY SINGLE DAY worldwide. Also, we do get oil
      and we will be getting more every year for the next 16, so we will
      Iraq a nice long chance to repay us, don’t worry.
      Regarding the military achievements, Iraq is one of the best
      military victories in US history boasting our best yet loss to enemy
      kill ratio: 117 to 1 as of January 1st of this year. So for every
      single soldier Muslims kill, we kill 117 people who want to
      kill innocent Americans. It is one the best Kill Ratios in modern
      warfare history, educate yourself, then speak. Try it, you might
      even like it.


    3. It’s so amazing to me, that worthless Muslims like you can stare a
      researched fact right in the face and then somehow completely
      disregard it. I quoted the historians, including TWO who were
      Mohammad’s (Penises Be Upon Him) personal companions, along
      to record tales of his travels.
      You fail to cite a single source, quote a single quote or supply
      anything beyond your pitiful lack of education. The only lies
      posted here are yours. You are so worthless that you cannot even
      produce a single word in your defense. No wonder so many
      people hate Muslims, they seem to all be cowards who lack
      only the strength to throw stones and kill the defenseless.

      According to Wikipedia, Muhammad personally oversaw the
      killings of more than 6,600 innocent men, woman and children
      in his first siege of Mecca alone. Experts on that page offer
      lifelong death total anywhere from 181,000 to nearly 3/4 of
      a MILLION innocent men, women and children that “the prophet”
      killed. Again, do some research and quit trying to spread
      Muslim lies and propaganda.

      I am sure that you and the rest of the Neanderthals known as
      Muslims do hope that voices of Truth, voices armed with
      true and accurate factual accounts of history do not reveal
      the immense evil that is Islam. You don’t want us to tell the world
      that you seek to kill us all if we do not convert to the religion
      of some piss-drinking child rapist who made up a religion while
      whacking off in a cave because NOBODY liked him.

      I want to close with this wonderful and happy thought, in his
      timeless hit, The Divine Comedy (Canto XXVIII), Dante puts
      Muhammad, together with Ali, in Hell “among the sowers of
      discord and the schismatics, being lacerated by devils again
      and again.”

      That is the thought that helps me sleep at night, that Muhammad
      and all his followers burn in the depths of hell, in the endless
      torment they so deserve. So, please, feel free to follow “the
      prophet” (Puss Be Upon Him)!

  118. A typical Christian response! As if I needed any more confirmation of your disgusting beliefs. Only a true Christian would preach love and peace while at the same time bashing all the others who came before and after it, ignoring all of your own religion’s wrongdoings. You say “Unlike Christianity, which preached a peace that it never stopped trying to achieve, Islam unashamedly came with a sword,” but do recall that Christians created crusades lasting hundreds of years to slaughter all who opposed and oppressing millions of people. Even in the past few hundred years, they have come again to assimilate the natives of many countries, using drugs and alcohol to seize control and destroy the cultures of all these people.

    http://geocities.com/christprise/ has some lovely examples of this.

    You say that Karl Marx was biased, but have you ever thought that you are incredibly biased too? You’re not listening to anything we say, and you keep saying that Christianity is infallible.
    You say that you have ‘true and factual accounts of history” but recall that the victors write the history books, not the prisoners and dead. You assume that your belief is true, which is understandable: I was a fundamentalist Christian once too, but I saw the light, so to speak, or lack thereof.

    Your quotes from the Qur’an are biased too. I already know about selection and omission to prove a point, so I know that you selected random verses to back yourself up. Here’s some other stuff from the Qur’an and from Muhammad you seem to have ‘forgot’.

    “All mankind is descended from Adam and Eve, an Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, a white person is not better than a black person, nor is a black person better than a white person except by piety and good actions.”

    Surah 29:46: “Be courteous when you argue with the People of the Book, except with those among them who do evil. Say: “We believe in that which is revealed to us and which was revealed to you. Our God and your God is one. To Him we surrender ourselves.”

    Here’s some stuff from your so-called peaceful Bible, from which fundamentalists quote in the name of hatred every day: (see also: Westboro Baptist Church)

    JER 13:14 And I will dash them one against another, even the fathers and the sons together, saith the LORD: I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them.
    EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
    ISA 14:21 Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.
    JER 13:14 “I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy. Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not, but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling.”
    DEU 28:22 “The LORD shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish.”
    1 SAM 23:2 “Therefore David inquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.”
    AMOS 9:1 “I saw the LORD standing upon the altar: and he said, Smite the lintel of the door, that the posts may shake: and cut them in the head, all of them; and I will slay the last of them with the sword: he that fleeth of them shall not flee away, and he that escapeth of them shall not be delivered.”
    DEU 13:15 “Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword.”

    People would be so much happier without religion, hmph. The Truth that you speak of is not of Christianity or of Islam, but the supreme idiocy of those that would hate their fellow beings so in the name of a god that doesn’t exist. You say you researched Islam for 22 years, but to research theology, you must do so with a clean slate and an unbiased mind, not with one of hate. A true scholar would see that. I opened my mind and saw the truth. Islam preaches peace. All Christianity knows is hate.

    1. Actually I have praised nearly all other major religions, save for
      Islam. Last year Jews and Christians, gave more than 160

      As a great man once said, “Facts are stubborn things.” The facts
      do not lie about Islam and Muslims cannot escape The Truth.

  119. Actually I have praised nearly all other major religions, save for
    Islam. Last year Jews and Christians, gave more than 160 BILLION dollars
    last year to help orphans, the homeless, AIDS victims and victims of natural disasters. W.H.O. reported that they are “not aware of even a single dollar
    given by the Muslim community to help any non-Muslim in need.”

    1. You are an evangelical, self-centered, neurotic, unintelligent supporter of Bush and his little war game to get at the world’s oil.

      That is a fact.

      Wikipedia is made of crowd-knowledge that shows the ignorance of those who edit in it, and you could have planted those numbers yourself.

      That is also a fact.

      You need to shut up and fuck off.

      That is also a fact.

      There are more muslims than those who kill defenceless people and blow up your builidings.

      That is also a fact.

      You fail at protecting buildings from being blown up by the people you hold as being the stupidest on the planet, which says a lot about your own intelligence, seeing as the US has the most advanced army in the world.

      That is also a fact.


      1. HOORJ!, it is clear from your grasp of “facts” that you fall into the typical Muslim camp of limited intelligence. You try to convey your opinion as a fact that reminds me as this great quote from Stephen Hawking, commonly accepted as one of the world’s most intelligent men, “The internet presents a grave danger in that it provides groups of immensely undereducated people with enough numbers to simply repeat lies as though they are fact. If one cannot refer to expert in the field of discussion, cannot provide researched datum on the subject at hand or cite a study that proves their point in question, then they certainly are one of those attempting to foist their vast ignorance upon the masses.”
        Hmmm, sound like your post verbatim? Yeah, thought so. So, take it from Stephen, as to the rules mental engagement, something you clearly know nothing about. Notice that my responses are based on cited, researched FACT. Read up, learn a little you pathetic and immensely ignorant fool.

        To address your ignorance, here are the correct facts to refute your lack of education and knowledge:
        You say:
        “You are an evangelical, self-centered, neurotic, unintelligent supporter of Bush and his little war game to get at the world’s oil.

        That is a fact.”

        Minus the aspects of your opinion, the US is not getting any more oil than it was before we freed Iraq or Afghanistan. Newsweek, April 09: “It is clear that oil production levels from both Afghanistan and Iraq only last year even returned to pre-war levels. To even the war’s most vocal critics, the claim that these fronts on the war on Islamic terror are about oil are blatantly unfounded.”

        You say:
        “Wikipedia is made of crowd-knowledge that shows the ignorance of those who edit in it, and you could have planted those numbers yourself.

        That is also a fact.”

        Hmmm, Muslims have over 1 billion ignorant believers, more than any other religion and yet a site that takes information and posts it based on the number of people who post the same data is suspect. There are over a billion of you and yet you can’t somehow get the inconvenient facts removed about your faith removed? Really. What does that say about the intelligence of Muslim followers?

        Regardless of Wikipedia, here are the researched facts: One notable account that stood out from my history lessons in reading Bokhari, a writer of Mohammed’s tales, is Mohammed’s victory over a particularly troublesome Jewish tribe, Banu Quraiza. Bokhari writes that in that tribe’s leader’s tent, Mohammed personally raped the man’s wife and three daughters, starting with his daughters. After each rape, he would slit the throat of the daughter. The youngest daughter was only eight. After killing the man’s wife too, having raped her, he tied the man down and kept him alive until the creatures of the earth had ate enough of him that the man died nearly a week later. Bokhari is noted for his first hand accounts of Muhammad’s “adventures” and he is widely regarded as the premier author on Muhammad.

        You whine:
        “You need to shut up and fuck off.

        That is also a fact.”

        I notice that you, like most ignorant Muslims (redundant I know), did not disagree with a particular point nor offer a credible, and researched counterpoint. You hope by shouting down the Truth, that the Qur’an preaches hate and that Muhammad was a horrible and insane person that maybe you can bury it. You cannot, the facts speak loudly and clearly as to both of these truths.

        You say:
        “There are more muslims than those who kill defenceless people and blow up your builidings.

        That is also a fact.”

        You inability to spell aside, you are correct; SOME Muslims, like Muhammad (Piss Be Upon him) are far too concerned with child-rape, semen ingestion, and piss drinking to be concerned with killing people. Moreover, why should they concern themselves with brutally killing innocent men, women, and children when the majority of other Muslims are already doing it for them?

        You flippantly say:
        “You fail at protecting buildings from being blown up by the people you hold as being the stupidest on the planet, which says a lot about your own intelligence, seeing as the US has the most advanced army in the world.

        That is also a fact.”

        Two things, even monkeys have been taught to reproduce complex algorithms, so I guess even a Muslim could learn to control a simple plane joystick for a few moments. My claim that you are the stupidest people alive still stands and I will add inhumanly barbaric to that charge with the thought that Muslims and Muslims alone, were responsible for the killing of nearly 3,000 men, women and children on 9/11. The US will never forget what ISLAM DID THAT DAY! Since then, we have now begun killing you at home, far from our soil. According to the UN Security Briefing #17658, between Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has achieved the world’s best Kill Ratio, we have killed 368 worthless Muslim pieces of shit for every one our troops lost. It’s a modern warfare best. The Pentagon estimates that we have killed about 696 bad guys for each of the American lives you took in 9/11. We have sent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MUSLIMS BACK TO HELL. How cool is that?

        You close by whining:

        I think of the Harding quote from above, you and the vastly ignorant Muslims like you, would love nothing more than to have the voices of expertise, correctly and accurately displaying the vast evil of Islam silenced. Islam has been killing it’s critics since the day Muhammad made it up and it has never stopped.

        Isn’t interesting how the truly biased, like HOORJ!, rely on vehement emotion instead of fact in conveying their points of view. I spend my four years of college, and nine years after learning about the facts that surround Islam, the various cultures of the Middle East and I am able to produce EASILY researchable topics through Google or any online historical and yet the best that nescient defenders of Islam, like HOORJ!, can do is simply write them off as “lies” or they cowardly hurl inflammatory names like “racist.”
        Notice that those who defend Islam and the barbaric customs of the Middle East, like this stoning, NEVER rely on unbiased historical facts, websites or independent third party references. The reason? The facts, the truth, and the whole of reality can never support their claims.

        HOORJ!, your astounding mental ineptitude speaks for itself. That you need to resort to antics beneath that of even a small, witless child is the perfect summation of the vast, incomprehensible stupidity that permeates the whole of Islam!

  120. Just so you guys know, “honour” was never part of Islam. I am a Muslim who has had some education in Islamic principles and belief… none of them has any fucking connection to “honour”.

    And the Quran also notes the followers of the Bible and Torah as people receiving genuine messages from God (except maybe they’ve edited it over the years)- so I guess that means you guys have some status.

    Another thing- many of todays terrorists were once “Mujahideen” used by the USA to attack the Soviet Union when they invaded Afghanistan back in 1979.

    We can put all the blame for this on McCarthy.

  121. Throughout history Christians have taken a very strong stance in relation to war. Back before the Civil War, two Baptist ministers in The Christian Review wrote that the current Christian pro-war stance was opposing the New Testament. Veritatis Amans wrote a similar article, also citing the New Testament as the leading source for anti-war stances in Christianity. He wrote: “…what is more sad and painful, [is that] many of the wars whose desolating surges have deluged the earth have been carried on in the name and under the sanction of those who profess the name of Christ.”
    “It has not been till recently, that the disciples of Christ have been conscious of the enormous wickedness of war as it usually exists. And even now there are many who do not frown upon it with that disapprobation and abhorrence, which an evil of such magnitude as an unjust war deserves.”
    He continues that war “contradicts the genius and intention of Christianity and sets at nought the example of Jesus,” and “is inconsistent not only with the general structure and nature of Christianity and the example of Jesus, but it violates all the express precepts of the New Testament.”

    It is ironic however, that although many Christians oppose war for that same reason; that war is against Jesus Christ’s teachings of peace and to ‘love thy neighbour’ and ‘pray for your enemies’, that the Old Testament has several portrayals of God instructing the Israelites to fight and go to battle. Deuteronomy 20:13 states: “when the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it” regarding a city that would not accept Israel’s offer of peace. The irony here is impeccably obvious. According to fundamentalist Chrsitians, God does these things because if evil is unavoidable, than it must be wiped from the earth. At the time, capital punishment and killing in war were not considered different. This is in ordinance with the ‘fight violence with violence’ mandate that seems to be in effect in the world at present.
    Let us not also forget the Crusades – a series of ‘holy wars’ enacted by the Pope in the 9th-13th centuries. The goal of the Crusades was to reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslims – Muslims which today regard the Crusades as brutal and savage. As well as Muslims, Jews were also assaulted in the Crusades. From a Christian viewpoint, the Crusades were seen as a journey or pilgrimage, a holy time. Indulgences (certificates which would grant the holder escape from hell) were given out to Crusaders; these special certificates were called Papal Bulls.
    And finally, my personal favourite: The Holocaust. Everyone who I mention this to says sometihng like this: BAWWWWWWWW WHAT’S CHRISTIANITY GOT TO DO WITH THE HOLOCAUST
    How about EVERYTHING? It’s a well-documented but unfortunately little-known fact that Adolf Hitler and pretty much all his main men were devout Catholics. Atheism was abolished and everyone was expected to follow Christianity. There’s a lot of really nice pictures with Hitler posing with priests, all of them with their hands raised in a Hitlergruß (that’s ‘Hitler salute’ to all you non-German speakers) I’ve got oodles of pages to back this up, but I put LeechBlock on my computer to block all my usual sites so I can get some exam revision done, so you’ll have to take my word for it. 😉

  122. And finally: You say that Muhammad ‘CHOSE to drink his own piss’. I’d like to point out that drinking one’s own urine is a very common tactic even nowadays for those who are incredibly thirsty. It supposedly works really well and you get all your nutrients back. Sounds disgusting to most, eh, but I’d do it if I was trapped in a desert with nothing to drink! Wouldn’t you?

    This ends my discussion here. I believe my friend HOORJ! and I have won. Smell you later, Mr. Racist.

    1. I will address your other post of ignorance later, but again, this point stands: compare the piss-drinking of your “great prophet” MuhamMAD to the peace of Jesus. Can you imagine Christians following a man who drank his own waste? Moreover, if Muhammad truly served a divine being like allah, where was allah to provide safe water? If allah was real, did he just not care about Muhammad? Notice that in the case of true Divinity, Jesus chose to be denied of anything he was deprived of, when he returned from a 40 day fast, a multitude of Heavenly Hosts instantly appear to provide him with comfort, food and drink. Seems to me that if Muslims believed in a real god and had a genuine prophet, that their prophet would not have to drink his own piss.

      You close weakly by saying:
      “This ends my discussion here. I believe my friend HOORJ! and I have won. Smell you later, Mr. Racist.”

      See my above complete annihilation of HOORJ! And know that I with kill your weak claims with fact soon. Sorry, I actually do research before I open my mouth. Regarding your point of being racist, Muslims are not a certain race and those who are educated respectfully hate all Muslims of all races equally, so we are unequivocally NOT racists. It is also not a religion, Islam is a cult worshiping the most evil and worthless person on the planet, Mohammad (Penises Be Upon him). Finally, we will stop hating Muslims when they stop killing us and actually go out and get jobs and finally start adding to the societies they invade; until then, hate them we rightfully will.

      Be sure to drink all the water you can on this earth, I hear it’s damn hot where you’re headed.

      1. You mention piss a lot. Are you obsessed with it?
        I notice you’re not quoting anyone or posting any numbers… did you run out of imagination to make them up with?

        And admit it- You’re bad at taking responsibility for your own acts- Not just by suing fast-food franchises for making your kids fat (instead of say… preventing them from eating so much) but making “Mujahideen” attack the Soviet Union back in 1979… then stranding them there, causing them to choose a path of terrorism of which we suffer the consequences of today.

        And what about drinking his piss? So what if he got less miraculous abilities than Jesus? All Moses got was a stick-snake and a glowing hand.
        That’s not impressive when compared to what Jesus got either.

        And if you bring up our smelliness and unhygeinic-ness… well guess what! We have better immune systems and we also can tolerate each other better and work together better. That’s much better than what you guys can do.

        And if you want to bring up how we “oppress” women with hijabs… you do realise that hijabs offer anonymity, don’t you? Now realise how a hijab-wearing lady can kick you and beat you and still get away with it.

        See you in Hell, “The Truth”! I’ll be the guy who sits in a tub of lava all day, while you get to be a roll of toilet paper in a diarrheoatic guy’s bathroom!

        1. Myself, well, Dante’s Inferno sends militant atheists such as myself to the City of Dis in the sixth circle of Hell. Whatever we do there I’m sure is quite fun. It seems, oddly, that my punishment is worse than yours, the ‘Truth’. You are sent to the fifth circle.
          “The river Styx runs through this level of Hell, and in it are punished the wrathful and the gloomy. The former are forever lashing out at each other in anger, furious and naked, tearing each other piecemeal with their teeth. The latter are gurgling in the black mud, slothful and sullen, withdrawn from the world. Their lamentations bubble to the surface as they try to repeat a doleful hymn, though with unbroken words they cannot say it. Because you lived a cruel, vindictive and hateful life, you meet your fate in the Styx.”

          Fun. ;D

  123. Hello, I am a first time poster but I had to make one point. I am Professor of History at the University of Connecticut. I was looking for a video that demonstrated the Middle Eastern and Muslim practice of stoning, as is part Sharia Law and came upon this one. I noticed the issue of intelligence being discussed, albeit crudely, as an issue of those who practice Islam. While I cannot speak to measured intelligence by way of assessments like IQ, I am challenging my students with the question of whether the educated pursue religions like Islam.

    Research indicates that education and Islam do not actually mesh. In 1984, Brigham Young University completed a four year study on religion and education. Among numerous other findings, they discovered a direct correlation between education and Islam as well as Income and Islam. Directly proportional to both was the rate of believers, essentially, the study found that the more education one received or the more income one made, the less likely they were to be a Muslim within the US and Europe. In fact, among those at Doctorate Level, less than one millionth of one percent chose to believe in Islam, compared to 34% of those believing in Christianity and 29% believing in Judaism. Regarding income, there was a crystal clear line drawn at the income level of $40,000 (USD) with the rate being only 4% (as compared to 14% at 11,000 USD annual income). Nearly a third (29%) of those who said Islam was their faith needed government assistance to live. By $100,000 (USD), the study could not find even a single US or European Muslim at the income bracket (for comparison 28% were Christian and 39% believed in Judaism). While the study did note “Despite often amazing linguistic capabilities within the Muslim world, with some knowing several languages and other being able to recite enormous segments of the Qur’an from memory, education seems to escape the average Muslim.” In world events, history, math and science, Muslims scored the poorest among all tested religions. The study conclusively revealed that education almost exclusively prohibits the pursuit of Islam.

    I am also currently analyzing another, more recent study performed by New York University in 2001 which found very similar results. It may be a while before I post on that though, the report is more than 700 pages long. In all of my research for this class next semester, I have yet to come across any studies that show any opposing findings; many, especially from Europe, indicate that Muslims are on government assistance at astounding rates versus the general public. All of what I have researched so far has firmly concluded that Islam does not find a following within the ranks of the highly educated or the financially successful; there exists no data to suggest otherwise.

    Hopefully these findings help clear the air while also restoring a sense of decorum to these postings. Civility is a must, even when discussing ideas with those with whom we disagree. Hopefully civil discourse can occur from here forward.

  124. Ohh yeah, those freaks are completely crazy. Their religion is crazy and it should be destroyed. They will get what they deserve, they will go straight to the hell after they die.

  125. all the people blaming muslims kurds or yezidis are so immature. this has nothing to do with race ethnic or religeoun but un-educated people.
    sadly muslim countrys have lower economy rate and therefore have less educated people which leads to a society like this!!! theres no point blamin kurds muslims or yezidis this has nothing to do with them. i come from a yezidi kurdish back ground but my family are nothing like this, if i ever fall in love with a sunni/english or hindu my parents wouldent stone me, they would accept it. so please stop blaming yezidi for this.
    sorry for my bad english i dont think i can express what i mean because of my bad english.


  126. Wow. That made me sick to my stomach.. and i have a pretty strong stomach for things like that…

    “When will the world learn.” I know its a line used so many times, but when you think about it, there is so much meaning in that statement. For every country, just on different degrees. People get beat to death in the U.S all the time; It is just not video taped because they will get arrested. Its everywhere, from china right down to Canada. I personally TRY live my life on a no violence policy. I know, I’m not a big guy, and really I would probably get smashed if I would try to start something. Tho I don’t mean only on a physical level, but honestly I don’t see a point in starting fights with anyone for any reason. Defend yourself, don’t get me wrong. But how many of you can say you haven’t attacked someone verbally, or physically. Or “egged” someone on so they’d crack and get aggressive. I know its nothing like this video, but in the end, is there that much of a difference. Sure your not physically beating someone to death, but with the mental stress of today how do you not know you are putting them that much closer? What ever happened to “Love Thy Fellow Man”.
    This stuff starts at early ages too. Elementary schools, then people hit high school. With the “High school drama”, fighting over stupidest things. She stole my boy, that person slept with my X, he used my eraser. Are you kidding me, like your petty differences are really that important. Important enough to try to completely ruin someones life on a social level and threaten them on a physical one. Can people not just ignore the person completely, forgive, but don’t forget? “Turn the other cheek”. No instead they actually talk about these people all the time. Make them the center of their worlds. “You should have seen it i grabbed her hair and smashed her face” .. “I seen him last night, so i grabbed a bottle a bashed him of the head with it.” Ok, so a lot of you are no doubt saying to yourself, “Well i don’t do that” As I was saying before with the suicide rates the way they are, pressures from schools and parents to do better, trying to work part time jobs, not even mentioning no one ever knows the trouble these people go through at home. People choose to gang up on one person, friends turning on friends, peers on peers. What if every insult you are saying to this peer is doing just as much damage as one of the rocks in that video, but on a mental level rather than a physical one. I have used the saying “Just another bullet in the gun” when a friend has poked fun or bugged me [and everyone does that, and yes as friends we take it to far sometimes but that out of love usually] well for some people that saying, has true meaning.
    I’m not going to claim I’ve gone through life without every insulting someone, or disliking them because they are different, but I was young and dumb, and I do make the greatest effort possible to be the nicest person I can be. Rather than hitting someone or making them feel bad verbally (and really its not like I can’t, I can be rather quick on the insults) I actually try to make sure at the very least make one person feel good about themselves a day. Really think about how different the world would be, self esteem is the cause of so many things wrong in society right now. I know it is naive to think that the world can really work this way, but is it really wrong to hope.
    Like I’ve said, I am far from perfect. I personally have tenancies to push myself away from anyone I get to close to. Which I am sure unintentionally hurts these people, but we all have our flaws. Everyone is human. This is exactly why I try not to hold anything like this against anyone else. Yes there are people I try not to associate myself around, usually it is because there main subject of talk is who they want to fight or who they previously fought, drama that happened, or the last person who looked at them the wrong way. Or it may be because they have hurt me and I would rather not turn around and lower myself to hurting them back. Anyone who really knows me knows I try to avoid any kind of drama, although I won’t stand there and let someone insult me. Rather than calling them stupid I’ll make them feel stupid about what they had just said. Asking them repeatedly “What is the point of that” “That is your fun, nothing else to keep you entertained?”.
    I know all of this strays far of the point of this video, it is wrong, and injustices happen like this all over the world, everyday. The main lot of us just look the other way, I know I’m guilty of it. Ignorance is bliss right. We do have people working on situations like this all over the world though, Amnesty International and what not. I’m not saying go out and do something about these countries, because to be honest at this point in my life, I don’t think I will. How about working on the small injustices in our own back yards first.
    A priest once said something that to this day has stuck to me. [Yes I realized George Bush Jr. has even gone on to quote this, I’m not going to start on the irony in that]

    Matthew 7: 1-5
    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

    I realize a bible quote one of the last things most anyone ever wants to hear, and really I am far from a Christian, or even a good catholic. I don’t go to church or practice my faith regularly, although I do believe the bible is filled with good guidelines for life, and this is one to follow. I know a lot of you are not going to agree with have I have said in here, and another large percentage of you are no doubt going to insult me, especially because I just took a full turn and quoted the bible. The LAST thing I am doing is trying to force religion on anyone, believe that, because I haven’t found it myself, and yes I know just like George Bush the irony in me using that quote while talking about how I wish people can change. I am just saying before judging these people on what they have done, as sick as it is (and unbelievable that it is part of their religion) maybe we should try and fix ourselves first.
    Clearly, if you didn’t really know me and have only seen me around you really wouldn’t see me as the type attempting spreading a message like this. I mean I party, I drink, I smoke, and I “sin”. I break the rules all the time, I just believe deep down inside we can better ourselves as people, “Man up”, mature, and grow together as one world. “One Love”. Thank you for reading.

    I apologies for any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. I wrote this in a little internet box and all at once as a thought.. and it kind of progressed and progressed. I also apologies if I circle through points more than once.

    Alex Taylor
    Age 20.

    1. i think this post was awesome, and made me feel slightly better after being so sickened from this video. i agree with you one hundred percent and you have motivated me to be a better person. I am a stranger, we will never meet, and yet you have made an impact on me from this little post in the void that is the internet. you have encouraged me to make a bigger effort to treat everyone with kindness and respect –> what im saying is you have made a difference in this world for the better even if its small! let's all keep trying!

  127. first i just want to say this is disgusting. I can’t believe how many people are there just watching this happen. it’s ublievable. She’s a 17 year old girl who just wants to be who she wants .. there’s honestly NO excuse for this. I’m not going to say that the people watching or the people who did it should go die or end up in hell because that would be bringing myself down to their level. But what i am going to say is that what they did is dispicable and completely not right. They should be ashamed of themselves. if not more.

    second, i want to say that this is exactly why i’m not apart of ANY religion. it’s not just these people who do this. it happens everywhere. with every religion. maybe not to that certain extent. but people get judged every day for being something they want to be. even though they may not get beaten to death over it .. emotional abuse hurts just as much. it’s rediculous how close minded religous people are. EVERY RELIGION. for example .. where i’m from most people are catholic. and they say people who sin are going the hell. By saying that someone is going to hell is a sin! people need to open their minds to the real world. bully’s are everywhere. i got beat by 20+ girls because one of them didn’t like me. i get called extremely rude names and had to drop out of highschool because of it. is that okay? i don’t think so. i think something needs to be done. anyways, the point that i’m trying to get across is that everyone that’s commented on this picture is just as much at fault as the people in the video. this is a key example of bullying someone for who they want to be and for doing what they want to. people need to open their eyes, grow a heart, and realize that this hits closer to home then you think.

  128. To call these people animals is insulting to animals.

    This isn’t a shariah [islamic] court sanctioned murder because they bury a woman up to her shoulders before a stoning.

    I really do think the only answer is to nuke half of the middle east – with so many rabid beasts in their midst, achieving peace through diplomacy is an impossibility.

    Islam is THE WMD.

  129. Kurd Yezidi are real sick in the head…you should never mix them up and think they are muslim arabs like that hindu idiot Idian thought…in his religon they creamate widows alive with their husbands did body and they drink the cow’s urine and he wants to talk bad but other religons…another sick race!!!!

  130. this is sickening…and it makes me mad,so mad i cant wait till i get to kill as many hairy faced ragheaded fuks as possible..in my opinion the middle east needs nukeing…has done for years…and i hope it happens soon…cos they are pieces of human shit and waste air water and our time…

    1. ok so you are saying you want to murder everyone in the whole middle east? that mean you would want to murder this girl if she was still alive.

      hate is not the answer.

  131. I had a conversation with a soldier who was in the middle east and he said honor killings are not real and they are a laughing matter. Well I would like him to explain this and all the books I have about women who were victims to this horrible crime.What about the poor American and European mothers who’s children are nabbed from them and taken to live in places like this by their religousy fanatical fathers. Just read about Patricia Roush. It’s so sad when someone uses God’s name to commit these kind of acts. For this crime I beleive God has something much worse than hell waiting for these bad men.

  132. You sick pussy fucks…Burn in hell…I would love 1 hour alone with the father…Spineless fuck…All the hatred of the civilised world is directed at you filthy bastard and all you gutless worms that played a part in this horrible act…A curse on all you diseased pigs…
    And fuck you anyone one who applauds a horrible act like this…
    Why can’t you see this is why the rest of the world shuns you…

  133. I can see where many Muslims abroad will probably feel ashamed of this. That means it’s time for a change. Honor killings have NO honor. They’re just an excuse for murder.

  134. For thos cwho claims that Islam has killed this girl in the name of islam bla bla, just one question, are u stating that ppl of other religions are Angels?!! no horrific murders or killing happens at all, is this right?!!! if its not right then you need to shut the f*** up and behave urself you are only insulting religions that you belong to none of them!
    I dont want to mention what horrific amazing crimes been comitted by NON-muslims, cuz religion has nothing to do with this at all, all religions are a CALL OF PEACE!
    Again this is not because of islam kiiling its because of this girl WNTED TO BECOME A MUSLIM AND LOVED A MUSLIM PEACFULL GUY!!!

    Got it or not yet???!?!

  135. you islamic fucks should all go through the same shit she did, makes me glad to see all you “innocent” pieces of shit get your asses blown apart every day. i hope i can turn on the news and see american soldiers blow the fuck outt you pieces of shit, im glad i had the joy of fucking up some pieces of shit here, this makes me wanna do it more, fuckers.

    1. Don’t forget about 2500 women each year killed in america by thier boyfrinds, do not act as a suvilised creator, you will eat each other if CCTV cameras removed from each corners of your cities.

  136. killing based on any religion is wrong. and furthermore hypocritical, this is so sexist, offensive, brutish, ignorant, and against the staple of the islamic faith, how any person can claim to have faith in their religion and go about murdering people for these stupid fucking reasons is beyond me, Religion was intended to bring us together with peace and love, and if all it does is generate violence, then it has clearly outlived it’s usefulness. I find it grotesque that this can even be considered remotely acceptable, all those who condone or participate in the acts are below human and should be put down.

  137. That girl is with the real god now, and those muslim bastards will all burn in hell forever. They will pay for what they did.

  138. Uhm. Im a muslim and a kurd. Not most kurds do this. I’ve had a relationship with a man that is a diffrint type of muslim than me. im soni and hes shia. So not all people do this. It’s just they had probly thought she was having sex with this male. Sex before marriage is a big no no for muslims.

    1. Hi Kurdish girl, you have written : ''It's just they had probly thought she was having sex with this male'' Is this your explanation of being dirty pig and kill a girl in the name of allah?

  139. Those who killed that girl is not to be counted as a human.How could be they will be a human,whomever does such activities would be fuking thier mom with their father.what a religion they follows a fucking off thing.is the god teached them so.bloody brutal fuckers should be killed same as like that then only they will know that.the whole people should be destroyed wherever things happening like this.

  140. The Time has come when Muslims will be wiped out from the face of the earth,
    Its is just a matter of time now, Beware Kalki is Coming, The Last and Final avatar of Vishnu,
    Beware you Muslim rats, you will be hunted and destroyed forever

  141. this happens everyday in these sort of countries ive seen various sick videos like this….theyre brains nor there religion has ever evolved….just mud hut mentality……scum all of them are scum….islam msulim scum!! id feed them all to the pigs

    1. Excuse me Mr. but involving Islam / Muslim as a scum is not fair.

      People do this are said to be muslim because they are living in a muslim country but what others don’t know is being a muslim is not by birth or where place were u born but by doing/following what Islam teaches. In short these people are radicals and animals. They dont know the essence of Islam. Religions are all good in nature.. its depend on the individual on how they act.

  142. yeah.. and ur being human cause you want to feed them to pigs? shows ur mentality ain’t that much evolve themselves there aint it?

  143. Please not in the name of Islam or Allah-o Akbar. Most of these men are traitors as they are spying for America against Arabs. If stonning is the fair way, 80% of Kurdish men should be killed because of having sex with animals, specially donkies, and at least 50% of Kurdish married women should go trough this retual, as they have husband and boyfriends.
    Stonning is an inhuman criminal action, it should be banned ones forever, there are many other ways.

  144. look… these people killed the girl to ‘maintain their reputation’ – fact
    these ppl killed the girl because of reasons that can never be justified – fact.
    but… their religion and their culture do not promote this.
    in Islam it is peace that iis the key principle and should be followed by the people… (so if one is trying to stand up for their religion in these posts… then swearing and aggresion is not the way to go about it…) and before anyone goes on about how “islam is not a peaceful religion, due to terrorism etc etc” -those terrrorists are fundamentalists which claim 2 be a part of that religion but they are not, as their religion forbids this. as for the kurdish culture, again, so called ‘honour killings’ are looked down upon very much and is never regarded as right… you hear loads of stories about kurdish families but this happens in all cultures and is NEVER right… so i dont think it is right to completly disregard the islamic or the kurdish cumunity upon the actions of others, instead it is the people acting as individuals.
    so yes it is inhumane, yes it is animalistic, yes, it is wrong… but instead of looking to push the blame on any 1 religion or any 1 culture, i am going to say rest in peace to the kurdish victim… and i hope that ignorance will be abolished, and those who are blinded by it finally see…

  145. WELL those sick, sick Mother fuckers! I would have loved to stand in the middle next the girl, with the new Auto 12 mag shotgun, with max led shells, COME ON YOU FUCKERS! EAT LEAD! SEE WHO IS FULL OF SHIT THEN< THE BUNCH OF SATANIC DOG SHITS. Amchine gun them all. Not even human!!!!!

  146. i think its late to reply with this post but its unjust to act like this.. look, i am a muslim too but its far far away from what does Islam teach. Stone to death punishment is known in Islam. When man and woman, both married to others and having relationship, they have to stoned to death. that what Islam said. If this kurdish girl is only having relationship with single muslim boy, the punishment is 100 lashes at the back. the both of them. Its not only the girl if they are having sex without marriage..

    This such thing is inconsiderable.
    These people do this is not human. they’re belong to
    satanic group.

  147. I watched this video and i gotta say i’m sickend by what i saw… in reality despite any religeon or beliefs… who in the hell gave any of them the right to do that to that por girl? i mean did she really do anything that bad? no.. ofcourse not… she fell in love… she made her choices… should she die for that? ofcourse not… i would love to go against each & every man there one at a time… and put them through more hell than they could possibly imagine… even thats too good for them, the fact that nobody stopped this… all they did was film it or cheer… just shows you where this worlds heading doesn’t it… in some ways i sometimes believe that the day this world ends is the only day we will ever really have peace… i read on earlier posta that her father stood by & let this happen… that’s no father, that no man.. that’s a coward & essentially an oxygen thief!! im not particularly a religious person so i couldn’t give a rats ass what any of thier holy books say… i’ll respect anybody’s religious beliefs but not that sorta action… especially regarding something thats not even a crime… R.I.P young lady, they can’t hurt you now… but to those involved or responsible… i hope by some chance… you get to read this… because mark my words… sooner or later, what goes around comes around & your judgment day will come!! burn in hell!!

  148. Yet another reason mohammad shoud have been ass fucked, strangled and left for dead before he had a chance to open his fucking mouth!

    1. you must the study the teaching of islam than you pass commit. hope you will understand what Muhammad said. you have lake of knowledge about all the religion and personalities. may God give you real knowledge.

    2. you have lack of knowledge about islam .frist lurn it than pass commit. hope you should steady of islam soon. may God bless you

  149. The last entry right before mine hit it right on the head. I have been deployed to Iraq multiple times. I have worked directly with the Kurdish, the Yazidi (which is what this girl was by the way) the Sunni, the Shia, the Christian…every “RELIGION” housed in Iraq. The common denominator amongst every single member of each and every tribe, religion, region etc. from Iraq is that if you are anywhere outside of a westernized area…such as Baghdad, you can expect the lifestyle to be extremely “Old School”. I can not say that I wake up every morning and drop to my knees, thanking God for another day on the upper, but he and I know where I stand on religion. With that being said I am also a father. And if my daughter ever wanted to do something so extreme that it broke my heart, brought “shame” to my family and made me despise every decision that she was making, I still could never even consider for one split second wanting her dead for those actions, and then could stand by to give the order and watch it happen. These people in this video are animals.If i could, I would take them outback with the rest of the trash and stack them up neatly. I have never enjoyed a day in Iraq, and every time I go out on patrol I just wait for the right reason to reduce a few targets. Just as the last man said, if you were there and took part in this young woman’s death and you are reading my excerpt, I want you to know that at this very moment I am in Iraq. In thick Yazidi and Kurdish country, close to the Sinjar mountain area right outside of the city of Tel Afar. And if for some reason tomorrow when me and my men come through your city, please, identify yourself. I will gladly give the order to send .50 caliber fully automatic hate immediately in your cardinal direction. You are not men, every though all of your scared women tell you that you are. And you know I’m right. Man to man, I have never seen an intimadating Iraqi man. If you took part in this…hear me out. YOU ALL WILL FEEL PAIN FAR WORSE THAN SHE EVER DID. YOU WILL SEE HER IN YOUR NIGHTMARES FOR THE REST OF YOUR DISGUSTING EXISTENCE. DIE SLOW MOTHERF$@%ERS.

  150. >I have never enjoyed a day in Iraq
    Yea, but the minute you leave, all those fruitcake jihadists will quote the battle of badr and move on to the next conquest.

    The goal of islam is nothing short of bringing it to every square inch of the earth, and toppling every government.

    As crazy as it sounds, its all in there in the Quran, and terrorism in over 65 countries in the world is that simple. Muslims are taught to hate non muslims.

    Are all muslims terrorists? No, but how come islam never runs out of them?

    1. that is totally wrong noone is taught to hate another religion im muslim and i dont mind any religion and i dont bring harm to any one so can you really call muslims terrorist thats just a stupid steriotype

    2. i am muslim i have cousins who are christans and jews i love them all and islam teaches religous tollerance SO GET YOU F**K FACTS STRAIGHT.

  151. I tell any human is that trust when you want choice your partner live the celtuer or rilegn not let you then thy try to kill because you dont follow they cleim . So I want tell evry one know whats mean hemantry my live like that hurrable life inside Kurdstan so I lost my love because I loved her just tried to stared new live with her but I am sorry they er crashed and stopped evry nice thing now I live in erop I so sorry I cant tell your witch counry because try to kill me in any where at word … fuinelly I am Kurdish but I say fucking kurdstan culter….. Esam

    1. yes you are write .sorry whats happening, would you like to explain what could we do to stop this. is it still active ? we new generation do much for that perpose. its against the any religion and civilized culture

  152. Fuck off all u horrible religious cunty twat-bags! U r all goin 2 'hell' because evry religion says u will go there 4 not believing… meaning evry1 in the world will go to hell. Fuk u all u catholic, muzzy, paki shits-stabbers!

  153. answering mr. Abdul Shahid , no the islam is the most fucking religon among all other religons.
    and thats true and arabs and turks and kurds and iraniens are the most fucking nations on earth.
    i am an arab and former muslim before converting to christians the best religon on earth beside hindu and budism . fuck islam and arabs because i am not arab , iam a lebanese .thanks god.

  154. Oh My Goodness. Please people stop blaming ISLAM and Muslims for this! Dont just jump to conlusians your just Pathetic. Her Murders were none Muslim okay. INSHALLA she is in heaven. x

    1. SHITLAM proves how pathetic it is. People are poor and oppressed. JUST as Satan=Allah wants them. Stuuuupid, poooooooor, suffering and jealous that the West, so called infidels, are way beyond their shitlamic system.

  155. any body who say anything about any religion- because of what they watched- should think twice before saying it. islam is not much different than cristianty or jewism. you would see the stories about “stonning” not only in Islam, but also in Cristianity and Jewism. ( if you read all the books)
    i invite you all to research the news about this video and see what, and why is that happened.
    i am a 30 years old man cried with non-stop tears while watching this video. ( usually you know guys don’t cry that much)
    I guess my heart can’t bear it for a second time.
    if you read the news you will see that this poor beautiful young lady was punished by her so cold “family” or community- a 1000 of useless, heartless, brainlessno words invented to describe them- who were non-muslims, so called “Yezidi” another middle eastern tribal religion. the reason was because she loved a Muslim.
    may god forgive her sins and pride her into his heaven.

    1. They aren't sins you stupid idiot. Shes 17 and perfectly entitled to do whatever she wants because its her body. The problem is that Islamic Men want there women to be pure when they marry them, yet there allowed to have as many wives as they want. Its utter Sexism and its disgraceful. Islam of this nature needs to be destroyed and people need to be re-educated on basican human rights. Men ar ent better than women. I am a man, and I completely believe this.

      1. I agree, i may be a guy, but i have enough brains to see that women have no rights over there. Men can do what ever they want, yet if a woman does the same , they are stoned to death. MUSLIMS, STOP THIS KILLING TO PROTECT YOUR HONOUR, YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO HONOUR IF YOU DO THIS TO PEOPLE

    2. THEN JESUE SAID TO THE PEOPLE WHO WANTED TO STONE THE FEMALE WHO WAS STANDING NEXT TO HIM- THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SIN, LET HIM/HER CASE THE FIRST STONE- appearently- Christianity is way different from Muslim you dumbass- Jesue would not allow such violence to happen- IF YOU READ THE BIBLE YOU WOULD KNOW THIS SHIT HEAD

  156. Here is my two cents. First off, most of the people commenting on this page are either idiots or completely misguided. This is and was a horrible crime, and yes everyone who took part in this should get much worse then this innocent girl. That being said, how quick people are to point fingers and not acknowledge the garbage outside their own front doors. We have Arabs on here pointing fingers at Kurds and Yezidi's (Really, honor killings don't happen in Arab Countries? Saudi Arabia does not even have a law against it. The Kurds are actually one of the only groups in the middle east to have punishable laws against such crimes. Granted they should actually use that law much more then they currently do. We got American Sergants claiming that he will gladly put a bullet in someone (Right, because heinous crimes and these ass backwards cults don't exist in the United States?.) These so called Honor killings are sick, I don't condone it whatsoever, I completely agree that it is a major problem and should be dealt with extreme force. I actually for one have wrote an entire script on this subject hoping that I can re-teach some of these animals who participate in such traditions, but please, all you righteous people. Every religion does not come without its brutal actions towards the innocent ones. All, not just Islam. In the united states and other parts of the western world, you have other sick crimes that don't happen in that part of the world. The child molestation, sexual abuse, serial murderers, children that show up at school and murder innocent students is staggering in the western world. The heinous crimes in the middle east need to stop, but please look outside your own front door, and at the very least acknowledge the sick shit that happens in your own backyards while you take such careful notice of the others.

  157. there god is not a son of a bitch you stupid bastard … ! in saudia arabia and turkey anyone who commits adultery, sex before marriage and crime get stoned to death … this makes people frightened and not do it. i think they shouldnt have stripped her but just beat her.

    1. But beating her would be wrong you areshole. Theres nothing wrong with what she did, its her body not anyone elses, if she wants to do what she wants with herself she can and before you stupid Muslims think im saying "its okay to be a prostitute" just drop dead because thats a different scenario. Noone has the right to decide another persons fate, it goes against Human rights. Why dont you stupid gimps look at countries such as the USA and Uk and realise that you morally wrong and pathetic ways dont exist over there, which is why there such pleasant countries. Noone in the west wants to visit places such as Saudi Arabia or Turkey because of the hate against women.

      1. i agree with you jame they should not beat her or do anything. ITS HER BODY LET HER DO WHAT SHE WANTS WITH IT. i am muslim and i'm saying that and i dont belive in stoning or beating anyone just because they wanted to have sex or anything like that. like i said before ITS HER RIGHT. and james DONT CALL ALL MUSLIMS STUPID YOU RACIST PIG. no one has any right to deside another persons faith except God. and for your info lots of muslims live in the usa because they can practice there religon here freely. i was born and raise in the usa and i argue with so many people that stoning/ beating/ killing is wrong even in islam. AND MUSLIM UMMAH WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE BEATTEN HER? JUST CUZ SHE LOVED A MUSLIM BOY AND HAD SEX WITH HIM? WHY DIDNT THEY BEAT THEY BOY WHY ONLY THE GIRL?!?!?! THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!

    2. And why you don´t do anything about the child molesters who marry 11-year old girls in afganisthan??? and why do you hate gay people when prophet Muhamad had sex with black slaves from the horn of africa??? stop behaving like animals when your own religion is based on sexual perversions.

    3. muslim ummah- you should go back to your country and see if they care about you! man who married to a young child is very very disgusting- I hope you do not share the same ideas like them- but then it sounds like you do. You should have been in that Iraq war and got shot by the US troops instead! You stupid idiot- go back to school- oh wait, i forgot Muslim does not believe in education thats right you all pigs are dumb ass madafuckers! no respect towards women or kids- keep it up, tell everyone your muslim and watch you will get shot LOL!

  158. i agree with you sister, this rule is good.. stoning people to death because it stops them from committing this haram thing against islam in the future. the quran specifically said ' women may not have any contact with men other than their partner. ' you cannot have sex before marriage'. this is haram and this is what the kurdish girl committed. she knew that was the rule but she thought that she could get away. this rule is good unlike the christians the have murder, rape and violence all due to boyfriend and girlfriends! that is why here in saudia arabia our people live on while we watch the idiotic londoners to friends kill each other over a guy that they wont ever see in their lives agian!

    1. many 'honor killings' come about because the girl is raped (consider the case where the 13 year old girl was stoned to death as a punishment for being raped by 3 men). this was not the case in this situation but if you can watch that video and say that stoning is a just punishment then you are a depraved and sad individual. I am curious as to what has made you think this way? have you been surrounded by violence a lot in your life so as to have become desensitized? do you live in a war torn country? i ask this because i would like to understand where you are coming from so that something useful can come out of this conversation. maybe understanding will encourage change.

      I am not against any religion, im against the abuse of religion. stoning in the name of religion is an OFFENSE to that religion! it brings it down and destroys its core! how can you expect your religion to survive if it is used as an excuse for such a tragedy?? Anyone who does such a thing in the name of their religion does not understand their religion!! the problem here is ignorance and minds destroyed by brutal lives. this is what happens in war torn countries… its nothing to do with race or religion… poverty and corruption ruins culture and religion – it ruins people – that is why they become capable of such violence & lack of compassion.

      we must all keep trying to change the world even if it seem hopeless. it is all worth it if it saves one life.

      do not try to fight hate with hate. To respond by demeaning others' religion or culture only perpetuates hate & makes things worse.

      brother of islam, you talk about crime in london etc as a justification for this act. yes there is violent crime in london – the difference is, its treated as a CRIME. its not accepted or brushed under the carpet. you can not KILL in HONOR. And there is crime in saudia arabia too my friend. there is crime everywhere. do you think that a wife being beaten regularly by her husband is a crime? im curious to know if you think that is a crime.

      brother of islam – you believe that this is a just punishment. could you yourself beat that 17 year old to death, watching as her nose gets crushed into her skull and her eyeballs fall out?! you support it, could you do it? what right do you have? if you believe in that a haram should not be committed then trust your god to punish her in the next life. no man or woman has the right to take matters into their own hands in this way.

      brother of islam, the quran does not support or justify this kind of thing. to say that it does is an offense to islam.

    2. You absolute shaft. Islam is a load of bollocks.
      Men and women are equal. Men are not better than women. Noone should have a right to decide another persons death. I know females who have been having sex since they were 12 years old and are still in healthy committed relationships now and are not married. So whats the problem ? Everyone is happy. That stupid book of toilet paper you call the Qu'ran is ruining everything. Im a male and I can't believe places like Saudi Arabia wont even let women drive for goodness sake just because a man is seen as superior to a woman.
      Islam just causes loads of violence and terror for no genuine reason. I'll come down your house and shit on a Qu'ran infront of you.
      How on earth do people like you become so indoctrinated by pathetic books like the Qu'ran which were probably just written by a weird caveman for a joke anyway. Shame on you, you horrible horrible person

      1. i am a muslim girl that lives in the usa. and i hate the fact that saudi arabia wont let women drive. AND FOR YOUR INFO IF ANY GUY EVER SAYS THAT HE HAS MORE RIGHTS THAT I DO HE WILL REGREAT IT. NO PERSON CAN TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CANT DO.as for you dont go bashing out the quran. just cuz you dont belive in it doesnt mean that other people shouldnt. ALSO ISLAM DOESNT PROMOTE VIOLENCE AND TERROR. JUST BECAUSE SOME CORUPT MUSLIMS THINK THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GO KILLING AND CAUSING TERRORISM MOST DONT AND THE PEOPLE THAT DO ARENT EVEN REAL MUSLIMS. THEY! ARE! JUST! STUPID!

    3. You probably consider yourself righteous from what you been expressing yourself because of your religion- Listen no one is perfect but it looks like there are more killing in middle Easter due to
      Lack of rights for women,
      Child marriage,
      Abuse- for women who cannot express themselves
      If one speaks out, they get executed by being hanged
      Girls that are rape get stone to death because their family see that as a disrespect toward their family name (WTF is wrong with these people- they need mental help).
      Why is it when it comes to violence it girls who gets hurt first in your fuck up country!
      If you consider your religion practice is good, why are you not there living with them- you know why? I’ll tell you why….YOU LOVE THE FREEDOM YOU GET FROM US! You talk a lot of crap but at the same time you’re here in US cause its SAFE!

    4. How do you know she's guilty ? if she's guilty, she should be forgiven.

      Yazidi or not. See also a man stone in Somalia last year too. Come on, don't get brainwashed by something that you believe.

      The best way-of-life is respect and love human, no matter what their background is.

  159. This is a plain murder.

    Beating someone to death is NOT allowed anywhere in Islam. For everyones knowledge (specially for comments from "Muslim Ummah" and "Brother of Islam"), the punishment of stoning to death (not beating) exists but implementing it is not a joke. It is only for MARRIED people REPEATEDLY engaged in adultry outside their wedlock but the conditions for implementation, proof and witnesses are so strict that it is almost impossible to implement it these days (even a pornstar will be able to escape it). The punishment of stoning was a part of law in Pakistan for 20+ years but not even a single sentence was given because the strict conditions could never be met in courts although thousands of cases were registered. This law was then abolished.

    This video has got nothing to do with Islam. These are just a bunch of cruel idiots enraged over their own stupid honour.

  160. All these Muslims who claim to be contributing to their "ALAH" or who ever their shitty god is are animals who have no soul. They are not human. They are satanic fucks who brutilly murder people for the sightest infraction. If that girl was in Australia having a relationship with a muslim guy, no one would care let alone stone her to death. Muslims are always looking for new excuses to kill. They should be wiped out. All nations should join forces to wipe out muslims in the middle east. Get an Atom bomb and drop it on Baghdad. I know its sounds cruel but what these animals have done to people is way beyond cruel. They hid behind their God (WHO IS NOT GONNA COME AND WIPE OUT ANY ONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM) and kill for there "God".

    1. NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE LIKE THAT AND IF IT WAS UP TO ME I WOULD WANT THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED THAT GIRL DEAD BUT GUESS WHAT WE CANT DO ANYTHING BOUT IT. I AM A MUSLIM GIRL LIVING IN THE USA AND I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO THINK THAT ALL MUSLIMS KILL AND LOVE TO KILL. HELLO KILLING IS CONSIDERED A SIN IN ISLAM AS IT IS IN ALL THE OTHER RELIGONS. STOP BEING A RACIST PIG. you saying that they all should be wipped out is something Hitler said and did to the jews. i feel bad for those jewish people who were killed and who suffered. and i have no respect for you WHAT.SO.EVER and your saying your gonna stone us well that makes you no better than the people who killed that girl

  161. What can we expect from animals whose profet used to have sex with 9-yrs old girls and sub-saharian slaves???… and this is confirmed by the muslims imams! so now a girl loves a man and gets a death that only a sub-human culture can call punishment… I think allah must be very proud of his muslims pet dogs.

    1. hey fucker stop talking about islam it is not their fault but iraqs. and also fucker if someone did to ur sister and they were not muslim but christan and would u blam on muslim ha fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………

  162. OMGGGG. half of you people are retardss, dont fucking say shit about muslim people orr kurdish people, if you fucking idiots listen to the video there not speaking kurdishh there speaking arabb!! so dont go blaming kurdish people for this, and ALLLL of you people who are blaming islam for this willl go to helll, islam has nothing to do with wat happend to this girl. the fucking retards who did this to her think they were doing the "right" thingg but they werent , SO DONT GO AND JUDGE ISLAM FOR THIS, CUZ ISLAM HADD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

    1. how abt a man stoned in Somali last year, Dec ?

      i know u hurt when people say abt non-peace Islam but have u done your part to show that Islam is peaceful

  163. I feel bad for poor girl and i hope those people that killed her get punish for this…..and for some people over here that leave stupid commons about Islam I want to say that you guys are soo bad for saying muslims are bad or islam is bad, you guys are ignorant for real, stupid americans , you need to do your researchs and find really whats going on before blaming a religion, idiots…..

  164. Typical Muslim, whenever they’re caught red handed for doing something wrong they always use the same old defense of “You don’t know what you are talking about!” or “Don’t talk about Islam you will go to hell!”

    This girl is a Kurd and was killed by Muslims for having an affair with a Muslim. Muslims killed her as part of their Koran which calls for the “Death to the infidel!”. This is why she is dead. By confront any of those Muslims who killed her and they will simply tell us when don’t know anything about Islam. Thats all you guys ever say yet you are never able to explain what its all about because I think Muslims dont know anything about their retarded religion either! =)

    1. iam a muslim and we dont treat women in our religon like that !! those people who killed this helpless girl are NOT MUSLIMS for sure.. Islam DONOT teach this kind of behavior, we have black sheeps among us like anyother religon !!
      its a shame and aa sorry stage for us

    2. okay just by your comment i can tell that your a racist bitch and you obviously DONT know aything about muslims of life. i hope you fall in a hole and die. everybody here is sooooooo steriotypical you dont know what a beautiful and peaceful country kurdistan is so get that stick out of your ass and stop blaming the wrong people. say it with me FUCK YAZIDI AND NOT KURDS. one more time for your sake FUCK YAZIDI AND NOT KURDS OR MUSLIMS ggggooooooooodd boy. you wanna cookie now? racist bitch

    3. EXCUSE ME…. i am muslim and a girl too and for your info muslims dont treat women/ girls like that. they dont kill just because a girl loved a muslim guy. so many people who are related to me married other people from other religions. i have christain and jewish cousins and i love them all even if they arent muslims. ALSO HOW DO U KNOW THAT MUSLIMS KILLED HER? i feel bad for that girl and i hope the people that killed her suffer. AND DONT BE SUCH A RACIST PIG.

    4. In Islam, Prophet Muhammad teaches his followers to stone 'sinful people' , and he is called a merciful prophet…. bloody Islam

  165. for you morans criticizing muslims or kurds get your facts straight or your heads out of your ass…FIRST OF ALL THE GIRL IS NOT MUSLIM SHE IS YEZIDI AND THE PEOPLE DOING THIS TO HER ARE YEZIDIS./arabs…SECOND THEY ARE NOT KURDS , AS YOU CAN TELL IN THE VIDEO THEY ARE ALL SPEAKING ARABIC THEY ARE ALL YEZIDIS OR ARABIC BASTARDS…..kurds have never done anything like this to women nor will they ever, therefore any comment made about this video criticizing kurds are all made by arab/turkish bastards….fortunately the people involved in this were recentley arrested and sentenced to death by hanging…however all of the participants should of been hanged for allowing this shit to happen…how sad it is you get stoned, humiliated , beaten and basically raped infront of a massive crowd and there is not one yezidi coward in that crowd to defend the girl….talk about womens rights

  166. to all the stupid people on this page commenting, how ignorant of you and arrogant to say muslims this and muslims that, real quick to judge muslims arent you, you stupid fuckers, you know how dumb you sound, because its because of people like you the iraq war happened!, you fukin morons, THE PEOPLE KILLED THE GIRL BECAUSE SHE WAS A YAZIDI, AND WANTED TO GET MARRIED TO A MUSLIM, NO MUSLIM TOOK PART IN ANY ASPECT OF THIS KILLING THEY WHERE ALL YAZIDI'S, YOU STUPID FUKIN MORONS THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS, WIKIPEDIA YAZIDI, BEFORE YOU START RUNNING YOUR MOUTH YOU MINDLESS FOOLS, stupid fukin people, so quick to judge, go bum george bush you faggots, let me repeat for all you stupid people who took us to war with iraq and no weapons where ever there but still killed so many people, THE PEOPLE THAT STONED THE GIRL WHERE NOT MUSLIMS, THEY ARE FROM A DIFFRENT RELIGION CALLED YAZIDI, IN RETALIATION TO THIS STONING OF THIS GIRL, MUSLIMS KILLED 23 YAZIDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. your pathetic!! ur quran condones this!! your quran feeds hate! hate everything not muslim!! fuck your quran and your god, read the bible!! that teaches loves! u evil prick!

      1. hmmmm…its funny that your telling us to read the bible and that it teaches love when your screen name is muslims shall die. all you americans are being so fucking racist you should go read read your precious bible again. i 100% agree with 'stipidyanks&aussies' and shes right. change your screen name to either yzidi shall die…or just change it to racist bitch who doesnt know anything but threats muslims anyways' you sound fucking retardeddddd

        1. go have a shower.. u stink. all muslims literally stink, theyre houses stink like odour or somthing. Or does ur dad like it dirty smell underarms when he rapes u every night?

          1. Shut the fuck up you spoilt little american shit. You don't know anything you stupid faggot. These people are called Yazidis/Fuckheads.

            Let me put this simply for you FUCKIN DEAF CUNTS:



    2. go die u dirty muslim, Your homes are dirty, ur breaths always stink, ur reak of odour, and ur religion is the devil. I hope u all get bombed and whiped out of civilization. Every war in the world has muslim invoved. MUSLIM=VOMIT

  167. umm excuse me this is all to do with Islam?
    I am middle eastern and a girl (both my parents are half white)
    both of my parents are Christian
    both of my parents middle eastern sides are Christian
    they can fall in love and marry who they want
    I am allowed a boyfriend
    I have the freedom to choose what religion i want to follow
    because i was not raised under the barbaric cult of Islam period

    1. excuse me those man are fucking mororn and you have good luck that you are allowed to marry anyone and choose what religion you want but that girl she had strick family and those fucking assholes zoni bashi gurban uin my ass go straight back to theri mamas pussy those fuckers if i would be a doctor in kurdistan i would kill all man … and beat them to death to make them feel how it is to die

  168. Fuck Iraquis. they're just evil little son of a bitches that have nothing else to do but kill people to death.
    Ihate them.

    1. okay…spell it right IRAQIS second of all you are being so steriotypical right now…by iraqis you mean the whole county and that just about drives me insane. if you dont like what happen to this girl then say fuck YAZIDI…not fuck IRAQIS… that way you IQ will jump to about 2. racist bitch

  169. you know most of these comments im hearing about what race they are and about their religion is very stupid.First of all i feel more for the girl that just got stoned to death and killed cause of her choice of dating a muslime boy.second of all this is why people come to united states because of this bullshit right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As for the pussy gaurd that went over to look, what a show.it must of been good for him to see that.Did he get a raise for a job well done?Well for looking that is.or maybe a fuckin metal will do nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as for the reporter i agree they are all suns of pussy as bitches, for ganging up on a girl and now she's dead.bless her little heart.

      1. I agree with u vena. why they hell r u racist Muslim hater.?!?! did Muslims do anything to u. if this is bout 9/11 those people who drove the plane into the twin towers aren’t considered Muslims in my eyes. my dad was in the second tower and he saw the second plane crash. he got out alive thank God but he could have been killed like the so many others. I was seven at the time and when my mom told me that my dad might be late coming home that day and missing dinner. I remember everyone in our neighborhood holding candles in remembrance of the people who were lost that day thank God my dad came home that night. And we still do that every year remembering the people who were lost. I am Muslim and I hate how some people can be such racist pigs.

  170. having sex is not wrong ! if that girl was in europe or america nobody would even care…but oh its this sick asian muslim countries….extremists,theres only one ,yes one solution drop a bomb and wipe them out forever,ok i know some innocent people will die too but "some innocent " is a small price to pay ,look at the darker side what will happen if these pests are allowed to live,another innocent 17 year old girl would die like this.SIGHS….

  171. ok,this has really disturbed me,i cried for almost 1 hour..if i was there i would just get two kalashnikovs and blindly rip these pigs one by one i wont even care who is it just kill these barbaric kurds and yezzad yehha dwhatever u call them KILL THESE PIGS ONCE AND FOR ALL,THERE MUST BE A REWARD ON EVERY KURD KILL THESE PESTS RASCAL S OMG LOOK AT THAT GIRL SHE BLED TO DEATH ,I WANNA HUG HER ,MAKE HER FEEL SECURE ,SHE NO MORE BECAUSE OF THESE PIGS!JOSHUA

    1. joshua, i think you should shut the fuck up!

      love, Vena<3
      P.S. obviously your absolutly retarded because you are blaming the wrong people…say it with me FUCK THE YAZIDI AND NOT THE KURDS! good boy! they girl was kurdish and her murders were yazidi. one more time FUCK THE YAZIDI NOT THE KURDS! you wanna cookie now?

  172. so sick and wrong i cried for that girl…i hope she finds her way to a happier place, and they can go to hell for all i care. That is wrong! You cannot beat a girl or anyone to death for falling in love…they never gave her a chance imagine how she had felt in her last minutes of life. Instead of living a full healthy live with a loving family, she got stripped and beaten in front of everyone because she fell in love with the "wrong" guy? wtf… i hope this is not what the world is coming down to :'(

  173. one peice of advice never read the english versen of quran it is not made by us muslims but by our enemies

    second how can you say that islam is evil .some of these people who call them selfs muslims are not educated but most are but if you read the quran (not the english versin)you will find it to be a peaceful religion like chrishanity

    1. this kurdish girl was not moslim she was a kurdish YAZIDI but she has a kurdish moslim boyfriend, after she died the doktors looks at her and the doktor said she never had a sex !!!!!

      1. she just had a relationship. this wasnt about religion this was all about family discipline…the family thinks more about their selves..and not to be ashamed…

    2. how abt a man stoned in Somali last year, Dec ? Why so many muslim miss-interpret their peaceful religion ? Muslim ot not, we are sharing the same planet. Hope that muslim should play their part to stop all this happen in the name of Islam.

  174. the one konflickt between two families, were not about Islam, because the family of woman are not Muslim, they are "Yezid . this is a great animal

  175. this kurdish girl called(DUAA) was a kurdish girl but not moslim she was a YAZIDI.because she maked a love with one moslim kurdish boy, this people are not moslim they are a YAZIDI. very bad people and dirty , i hate them……

    1. fuck islam, fuck your county, fuck your beliefs, the only person that deserve that is Osama Bin Laden and all you other sick, mother fuckers that kill innocent.

      Watching this makes me actually feel sick to the bone of your culture,

      1. you are living off of steriotypes. no one that is kurdish does that shit and 'kurdish moslim' just said that they are not kurdish, they are yazidi so if you dont underestand..dont comment. end of story. this is very sad and nobody deserves this. i am kurdish myself. yazidis have their own culture and their own way of dealing with things.



  177. Hey, I had enough of reading the comments about how some of you are mocking my religion Islam, and saying things such as we are defending our religion when we know nothing about it. How about you learn something about it yourself? What kind of ISLAM are you looking at? I live in USA and I never ridden on a camel in my life before, even though I wish I can, and we don't own all your gas stations and drive all of your taxi cabs, they don't keep women such as me and the rest of us zipped up in tents all days? Even my father, a Jordanian Muslim who prays 5 times a day tells me himself that stoning and suicide bombing is simply disgrace and pathetic for stupid reasons like war.

    Anyway my point is, beating this poor girl is just so wrong. Of course there isn't anything wrong with falling in love with a Sunni Muslim (such as myself) but it's her body and not anybody else… And If she wants to do what she wants with herself, she can… By immaturely calling Muslim and Islam "an asshole religion" you are getting nowhere with this and I lost respect for you. Please try to be less hurtful and more respectful and reasonable about it. Anyway, only you but no one else has the right to decide another persons fate, it's only against humanity. Even as a Muslim myself, I know that these inhuman acts happen to morally corrupt individuals not under the name of Islam. Look all around you, things like this happens all over the world and all of you are focusing on the middle eastern, Islamic countries. Stereotypes much? You say that no one in the west wants to visit places such as Saudi Arabia or Turkey because of the hate against women…..? well I am ashamed by these acts of inhumanity by those sickly bastards, but what about here with us Americans? Men beat their women ALL the time… how about rapists and murderers LIKE Robert Browne? How about the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the adorable loved 6 year old? HOW ABOUT JOHN MARK KARR?! these things happen in all over the world.. and surprisingly, I'm pretty sure not most of them were Atheist.. They could be Jews, Christians, but why do you all have to focus so negatively among us Muslims and label us among those so called inhumanists?

    *voices to be heard*

    1. They could be Jews, Christians, but why do you all have to focus so negatively among us Muslims and label us among those so called inhumanists?

      They could be, but they aren't, they're Muslims committing these inhumane acts and frankly we don't see anything other than these practices to judge them on. I would love to see another side to the Muslim community to restore my faith in the fact that they are indeed human.

    2. BUT,we do not except it as a public family and friends thing.
      If your serious about how bad this is – get your family together and contact a newspaper to tell them as a whole family that you dissaprove of such horror – or hide yourself and allow this to happen.

      This is not THE greatest country – but this does not and will not happen here – PERIOD.

    3. In the US this is against the law. In the Middle East this is accepted by Shaira Law. Most people on this board are angry that a religous law that is based off the Quaran, and Islam, allows these types of atrocities. You are Muslim, however if you go to the Middle East, you would be forced to veil yourself, you would be force to order at a window outside McDonalds because women are not allowed to eat in the same establishment as men. If you decided to stay and you got married and had a daughter, she would be castrated and forced to get married as a child. Do you know what “thighing” is? Thighing is when a man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by sharia). If the man penetrates and damages the child, then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. Sharia Law accpets this practice, it's legal form of molestation.
      I am not saying all Muslims are bad, but any country that follows Sharia Law is evil. Until Islamic countries move into the the 21st century and stop commiting violent acts, they will be considered evil to the rest of the world.

    4. fuck you linda… al u muslims need to be burnt alive. Muslims are walking living breathing devils walking the earth.


        The people in this video are yazidi/wahabi shitheads. They call themselves muslims but they are worse than the crap in the toilet. All these people will burn in the furthest depths of hell.

        Sunni and Shia are NOT like them. We feel the same way you do. So don't FUCKING START SAYING SHIT ABOUT ALLAH QUARAN U FUCKIN CUNTS. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM. THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP

    5. your dad told you bombing and stoning is wrong to do for stupid reasons like war??? so that means he believes there are good reasons to bomb and stone people??? in america, the only time its o.k to stone someone is at 4:20 exactly

  178. if man is allowed to fuck around then woan can too alwasy when i pass the street always kurdish or irqia saying hy baby you so beautiful i just look at them in a BAD WAYYYYY and ignore them fuckking old shit there im not judging everyone because some of them are not like that but 2/10 of arabs , kurdish , iraqis , iran…. are good man but most of them are fucking sadam husseins loook how many man are there at least one of them could protect her even one didnt stop she was only 17 … fuck them all they dont think because only of woman there are man wihtout a woman no men would be on the world they dont care about woman huh? fuck you motherfuckers i would shank your arrses fucikng mororns o my god i dont have any other words to say how fucking angry i am just fuck offfffffffffffffffff

  179. and those are called muslim? where do they learn about islam and quaran are the teachers teaching them? i think the satan teach them how to kill they think because they kill they are warriors and strong? they are all fucking binladens and sadam husseins i never saw any arabs and kurdish living in piece … killing a girl because she fel in love with an muslim guy ? whats theyre problem what she does ? and they strpped her what they want to see big pussy? they can eat pussy from a cow that girl i feel sorry foe her she could have lived her life … in uk there are some iraqis and kurdish man and they look at you like they ddint see humans before … all they say is hyy baby what kind of man are they the wifes are at home and they stand n the street waitig for a pussy they are like prostutes its the same like a woan standind on the street … they got children and they dont care they fuck other woman and they beat theire wifes fucking morosn

  180. YES THIS GIRL WAS KILLED BECAUSE OF LOVING NO ISLAMIC MUSLIM GUY….KURDISH ARE ANCIENT AND FROM IRAN…………EVEN IRAN WAS AND ALL ARAB WERE NO MUSLIM THIS REMAINED DONT LIKE IF THEY GO AND MARRIED TO MUSLIM SO THEY KILLED……….many of us dont knw the history of arab iran and islam religion not all arab are muslim and they not were islamic they converted

  181. This is inhumane.

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has low population because men can't afford to buy women. So a lot of gays.

    This is not the teachings of God.

  182. that poor poor young girl must have been frighten out of her life,and them big brave bastards who killed her,i bet you think you are big brave people,no all you are ,are little soft bastards who need to be taught a lesson by being hung by you ballocks then beheaded,you soft bastards

    1. I totally agree Gray… I live in Canada and would LOVE for one of those pansy asses little pricks to come and face me.. I have a mean right that needs NO stones to do to those foolish bulling bastards what they had done to that poor girl.. I live by the rule violence begets violence, but for these "men" (and I use the term very loosly) I would gladly make amends to my rule!! not only an eye for an eye, but those cowards should be torchured for weeks on end.. maybe then they would not be so quick to judge. Maybe I should not be lumping you all in the same catagory, but down with you fuckers in Islam!! You want real justice?? fuckin BOMB 'em ALL and start the fuck over!!

  183. I’ve just come across this video. I’ve also read a lot of the comments.
    I’m glad that we are now able to witness such acts first hand by the very modern medium of the video telephone and the internet.
    What ever the arguments that are put forward here, this dreadful thing was done in the name of Allah by the very indoctrinated people of one of the dangerous middle eastern religious cults.
    When are intelligent people going to wake up to the fact that religion is a man made device for controlling the masses. It has caused more harm in this world than any other single cause.
    There is absolutely no proof what-so-ever that God exists in the form the religious mafia lead you to believe. Don’t you think that, if he existed and cared he would allow this sort of thing to happen, especially when so much evil is done in His name.

    1. ignorant aint you? don't blame you

      i hate people who talk without facts…

      oh and our God (including urs) does not physically control human actions…we do evil and suffer after death…until death, people are free to CHOOSE to do or be whatever they want!

  184. People, get a life. If God wants you to do something different I’m sure He will be the first to tell you.
    Personally I just do the best that I can do. I am more than happy to explain my life’s actions to any super-being at the end of my life if he/she/it exists.
    I would also like to be there when there is someone from a religious cult who has kicked a young girl to death tries to explain that he did it because he thought Allah would favour him.
    For all the rest of the sad buggers from most religious cults that treat females as sub-humans – you’d better hope that God id not a woman!!!

    Vera Woddip

  185. Their day will come, their judgment will come back and bite these lowscum bastards right in the ass. fuck these inhumane cavemen poor excuse for a human. I'd gladly join the military underaged, to head over to the middleeast and take one by one out. I've never hated a thing in my life, I am glad to be alive, I can honeslty say my heart is filled with rage after witnessing the events in this video, I'd only be able to replenish my heart with every bullet filled with hate that'd enter any muslim,middle eastern with these believes going on through their unintelligent brains. fuck your false image of the prophet you believe in and to hell with every last one of you sand monkeys in this video who can still live with yourselves.

  186. Allah must be well pleased with all of you for killing a sweet innocent 17 year old girl because she made the grave error of falling in love. What kind of God is that? a God of Love, Justice, wisdom and power? don't think so. sounds more like the devil to me.
    You bunch of Satanistic barbarians..you will get your reward in full, you can count on it!

  187. I just want to clarify that the people whom doing this are not Muslim but they are YAZIDI don't warship God bu devil and you author should know exactly what is the issue and then write it because by giving wrong information you are responsible of consequences so be careful in your writing topics.

    1. Not Muslims is always the empty clam.
      Your total lack of honesty is demonstrated by saying the Yazidi worship the devil.

      If you have to lie to make a point, your point is a lie.

  188. Peace to everyone… We need solution. and solving something by creating another one is not right… For all Christians we are taught of peace not war. We should give bread to those who stoned us. Personally I really hate those people who are involved in this incident but I don't think she will be happy if we will kill another innocent for her sake. Killing won't make a change.. This war against CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS will never end unless we learn to forgive… If GOD had forgiven us on killing HIS only child Jesus why can't we? Indeed we have different beliefs but we all Love PEACE… Guys, please stop blaming people coz it will just cause a bigger conflict. In our place Muslims and Christians live harmoniously. I hope this will also happen around the world. We need to Love not Hate, We can live a better future if we will work together… It maybe near to impossibility but we can always try… GOD will make a way… PEACE TO EVERYONE(Muslims or Christians) may GOD enlighten your minds and soften your hearts…

  189. There is no respect for life amongst some sects. Even if you hated someone and someone did an very bad deed, you have to have a fair trial, a just punishment and maybe death sentence in an extreme case.. this is not a death sentence. this is animosity, for a disproportionate crime.

  190. fucking relegion, all fucking relegions are 90% of the fucking problems of the world. fuck all religions, have some faith is good, but believe in bullshit like good exists make me sick… Fucking retards, islam, cristian, all they are all bullshits. open your fucking eyes, and dont hate an entire country, hate u is in front off the fucking religions, kill them, hate them. hate god, hate the bible, hate the coran, hate all that shit.

    1. whats bad about Christianity, and some other religions. the ones that should be blamed are the religions that encourage violence, and hate. While u should be thankful that most religions encourage love, and compaction, because if it weren't for them this whole world would be more hell (like it already inst -_-) then it is right now.

  191. Muslims are sick, ignorant bastards. Islam is a gutter religion and intent on spreading itself like cancer. They want a mosque at the site of the World Trade Center mass murder site in NYC. Can sharia law in the US be far behind? You can keep your "multiculturalism".

  192. fucking bastards muslim men, the most uncivilized people on the planet, brain is in their penis. People
    who can stoned a mom ,a daughter,a sister to death ,i hope they all rot to death and go to hell if there is any . if i will have more disgusting words to say i am going to write it down.
    bullshit ,asshole ALLAH


    1. actually you are an animal, the incident which happen in this video is not related with the spiritual of Islam, but with thinking you write this comments. Fuck you, your life and whom with you leave.

    2. are u fucking stupid?!
      these people are not muslim they are kurdish, with a different beliefs…..
      this girl was in relationship with a muslim guy..but her family was against it, and pushed her to death.
      these middle eastern are fucking like this. they always think about their family honor and discipline.

  194. I am personally a muslim but this is not what we teach. we teach to stay away from violence and what these men are doing whether they are muslim or not. they are doing wrong because its not what we teach

    1. you also teach to lie to those who are not of same religion, lie and you will be given riches for you brought down a good person for not believing or practicing same religion, i know am also muslim, i know the qur'an, and in that book it does teach to be a violent peopple to those who do not do as it is written, well let me tell you this, i went from being a muslim to being a protector and follower of the jewish people instead, they taught me what true love is, and stoning an innocent isnt love or a way to make god happy for he did comand for men to be peaceful unto his enemies, give them food and shelter if he needs it and if the enemy is ill give him money so they can see a doctor, do muslims or islamic people do that? NO! they go off and teach the violent teachings of muhammad, to blow themselves and those who are innocent and free of sin with sin rich poor old and babies who still have not lived to see their first birthday… in the qur'an says, remember well to lie to those who are not of the same mind, destroy those who are and call selves jewish and christians unless they convert to the ways of muhammad, destroy the infidels (jews and christians) and those of your kind who believe not in allah (the moon god) or do not follow the ways of muhammad. will you deny what is written in the qur'an? you christian and jew and atheist, read the qur'an and then listen to the muslims speak, do they follow the teachings as it is or do they lie to you so that they can then kill you for good.

    2. How, then, do you reconcile your personal religious views with the more radical ones? Do you shun them? Engage them if you see and hear it? Do you ignore it? I am asking as a Christian. When I went to church, if I had heard someone discussing violence, I would have dropped a dime on them in an instant.

    3. You are taught to lie to promote Islam.
      Why don't you rise up with all the so-called moderates and stop this cruel murdering?
      Speak up in your Mosque. You can't because you will be considered an infidel.
      Tolerance, where is it? I love you as a human being, I want you to know that. I despise your religion.
      Study the origins of Islam and its violence. Look around you in the Muslim world. Different sects of Islam kill and bomb each other. Is that a religion of peace? Are you intelligent enough to see that?
      May God have mercy on Islam.

  195. people that just blame muslims are fuckers it is not only muslims fault it might be other religons. why dont u understand god will not forgive murders. who ever likes to kill, kill urself. BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDERSTAND
    i am not muslim but i am on muslims side cz they saved my life when my own relion people ws trying to rape me. trust me when i said alaah help me and sundely someone came to save me and i did not even know him and he saved me. Now i belive on muslim.

    1. I see allah didnt help you with gramer though! And this killing was carried out by a group of finatical muslim nuts! We dont blame all muslims for everything, but dont come on this site preaching about about how we shouldnt blame muslims after watching that! That was fucking disgusting they were taking pictures of her dead body!, Im sure Allah teaches respect for the dead!! What they just did was juat fucking crazy, there is no way any God could want any person to go through that!

  196. That's fucked up in SOO MANY WAYS… Fuck religion!!!! That girl should not have been attacked like that because of a relationship. Those who stoned the girl should fucking be stoned to death and SUFFER! As for the damn officers who didn't do shit? SAME TO YOU TO! Fucking bastards. That girl didn't deserve it. I don't care if it was against her religion or whatever but that's just fucked up and all of you people in this video will fucking burn in hell.


  198. i hope these people go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    religion doesnt matter when it comes to relationship!
    but this is seems like family culture and family honor…..if her parents would love their daughter they wouldnt let such thing happened. the parents was ashamed of her having relationship with a muslim guy, and not ashamed of these guys are torturing her and pulled out her pants off to looked at her naked body….OH GOD!
    i am sure god will never forgive her parents and family.

  199. Im just remembering the first time – as a young girl – I felt my heart jump at someone I fell in love with – How the emotions were so deep inside of me and nothing could change my mind about him – no one – nothing could stop that powerful feeling inside of me that stole my appetite – my dreams – my waking moments –
    Then I try to imagine someone telling me this feeling is wrong and bad and I should feel ashamed for having these feelings – the desire to be near him – talk to him – just see him – even from far away –
    Then – I am punished and killed for love this man
    A mob of men surrounding me – to judge me – to punish me – (as if they never did anything wrong before?) .. and threw me to the ground – and began to kick me – I am so shocked I cannot imagine what will happen next – oh – kicking and humiliating me by pulling at my clothes – and the rocks coming down on me – and the words – the most painful of all – the words they are throwing at me – All because ..
    I loved one boy – more than anything

    by the way – what happened to that boy? is he married now with a child perhaps?
    Did he forget this girl?
    ~ Palka Zerina

    1. he was interviewed not long ago. hes inhiding and getting protection becus d'ua family wanted to kill him too. his family are doing everythingto protect him, i watched a video on the net, is face was blocked outand it was blurred so tht no1 could see his identity. as far as i know he isnt married, he seemed genuinely nice. honour killings happen to both men and women, but more than likely women. there is als a new craze called honor suicides, where the family member gives the victim an option,rat poison or gun r the most common, and they lock the family member in the room and wait untill they kill themselves. and… also honour killings dont just happen in muslim countries people. search honour killings u.k in google, its happening in london, birmingham, also america too and germany… there relle should be more awareness for this

  200. The only good muslim is a dead muslim. These people are either too stupid too understand the value of human life and freedom of choice without fear of reprisal, or they condone murder by doing nothing to stop it.
    They should all be eliminated and the muslim "religion" outlawed.


  201. to read comments is very interesting. But I always see people who is trying to defend this religion, and why they did this. Im so sorry ! This is something you cant defend, u can never do that, so dont even try! The one who was trying was someone from iran himself. In our lesson today we spoke about womens right in those countries, one girl said " i think it is so because the man wants to protect the women, thaths why she wear those clothes also" i thought..omg ur dumb right? The women want change, but the man love to have this position, and since all "high" people in the government is man = the change is very HARD. We all got a brain that tells us that this isnt right, so we also understand that the women in iran etc, wants change! But they can't do it. If u ask a girl in iran do you wanna wear those clothes? She say ofc: Yes i do. Cause she are not allowed to say anything else, we all know what happen if they say wrong thingses, the dont got a playback button like we have here in europe. I see comments like " stfu nerds! Dont say this about muslims, she was Yazidi or something, Its ok to talk about muslims to this, because they do this too, to their women. But not in this video. I have cried so many times to this.. I dont know i have seen a movie 100 times and i say to myself: if i cry this time AGAIN, this is terrible. And so i did, i cried like i were the one who lost my leg. Watch this film: the stoaning of Soraya.M. It really turned up the feelings in me, how can we do this someone we hate? I mean we say " i hate him!!! i wanna kill him!!" Yes. Maybe we want to. But I could never ever ever do it in this brutal way. I mean how? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? How? This is not a cultur thing, its too sick to call it for something like that. This thing is out of the cultur. Whats this? Huh? Huh? HUh? U see how my brain goes? Yes I go Sick. Can u blame me ?:)

    1. actually Jessica your right to an extent…some women do want change, but not all. Alot of women say that they like to wear veils an cover up because if they didnt they'd feel disrespected, which i guess makes sense. alot of women feel that they get more respect when men see their personality instead of their assets. alot of men find it attractive because when u onli see a womans eyes, it can be a strong statement. alot of these women are very strong minded and independent, so i wouldnt look at them like helpless or dependent on men.
      although, some do wan change. but generally it is the womans choice in most islamic countries whether they wanna wear a hijab, a burka or no head covering at all. turkey, morocco,tunisia etc.. also, sometimes its the men that prefer the woman without the head covering.

  202. This is from the religion of peace and tolerance..yea right!
    STOP making excuses for these barbarians and their sick religion they are building their mosques around the world in every country as their religion requires and we allow it.

  203. all religion has been tainted by mans hatred for each other. its natural to be afraid of people who are different but SOME people misinterpret religious law or change it to suit those fears and their needs. Just like there are people calling themselves christians but not living like it ; i would imagin muslims do the same. what i cant understand is the whole town being involved. what that tells me is there are more shitty muslims than good in that town.THE WHOLE F-ING TOWN???? im so glad that mob justice has been pretty much abolished in america. we have our problems but you dont see that stuff goin on constantly. this vidoe also serves as a personal reminder to me about world peace…it will NEVER HAPPEN. in order to have world peace you would have to abolish the two things that prevent it. RELIGION and GOVERNMENTS. these two entities alone have caused more missery,suffering and death on our planet than any disease or catastrophies. unfortunatley you need both of those things to achive world peace also…nasty parodox…all we can and should do as americans is continue to show other countries the beauty of living in harmony. we still have some work to do on that ourselves. we must always lead by example in that area.

    1. Dude

      Why not take life seriously here for a moment. Watch this video clip and then see if you really think your assinine pointless reference to pot is even relavent. you were obviously stoned when you write it or you would have never taken this act of primaative barbarinism more seriously

  204. so…i posted a comment and it said to wait for it to be approved… that was a couple hours ago…still waiting… ANYBODY HOME . Let me guess.. just another stupid loser article that says it wants feedback but wont post it … fuck you.

    1. hi, i m a father,a kurd and a muslim .this isnt all about islam. here is middle east, it is just power and people. keep people fools and rule them. Mullas brainwash people in order to pile up oil dollars easily. these sort of things keeps these newly modenized !!!!people busy and distracted,my daughter is 19. she enjoys her bf. this is my islam. it is thiers. draw lines between them. just the names are the same.but they have actually nothing in common.90 percent of muslims think diffrently but that 10 percent is enough to ruin all the rest.


    1. Yazidism is as far from Christianity as Christianity is from Hinduism. It is a Syncretic religion, a combination of Sufi Islam and local Kurdish beliefs. Honor Killings are common throughout the region. In Iran, gay adolescents are hanged by the government. In fact, a mentally retarded adolescent female was hanged in Iran several years ago. What disappoints me is that the Peshmerga were so obviously complicit in the act. Not that this is at all abnormal for this region. Throughout most of Iraq the local police will defer to tribal justice. I save films like this as there are few better reasons in my mind why the US should be there than to drag this society kicking and screaming into the 20th century. That and keeping a lid on the spread of weaponized nuclear power.

  206. she entertained a kafir soldier.she was stoned and kicked to death.
    she committed a henious crime,sleeping with a dirty infidel.

  207. Typical stupid muslim crap! So what if she had a relationship with a kurd! Muslim religion is one of the most screwed up I have ever seen!

  208. this killer should be punish and those primitive people doesn’t represent kurdish people those still with their tribal minds, My sympathies to that innocent girl


    1. I think it is very upsetting that things like this happen, because of extremists people have a negative opinion on the Muslim religion and it's got so out of hand now, 9-11 bombings, extremists again and they give a bad name to the word Islam. I myself am Christian however I find it so upsetting when I come across things like this.

  210. Oh my god, that is absolutely brutual. Some people are absolutely disgusting and horrid. I hope all these people for shit and suffer, for brutaul torturing a young girl to death for being inlove. Who ever recorded this aswell is disgusting. Just shows u how horrible people can be. Relgion is going too far

  211. Every religion I believe teaches to be patient, spread peace, tolerance, non-violence… and I believe these ppl in the video are unaware of any of such religious things. I doubt they are religiously educated!! No religion teaches us to practice or encourage violence – there is nothing of such mentioned in Quran and I never heard of such from my Christian and Hindu friends as being mentioned in the bible or Ramayana or any other religious books.

    In the case above religion was just a reason to execute the punishment. The girl was to be avoided at any cost by the boy’s family and religion was “used” for such an inhuman activity. They are barbarians. Those whoever are included in this inhuman act above is unaware of gods severe punishment they would go through in their life or after…

    But what really disappointing is those who are participating in this discussion are also no different than those in the video… they are finding this situation really “convenient” to blame other religions…
    My friends if you really respect what you believe or what you value the most, you will realize that what others value the most are the same… we are not barbarians and we are not encouraging such things…

    Fear god and believe in him. He will punish those who are inhuman. You don’t have to be part of the punishment. Pray to him to save you from his punishments, forgive you and give you the strength to forgive others and not to simply sit and blame others…

    1. Animals and pigs treat their own better than this and your kind is a subspecies lower than pigs. You and your kind will answer to one God who holds all his children accountable. You don't know better than God and Muhammad is an evil demon feeding on the mindless weak sheep.

  212. Slmz. Islam is a Religion of Peace. Please dont generalise Islam by using “some” as examples. Even the people that use Profanity in comments are not true Muslims as a True Muslim is a follower of Prophet Mohamed, and such is not the behavior of Muslims. I will not comment on the article and I am not sure of the Authenticity of the base implications. But I would like to say, comment on the article not my religion. IN Every religion there’s a handfull that does wrong. DONT LABEL THE RELIGION AND SWEAR THE GOD!. Please dont degrade my religion as I dont degrade yours. Learn about islam before been judgemental. Here’s one action of a true Muslim. I, Farzana, as a believer in Allah, make dua and pray May Allah forgive ALL that has abused his name and His religion. ALLAH is All forgiving and may he guide you to see the Light of what is wrong and what is right. May GOD forgive you all and subtle your hearts toward dignity to every human being. Ameen. Peace be upon the prophet (saw)

    1. This is ALL muslims…when they get in power. They are only "moderate" when they are the minority. The Koran dictates that you may be friends with non-muslims until you are the majority. Then demands you kill all who are not. You can try to hide behind lies and deception but that is the truth. And history has proven it over and over again in many different countries.
      Islam is not a religion of peace or love. That is just a false veneer until it holds power.
      Islam demands stoning deaths….Jesus would not cast the first stone. Jehovah is the only true God….a God of truth. Allah is a false God…one that allows "lying & deception" to gain an advantage.

    2. Alrite, forget the religion side, so u really cannot comment on the article??? A girl like YOU killed, stone to death, in PUBLIC, her dignity being pissed on, people taking pictures and videos of her poor situation, you cannot comment? SO I DECLARE THAT YOU ARE ENCOURAGING THIS ACT AND YOU ARE A SHAME FOR ALL FEMALE CREATURES! Watever sin she could have cpmmitted, she doesn't deserve this treatment, no one deserves this, not even you if u commit a worst sin that that!

  213. Another point people should be aware of, I have done some research. KURDISH PEOPLE ARE NOT MUSLIM. They believe Satan is a form of GOD on earth. They beliefs are totally opposite to Islam. They believe they were created by adam only and not Eve. Only other religions were created by Adam and Eve. Muslim people label kurdish people as Devil Beilievers. It os for this point Kurdish people will not allow their children to mary another religion. SO PPL READ READ READ, IT IS NOT ISLAM THAT DID THIS INCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Farzana! i dnt know anything about u, but i m sure of one thing, You are not a well Educated person.( thouth u claim it in your word). To believe in Islam or any other religion unluckily-all ove the world- is a determination rather than a choice.i was born both a Muslim and a kurd. I take no Pride of being any of them, caz i could have been a jew or a hindu.that is why Kurds dont imprison themselves in an enclosed circle of a particular idealogy.I think the islam that u think the kurds are opposite to, is the version which blows up innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.Yes, You are right!! we dont belive in that Vesion.it is a version made by a minority to rule over a fool majority which do anything for the sake of their fuckin interpretation of islam.

    1. No need to denied of the book of Satan.
      The world will be ruled by Islam using ShariaLaw…as 1400 years ago.
      23000 words of killing in Hadeth and Korean….its quite clear for the others.

  215. you fucking idiots this is a yezidi getting killed by yezidis for dating a muslim.. yezidi is the opposite of islam. After research i conclude that the yezidis worship Malak Taus (The Peacock Angel/ SATAN) this is similar to a ritual when the yezidis scream ther version of allah (which is not the islamic allah you are thinking about) after they sacrifice/punish her.
    They got rid of her becuase she could smarten up and follow the right path ISLAM.

  216. John 8:1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. 2 Early in the morning he came again to the temple. All the people came to him, and he sat down and taught them. 3 The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery, and placing her in the midst 4 they said to him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery. 5 Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. So what do you say?” 6 This they said to test him, that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. 7 And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” 8 And once more he bent down and wrote on the ground. 9 But when they heard it, they went away one by one, beginning with the older ones, and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. 10 Jesus stood up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” 11 She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.”]]

  217. I am pretty much educated than yuo Matheo. Yezidi is the opposite of islam. After research i conclude that the yezidis worship Malak Taus (The Peacock Angel/ SATAN) I agree with the eye above and thats why I say they are devil worshippers. THE GOD they pray to is the one that was banished because he didnt bow down to Adam… now you tell me… How can this be Islam? We face Qibla when praying, they face the sun?? We are not allowed to dance, they dance in prayer celebration. Judge and abuse Islam all you want guys. But in Day of Judgement- truth be told. We were abused and our God sworn at, BUT the punishment for an action we did not do. Islam did not verdict!

    1. You clearly have not researched this at all…The brandishing of Yezidis by Muslims and Christians as 'devil-worshippers' is completely uneducated. They believe that Lucifer/Malik Taus was reconciled with God and is not Satan/Shaytan. They do not believe he is the source of evil but that evil is within the heart of man himself. You have completely misunderstood their religion but this is typical of a narrow minded person. I suggest you do your research on your own religion properly and others (including Yezidism) before you think highly of Islam and call Yezidis Satan worshippers…

  218. Actually this has nothing to do with Islam. If you did some research, it was her family that are not muslims who stoned her because she wanted to marry this guy who was a muslim. Research before you spread lies.

    1. just cause she wouldent put out to all this rag head fucks she got killed guss what it anit 40 vergins alah will grant you its a 40 yr old vergin you sick pices of shit

  219. your shit religon"s can go to hell with ya try that bullshit in aus and see what would happen your nuthing but low life mutts just like your god geting of on blood and death

  220. Everyone's bitching about how the initial story has flaws in it. Yet there is a video of a girl being stoned to death, you can see the blood teaming out of her head.
    What's wrong with you all?

  221. Absolutely sickening that this happens in this day and age. But I have to say that calling the Islamic religion a 'cult' is also primitive in the way of not acknowledging other religions. If you follow the belief that Islam is a cult, then surely Christianity and Judaism and Sikhism are too? Turning water into wine? Coming back from the death? Whilst it is sickening that stoning an innocent girl to death for falling in love with the 'wrong guy' ; wishing for the extermination of all Muslims is nothing short of barbarism either, after all, Hitler wished the same for the Jews … its all a circle of hatred that needs to end if the world is ever going to progress out of the state of fear, mistrust and anger that it is in at the moment!
    Just so you know, I am not a follower of Islam; rather an agnostic.

  222. Islam can suck on my balls. its a joke of a religion and some of the things that are done in the name of islam are so horrible that i cannot honestly respect anyone who actually believes that nonsense. MUHAMMED IS A FALSE PROPHET.

  223. I'd happily kill everyone of those sick sacks of shit that are kicking that INNOCENT girl to death. Religion is pure hatred, it disgusts me. Just tell me this, when was the last time a video vent viral because of a nice religious activity.

  224. This is just sick. As a human being I could never harm anyone in such a way unless it was in my own self defense. Poor girl.

    1. Hi whatever you are. So I am a lesbian and I have a bomb in my bra just because I am a Muslim. And yes I am planning to take down all the buildings in the whole world. BAZINGA

      Guess what I have a boyfriend which means that I am not a lesbian and that I am not frustrated (as obviously you are) and guess another thing: I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW A FUCKING BOMB LOOKS LIKE! although I survived the war in Bosnia and although I saw how people were ripped apart in front of my eyes. But still, I am not frustrated.

      Read some books about Islam and then judge. Those who did that to that girl I hope they will rot in hell because in my eyes they are neither Muslims nor Humans.

  225. Animals kill each other all the time in nature, and humans are animals. All religion is flawed. Outlaw all religion, embrace atheism and the laws that govern the natural world!

  226. muslims didnt kill her, im aa muslim myself and i defo know what muslims are like ,this isnt islam i swear on myself islams about peace not killing people or terrorism. so please people take your offensive comments back.

    1. there is a lot of violence being promoted in the koran. You know, religious people tend to believe they are better people than people from other religions or non-religious people. And if the islam is a religion of peace then it's strange that there is a lot of violence in islamic countries.

      1. what u know about islam? 1st this is haram in koran 2nd the people there is not muslim the are yezidi…..islam mean peace… these fucken people are kafir.. like u…u go to hell and take them with u.

    2. You are right!! Muslims did not do this. It was the yezidi who did this. It was the Sunni Muslims who were ready to accept Du'a into thier community. When the yezidi demon elders in Bashika got wind of a plan to smuggle Du'a out of harms way, they ordered her 'punnishement' be carried out immediatly. The Sunni Muslims took thier revenge for what those yezidi devil worshipers did to Du'a.

    1. oh fuck off. I'm Kurdish and I don't appreciate all this hate/racism/discrimination towards any person really.

      You guys need to calm the fuck down.

  227. I find this funny how you dont read the facts and assume that its muslims doing it… What because they are in iraq?
    Well is everyone in american christian? no they are not.
    Also she is getting punished for dating a MUSLIM boy so its obvious that its her religion which is completely different and hates the muslim culture and such.
    This video is very sickening but whats also sickening is all of you blaming muslims and calling them infidels and they bomb people.. hahahaha many non-muslims bomb but is very put on the media to tell you, instead they publish muslims to turn people against it and you all for for it -.-
    there is so many racist bastards on here and instead for wishing muslims to die you deserve to die for wishing that upon them.
    Thanks for listening.
    oh and if you reply saying im wrong im wrong well you know im right so you might as well admit it and move on with your lives instead of thinking the world revolves around you 🙂

    1. I agree that people shouldnt assume things. But for you to watch this video and spend more time defending a religion then talking about the issue here. This is disguisting and the people who perform these acts should be shot. If there is a religion out there that calls for these types of actions to be taken then it must be a religion with the devil as their "higher power" because any type of God would not allow this to happen to innocent people.
      And as for your last remarks…You are an idiot. Get over yourself and you admit that you are focusing on the wrong issues as far as this posting goes, therefore you are wrong.

    2. even animals do not behave like the people depicteg in this execution video I just cant wait for a civil war to start so that we can carry out ethnic cleansing to rid our country of the muslim religion (if one could call it a religion)

    3. you know what bitch fuck you may be you need to be stoned to death and fuck that religion which cause the death of innocents.. and yeah if there won't be other people these fucking muslims would have destryoed this world.. fuck them and
      stone this bitch

  228. tha fuck! this is just wrong man, how can people do things like this.
    fuck you allah lover go fuck your friend and your family and fuck you fuckt up religion shit and fuck you suicide bombers and fuck you allah fuck you fucked up country with fucked up people if i was the president of the us i would fucking bombed the whole middle east with nukes duck you sick fuckers!
    get a life and stop caring about this fucking religion fucking idiots!

    1. yo mutha fuka dnt dis my lord.. burn in hell u kanjar!! u will get punished on the day pf judgement for sayin this!! im cursin u fuckin dog!!!

  229. this is what is going to be life like when muslim take over the world,,,,,,,,,so ppl dont feel sorry for these muslims suffering they deserve pain and death and hunger,, fuck all these muslims,,,,,

    1. their not muslim, their a kurdish group called yezidis. their a mix of jewish.christian,muslim,and satanists.and they believe in a person called malek being the devil.muslims hate kurdish people and vice versa…well the muslims i know do!!! Things like this is what give a name to islamic countries,when their not even uslim.just like the 911bombers were kurdish NOT muslim. Also Kurdish isnt a religion, its a race,they like to call themselves muslim, but they dont follow islamic beliefs. I know because my fiance is muslim and from turkey and i live in akurdish village with him.
      To Daniella below: your right teir not muslim, she was killed for loving a muslim guy. she went into hiding because she knew her amily werent happy abouther reltionship with him, her father foned her and said she was forgiven,she returned home to find her uncle brothers and cousins and other ppl from her villaqge waiting on her with stones.
      this point of view is coming from a Christian girl…
      P.S this isn't all kurdish people either, just the radicals who twist the quarans meaning


  231. faraz you fucking bastard. fix bayonets i would stick you in your fucking gut and let you die slowly along with all of those other wog bastards
    allah u akbar you stupid bastard
    You need use british to come and straighten you out

  232. Daniella, they are muslims.

    having a relationship with a Sunni Muslim boy.

    There is sunni and shia muslim. so stfu and dont breath annymore

    1. actually the girls family are yezidis, she was not muslim. my fam is frinds with the girls family.
      and the boy was muslim. and that is not allowed in our religon. But no one deserves to be stonned to death!

  233. I think we all get this is not about religion – these poeple are fucking animals. Sick in the fucking head – what is wrong with these dick heads? low life good for nothing scum – cowardly gutter people – they belong in hell…may god , allah, jehovah punish them for eternity

  234. i dont mind asians i have many asians friends indian sikh but PAKI MUSLIMS CAN GO AND FUCK THEMSELVES KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. it's not just muslim extremists, its extremists everywhere.
      religion is supposed to give people morals and ethics, and its quite obvious that in SOME cases (extremists) its not doing that anymore.

      on a side note,
      What kind of a sick, pathetic, sadistic idiot would be VIDEOTAPING a girl's death?
      And what kind of sick, pathetic, sadistic idot would TAKE PART in the festivities?
      I could rant and go on and on about how the world's going to waste as long as people like that are part of it.

  235. now this is really sick,i wonder myself that what did they got by doing this all bloody stuff,this all people got must be shot down by ak47..bloody fool people

  236. seriously this is just out of order. muslims themselves made this division. it is not from the religion. I actually cried when i saw the video. im a muslim myself and i dont see no difference in the two divisions. Its just that many muslimn countries take this issue really seriously but that dont mean that you a whole bunch of men should stone and kick her to death. that is purly disgracful that people can have a low casted mind and those are even more disgracful who are recording her dying. Its a shame that some people just think that they know it all and along side just make their own rules up for the religion. I hate people that show that they are a true muslim believer when they are actually doing completly opposite of what it says in the Holy book. as far as i no the only people that are ment to be stoned to death are homosexuals.

    1. u r sick in the head! Homosexuals are human beings too!!!! No one deserve to be stoned to death, no one deserve to be sentenced to death! And have the homosexual hurt u or attacked u? Then wats ur problem? If u have such thought, then u r as evil as these people in the video… may u rot in hell!

    2. yea its the homosexiualls & the girls and men that had sex without merrage! i feel sorry for her to all you americans or whatever race u are dont blame alll muslims cus that aint right so fuck all of you 2

  237. i agree with all of you that killing people is something so bad, but you don't know the real story of killing girls who belong to this Kurdish religion, it calls " eyzeedian belief" they can't figure out how Muslims marry their girls and muslims treat them like animals, muslims say:" ezeedian people will be in hell" so they hate muslims.

    1. they can hate muslim or whoever if they want but it doesn't give them the right to sentence others to death! Anyway, they don't have any respect towards women and girls… they don't realise that its thanks to a woman that they are on this Earth!

  238. we in the western world should mind our own problems .what the other countries do stay out of it. war allways stars when we get involved.

    1. so, even if there's such violence on humans veings and non-respect of human rights, u prefer to ignore bekoz its not from ur country? WHOEVER DON'T CONDEMN SUCH ACTS IS AS MUCH GUILTY AS THE CULPRIT OF THESE ACTS, and so are you young man!


    1. I think this is fucking retarded too. But really? You blame it on men? Yes it's men who did this, but not because they are men. They did this because of their stupid beliefs and religion. Do you really think a woman taking over the world and men having no rights would fix anything? No! Of course it would you arrogant piece of shit.

    1. You don't seem to get the point. It's not one specific religion that makes people turn into complete idiots. It's religion on a broader scale, including your (i presume) Christian faith.

  240. not all muslams are terrorists but all terrorists are muslams there dirt scum off the earth every muslam i see now i am going to hit and rob

  241. I've read a lot of the statements about the girl kicked to death for being in love with the wrong person. I read "I'd like to kill each and every one of those #&!$#*&$". With statements like that, what makes you any better then the ones that killed that girl??


  243. Where the HELL is the GODDAMN U.N?
    They are responsible for maintaining Human Rights in backwards countries such as Iraq.
    Arabs are barbarians, everyone know this, that was why they sent the damn UN there.
    I think that they should grab all those people that did that to the young lady and stomp all of them, not with a herd of millions of people, but with a herd of elephant.
    That'll show the bastards!

    1. "Fuck Ala and fuch all his followers. Get out of Europe" summed it up in one! This sort of shit shouldn't happen. what a bunch of cunts, I would love to take each one on without their stones & friends , how can they kick and stone a girl to death? get these fuckers out of europe and out of the UK. Muslim Scum.

  244. who ever let this girl in thoese animals hands are the fucking idiots another thing the parents are just the dumbest fucking idiots how can you let people do that to ur own daughter that is just so fucking dumb i hope u rott n hell u idiots wow n another thing is no matter who she fell in love with it dont matter fuckk all those idiots and and i hope they rott in hell and we can all do that to them and feed them savar aahhahahahaha no seriously the fucking idiots that taped this fuckinh couldn;t help her outtt wowww

  245. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, most merciful
    Billions of Billions of Blessing be upon my greatest prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
    I read some of the posts and thought I should participate. Some people have used very irresponsible language in regard of religions and beliefs.
    As far as religions are concerned, we are carefully taught to respect every one of them. It is becoming a custom to say whatever we want to without even having a little bit of research on it and this habit is creating lots of problems in our lives.
    Here are a few facts about our Holy Prophet (Peace always be upon him).

    He went to a town named ‘Taif’ for preaching. The leaders of tribes in ‘Taif’ did not even listen to the teaching, rather they gathered some evil boys and asked them to throw stones at Muhammad (Peace always be upon him). The boys did the same thing. Muhammad (Peace always be upon him) got wounded so much that his shoes filled with blood.
    Even at that time, he prayed for that tribe (which later became Muslim).
    His life is full of forgiveness and sacrifice.

  246. Keeping things short, it’s been a customary practice to associate wrong things with Islam to blur its original image. It is such a dignified light attracting and guiding mankind to the only right path.
    Some so-called people, who say that they are peace lovers, have always been brain-washing people with wrong depictions of other religions and society.
    So please use internet along with your common sense. Islam is totally a peaceful religion.

  247. I just want to let ya'll know that these are not Muslim people killing her, They are Yezidis and i know because my family is friends with the girls family. dont blame muslims for anything. My religon is F***ed up!!! RIP to the girl

  248. All the world know that generally muslims are savages , collectively they are divisive and filled with hatred .Name one thing that Islam has done for the world aside from destabilize nations and drive millions to death and poverty. Islamic fundamentalists are the nazis of the new age …. kill kill kill.

    Honestly …. the middle east should be carpet bombed from one end to the other along with all the other muslim nations. The world could then leave these dark ages of animal like behaviour.

  249. I have the perfect solution to this twisted fucking retard islamic "honour" killing, as well as to all islamic problems, its so easy!?
    To all the young women of iraq/afghanistan seduce the western coalition forces soldiers-seek asylum,marry `em?
    To President Obama,and PM Cameron…… Dont let ya troops get killed ! Wars expensive, and the body counts rising….Nuke the cunts!?

  250. Animals dont murder each other just a for fun or so stupidy reason like honor.
    So pls, dont insult animals. These people are below animals.

  251. Oh my goshh!! I honestly do not know how these men have the heart to do this, I really don't. This is so unbelievably sad.

  252. there is no god, only bastards and perverts wishing control over this poor woman for their sick amusement. so fuck all religion and without the bullshit kneeling crawling scum of this earth vengeance would be allowed for this disgusting act. truly the time has come for not even a single lamp to shine, money where your word is mr g..o..d. except nothing will happen and all the religious knee crawlers will bow and praise the next day to a god who can not even be bothered to save, hold the hand and provide escape to a little girl.

  253. dude its religion Christians murdered innocents just cause they did not have the desired faith and these people are just the same cept they have not moved forward in society they have just ignored it altogether and kept their own way of religion

  254. what the fuck is wrong with you people about muslim this and muslim that.
    NONE OF THIS IS IN THE QUARAN, those people may call themselves muslims
    but they are NOT.
    At the end of time they will be the ones burning in hell.

  255. That doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how nice this Mohammed was. He WASN"T… only if you were a muslim worshipping Allah and risking your life to kill an infidel for the love of Allah… Mohammed especially hates Christians and Jews… He was a sick individual and all muslims who follow that so-called religion are brainwashed and they need to call on the name of JESUS,.. cause what have you got to lose trying it???? Maybe just your soul… When you are alone, with no other Muslim around, cause they will turn you in to your leader, but when you are alone on the floor saying one of your 5 daily prayers to allah, how about trying to pray to an awesome man of God, called JESUS.. and see if He answers your prayers 🙂 allah can't do that, he is dead!!!!!! He was a human, not from God. There is only one true God and He had one son who died on the cross to save us from eternal hell.. Acts 2:38 Go on, give Him a try.. you can do that 🙂

  256. hello i want you to say that these fucking people in this video arent muslims they are YEZIDIZ !!! ITS a kurdish relegion read sth about it and about one article about this poor girl in some news paperst she were killed because of her love to a muslim sunni boy soo they killed her because the loved a muslim an wanted to marry him soo first seach infomation and than speak ok . thank you and bye salammmmm !!

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